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Forgiveness: Can a Jedi forgive a Sith?


War causes many reactions in people. They can hide, fight back, or cry. War comes with a price and can even shake a units trust of each other. I hope you never have to see that my precious Tasha…

“I never thought that I would actually see my Grandfather’s words come to life, but he was right. Naga Sadow has gone to war with enemies and even each other. We have been broken. The real question now stands. Will we ever be whole again?”

The last few weeks had been a trying time for Tasha and it pained her to see just how much her beloved clan had suffered. In the back of her mind, another reminder that she had remembered her Grandfather telling her as a younger Twi’lek surfaced.

One day Tasha, someone you hold dear may betray you or turn their back on you. Do you have it in your heart to eventually forgive them?

“Forgiveness is so hard sometimes Grandfather, but it is something that I know you want me to do.”

Tasha sighed as she stood up and looked over to the nightstand nearby. Vishra’Reyal, her Grandfather’s precious Echani Vibroblade, was still leaning against it. Reaching out, she brought the vibrosword close to her and strapped the hilt to her side. Making sure her new lightsaber was also clipped to her belt, She stepped outside the room and down the familiar hallways of the her House: Marka Ragnos. After a few twists and corners, Tasha arrived at the office of Sanguinius Entar. She rapped gently on the door and waited a few moments for a reply.

“Who is it?” Came a familiar voice.

“Tasha’Vel Versea, I have come to speak with you, if you aren’t too busy.”

“Not at all Tasha, come in and have a seat if you would like.” Sanguinius answered as he opened the door and gestured for Tasha to enter. She sat down in one of the chairs across from his desk. Patiently, Tasha waited for the brown haired, brown eyed, robed Jedi to sit down.

“What is on your mind Tasha?” The Jedi asked softly as he folded his hands and leaned forward in his chair.

“There has been so much on my mind Sang. Ever since the Awakening trials that have happened, to the current situation we have found ourselves in. I admit, that for the longest time Sang, I have been battling against myself and thoughts of broken trust. At one time, I even thought that I could trust you to protect me, but it seems that you were not able to. Forgiveness is something that is difficult for me to give, but it is something that everyone at some point should always have at least once in their life. That is why I am here today Sang. I decided to personally meet with you and say that with the past events, I can forgive you." She answered and then added,"Now can a Jedi forgive a once proud Sith?”

“Forgiveness is available to anyone who seeks it”

As she smiled at Sang, Tasha suddenly started laughing. “Well Sang, I guess this means I am not actually a true Sith. You know Maelous is probably going to be a little upset he has lost another one to your Jedi way of thinking.”

Sang snorted and laughed at the comment. “He has so many others that do his bidding anyway. He can stand to lose you to my way of thinking.”

“I suppose he can. Well I am off to the sparring rooms for some more practice. I have to stay in top form, otherwise these new journeyman we have been getting may surpass me.” Standing up, Tasha waved goodbye to Sang and made her way out the door.

“Thanks Grandpa for reminding me that forgiveness is something we should always give to someone once.”