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[Forged Alliances] - Team 5


This is one of the team based competitions for the Plagueis-Tarentum: Forged Alliances cooperative event. This team based competition runs the entire course of the Forged Alliances event.


All posts should be made in a thread on the discussion forums with a prefix of [Forged Alliances] with your team name next to it. The leading post can be made by anyone, but should include your team members names and PINs. Any post after that should be content of the fictional run-on.
Any member posting twice in a row will disqualify his team from placing - but not participation credit (e.g. if an entire team is dead, Johnny McDarthman can post twice in a row to get his own participation at the end of the event).
Members must make 3 posts throughout the duration of the Run-On.
Posts must meet the following requirements:
-Minimum post length: 250 +/- 10 words words
-Maximum post length: 2000 +/- 10 words.
Edits may occur on a post until a follow on post has been made (follow on posts include “reserving” a space). Edits may only be made by the posts original author.
Members may reserve post, but no posts can occur until after the reserved post is written.
Judging will follow the Voice Fiction Rubric.

Team members:
-Vivackus Kavon di Plagia (9219)
-Kelly Mendes (13923)
-Ranarr Kul (14229)
-Magik (14037)


Plagueis Multi Altitude Assault Transport
En route to Yridia VI

The silence hung uncomfortably in the air, broken only by the rumbling of the engine. Kelly Mendes sat facing Vivackus Kavon di Plagia, spending much of her time awkwardly trying to avoid staring at the former Dread Lord. Was he looking at her through that blindfold? The message had come abruptly that Kavon was handing over the mantle to his Wrath. And soon after that he would be accompanying her on this mission. It seemed like things had moved so quickly ever since Korriban. Kelly was not one to indulge in gossip, but she had heard rumor that Vivackus hadn’t given up the throne entirely willingly, and even more rumors questioning the Sith’s overall sanity.

“We’re approaching the planet, Sir.” Kelly broke the silence, tentatively.

“The honorific isn’t necessary, Kelly. I’m not above you any more.” Vivackus had been still as a statue the entire trip - he could have been asleep for all she knew, but the calm tone of his response and a lack of any sharp physical reaction threw water on that theory.

“I’m sorry. It just must feel weird - you know - one day being Dread Lord, and the next sent on a mission like this.” Kelly couldn’t help fishing for a bit of information.

“On the contrary. I requested this particular assignment.” Vivackus responded.

This answer was technically true, but concealed a good deal of information that the di Plagia did not particularly feel like divulging at this point in time. When Vivackus had finally returned from his fateful encounter on Kamino, Teylas presented him with this particular assignment, no doubt with his own motives. The objective, recovery of a holocron with information on the mysteries of life and death - Tarentum’s studies in necromancy and some of their Clan’s closely guarded secrets interested Vivackus a great deal given his current predicament. Teylas probably just wanted his predecessor out of the way and far from the Anchorage to ensure his hold over Plagueis was firm in the crucial days since his ascension.

“They didn’t tell me who we’re paired with once we get to the planet. Do you know which Tarenti are going to be there?” Kelly changed topics, detecting that she’d get no further in that particular line of questioning.

“I don’t know any more than you do, and I suspect that they’re just as curious as we are, and probably even more nervous.”

“Why would they be nervous? We need their help. It would be stupid to backstab them in our time of need.”

A smile crossed the Miraluka’s face as he let out a slight chuckle. “The Clans, all of them, have a history of just such behavior. If I had a credit each time a Clan betrayed another just since I’ve been in the Brotherhood, I could buy a fleet rivaling Plagueis’. This arrangement should be mutually beneficial, but with such history alliances are forged slowly. I doubt that they’d trust us on our word. And if I were them, I wouldn’t either.”

Yridia VI
Mine entrance chamber

“I don’t trust them.” Magik said impatiently, pacing back and forth in front of the airlock. “What’s taking the Plagueians so long? They trying to catch us off guard? Get us when our guard is down?”

While Magik was not on his battle team, Ranarr was trying to assume the leadership role for this mission, to limited success. “They were probably just stopped at the security checkpoint when they got in the system. The briefing was very clear. Plagueis needs Tarentum, and Tarentum needs Plagueis, and-”

“So they say,” Magik cut in. “For all we know it could be a trick.”

“Farrin and Bloodfyre don’t think so. Besides if we’re going to make allies, sooner or later, we’re going to have to take a chance. Worst comes to worst, we’re at least in familiar territory.”

As if on cue, the a mechanical lurch echoed through the chamber, indicating that a shuttle was docking onto the structure. Magik and Ranarr stiffened, moving to stand side by side facing the airlock. The airlock opened, and the two Plagueians stepped through.

“Greetings, Tarenti. I’m Kelly Mendes, Aedile of House Ajunta Paul, and this is Vivackus Kavon di Plagia. We’re here to retrieve the holocron from this mine.” Kelly announced.

“The Dread Lord himself?” Ranarr asked.

“Former Dread Lord,” Vivackus corrected brusquely. “And I don’t think I caught your name.”

“Ranarr, Ranar Kul. Battle Team Leader of Order of the Trident,” the Cathar said. “And this is Magik.”

The four stood across from each other for several seconds awkwardly before Vivackus broke the ensuing silence. “So what can you tell us about this mine?”

“Yes, right.” Ranarr slipped easily back into the briefing mode he was comfortable with as Battle Team Leader. “Master Bloodfyre indicated that the holocron was stored in the natural cave formation some years ago. Six months ago, a mining outfit, unaware of this, found this cave system to be rich in deposits of carvanium and neutronium ore. They built this structure to provide some degree of climate control so that the miners could work without having to wear environmental gear. The cave system is self-contained. It’ll be cold, but habitable, since we don’t plan to stay down there for more than a standard day.”

“Do we know the exact location of the holocron?” Kelly asked.

“Sadly no. The mining outfit restructured some of the existing cave formations to get to the ore deposits. Any maps that we’d have of the structure would be more likely to lead us astray than not.”

“So what happened to the miners?”

“We’re about to find out. Official contact was lost with them a year ago, and we’ve been too busy on Korriban and rebuilding to investigate so far.”

Magik gave Kelly a flashlight and extended his hand to give one to Vivackus.

“That won’t be necessary.”

“Oh right. Miraluka.”

Ranarr keyed the access code to the mine entrance, and the group was met with a rush of cold, stale air.


The Tarenti and Plagueian group of 4 took a look around the entrance to the mine. It wasn’t decently lit, probably due to it being a mine which weren’t exactly known for their good lighting. Kelly was the first to step inside, seemingly taking the others by surprise. Her recent change in personality could be praised or criticised for this. The rest of the group followed behind. Kelly decided to drop to the back and let one of the Tarenti head up the group as if anyone knew anything about this mine it was them. Ranarr took the opportunity to lead, it was apparent to the Plagueians that Ranarr rather enjoyed leading and perhaps the nature of both Plagueians made him prouder to lead on this occasion than most.

Vivackus decided to try and get whatever information out of the Tarenti he could on this mine, he didn’t like being in the unknown, Vivackus continued walking sorting through his brain for the questions that would be most relevant to ask. He didn’t want to waste any words or say the wrong thing. With so much depending on the success of the mission a split within the team could prove fatal not only for the individuals but maybe even for the clans themselves.

“Do we know anything about this place? I don’t like surprises.” The Miralukan former Dread Lord asked the Tarenti.
Magik responded much to Kelly’s surprise, not that she didn’t think he could talk but just that so far he had been content to let Ranarr handle much of the speaking. “Only that a group calling themselves the Watchers of Tarentum may have traps in place somewhere. We aren’t sure where but there are likely to be a few surprises along the way.”
“Thanks Magik, I know it isn’t much but at least we can now be prepared for something. It may not be the right thing but between us I’m confident we can find these holocrons and get out alive.” Kelly replied to the Knight. “Let us move forward so that we can hopefully start on the path that’ll get us in and out of this place the quickest.” She urged due to her dislike of mines that had sprung from tales she had heard about slaves having to work in such conditions. She was no slave and yet here she was working in a place where slaves may have been before her.

The group slowly marched deeper into the mine, not wanting to set off any traps and thus being careful about where they stepped. The lead walker of the group changed on a regular basis, seemingly for no reason. Perhaps it was just to give everyone a taste of what may be needed of them not just on this mission but for the future. Kelly, who had just taken the more advanced position in the group, spotted something out of the corner of her eye, a few pickaxes. She called out to the others. “Guys, look over there some pickaxes, so we know the miners made it in and started to mine. Perhaps something got to them and took them away, or they just figured they’d have more luck further down.”


“This mine is an awful place”, Magik thought as he took his turn to lead the find. Throught the halls of the mine there were no clues or evidence as to what had happened to the miners. The Tarenti felt just as cluesless as the Plagueins on this mission; but the holocron must be found, at least those were the orders given. Magik knew there would be surprises ahead, he could feel it in the force. His first mission since recently being knighted, light saber on hip, he moved quickly through the mine as the others followed close behind in a swift manner.

The mine almost felt alive as the team moved in tight form through the mine, the mine floor was wet and sticky, the air was cold and stale, there was an irie fog that lingered through the halls. Being briefed several times on the importance of the mission was nothing new; but still the team could not forget the stories they had heard about the miners, the “Restless Spirits”.

The team had came to a stop to check their communicaton devices; they became uncertain about their direction in the mine. “Are we lost”, Magik whispered as the team gathered together in a close circle.

“We are not alone Viv,” Magik saw bodies heading toward the group as the gathered close together. Moving at a rather fast pace, dragging their feet with their arms forward. “Zombies, the Restless Spirits were true”, Ranarr informed the group. The zombies were getting closer and closer. Magik drew his newly crafted light saber. The group followed, one by one drawing their light sabers, they had no choice, this was unexpected. No one actually believed the stories. “It didn’t have to come to this, Kelly draw your light saber, as Magik drew his light saber”.


The four active Sabers, red and blue, lighted the mineshaft. As the fog seemed to disappear little by little, more and more zombies seemed to come their way. Ranarr wanted to jump in and slice of some undead heads. ‘’Wait!’’ Vivackus said in a firm voice. ‘’Not yet!’’ Although Ranarr still didn’t trust the Plagueians entirely, he listened.

Slowly but certain the undead mineworkers moved closer.
‘’Not yet… Wait a little longer… Just a little… NOW!’’

As an oiled machine, the newly assembled team stormed the horde and easily finished off the two front rows. Magik slammed his newly crafted Saber into the chest of his opponents, Kelly slashed off arms and legs with a feminine flair and Vivackus lunged out to every creature coming in his way. The three moved forward one step at a time until they reached Ranarr, who stood on a pile of zombie heads.

‘’Okay, we made it,’’ smiled Kelly Mendes. ‘’What’s that noise?’’ As both Plagueians and Tarenti turned towards the noise, they could see the mineworker zombies coming for them once more! ‘’Didn’t you go for the head?’’ Ranarr asked surprised. The other team members looked at each other and shrugged.

The path in front of them was clear so they swiftly moved deeper down the shaft, zombies on their heels. The gap between them and the undead grew bigger as they reached the point where the mineshaft led in two directions. They all stopped, which way to take?

‘’I sense something down there,’’ Vivackus said, while pointing towards the left tunnel.
‘’We take that path than.’’ Kelly agreed.
As both Plagueians already continued in the chosen direction, the Tarenti heard a click.
‘’Ow no… Watcher-trap!’’ Magik and Ranarr yelled to warn their partners.
Before able to react, the tunnel partly collapsed. Dropping giant boulders between Kelly and Vivackus. Leaving Kelly on the side of the two Tarentum Knights while Vivackus got seperated from the group.


The rocks crashed between Kelly and her Plagueian comrade, leaving her with the two men from Tarentum. Kelly paced backwards and forwards on her side of the rocks, thinking of a way to bring Vivackus back, to no avail. Angrily, the young Knight marched over to the Tarenti, her eyes filled with rage she drew her lightsaber before realising whether she liked it or not they were the ones who knew anything about this mine.

Ranarr spoke to the Plagueian “Look Kelly I know you’re angry right now. But the best thing you can do right now is trust us and try to calm down. Getting angry helps nobody least of all you given that were this to break down you’re now outnumbered. None of us want to fight, we just need to move on and hope we can find Vivackus safe. Preferably with the holocrons we seek.”
Kelly looked at the two Tarenti and replied softly “You’re right Ranarr, it’s not worth getting killed over. Sometimes I need to just let the hate flow out, this is not one of those occasions. I suppose we better get moving if we’re to find these holocrons and get out of this place.”

The sole Plagueian walked down the path flanked by her Tarentum counterparts. They had come to terms with the activation of the trap and Vivackus being cut off. Kelly was the one who had to come to terms with it the most, Vivackus once being her superior she felt somewhat close to him since he was in charge when she became a Knight.

Magik wasn’t dwelling on Vivackus’ separation from the group, he was a former Consul, and he could handle himself. The senior of the Tarenti, at least in time in the Clan, spotted something that Kelly must’ve missed as she had walked by what looked to be a datapad. Magik in perhaps not the wisest move ignited his lightsaber, making Ranarr and Kelly stop. Magik pointed to the datapad and walked over to pick it up. It contained details from the mining expedition but unfortunately which way they went or why they stopped updating it. The group came to assume whatever caused the undead they had faced scared off or killed the miners.


“The data pad could be a clue as to where the Holocrons were and why communications were lost with the miners”, Magik briefed Kelly and Ranarr. “We have to stop here, Viv is gone and all we have is a data pad”, Magik explained. " The data pad must contain some information about the mine, we must access it". Kelly and Ranarr agreed, the data pad had information we needed. “Quickly, before the undead find us”.

Magik now had the data pad in his hands as he began to search throught the scattered information. Maps, dates, times; but nothing as to where the Holocrons could be. Magik kept looking throught the datapad. All the miners logs were in order of date and time; but then the logs just stop, the daily entries just end. Something must have happened to the miners to turn them into the undead. Maybe the stories of the restless were true, Magik thought.

Magik was frustrated, Viv got seperated and we still did not have the Holocrons in possesion. Nothing but entries of the miners daily activities, nothing that could lead us to the Holocrons except the map. “We must use the map and find the Holocrons”, Magik explained. Kelly and Ranarr agreed, we must keep moving if we are to find the Holocrons and Viv.

After the mine collapse it was dark and quiet, no light to be seen. Just lit lightsabers as the team gathered around the datapad. The map was the only hope.

Magik quickly turned to a noise he had heard coming from down the path. It was the moaning of the undead. The had smelled us or something, about a dozen zombies were now coming down the path in our direction. “We must go now, follow me”, Magik yelled. Kelly, Ranarr, Magik took off full stride with lighsabers drawn down the opposite direction in the mine not knowing what was ahead.


Vivackus moved slowly through the narrow shafts he was forced into. In a place like this, being blind actually gave him the advantage. Aside from a regular dripping from the moisture it was noiseless miles around him. The wooden boards underneath the Miraluka’s feet gave away that this shaft was one importantly enough for the former residents to ease the passage.

As Viv gently moved further and further down the darkness he felt something when he took another step. While the wooden boards he passed up till now where all stable, the one he was standing on now made a crackling sound. As Viv moved his entire weight of sixty-five kilograms onto his left foot the wood shattered, revealing a secret cache.

“Are these…?”

Kelly, Magik and Ranarr kept running as the moaning behind them grew louder. “ There! Some kind of door!’’ Ranarr yelled. They fanned out as they moved toward the door. The exit they saw was firmly closed. At the hatch, Ranarr got to work, unbolting the plate that covered the mechanism and manually turning the tumblers with the end of his Ryyk blade. Magik entered first. “Stairs!”

The walls of the stairwell were shot to pieces. Chunks of concrete cluttered the stairs. Kelly stepped forward, into the cool and gloom. The two Tarenti closed the door behind them and waited as Kelly descended to the next room, following the point of her Lightsaber. They heard her whistle the all clear. By the time they reached the bottom, Magik had found a lantern and lit the wick. The room was a mess. The long central table had been overturned, evidently to serve as a defense.

The three moved through the rear of the room to another door, that stood open and let some light come in. Ranarr looked back in mute astonishment at the extent of the destruction as he followed his teammates into another part of the unknown.


Kelly and the Tarenti noticed the destruction caused in the room as they walked through it. Perhaps the miners set up defences to fend off an attack long enough to retreat. Whatever the case they had to keep going if they were to find the former Dread Lord and di Plagia. Sure Viv could handle himself but if something happened to him it would make for an interesting report to the Consuls. That was something Kelly strove to avoid.

The trio of knights kept walking, hoping they’d find either the holocrons or Viv both were objectives at this point in time. Kelly was just taking her victories where she could find them. The Tarenti were a victory in themselves, they seemed to be decent guys, just as motivated for the mission to be a success as her. Kelly was more often than not leading from the front, she’d become confident the Tarenti wouldn’t try anything and she’d be ready if they did. Perhaps more so it was her accepting that she does hold a higher position in her clan than the Tarenti do in theirs.

Kelly’s lightsaber, curved wooden hilt and all lit the way for the group who were it not for lightsabers may have struggled to see. Ranarr maybe could’ve seen due to his being a Cathar. Magik imagined there’d be lanterns or something lighting the way but didn’t mind Kelly leading them, she looked to at least be competent in the role she was occupying which was a relief.

Ranarr was making sure to pay extra close attention to his hearing, hoping he could pick up a footstep in the distance or the humming of the force moving within an object. But nothing came of it. Ranarr dropped his head, he was getting a little frustrated but then he reminded himself of why he was doing this. His leadership had told him he was to help recover the holocrons and take them to the leadership of the clans.

Kelly stopped for a moment, they had been walking for some time and she decided it would be better to rest the legs a little now than have them be worn out and need them. She looked around looking for a secret passage or something that would get them to Viv or the holocrons, preferably both, she found nothing. The group were silent and still for about 10 minutes before they headed out again.

Kelly spotted a familiar outline of a figure. It was Viv alright. Kelly had to be careful and so she kept the group slowly approaching him in case anything had happened to him while they were separated. Ranarr and Magik slowed themselves, they too probably eager to see if Viv had the holocrons. All three of them could tell something was not right. He knew they were there and yet he didn’t react at all, as if he was in a trance like state. Kelly called out to Viv, hoping the sound of her voice would cause some kind of reaction. It did but not the one she was hoping for. Viv approached and once he was close enough it became obvious that he had been possessed.


Magik caught Viv as he collapsed to the ground, he was unharmed, but something was terribly wrong. He was pale like he had seen a ghost; maybe he had turned undead. His body was drenched in a cold sweat, like he was running away from something. He had managed to flee the threat of the undead and fend them off; but he was fatiged and talking unconciously. Magik quicky stood Viv to his feet, “Viv can you hear me, snap out off it”, Magik tried talking to him calmly. Viv’s eyes kept wondering the cavern as if he had seen enough. He was spewing out words and sentenses of a non cohearent manner. His words were now echoing throughout the halls, he was getting louder and louder.

“The undead”, Magik shouted to his partners. They were coming down the hall in their direction. They must have heard Viv’s unconcious shouting. Magik quickly drew his lightsaber; he knew they were going to have to protect Viv even if he was possesed. Magik told Kelly to watch Viv as the horde got closer to the team. Ranarr and Magik both Knights, could easily dispatch a small horde of undead miners.

Both knights Magik and Ranarr standing back to back engaged the horde. They seemed to move slow, but one by one they came, arms fully extended hungry for blood, they would make a quick meal out of anyone. Magik struck first decapitating the first zombie that that entered his path. Ranarr followed by slicing arms and legs off the undead he even finished by seperating the torso, like a true knight; but they kept coming. Magik never left his guard protecting Viv and Kelly from the undead. One by one they droped to the ground as body parts went flying. The smell of blood coated the air and all you could hear was the hum of the lightsabers as they sliced throught the undead.


For Vivackus everything went white and gray, blurring at the edges, and then dark, but he can hear his teammates still, like being in the next room over. ‘’Come on Viv, snap out of it!’’ yelled Kelly. Viv pushes at the walls, searching for a weakness or a crack, but this thing has him locked up good in his own mind and there’s no way out he can see.

Magik and Ranarr slow but certain pushed the horde away from their Plagueian friends as they slashed and slices through the undead bodies.

The muffled fight rings in Vivackus’ ears. There’s a creak and a crash, stuff breaking and someone, not sure if it’s Ranarr or Magik… or even himself, yells something about death. That doesn’t mean anything though, not if his friends are hurting by his own hands. There’s pressure in his guts and for a moment Viv can’t breath. The air is knocked out of his lungs and he cheers for Kelly. ‘’Kick it out of me!’’ The victory is short lived though. Even in the calm, blind space of the Miraluka’s head, he can tell when the fight turns in his, no, that thing’s favor. There’s a thudding noise that he Viv can’t place, the creaking of splintering wood, Kelly’s frantic shouts. The thing inside of him laughs at the desperation of it all and Viv shoves back again, willing the thing out of his brain. ‘’Damn, Damn, Damn!’’

And then, miraculously, the fog begins to clear. Kelly’s voice speaks clearly through the haze. The world fades back into color and blinks into focus. Viv drops to his knees, swallowing the vomit that rises in his throat. Blood ran from Viv’s crooked nose. ‘’Sorry about that,’’ Ranarr said.

As Viv regained full conciousness he pulled something out of his robes en threw it on the dusty floor. ‘’The holocrons!’’ The entire team looked at the holocrons in astonishment.
‘’They must be destroyed!.’’ Kelly demanded.
‘’No, we can’t do that.’’ Objected Ranarr.
‘’Why not? They’re dangerous!’’
‘’We must take them to our Summits!’’ Ranarr looked at his fellow Tarenti.
Magik convinsed him: ‘’You saw what those things did to Viv, we can’t let that happen to the rest of us.’’
Ranarr nodded as he activated his Lightsaber, so did the other three. Simultaneously they planted their Lightsabers in the holocrons.
‘’That’s that!’’