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Forgotten Campaign


Forgotten - Prologue

Teyr, Judecca
Summer Palace

Eetherbiail quickly pushed the aging man off him onto the floor and rose to his feet. His attempts to wipe the thick black tar from his robes were futile as the Sith Warrior fumed and turned his attention to the cause of his most recent discomfort. Quickly Evant came up behind him with a towel, tossing it over his shoulder.

“Use this,” Evant said as Eether turned his attention instead on the newly appointed Proconsul of the Clan and source of the towel.

“I’m not sure this is going to be enough,” Eether sighed as he glared again at the man on the ground and walked away from the commotion. The towel immediately soaked itself in the tar but did little to resolve the situation with his robes.

“Medic!” Dante called out from across the room.

“There aren’t medics on standby Dante, this isn’t a war zone it’s the Imperial Palace,” Xen responded, approaching the fallen man and feeling for a pulse. “Still alive.”

“Well there should always be medics, for exactly this reason,” Dante responded with a heavy sigh, lifting the man from the ground and laying him out on the chaise lounge. Careful to avoid too much tar.

“With all the training mishaps at Fort Hammer, we didn’t have extra sitting around on standby for archeologists who collapse on the floor of the Imperial Palace,” Xen stated defensively, looking out over the gathered summit of Clan Scholae Palatinae who were collectively absorbing the announcements and trying to figure out what was going on.

“So, is this the problem then? Or, is the problem somewhere else?” Evant asked, looking as confused as everyone else.

“Why don’t you ask Polis? Oh wait,” Xen responded sarcastically.

“We have a problem in the ancient ruins below the city,” a new unfamiliar voice spoke from the entrance to the room.

“Karen, how great to see you. Care to explain what happened to Polis Jones?” Xen asked, greeting the new guest of the Clan summit.

Karen smiled. Her bright smile and glow on her face changed the tone of the entire room in an instant. “He’ll be fine. The tar is actually from some work being done outside the palace here. Which is a mess by the way. He ran the whole way here from the ruins and likely just collapsed from exhaustion. I told him to call ahead, but of course…”

“Yeah, Polis always did have a thing for dramatic entrances,” Xen replied.

“We really do have a problem though. We were investigating some ruins nearby that were discovered by the construction workers here doing renovations to the palace. Automated defenses have come to life. Ancient technology are active once again. It’s been like this during exploration after exploration all across the system,” Karen explained.

“None of this is news. We’ve been slowly uncovering things since we arrived nearly twenty years ago. That’s the entire job of the Cocytus Historic Society.” Xen responded, an exhausted look on his face.

“This is different. Corruption at the Lake of Shadows and Black Forest on Judecca have turned the wildlife violent, we can’t even get near the ruins in those areas. A recent expedition into the caves of Marynos had droid technology like we’ve never seen attack and kill research assistants. It’s getting harder to do our jobs,” Karen pleaded, realizing she wasn’t getting her point across.

“Hey, they knew the risks going in. The Empire is not responsible for their deaths. That said, we do have plenty of soldiers who could use some good training. Perhaps we can arrange something to help get you some better protection,” Xen suggested, looking to Dante to get his buy in on the idea.

“No, not more soldiers. We need to take this seriously. We need your Jedi assistance on several important expeditions we’re planning. We need to go deep. Who knows what we’ll find and inexperienced rookies aren’t going to get us there,” Karen sighed, concerned now she might not get what she wants.

Polis moaned from the chaise lounge and mumbled something incoherent before rolling off and onto the floor with a massive thud. Karen rushed over to his attention and grabbed a pillow of the couch and placed it gently under his head on the floor. “Oh Polis…”

“Look Karen, if it’s that important, you can ask for volunteers. I’ve got my hands full though,” Xen responded, trying to appease her enough to leave.

“Oh thank you Xen! You won’t regret this!” Karen replied, a huge smile on her face as she jumped to her feet and hugged the imposing Emperor.

Sartis, Caina
Empty Warehouse

A massive hulking figure moved through the empty warehouse towards a bright green glow in the corner. It was empty, save for the collection of humans who gathered in the middle of the night. The dozen or so in the crowd lay silent, all wearing identical bright green hooded robes. Shadows masked their faces. Their leader, the approaching figure, moved with confidence, his hood down to reveal his bright jolly face still masked behind a massive black curly beard. His eyes glowed green as it reflected the light of the candles glowing and illuminating the warehouse as he turned to address the room.

“My brethren. We, the Evanescent, have been called to action. From all across the Cocytus System you have descended upon this meeting. Far from civilization and the prying eyes of the Empire. To see our one goal above all else finally realized. To awaken the Old Gods, so they can pass judgement on this system and all who have come to inhabit it.”

As he finished, the crowd before him began to chant in low tones some intelligible tune. In honor of the Old Gods. The torches in the room shone brightly for a moment as they did. Whatever their cause, the Force was definitely listening.

“I, Lord Onasi, call upon all of you, the Council of the Old Gods, to put in motion the ultimate plan of awakening. You all have been my closests advisors for years, all of you, patient and absolute in your resolve. Yet the time of action has come. Speak now or step forward, to accept your destiny.”

A tense moment of silence followed. As the Council reflected on the request and made their decisions. None from the crowd moved.

“Why now?” an unidentified and anonymous voice asked.

“It came to me in a vision. The evils that this Empire has spread since they set foot in the home of the Old Gods. Their awakening will allow them a personal audience with their Emperor. I have foreseen it,” Onasi responded, authoritatively.

“Very well,” the voice responded, stepping forward to accept what lay ahead.

Slowly, one by one, all members of the crowd stepped forward to accept their destiny. To awaken the Old Gods. A smile grew large beneath the bearded face of Lord Onasi.

Black Jungles, Judecca
Outer Ring

Shadow Nighthunter moved slowly and silently, twisting her body to cross between two massive trees. Each step found its place effortlessly in the active and rampant jungle. All around her the sounds of wildlife flooded out everything else and became white noise, it was teeming with life. The air was so thick you could feel it and it immediately soaked nearly everything leaving it wet to the touch, Behind her, Eetherbiail attended to Polis Jones and Karen who were leading the entire operation but refused to go in first.

“I really do think you’d be better off inside the caves, and not out here with the vicious wildlife,” Eether noted, tracing a rip in his robes with his fingers and examining the blue blood that soaked the lower half, a reminder of the most recent attempt on his life.

“We just want you to check it out first, give the all clear,” Polis stated defensively. “It wasn’t clear last time we set foot in there.”

“It isn’t all clear out here. It hasn’t been all clear since we set foot off the shuttle. At least in that cave wildlife isn’t coming at you from all directions, at best, two,” Eether argued. His eyes scanning the brambles and vines in the distance as he detected movement.

“I’m not concerned about quantity, I’m concerned about quality,” Polis argued, watching Shadow disappear into the cave in the distance peeking behind the large trees he was hiding behind.

A few tense moments followed. Eether shook his head and kept his eyes sharp. After a few minutes Shadow emerged again from the cave and rushed over.

“All clear in there. No danger I can see,” Shadow reported with a shrug, and a look of disappointment almost.

“See?” Eether spat sarcastically at Polis and walked towards the cave.

The four of them each one by one ducked inside the cave and headed into the massive opening below the ground. It was a complete change in scenery from outside. A large lake of stale water pooled at the bottom, sitting completely still and overgrown with weeds and sludge, it almost looked like you might be able to walk across it. On all the walls around them a colorful rainbow of fungus grew, many variants glowing and casting a cadescent blue glow on the entire area.

“Strange that this cave is in the middle of a forest,” Eether commented.

“Not natural, it was put here, for a reason,” Karen responded, igniting and tossing bright white glow sticks across the cave to provide better illumination to the entire area.

“The Infinite Empire left this. A research lab I do believe,” Polis added, pulling off his backpack and taking out a small generator and powering it on. A bright blue glow joined the glow sticks and fungus and a dull hum joined the sounds of wildlife echoing from the entrance outside. “So you ask yourself, why does nothing live here?”

“I, actually hadn’t asked myself that, but that’s probably a good question,” Eether added.

“The Dark Side taints everything,” Polis answered his own question. He reached up and pulled several vines off the wall and revealed phrases written in an ancient lost language that was unrecognizable.

“What attacked you last time you were here?” Eether asked, his eyes glancing at the entrance waiting for possible trouble.


A high pitched squeal echoed in the massive chamber as a hole opened up high on the wall above them and a bronze colored droid emerged, rolling out the shape of a ball down the curved shape of the cave edge and transforming into an armored humanoid figure with a massive spear.

A dozen more holes opened up on different walls. Vines falling as they engaged.

In the center, emerald and cyan blades hummed to life.

“I hate droids.”

Forgotten Temple, Antenora
Exterior Structure

The lone Antenoran hid in the shadows as a figure approached. The middle-aged human peered into the darkness as if he knew someone was there even without seeing them. All around them the spires of the Forgotten Temple stood motionless, a testament to their former grandeur. An absolute and eerie silence hung over the entire area, a disorienting lack of sound.

“They call themselves the Evanescent,” the human spoke out. “A lively bunch, intent on awakening their Old Gods.”

Slowly from the shadows, the hidden Antenoran showed himself. Ornate flowing robes wrapped his body masking his figure, a hood pulled up over his head. “Glad to know we aren’t alone in our hatred of the Empire.”

“Why did we have to meet up out here in the middle of nowhere? Could we have met at that cantina you like in Wekraneh?”

“Since the Ognerate Emperor died, too many have laid their claims to the throne. I must remain diligent until the last of those who oppose my rule in the Pacre Datship are taken care of.”

“I took care of half your problem this morning personally.”

“You have been a blessing since you joined my side Chaz. Your efficiency and ability to make things happen are commendable.”

“Thank you my Lord.”

“I can’t think of anyone else I’d want by my side when I once again rule all of Antenora.”

“So how do you propose we go about offering our services to the Evanescent and making that happen?”

“They have thus far underestimated the Empire, they will suffer setbacks, and then they will come looking for us. We just have to be ready to answer their call.”

Ruined Temples, Ptolomea
Main Ritual Chamber

Masked by the shadows formed by elaborate pillars completely surrounding the massive underground chamber, the volunteer members of Scholae Palatinae moved in to prepare for their assault. Each stealthily moving to take their own pillar ready to strike. The bulky armored figure in the middle rose his hand in the air, and made a gesture to signal the beginning of the next phase of the operation.

Delak Krennel smiled as he rolled around the pillar and drew his blaster rifle on the ceremony being undertaken in the distance. A flurry of shots from his blaster rifle joined others, illuminating the chamber with flashes of light as their targets fled. To his right, Ulfsark drew his own blaster pistol and fired into the distance, his shots joining the fray.

On the opposite side, Chrome and upside emerged from their own pillars and immediately began firing. The dozen targets in the center of the room were overwhelmed and surprised. Within seconds half of them were injured or dead. From the center of their firing, Archangel rushed from his own pillar towards the most elaborately dressed of their targets. The man hardly put up a fight, merely bracing for the impact as the bulk of a man leapt and tackled him to the ground.

The torrent of fire slowed as the four Dark Jedi slowly approached, being more accurate and thorough with their shots now, taking up defensive positions around Archangel who had flipped the man over to get a good look at him.

“Who are you?” Archangel spat, demanding an answer.

“I am a servant of the Old Gods. Your actions here today will be met with retribut-”


The man went unconscious as Archangel smacked his head into the ground and then hauled him up over his shoulder, standing and surveying the room. Delak smiled at the actions of the Sith Battlelord and holstered his weapon.

“Wrong answer. I’ll just let the Emperor ask you himself,” Archangel stated to the unconscious man as he adjusted him into a comfortable position for the extraction.

“Easier than drills at the Fort,” Delak smiled and reached down to search the robes of a fallen member of the Evanescent.

“What kind of a name is the Evanescent anyways?” Chrome asked, picking up a book from an altar at the center of the room.

“The Emperor will want to see that book. Pack up anything that looks like it might contain information and let’s get a move on before the clean up crew arrives,” Archangel ordered as he began to walk towards the exit.

“Black Sun, Blood Raptors, Shadow Syndicate, all the good names were taken,” Ulfsark answered as he searched some robes and found nothing.

“I’m getting kind of tired of people trying to destabilize the Empire. When are they going to learn they can’t mess with us?” Delak answered, finding nothing on the last of the bodies before shrugging his shoulders. “I can’t find anything. I’m getting out of here.”

“Right behind you Delak,” Ulfsark answered giving up as well.

Chrome flipped open the book and scanned a page covered in blood. Flipping again he saw crudely drawn maps of the Ptolomea marking out certain areas with circles. Later, star charts of skies from the perspective of the Cocytus System. He rolled his eyes and slammed it shut, tossing it into his pack.

“Frakking Krath.”

Forgotten Temple, Antenora
Exterior Structure

Sitting high above the rest of the room in a makeshift throne, the self proclaimed Emperor of the Pacre Datship awaited his guests. Having only recently scratched his way into the position as the victor in a power vacuum left when the former Emperor died, he was more than busy trying to pull together scraps to fight the new Empire that ran the Cocytus System.

Lord Onasi slowly approached, his brilliant gold and emerald robes dragging behind him. “Emperor Vanis, how great to finally meet you in person.”

Vanis smiled, rising from his throne towering over his new guest. To his right, an attractive young soldier stood at attention, his hand cautiously on his blaster. “At ease Chaz. I don’t expect we’ll have any trouble with our new friend here.”

The leader of the Evanescent cast a friendly smile at the right hand man of the leader of the Pacre Datship. Tensions seemed to lift from the entire meeting. Vanis slowly stepped down from his throne to meet on even ground, though still a good foot taller than his guest. Chaz remained near the throne ready for trouble. Near the entrance, Lord Onasi’s own personal body guard stood at attention. A reminder that both sides were cynical, burned too many times by the Empire.

“I am so glad you could make it out to my little corner of the Cocytus System, I must admit my Empire has seen better days, but with your help that all could change for us.”

Onasi frowned. “I want nothing for myself, everything I do is for the Old Gods.”

“Of course. Although our methods of worship and cultures differ, our interests remain the same to pay homage to our own Gods, one and the same, and bring about their coming to set the path straight.”

“I know of your history, of what your Empire has accomplished. But, that too will come to judgement when we are successful. So our objectives remain in alignment.”

“I am so glad to hear it. All the Pacre Dateship resources are at your disposal. We have a network of spies all across Antenora. We have a deep collection of history and artifacts hidden away for our combined use.”

“Most excellent, my personal close assitant here, Mira Spar, will see to it that you are given tours of our facilities across the Cocytus System as needed. We have a presence on every planet and the Council of the Old Gods are preparing as we speak for the final ritual.”

Onasi gestured to the heavily armored lithe female behind him as she stepped forward and smiled. A surprised look on her face at the attention she was getting during the meeting with the leader of the Pacre Datship.

“It would be my honor to share our facilities with our new friends,” Mira stated, smiling with a short bow to Vanis and Chaz.

Vanis smiled. “To awaken the Old Gods, the Empire won’t know what hit them.”

Teyr, Judecca
Summer Palace

The Imperius sun was rising in the distance, casting the Summer Palace in a brilliant glow despite scaffolding and construction materials everywhere. Yet the Consul and his Deputy were already awake well before the sun reviewing debriefing reports from the field. Concerns they had ignored till now, were being backed by the voices of their Brothers and Sisters of Scholae Palatinae. Voices they couldn’t ignore anymore than the sun.

“I got a field report from Archangel, it seems there are some cult like activities going on in our system,” Xen reported, his eyes not leaving the datapad he was reviewing.

“Seriously? Didn’t we just finish cleaning up cult like activities. I’m starting to think people aren’t getting the memo that the Empire is absolute, and they can’t just go stirring up trouble whenever they’re bored,” Evant responded, tossing a pile of papers onto the desk nearby and turning his attention to Xen.

“Give them an inch,” Xen said, exhausted.

“So, you know if you put full Clan attention on this you’ll never hear the end of it from Polis Jones, right?” Evant smiled, enjoying the momentary distraction from the work.

“Yeah, well I just finished reviewing the training regiments Dante has planned for the ISG, and they could use the live missions.”

“I’m sure that’s exactly how Polis will see it.”

“I don’t care, I am going to have Dante and Archangel prepare a full mission profile to track down all these Evanescent cultists and put an end to their shenanigans.”

“Sounds like fun.”

Xen smiled and pointed at the pile of papers on the desk. “Fun for someone else. You need to finish picking a general contractor for the new Imperial Palace.”


Forgotten - Act 1 Fiction

Teyr, Judecca
Summer Palace

“Imperial Scholae Intelligence reports that there is significant movement by the Evanescent and Pacre Datship within the Cocytus System,” Evant recited from a datapad in front of him.

Harsh glows and flashing lights filled the makeshift Clan command center under the shroud of darkness on Judecca. The Imperius sun had left them hours ago, but that’s when reports started flooding in and sleeping was pushed from their minds. The foolishness had yet to cease as Old Gods asleep for thousands of years were apparently being called up by their followers to return.

“I don’t fully understand exactly what they think happens when the Old Gods awaken,” Xen questioned, raising an eyebrow and turning to the sounds of clanking metal that could be heard over the hum of all the electrical equipment running in the room. He reached for his mask before realizing it was only Archangel.

“That assumes there really are Old Gods even out there. All that’s out there is the Force, and we command it not them,” Archangel spat, slamming his pike into the ground and piercing the flooring leaving it sticking straight up as he walked over to a map of Judecca at a hologram nearby.

“Seriously Arch, the place is a mess but we don’t need holes in the floor too,” Evant shook his head.

“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t see a weapon rack nearby or a pike check at the door so I just made something up,” Archangel grinned.

Evant didn’t even respond, rolling his eyes and turning back to his datapad, “Well glad you could join us for the mission planning, we still aren’t entirely sure how risky these rituals are but overall it’s been decided it could be at the very least disruptive and problematic for now.”

“I love being disruptive and problematic, my kind of group,” Archangel smiled.

“I’m sure they can’t wait to meet you,” Evant replied.

“Well luckily we have a lot of surveying of ruins to do to gather intelligence for different teams to narrow down targets for a set of missions we’re carrying out so neither of you will need to spend a whole lot of time with the other. If anyone does manage to find out what’s supposed to happen when the Old Gods wake up let me know,” Xen responded, shaking his head.

“We will use the Imperial Scholae Defense Forces on each planet as detachments in teams along with the Dark Jedi of the Clan as commanders to carry out the individual missions once we decide on targets. The EF will remain at Fort Hammer for training and conditioning but will be on standby ready for deployment if needed,” Archangel responded.

“Imeprial Scholae Intelligence is relaying all information with recommended targets and priority detail for the upcoming missions. While we collect this, it’s recommended we continue to gather information on the structure and significant players in this new joint alliance. Before we head out we should get some volunteer teams together to hit up social gatherings and grab some intel,” Evant added.

“They are throwing parties?” Xen asked.

“Fundraisers, networking events. They are doing a major push here, and need all the funds and access to equipment they can get. Together they have quite an extensive network of connections that spans the entire Empire.”

“Okay, I’m onboard with that. I am sure we can find some people who want to attend a few parties,” Xen replied half sarcastically.

“You think they’ll have a place to check my pike?” Archangel asked with a grin.

“Yes, I’m quite sure they’ll take your pike at the door and not let you wander the party with it poking holes in their floor,” Evant replied.

“Sometimes you need a good distraction.”

Xen shook his head and interrupted. “I’ll send out the message to all the Dark Jedi asking for volunteer teams for information gathering partygoers, while Evant compiles the list of possible targets for subsequent hits on different ruins and targets by individuals.”

Neither Archangel or Evant had any reply or objections.

Xen smiled, “For the Empire!”

Sartis, Caina
Empty Warehouse

“Careful with that container! We need the relics inside it intact for the rituals,” a harsh and authoritative voice rang out across the warehouse now bustling with activity. A worker nodded before shaking his head and reattaching the crate to the cart being used to pull it.

“I don’t trust these new workers you collected, most my men are out protecting a series of parties you’re throwing while all the important stuff is back here being watched over by a handful of people,” the man said again, more quietly just to those next to him at his elevated position from the edge of the warehouse.

“Calm yourself Fritz, you’re so paranoid when you know the Gods have their watchful gaze on us,” Lord Onasi responded. “The Old Gods will always watch over the Evanescent, we are their children.”

“My apologies my Lord, but these workers are not of our family. They are outsiders.”

“They know their place in our home. They will do what is required and be gone. Now see to it that the training is going well for all the teams preparing for their departures. That they all have the resources and equipment they need, and your men are properly prepared to see them to their destination. Once in these ruins, then the children of the Old Gods will need your help more than ever.”

“I’ll see it done my Lord,” Fritz responded with a bow, the small man standing proudly in his Evanescent regalia mixed style and combat armor as he strode from the platform down to the ground towards the nearest group.

Mira Spar slowly approached next, alone. The second in command and trusted advisor to the Lord of the Evanescent smirked at Fritz as she passed with her head held high. “Greetings my Lord. All the parties are planned for tonight, invitations sent, catering prepared, security details set, is there one in particular you wish to attend? The one in Almagast I expect will be quite stunning.”

Lord Onasi smiled, ”I will be here, overseeing the preparations. The Old Gods will be with the parties as well, ensuring their success.”

“Right. I will see to it that I make it to at least several of the parties briefly to make an appearance with several of the larger financiers. Show off a bit and make sure they look our way,” Mira responded.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you Mira. I’m but a mere servant to an older way of life. You have cleared so many evils from my way, and helped personally find the locations for this ritual lost to time. This day wouldn’t be possible without you,” Onasi beamed.

“Just doing my job my Lord,” Mira bowed curtly, a grin on her face as she smiled and walked away, content with the compliment. So many wheels were in motion.

Li Gandor, Antenora
Dome of the Dragon, Dragon’s Citadel

High above the small collection of Dark Jedi, on the Dome of the Dragon, the familiar symbol of Clan Scholae Palatinae was protecting its herd. Below it, a group of some of the longest serving members of Scholae Palatinae gathered to discuss and assess the growing threat raised by what was going on in their system. So much was unknown, but what was known needed to be addressed.

“I’ve erected temples and palaces all over this system, and never once caught word of anything threatening and sinister beneath the surface,” a beautiful figure in the corner spoke up, easily recognizable as Thran Occassus-Palpatine.

“You spent so much time enjoying yourself during your time on the throne I’m surprised you weren’t usurped by a child,” another voice called out, of Dakari Kaeth Palpatine.

“I had plenty of good people under me, who would never have let that happen,” Thran spat back.

“All those clones you had conscripted to follow you around and protect you because the normal soldiers couldn’t deal with your parties and unnecessary lifestyle?” Xen, currently sitting Emperor and one of the newest Sons of Palpatine walked in from business on Judecca.

“We all aren’t boring like you are Xen,” Thran immediately got defensive.

“Okay well this is all incredibly unhelpful, so why don’t we stop discussing who is boring, who is exciting, and focus on the cults and remnant Empires crawling around underground in our system we call home and see where we’re at,” another voice yelled out, as Dark Side Adept Dante stood up in the corner and looked back and looked at Thran, as if daring him to continue.

An old man rose in the corner, white hair and traditional gray Sith robes, with his hood down he almost commanded silence from the room as he stood there. The Force radiating from the Dark Jedi Master in an already dark side tainted locale. Natth a’Niel Palpatine sighed before he began to speak, “The Cocytus System was chosen for its connection to the Dark Side of the Force. We constantly find unmapped tunnels below the planets. Ruins and temples erected by those long before us. The Imperial Palace, was built on Judecca due to the connection to the dark side on that planet strategically. Let’s not bother ourselves with endless debate on what we’ve seen or heard, but on what we haven’t. All this activity is a risk.”

An ewok with gray and brown striped fur smiled and said something in Ewokese few understood, but they all knew the intention. Natth was right, there was too much unknown mystery and Dark Side energy in their system to let anyone meddle with it ritualistically. Actions must continue by the Clan to prevent whatever it was for the safety and security of the Empire.

Ognen, Antenora
Holy Tower

The surviving glyph priest, Emperor Vanis, sat at the head of a massive and ornate table in front of a silent and waiting crowd. The head of the Pacre Datship, having killed and manipulated his way to the top of the former Empire, with the help of his right hand man. Conveniently seated to his right was Chaz Carlton, egotistical and almost always focused on himself, he was incredibly efficient at any task he was pointed at.

“Greetings everyone, I know we all have parties to go to so I’m glad you took the time to meet here in this holy place. Not twenty five years ago I sat in a chair in this very room like do before me today as one of many in a strong Ognerate Empire. Yet today we are all that is left,” Vanis continued, pausing for dramatic effect.

“As new undisputed Emperor of the Ognerate Empire, it is my duty to see our return to glory and power. We have found new allies in the Evanescent, and have made it a point to help defend them as they carry out their task of awakening their Old Gods.”

Chatter picked up in the room among the gathered members of the Pacre Datship. Chaz looked at the Emperor, trying to gauge his feelings to decide if he should step in. The chatter was disrespectful, but expected given the intent to follow a group many had heard whispers of over the centuries but never mingled with.

“We will never worship their Gods Vanis,” a voice called out from the table.

“That is correct. We never will. We are not allied under the banner of their Gods, we are allied under our hatred for a common enemy. The Scholae Palatinae Empire,” Vanis spat venomously. Anger flashed in his eyes at mention of the name. It gave confidence in his goals to the gathered crowd.

“What do you know of these rituals they intend to carry out?” another voice asked, curiously.

“Awakening the Old Gods will bring about a day of judgement for all. Yet we all know who the real Gods are in this system, it is us. Hatwa will keep the people docile and content under our rule. This is but a distraction we will defend while we strike at a weakened Empire.”

“How can you be so confident of your success, when the Scions had failed?” the same curious voice asked.

“They underestimated this current Empire. We will not. We’ve been studying them for twenty years, watching their every move as they occupy our home. Chaz Carlton here has defected from that very Empire nearly a year ago, and has earned my trust since in helping me take out my enemies and killing in my name as I try and crack that egg. Follow me forward, watch my plan unfold, and soon we will no longer be in the shadows, but sitting in our proper places as the rulers of Antenora.”

Clapping and cheering followed. It was a moment many had waited for. Chaz smiled, his ego happy at the stroking by Emperor Vanis. They were ready for what lay ahead.

Teyr, Judecca
Summer Palace

“Okay, teams are all in place and ready to hit a series of parties across the Cocytus System tonight. They’ll gather information and get their debriefings in by morning. Then, we can intercept the different Evanescent and Pacre Datship groups as they hit different ruins and locations as they begin carrying out their rituals. We have reliable information from inside both organizations on where they intend to carry them out. By this time tomorrow we should be knocking at the doors of their leaders and sipping whiskey,” Evant explained to the gathered Clan summit.

“Thanks Evant, any questions?” Xen asked from beneath his mask, looking out at the expanded summit of the Clan. It was one of the first real missions carried out since the Clan had taken on Houses and a bit more crowded than they were used to.

With silence, the Emperor decided everyone was good to go.

“For the Empire!” Xen called out, dismissing the group to carry out whatever orders they had in the name of Clan Scholae Palatinae.


Forgotten - Act 1 Conclusion Fiction

Tetralibros, Ptolomea
Tome of Solace, Unmarked Ruins

The constant droning hum of air being sucked through the various chambers and tunnels of the underground ruins was mind numbing. An artificial orange-red glow of light bathed everything and everyone in the large chamber chosen for the ritual, making the half dozen Evanescent priests look far more sinister than they were, their endless chanting in some long lost language the only thing more agitating than the working conditions. Several technologists, brought along by the Pacre Datship, did their best to ignore it all as their bright white work light illuminated what they believed to be a control panel for the equipment that seemed built into the ruins themselves.

“What do you think they’re saying?” one of the technicians asked, glancing over his shoulder as the priests all joined hands in a circle.

Whack. “Pay attention Jacob,” the other technician spat out angrily, smacking his co-worker on the backside of his turned head.

“What the frak man?” Jacob yelled, an annoyed look on his face. “I don’t read ancient alien, I have no idea how to help you so just chill out.”

“Emperor Vanis’ orders were clear. Don’t interfere with the Evanescent rituals, and figure out the ancient technology buried beneath Ptolomea. You’re both overly curious about what’s going on in the ritual, and absolutely no help whatsoever on cracking this technology, so why the frak are you even here?”

“I don’t see why you’re being all high on yourself Jackson, the last I checked you hadn’t done much yourself.”

“I blasted out that droid who rolled out of the wall over there that you’re now currently using as a chair,” Jackson responded in an arrogant tone.

“Great, a droid wakes up after being asleep for a thousand years and you blast it before it has its morning caf and I’m supposed to be impressed?”

“No, you’re supposed to do your frakking job and stop gawking at the rituals. Look, it’s obvious there’s power running in these lines, I don’t fully understand it, but I can feel it. We just need to get it properly routed into this terminal and we should have control.”

“Control of what exactly?”
“You ask too many questions. Is the power converter on that droid you’re sitting on still working?”

“I don’t know, let me check,” Jacob responded, getting up and immediately taking a hydrocutter to the main body, a brilliant white and purple glow erupted from the tool as it easily tore into the weak armoring of the droid. Quickly he scanned the inner workings of the droid and pulled out a small cylinder. “No idea if it’s still working, but you can give it a shot.”

Grabbing the power converter, Jackson quickly cut a few wires away and got to work while Jacob turned his attention back to the ongoing ritual. He wouldn’t have long to dwell when a large snap, followed by a series of beeps and red lights flashing on the walls around the chamber grabbed his attention instead.

“Got it.”

The technicians’ eyes traced various lines around the chamber trying to take in all the new information. Pieces of equipment they hadn’t noticed earlier were all linked together for purposes they didn’t fully understand. They both smiled, pleased with themselves.

The Evanescent continued their rituals, not to be interrupted for any reason, they chanted on in belief that their efforts were working and the interactions in the chamber had been their doing. The blinking red lights and sounds of the equipment coming to life after countless years was the coming of the Old Gods.

“Very good,” an old pleased voice spoke from behind the technicians, they turned to greet the bright blue eyes on an aged face above a long well groomed gray beard.

“Bixby, I hope my efforts are brought before Emperor Vanis,” Jackson spoke, a smile on his face.

“Our efforts,” Jacob corrected him.

“Shut up, both of you. I’ll handle that all in my report. For now, I have much I need to discover. I’ve spent over a decade studying the ruins of this planet, documenting everything and writing countless research, but what you two just did renders nearly all of that pointless in the face of what I am about to uncover. That, should be a greater glory than any reward,” Bixby smiled, his face was as excited as a child on their birthday.

“No thanks, I’ll take the credits,” Jackson responded.

Marynos, Ptolomea
Cave of Crimson Lights

Sounds of the ocean waves crashing could still be heard from the defensive post that the detachment of the 7th Infantry Legion had setup earlier in the day with support of their Dark Jedi Commander, Delak Krennel. It gave a peaceful atmosphere to a location where not an hour earlier several dozen had died. The forces were left behind by Delak to hold the position while similar positions across the planet were secured by House Imperium and other parts of the 7th.

That peace was short lived as a high pitched hum came to life, followed by blinking lights in the walls of the cavern. It immediately put the team on edge, quickly grabbing their weapons and making a tight circle at the center in defensive position. The officer in the middle immediately rose to his feet to take charge. “Defensive positions. Hold your fire.”

The team of just over two dozen had no idea what direction to even defend, their carbines and rifles scanning the walls and even looking directly above them. The sound of breaking rock on both flanks would focus their attention. Round holes popped open as mechanical doors slid aside. Flashlights and laser targets flooding on top of them.

“Hold your fire!”

Squealing, the sound of metal on metal pierced the air bringing a painful sensation to the soldiers. Out of holes on either side a round metal droid rolled out and unfolded itself, immediately drawing its own weapons. The Lieutenant didn’t waste a second deciding if they were hostile.

“Fire at will!”

To the right flank, small blaster fire lit up the droid, it’s weak armored plating melting under the heat. It never got off a shot as it took a barrage of blaster fire knocking it back into the wall in pieces. Above it a second droid began to roll out but a short range shot from a sniper rifle illuminated the rolling ball of steel and melted it into the opening. Brilliant orange liquified metal oozed from the hole before cooling.

To the left flank the droid had managed to activate its shielding. The first few blaster bolts lit up the shields as a cyan hue to glow in defense. Several crimson blasts came from the droid, as the soldiers took defense behind the natural rock barriers they erected in the middle of the chamber. Behind it, a second droid began to emerge from the hole.


A fragmentation grenade, in an almost impossibly perfect throw, landed directly in the hole to the left flank. As the grenade rolled in past the second droid it exploded. Cracks emerged in the walls of the chamber as the energy expanded in all directions, the second droid flew from the hole like a cannon coming to a stop directly into the defensive barrier and smashing into a pile of scrap metal.

As the shields on the droid to the left flank fell and it too began to fall apart under a barrage of blaster fire, the Lieutenant in command took the opportunity to redirect his efforts.

“Get me a line to Commander Delak immediately.”

In orbit above Ptolomea
Impstar Deuce Indomitable

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Guardian Delak Krennel hated to be interrupted, and took it out on his prisoner before answering, a jolt of energy from the Force snapping and hissing as it violated the body of the Evanescent who he had taken prisoner just an hour earlier. He had wasted no time in getting to work. Soon he may change his tactics, make use of the ship’s electrical systems and interrogation equipment versus his own talents in the Force, but for now he was just enjoying himself and his moment.

“Saved by the by the bell, we are not finished,” Delak spat, taking a breath to calm himself before answering his comlink. “Delak here.”

Several seconds of blaster fire and an explosion preceded any actual voice from the other end. “This is Lieutenant Chu, position Charlie Lima is under attack. Electronics we hadn’t noticed powered on in every inch of this place, lit up the whole cave, and then droids. We’re holding ground but intelligence didn’t prepare us for this. We have no idea what we’re up against.”

“Hold your position Lieutenant, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Delak ordered, an annoyed look on his face as he glared into the exhausted and broken face of the Evanescent priest nearby.

“Copy that sir, see you soon,” Chu replied, before hanging up.

Silence filled the interrogation chamber.

“You never mentioned droids, what kind of Gods use droids?” Delak asked, frustrated at the lack of information in the field. He like so many others in Scholae Palatinae just wanted a clear target.

“The Gods will cast judgement in any way they see fit,” the man grunted, struggling to get out the words.

“What is this, judgement on demand? The Gods are waiting around on high waiting for the Evanescent to call them up and get to work judging everyone?” Delak said nearly yelling in anger.

“The Gods answer to no one, we are but servants left behind to carry out their will,” the prison said smiling, pure joy on his face, not fear. The expression infuriated Delak further.

Sounds of hydraulic doors opening came at just the right moment to redirect the anger. The light blue eyes set on a dark red face beneath a hooded black cloak was immediately recognizable as Eetherbial Zarih’Taen. The Zeltron raised an eyebrow at the scene of Delak and the Evanescent strapped down but knew best to ignore it.

“You’re needed on the bridge, an urgent call in from the Emperor,” Eether announced.

“They sent you?” Delak asked, a bit confused.

“None of the pages dared interrupt you during an interrogation. So, I got the honors. Now that you know, I need to get back to Judecca, so enjoy your call,” Eether shook his head and turned, quickly leaving the room.

Delak sat for a moment saying and doing nothing but staring at the excited smiling face of his prisoner who was still delighted in hearing that the Evanescent rituals had awaken the Old Gods. Or so he had convinced himself given the information. The expression infuriated Delak further, who wanted nothing more than to know the nature of their rituals.

His mind raced at how to speed up the interrogation, but all logic was lost to the anger building inside him. Calmly, he took a deep breath and walked over to a terminal nearby and pressed a few keys.

An interrogation droid emerged from a side door and floated into the room, several large torture devices slide out from the sides.

Delak didn’t even turn to face the prisoner again as he left the room.

“Where are your Old Gods now.”

Teyr, Judecca
Summer Palace

The Imperius sun baked the balcony on the top floors of the Summer Palace, as the vast ocean before them stood peacefully in contrast of the hectic morning the three gathered Palatineans had faced. A waiter came out with a silver platter, drifting across the floor and approaching with fresh caf, two of the guests shook their heads but one raised his glass with a smile. Evant Taelyan had taken to endless caf consumption as a way to fit more hours into the day.

“Thank you. Keep it coming,” Evant said to the waiter with a smile as he set his now full cup on the table in front of him.

“You know that stuff isn’t good for you?” Mayda asked, the Rollmaster’s bright red-orange hair glowing even more than usual in the sun.

“Nothing is good for me Mayda. I mean, something has to kill me and I sort of figure that caf isn’t going to be it,” Evant sighed.

Athrun Zala, the third of the trio at the table was looking out over the ocean in the distance, hardly paying attention to the health advice from the Rollmaster. The newly promoted Dark Jedi Knight had been on mission after mission since joining the Clan, and since work for the Clan was endless, the opportunity to really see the beauty that the Cocytus System had to offer was rarely afforded.

“Kind of makes you wonder why this is just the temporary palace doesn’t it?” Evant asked, looking over at Athrun.

“Yeah, I mean, I don’t really have all the information to compare,” he answered honestly.

“Right, the Imperial Palace has been a hole since you came around,” Evant replied, correcting himself. “About this meeting though. What have you and ISI figured out?”

“For the Evanescent, this is truly a religious experience,” Mayda answered quickly, anxious to share what she had learned at the party with Athrun and Delak’s help. “The glyphs and writings we discovered date back over a thousand years. Whatever religious tones and aspirations they have of awakening what they see as the Old Gods, is based in some real ancient writings and details that predate every group in the entire Cocytus System and all available information.”

“So, explain that to me like I’m five,” Evant said, finally taking his first sip of caf.

“It’s like someone built a speeder, and left the instruction manual for it in pieces some foreign language, and now the Evanescent got ahold of a few pages and they are trying to operate the speeder. Except they don’t think it’s for operating a speeder, they think it’s instructions for awakening some Old Gods to cast judgement on the entire system,” Mayda explained with a smile that grew even bigger as her Pink Nebula drink she ordered earlier arrived at the table.

“Alright, makes sense, what exactly is the speeder though, what is it they are unknowingly trying to operate?” Evant asked, looking back and forth between Mayda and Athrun.

“ISI has no idea, and frankly neither do we, all we know is they are following instructions on how to do something thinking it does something else,” Athrun replied, curious as everyone else as to what was going on.

“From what I gathered at the party, the Evanescent seem like they mean well, are very loyal to each other and all share a very strong core belief system. They’re far from our enemy, despite their low opinions of our Empire,” Mayda responded, taking a sip of her drink.

Evant sighed, taking a big drink of his caf. “Let’s just hope if they’re successful in activating this ‘speeder’, that it isn’t a threat to the Empire.”

Port Harbinger, Ptolomea
City Perimeter

Lucyeth Haken stuck out on the sandy beaches of Tome of Power in the Tetralibros Island Chain with his dark Sith robes wrapped around him flowing in the wind as he walked. His heavy armored shoulder plates reflected the evening sun making him shine as well. He didn’t mind too much though since patrols of 8th Infantry Legion were stationed all over on the beach and the location couldn’t be more secure.

His guard was down as he leisurely strolled down the beach, but it wouldn’t last long as the sounds of blaster fire down the beach behind him caught his attention. Quickly turning he spotted a pack of small monkey like creatures in the distance leaping and attacking a group of soldiers. Unintelligible orders were being yelled as the soldiers fought to defend themselves.

With his lightsaber hilt tight in hand the Sith Warrior rushed the short distance down the beach towards the commotion, the soft sand protesting each step.

One of the small creatures grabbed the face of soldier, its sharp claws normally used for climbing trees tore into the soft flesh. Another nearby soldier held his blaster up to shoot it but was afraid of making a shot at such close range and missing his mark.

An emerald bolt came from the distance and landed squarely in the creature’s chest instantly killing it. The injured soldier grabbing and tossing the lifeless body off. Chilling screams followed as his fingers traced the deep cuts on his face surveying the damage done.

Lucyeth ignited his crimson blade as he finally reached them and hacked his way into the fray, utilizing the Force to grab monkeys mid-air and toss them back towards the jungle.

“What the frak is going on?” Lucyeth yelled, his eyes watching the several dozen monkeys jumping and darting around striking at legs, arms, faces, anything they could get their claws on relentlessly.

“I was hoping you could tell me the same thing,” another voice from the distance yelled out as another emerald blast found it’s mark.

“Zagro, glad to see you, these crazy-” Lucyeth was cut off mid sentence as a pair of the creatures latched onto his dark robes. Spinning around he tried to dislodge them but they were hooked in tight.

Removing the cloak he spun it around wrapping up the creatures and tossed it down the beach as tendrils of blue lightning erupted from Zagro’s fingers and fried the trapped creatures inside.

It would be several minutes of this before the pair would find a chance to rest and reflect.

Blood and dead animals were everywhere.

The two Dark Jedi sat on a nearby downed tree, a short distance from the beach outpost that had been assaulted, reflecting on the attack and watching as medics tended to the wounded. Several body bags lay waiting for transport. Scientists from the city were collecting samples of the creatures. Local police were taking endless photographs and interviewing witnesses.

“You’d think a pair of equites could handle a few monkeys,” a new voice came from behind them.

The two turned to face a burly looking man with a full beard and a full TIE pilots uniform on as if he just stepped out of a cockpit. Having a blaster in his hand instead of a pilot’s helmet was the only indication he hadn’t.

“Chrome, what are you doing here? I thought you had some pilots to train on the Indomitable,” Zagro inquired, the Aedile still worried about how green some of the new soldiers were in the army in light of the new threat.

“Well I guess Delak had to get planetside himself and see to some droid attacks in a cave,” Chrome sighed. “I’m stuck flying atmospheric out of Fort Arrow nearby in the meantime.”

“Droids?” Lucyeth asked, surprised at the mention.

“I don’t know, the response was brief. Still, droids are a bit more threatening than some monkeys, also, I don’t think Delak lost any men,” Chrome smiled beneath his massive beard.

“It was just so unexpected, packs of those monkeys have lived in these jungles for years and never attacked,” Lucyeth responded, shaking his head confused.

A loud piercing cry overtook the entire beach, interrupting the trio of Dark Jedi, a sound so unnerving it usually meant life or death for some creature defending its home. Foliage trampled to the ground at the tree line as a massive malkloc like creature barreled its way into the open sand.

“What the frak is that thing?” Chrome asked, getting to his feet. The other two followed suit.

“I’m not sure, but I’ve seen them in herds eating trees on patrols, and I’ve never seen them messing with anything or anything messing with them for that matter,” Zagro replied, grabbing his lightsaber.

The creature turned and stared down the beach towards the Dark Jedi and the city. Even at nearly a quarter of a mile away the beast was still massive, it began to charge.

“Yeah well it looks like this one wants to mess with us,” Chrome replied.

The three Dark Jedi ignited their lightsabers.

Ft. Hammer, Ptolomea
West Defensive Wall

High in the air on the edge of the fortified walls of the massive Fortress known as Fort Hammer, plans were unfolding to protect the cities of Ptolomea from the planet itself. Explosions and small blaster fire would intermittently interrupt the heavily fortified position. Wildlife attacks has been non-stop for hours, and getting equipment and people in place to protect the citizens of the Empire had been taxing. There was no contingency plan for this.

“We are re-routing at least fifty anti-infantry blaster cannons from the new construction of the Imperial Palace on Judecca to the cities of Ptolomea. I don’t care who gets what,” Xen’mordin said exhaustedly, the Emperor having made too many judgement calls over the past hour to make another.

“They will all want all of them, Tetoulichican alone has asked for over one hundred weapons placements due to their proximity to the jungle. It’s an endless flow of hostile creatures,” Dante responded, the Field Marshal too had his work cut out for him with re-deployments. Luckily he had Archangel in the field managing many of the standing orders.

“Send them all to Tetoulichican then, we can’t get many of the armored legions deployed there anyways due to the terrain and they have enough of their own police forces to make use of the equipment,” Xen responded.

Blaster fire in the distance interrupted the two, followed by a flame thrower bursting into action and lighting up several dozen small unidentified creatures. Their flaming images darting back into the forests nearby before eventually going out.

“Still just Ptolomea?” Dante asked.

“Yeah, Judecca has no reports of enraged creatures, nor Caina, Antenora, or any of the moons. It’s just here.”

“Well, lucky we have all our military garrisoned here then.”

“I wouldn’t call it lucky. There’s a darkness tainting everything here, I’ve felt it. Whatever transpired today underground has created a disturbance in the Force,” Xen said, with an even more concerned tone than when discussing the defense preparations.

“I’ve felt it too. The entire ecosystem of this planet has been forever altered. We need to consider abandoning some of the smaller cities and farming communities,” Dante replied very matter of factly.

“We will do what must be done. Our first priority is to get defenses in place, then, we must reverse whatever the Evanescent have done to cause this chaos, for the sake of the Empire.”


Forgotten - Act 2: Deception Opening Fiction

Command Bridge
ISD Warspite
Low Orbit
Cocytus system

Ptolomea was screaming, howling, shrieking, bellowing, yet remained totally silent. To the normal men and women serving upon the Warspite it left them with an uneasy feeling in the pit of their stomach, even here in orbit. The hair at the back of their neck stood constantly on end.

For the Force users of on board the ship, the screams of the planet were just as tangible as if they had been yelling themselves. The planet was awake on a level none of them could comprehend.

“Sir, the last of the supplies are now enroute to the planet. We should be ready to return to Judecca to get more within the next 3 hours,” Delak said, head bowed as he continued to assess the information coming into his personal datapad. Xen’Mordin nodded in approval. The last several weeks had seen Ptolomea turn into a desperate war zone.

Xen’Mordin continued to stare out of the command deck’s massive windows to the planet below. If he had only taken Polis’s findings more seriously, maybe this could have been prevented, or used to the Empire’s advantage, not these radicals. He thought his pawns in play were setting the game for a checkmate, only he had missed seeing some of the key players. This was not a mistake he was willing to make again.

“Any word from Dante or Koryn?” the Consul asked, glad his mask hid the concern in his eyes. It was easy to maintain control of the voice, but the eyes were always a window to the soul, so much harder to control when needed.

Delak shook his head. Both men knew no report either meant they were busy making great progress on their missions, or were making desperate attempts to accomplish their goals.

Ft. Hammer

“What do you mean sectors 45 and 46 are breached? They are on the other end of Almagast!” Kell Dante screamed out in frustration. Every time they had found a successful way to deal with the unending and unyielding nightmares of the Infinite Empire, a new problem arose.

At first they all had thought it was just oversight of their weak areas. but as the weeks went on, it was apparent, these beasts were learning, and Ptolomea would continue to whip them around wherever they would be most effective.

Dante stroked the stubble growing on his face. He hadn’t been able to shave for days, and was running totally on the use of stimulants. The spawn of the Infinite Empire weren’t all that dangerous to the trained military of the Cocytus system, but they were relentless and endless in number. For every one that was killed, there were two behind it. Luckily they had kept civilian casualties to a minimum on the planet.

It had come at a cost though, much of the population had been taken from their small towns and homesteads and forced into the several major cities that dotted the planet. The refugees of the planet were only now surviving due to the round the clock movement of supplies from other corners of the Cocytus system.

Dante knew there was only so long they could keep this pace up. As he issued new commands for the soldiers to move to sectors 45 and 46, there was only one thought that kept racing through his mind.

*We are at our limit.

Ancient Ruins

“They were here, I can sense it,” Koryn said. The deep blue eyes of the Rodian scanned around the room.

“Don’t need to sense it, these footprints are fresh,” Polis Jones said. He took a several quick deep sniffs before continuing.

“Can still smell the smoke from their torches. They must have known we were coming.”

“No one could have known we were coming, let alone here,” Koryn said. He kicked some rubble in frustration. He of all people knew what a danger the Pacre Datship was. The rock tumbled through the shadows


The eyes of the small squad all turned to the darkness. Polis stepped forward, torch held above his head.

The light caught a piece of metal. It wasn’t dusty like nearly everything else in the chamber. But it certainly was old, ancient even. Polis took another step forward. There was a whirl, and a single light turned on. It was a computer. That it was able to turn on seemed an impossible feat, after millennia buried here in the sand.

“We might have missed the so called Emperor Vanis, but I think in his hurry, he left us a something that might turn this conflict back in our favor…” Koryn said eyes focused on the single red light glowing from the metal container.

Desert of Batnare

“Are you sure we took everything there was in the tomb?” Vanis asked as the transport sped through the desert to their base.

“One-hundred percent. There is nothing left there for those dogs to find,” Chaz Carlton said.

Breno Jalho, sitting directly across from Chaz shot the man a subtle look of distrust. The Twi’lek didn’t trust the man. He had risen too quickly, and become too trusted by Emperor Vanis to be real. It had taken Breno years of loyal service to earn such trust of the leaders of the Pacre Datship. And with Vanis the only one left, Breno was on full alert. There was something off about Chaz, even if he was the only one who felt it.

Vanis had already dismissed his assistants feelings about Chaz. He had provided so much information that Vanis and the Evanescent had been able to move their time table forward by months. And now, he had escaped the clutches of the false empire half a dozen times, only thanks to the intelligence Chaz had provided.

“We are close my lord, soon, we will have all we need. Then with the Evanescent, this system will see the power of the chosen ones, and this false empire will be no more,” Chaz said confidently.

Sub Arctic Base
“Is this new information useful Bixby?” Lord Onasi asked. The hulking form of a man stood wide eyed behind the elderly Bixby, hoping he could begin the next step of his campaign. Several veins on his forehead were bulging with anticipation.

He had first heard the call of the Old Gods just miles from where he, and the rest of the Evanescent were now operating. As the years had passed, that call had only grown louder. Bixby was still quietly muttering to himself analysing what had been brought in.

“Vanis and his associates seem to think so,” Mira said contempt thinly veiled. Onasi paid her no mind. She had been untrusting the Pacre since the beginning, but never once argued against the results their alliance had produced.

“They are right. This information will be useful for the escalation team. Yes, very useful. Hrmmm,” Bixby said.

“Excellent. Send out word, everyone needs to take their position,” Onasi said. Mira nodded and pressed a hidden button on the golden bracelet around her wrist.

“It’s done,” she replied.

Imperial Palace

The Zeltron shifted in his chair, still trying to find the sweet spot in his new position. Across the table Landon Cruise supported his head with his hand,

“I don’t know how much more we can push to Ptolomea,” Cruise managed to say between yawns. He had been jumping to every corner of the system calling in favors to help relieve the situation on Ptolomea. Whatever he managed to gather was passed off to Eetherbiail who managed the military deployment of the goods.

“We will push whatever we have to,” Xen’s voice rang clearly from the projection of his image at the end of the table.

“This information from Koryn shows several core locations in the system the Evanescent and Pacre are going to be congregating. There is a pattern here, These locations are far too planned out. How did we never find any of them before?” Eether replied.

“30,000 years is a long time for things to become lost. The Evanescent have hidden in this system far longer than we have,” Xen responded. There was a hungry tone in his voice.

“We will take care of it,” Cruise said. Eether nodded in agreement.

“There isn’t a single member of the clan who isn’t ready to end of this,” Eether said. Deep down all three men hoped it would be enough.


##Forgotten - Act 2: Deception Closing Fiction

Command Bridge
ISD Warspite
Low Orbit
Cocytus system

The reverberations came to a halt on the command bridge of the Warspite. Every ship in the Scholae Palatinae Fleet had parked themselves

“Bombardment complete. Ready to deploy forces at your command,” Delak said head turning to face the Emperor.

“Deploy. Let Dante and Archangel know I will be right behind them. Eether has command of the fleet,” Xen’Mordin replied, modulated voice ringing clearly through the now silent bridge.

The information collated by Elincia Rei from the numerous artifacts recovered and bits of unwiped computer information all pointed to one conclusion. Kill the one who headed the ritual, and the beasts of Ptolomea would stop spawning. The current location of the Evanescent and Pacre Datship was no longer a mystery. They were going for the final phase of their plan.

If Scholae Palatinae didn’t stop them, then the last of the Infinite Empire’s creatures would awaken, and no-one wanted to see what monstrosities would come crawling out of the earth.

Outside The Forgotten Temple
Southern Pole

Archangel inhaled slowly then held his breath. With a quick squeeze of his finger, one of the Evanescent soldiers entrenched upon the steps of the temple took a blaster bolt right between the eyes. The Battlelord pulled his head back from the scope of his rifle and exhaled.

“Where do these guys keep coming from?” He said, frustration dripping from his words. Near by Sparky followed suit in taking a shot then pulling back to face the hulking Sith.

“I think some heavy artillery would help speed this along,” he spat. Since reaching the outgrounds of the temple, they had still not managed to breach to the interior. The crunch of time was held above all the soldiers heads. The longer they took, the longer the Evanescent and Pacre Datship had to finish their plans.

As if right on cue, there came a roar from behind them as a canon blasted at the walls of the temple, creating a sizeable hole in the ancient stonework.

“WAHOO!” screamed Lucyeth and he popped out of the gunners seat and hit the ground beside his clanmates.

“Subtlety was never your strong suit was it?” Arch said, eyes rolling. Lucyeth let out a chuckle and replied.

“The time for subtlety has passed. We have some fanatics to kill!”

Sparky shrugged. Lucyeth had a point.

Upper Balcony
Main Chamber
Forgotten Temple

Emperor Vanis paced back and forth, stopping periodically to peer over the edge of the balcony to look at the ritual taking place below him. He tapped a ancient looking scepter in his hand. Sweat dripped from his forehead with every sound of blaster fire that came echoing into the chamber.

“They will be too late, calm down,” Chaz said trying to console the leader of the Pacre Datship. Vanis stopped and looked at the man.

“We’ve worked too hard for this to go wrong. I’m not going to be stopped by these heathens again,” Vanis responded curtly. He resumed pacing. Below on the main floor of the chamber came a crackle of energy. Vanis smiled.

“It’s working,” he said relieved.

West Hall Way B
Forgotten Temple

Energy crackled with every footstep Kell Dante took. They were just outside the main chamber now. Behind him, his men whispered in speculation. He raised a fist to silence them. This wasn’t the first time they were dealing with things beyond their grasp, years of service to the Dark Jedi of Scholae Palatinae had left them all hardened to things they could never fully explain.

But that didn’t stop them from speculating whenever they came across new instances of the Force.

Dante issued a few more quick hand gestures in command. Two of his men quickly ran forward to place charges on the sealed door to the main chamber. The charges were placed in seconds, and Dante tapped the side of his helmet.

“Team Auresh in position. Ready to breach,” The Elder said softly. Archangel’s voice came through clear in response.

“Team Gundark in position.”

“Gundark? We were using letters this time,” Dante responded, eyes rolling.

“Yeah I know. Cruise landed and insisted we use Gundark,” Archangel said.

“Gundark!” Cruise’s voice came through loudly. Dante nodded his head hoping the Evanescent were too absorbed by their ritual to have heard Cruise’s yell.

“Well then. Breach in Three-Two-One…” Dante counted down.

Main Chamber

What wasn’t vaporized by the explosions shot into the main chamber as lethal shards of rock and metal. Lord Onasi, kneeling in the center of the chamber came to his feet as did the rest of his men. through the dust came a volley of blaster fire, and then the unmistakable glow of lightsabers appeared.

“It took you long enough!” he called out to the swarm of Scholae Palatinae soldiers who were filling into the room.

“We wanted to make a dramatic entrance before killing you!” Cruise shouted back from one of the hallways. Lord Onasi smiled.

“I’m afraid it will be more like a dramatic exit,” He said with a large pearly white grin. He had known there was a chance they wouldn’t finish the ritual in time. If they couldn’t awaken the Old Gods the traditional way, then a sacrifice of flesh and blood would have to do. He raised a hand holding a remote detonator.

The soldiers of Scholae Palatinae quickly stopped fire, not wanting to hit Onasi and accidently cause him to activate the detonator.

“I had charges placed all around this temple months ago. One way or another the Old Gods will awaken. One way or another, you will all die,” he spat. His thumb moved up to press the detonating button. Before it could reach however an incredible pain radiated from his wrist. With each beat of his heart blood squirted out of the stump that once connected to his wrist.

He turned to see Mira holding a bloody blade, and the hand that had been moments prior his final chance of victory.

“Sorry you poodoo brained maniac. This has gone on long enough,” Mira spat. With a small glint of light catching the edge of her dagger, Lord Onasi had an expression of pain and confusion as it sliced through his neck severing his carotid arteries.

Upper Balcony

Emperor Vanis stared in disbelief as Lord Onasi fell to the ground twitching in a pool of his own blood. Vanis’s grip tightened around his scepter.

“Betrayal,” he muttered through gritted teeth. The Evanescent were not as capable as he had hoped. The Old Gods would have to wait for another day. He needed to escape back into the desert like he had following the failed rebellion he had helped start on the planet. He turned to leave.

“Sorry, you’ve reached the end of the line as well,” Chaz said stepping in front of the Antenoran.

“No, not you,” Vanis whispered.

“Yes, me,” Chaz said he lunged forward to kill the Pacre Datship leader. He planted his dagger deep into the gut of Emperor Vanis. From outside the temple there came an explosion, shaking loose more of the stone used to build the ancient temple. One of the stones landed firmly against the back of Chaz’s head knocking him out cold.

Cursing Vanis clutched his gut and stumbled out of the trembling temple.

Main Chamber

The soldiers worked quickly to clear the corpses of the fallen Evanescent from the chamber. Canon fodder corpses were of no concern for Xen’Mordin as he stepped with authority over another body. He approached the fallen body of Lord Onasi. Kneeling in the pooled blood, was Mira Spar. Archangel stood behind her, blaster rifle pointed at the back of her head.

“No need for that, Arch. Why don’t you go help clear the rubble upstairs and find our other friend, he should have taken care of Vanis,” Xen’Mordin commanded. He held out a hand to Mira.

“Good work Agent Neka,” Xen said helping the ISI Agent to her feet.

“It is nice to hear that name again,” she said, “Also nice to be done with these nutters.” She shook out some of the dust in her hair. From up in the balcony one of the soldiers yelled out.

“Another live one here!”

Xen pointed and yelled to Archangel.

“That one. Agent Silus I need to know what happened to Vanis. No sign of his body is is a bad sign for us.”

“Care to enlighten us on this all?” Arch yelled back as he climbed up to the upper balcony.

“What is the point of having an intelligence agency if you don’t have spies?” Xen yelled back shaking his head.

Royal Palace
One Day Later

“His tracks disappeared a mile out into the desert. He could be anywhere by now,” Eether reported.

Xen let out a sigh.

“Again he slips away. And Ptolomea?” Xen asked.

“All quiet. We’ve begun dispersing the civilians back out of the safe zones,” Dante reported.

“Good. Once that is finished I want all resources devoted to finding Vanis.”

“I have already turned over all information on Pacre hideouts. He knows better than to use them,” SIlus said. His years of undercover work as Chaz did have some benefits despite not managing to finish his mission.

“Well at least have a starting place. Get to work.” Xen commanded.


Forgotten - Act 3: Monstrosity Opening Fiction

The Forgotten Temple
Cocytus system

The sand and dust had already reclaimed it place a top of every inch of the ground. The bodies that had fallen had been cleared. The blood had long dried. The rubble cleared away as much as possible. Had Polis Jones not seen the bodies being wheeled out just days earlier he would have found it hard to believe this place had been disturbed at any point in the last century.

He muttered several curse words has he examined the full extent of the damage that had been caused. Those tactless barbarians that called themselves soldiers had caused irrevocable damage to one of the oldest and most well preserved ruin in the entire system. Millennia ago slaves of the Infinite Empire laid this stone. His hand brushed lightly over the charred rubble.

“I’m going to have to have a firm word with the Emperor about this. There was so much we could have learned here,” he said pushing himself back from the wall.

“Poli… I think we found something!” Karen’s excited voice carried through the main chamber. Polis spun on the spot and turned to face her direction.

“Artifacts? I would love to have some more things to fill in the Infinite Empire wing at the museum,” Polis said as he jogged over.

“Something more… a room,” Karen said. She was squatting alongside a pile of rubble, shining a light into a tiny hole in the floor.

“That’s Impossible, this is the lowest level of the temple. The whole temple has been scanned and mapped out a dozen times,” Polis responded as he peered into the dark hole.

“This is just a small crater, probably from a grenade, covered when the ceiling fell in,” he continued.

“There’s no charring, and watch,” Karen said slightly moving the light. Through the small gap, there was a distinct glint of light catching something metal. Polis jumped back.

“Get the crews back in here! I need this stuff cleared yesterday!” he yelled out, heart racing. This old temple still had some secrets to be found.

Deep Forest
Cocytus system

Yes, yes, yes. This will work.

Emperor Vanis cut the throat of one of his followers, The man spasmed for a moment then was still.

“Blood of the faithful!” Vanis screamed out. Hundreds of voices called back in unison, echoing the cry. The false Empire would never look for them here, right in their own backyard. The Old Gods had slept long enough. The pool filled with blood of his followers drained slowly, deep into the earth.

A red mist rose from the ground.

“Breath deep my dear Pacre Datship, our Empire is born anew.”

Screams of agony were all that came in reply.

Ruined Temple

“I’ve really am getting tired of these old temples. Something always tends to go horribly wrong when we visit them,” Lucyeth said pointing his light around another corner.

“Don’t worry, I’m ready to glass the whole area should something pop out at you,” Delak’s voice came in over the comm system.

“Delak that kills us too,” Archangel said flatly.

“Yes but it keeps the rest of us safe and sound from whatever nest of K’lor’slugs you kick up,” Delak said in response.

“I didn’t realize some slugs would scare you, glad you are staying so safe up there in orbit,” Archangel said.

“Probably reminds him of your mother,” Lucyeth added snickering.

“I would crush your skull if we weren’t busy trying to find more information on these supposed Old Gods,” Archangel said through gritted teeth.

“I wish you both would get eaten by a slug, so at least there would be some quiet here,” Ulfsark spoke up from further down the hall. A loud crunch followed.

“Oh look, bones!” the knight added with a false tone of enthusiasm. Before any of the others could respond, the sound of trickling water echoed around the hall.

“Water?” Lucyeth questioned pointing his light at the ground. the ancient stone was quickly becoming dark. Archangel kneeled and pressed a finger to the stone. He brought it up and examined it in the light. It was red. He tentatively stuck his tongue out and dabbed it against his finger.

“Blood.” He said spitting.

Ritual Cave
23 Miles NE from Ohmen

Vanis made the long climb to the cave entrance alone. The offering had been made and accepted, and his followers had been touched by the Old Gods themselves, their frail bodies transcending into something so much more. He had hoped the Evanescent would have taken the brunt of what his followers were now experiencing, but he had been foolish to trust them.

The Gods only touch those who are worthy.

He sat for a moment at the mouth of the cave, catching his breath. He stared into the black abyss of the cave. This was the final step of the secret, ancient, oral history that had passed down for generations. It was a cruder, older path then Lord Onasi had attempted. And when Onasi failed, Vanis knew he had made the correct choice in not informing the Evanescent about it.

He stood and lit a torch. Taking a deep breath he started his trek into the cave.

Imperial Palace

“My lord, apologies for interrupting. I’m tracking a lot of emergency calls from the eastern part of Ohmen.” A voice in Xen’Mordin’s ear said quickly. He sat up straight in his chair, snapped out of the daze he had fallen in. He looked at the bright faced duo presenting facts about something at the far end of the table, faces lit by the screen some some fancy statistics they had prepared.

Something about free range nerfs? No that’s not right.

Xen cleared his throat before finding a suitable set of dismissive words, “You both clearly have put a lot of work into this. Why don’t I put you in direct contact with our System Moff to better organize a, uh… response to this issue.”

Cruise will just love that.

Xen continued, “I am afraid I have been alerted about a rather pressing matter, if you would excuse me.” He gave the most sincere smile he could given thirty seconds ago he was about ready to start drooling where he sat. He stood and quickly stepped out of the meeting room.

“Of what nature Aria?” He asked tapping a few buttons on his right bracer. The voice in his ear didn’t hesitate in response.

“Honestly my lord. I don’t know how to answer that. Sending you a feed now.”

Xen kept walking and pressed a few more buttons. The feed popped up, and Xen stopped dead in his tracks. He turned his head toward one of his body guards.

“Find me Dante, now,” he commanded. The bodyguard gave a slight bow before turning and sprinting off.

“My lord should I issue a state of emergency?” Aria’s voice came through. Her voice had a slight pleading tone to it. She was just disturbed by what she was seeing as Xen was.

“Alert everyone,” Xen responded after a moment, eyes still locked on the feed.

Ritual Cave

Vanis was cold. So cold he was certain if he didn’t have the heat from his torch he would surely be dead by now. The path through cave was smooth but snaked its way around, deep into the heart of the Mountain.

Was I wrong about the location?

The stray thought lingered but a moment. A glow of soft green light came from around the bend. With each step the light grew brighter and bright.

Vanis gasped.

Sith-Faced Joe’s

The Kiffar didn’t mind the usual stench that accompanied such a dive bar. It was a good day, he reminded himself as he patted the small satchel at his side. The information it contained would be very useful for his continued endeavors of dominating the criminal underworld of the system.

Jorm hat stopped at the first bar he had seen, looking for a stiff drink before making his way off planet to deal with other matters. Sith-Faced Joe’s had the goods, and that’s all he really cared about. He took a deep gulp of the bright cyan drink he had in hand, and let out a very self-satisfied sigh. Nothing could possibly ruin today.

Then it all went to hell.

First came the faint screams of terror. Then the not so faint ones. Far too many to just be a mugging gone south in the wrong part of town. Jorm turned on his stool and finished his drink in a single gulp. As the screams grew louder. Jorm stood up and shrugged. He had places to be, people to see, other people to kill.

When he stepped outside he quickly realized the reason for all the screaming. His .48 quickly found its way into his hand.
“What the frak are those?!” He yelled, mainly to himself as he fired off a shot.

The projectile found its way straight through the head of what was probably once a normal human being. It’s skin was twisted and warped, covered with fungal like growths. It’s head already like its skull had exploded outward from the forehead. It was stumbling as Jorm shot it. Its inability to walk properly seemed like it would hinder the terrors making their way into the city. Jorm figured it would be a quick clean up once people got over the initial shock of what was advancing.

But then he saw one rip a civilian clean in two.

Jorm’s comm went off.

“What? - No kidding there is an issue!”

Ritual Cave

Vanis spun on the spot. the cavern was larger than he could have imagined. Unnatural light filtered out of crystals embedded in the cavern walls and ceiling, casting everything in a strong green light. He let out a deep laugh that echoed around the chamber. He approached the alter in the center of the cavern.

“Now to begin in earnest.”

Imperial Palace

“We’ve already got several bodies to Dr. Rei’s lab for study,” Eetherbiail reported as he came sprinting in the office. He took a deep breath then continued.

“Dante is seeing to clearing the city. There is… a lot of them.”

Xen’Mordin nodded, eyes unfocused.

“This was Vanis.”

Eether cocked his head.

“No, there is no way. Where did he get all these people?” Eether insisted. Xen inhaled deeply before speaking.

“These are the last loyal followers of the Pacre Datship. He turned them into these… monsters. He must be out there somewhere. Find him, now. This cannot be allowed to go any further.”


Cocytus system

“This is too easy.” Dante shouted firing off another shot. Across the plaza the head of one of the infected Pacre Datship followers exploded in a puff of blood. The military of Scholae Palatinae had quickly fallen in to defend the city, and those who were off planet were already in route to clean up the mess.

“It’s a bit disappointing isn’t? All the texts pointed to monsters… These things are creepy but I would have thought Old Gods would have mustered something a bit more serious,” Zagro Fenn said from the line along the barricade. No sooner had he said it, that the remaining Pacre Datship followers dropped, convulsing on the floor.

From the middle of the plaza Calindra turned off her crimson blade and turned to look back toward Dante and Zagro.

“Why would you ever say that of all things?!” She shouted. There was a pause, and an unnatural silence swept through the city.

Then the sky burned, and earth shook.

Ritual Cave

Vanis collapsed to the ground as the massive chamber went pitch black. He let out a scream as he shakily attempted to apply a tourniquet to the bleeding stump that had once been connected to his right hand. Before the glowing crystals of the cavern extinguished he watched his hand explode into a puff bright green gas and fade away.

The ritual was done. He could feel the earth heave and ho beneath him, then fall still. He pulled himself to his feet, shaking and bleeding. Now was the time of his retribution. The Old Gods would wipe the false Empire from existence.

Northern Wastes

Shadow pulled her cloak tighter around her and turned to Rosh. For days they had been sweeping the great ice wastelands of the northern hemisphere of the planet. Ever since Lord Onasi had been killed, they had been picking up unnatural heat signatures from the icy plains.

“Nothing about these readings make sense,” Rosh said, eyes sweeping the horizon. The plains were as they had been for centuries, frozen and devoid of life. Shadow opened her mouth to reply in agreement, but then scrunched her nose.

“Do you smell that?” She asked, eyes watering. Rosh shot her a sideways glance.

“Whatever it is, it certainly didn’t come fro-,” he stopped short fighting his gag reflex as he caught the first hints of the smell.

It was sulfuric with hints of peppermint and rotting flesh. They had never smelled anything remotely like it before. Then came the crashing, crunching sound of ice shattering. In the distance they saw ice start shooting skyward, mist of powder filling the air. As the mist settled, what they saw sent them running for their ship.

Miles away, the hulking ice colossus let out a roar. For eons it had slept in the ice, and now nothing would send it back.

Outskirts of Zef Demoht

Dek Rott and Sim Vel’Potens sat next to each other in the shade of a giant rock. The Duros and Human were among many searching the planet of Antenora for news of where the Pacre Datship could have hid away. When the call had come from Judecca that Ohmen was under attack, the two never heard it, the comms batteries dead.

So instead of rushing to the capital, they were enjoying a cold drink.

“Looks like a storm is coming,” Sim said gesturing to the east. A thick wall of sand and dirt was picking up. They were barely able to make out something rising out of the sand before arching back down into it.

“I don’t think that is a storm,” Dek said, scrambling to his feet. He pulled out a pair of binoculars. He looked through it for a moment before continuing.

“Get on the comm, we’ve got a possible incoming enemy force kicking up a lot of sand.”

Sim was already fiddling with the comm trying to get it to work.

“It’s dead,” he said, looking up at the Duros. Before either could continue came a distant roar. Dek pulled the binoculars back to his giant red eyes.

“I… I think it is a worm.” He said after a moment.

Ruined Temple

They wasted no time getting out of the temple as the blood began to rise. By the time they reached the temple entrance, the blood was up to there knees.

“I am not drowning in blood,” Arch bellowed as he hauled his way up the steps to the outdoors. Even over the sound of voice, all were able to hear the sound of howls from outside the temple.

“You really didn’t need to splash it in my face Arch,” Ulfsark said wiping his face as he crossed the threshold.

“It’s his big feet,” Lucyeth said, brows furled. If he had been new to the Brotherhood, this experience would have disturbed him, now it was only a vexing issue.

“Guys, we have, some issues. you need to get up here,” Delak’s voice came in, with a clear tone of urgency.

“That might be easier said than done,” Arch said emotionless, eyes focused on the treeline. The trees were bending, and another roar echoed, followed by another. In the darkness of the trees, there were five pairs of eyes peering at them, unblinking.

Imperial Palace

“You have got to be frakking kidding me,” Xen’Mordin said, staring at the center screen on the wall. Several others were flashing earthquake and tsunami warnings planet wide. However, like Xen, everyone’s eyes were glued to the center screen.

“Lexic, you really should have let us know you had family in the area,” he added. Everyone’s heads snapped to stare at him, slack-jawed. Xen pulled his mask off his face and started laughing.

“Look at it! This thing came out of the ocean! The deep ocean! It’s like five times bigger than an AT-AT, assuming we are even seeing its whole body! Look at the tentacles!” Xen exclaimed. He laughed and pressed a button. The screen changed.

“Caina, a giant ice colossus! Ptolomea, five, a whole pack of these beasts. Antenora, that giant worm? That is 10 clicks away.”

“This isn’t our first time dealing with threats, Xen,” Eether protested. He continued, “We nearly have these corrupted… people, in the city cleaned up.”

“They were a distraction… This was Vanis. We need to find him and deal with these beasts,” Xen said. The others nodded in understanding.


Cocytus system

Vanis pushed with his remaining hand as hard as he could. the dark path from the heart of the mountain had ended in a wall. a sliver of light penetrated the darkness. His strength was waning, the blood loss had been great as he worked his way from the alter.

I will not die here in the dark.

The thought invigorated him, he had come too far to not see the return of the Old Gods with his own eyes. He took a deep breath and pushed with his shoulder. The wall moved a little more, allowing more light in. He heard voices nearby, and in the distance screaming. He pushed again, the gap was now big enough he could push the fingers of his remaining hand threw it.

“Please help me! I am stuck!” He yelled out, desperate. There was some muffled shouting on the other side of the wall, then he heard the clicking of boots. Within seconds the wall pulled away, revealing a street.

Vanis collapsed to the ground.

“I thank you. I thought I was going to die back the…” He trailed off seeing his reflection in the shiny white boots of the duo that had pulled open the wall. He looked up into the expressionless gaze of a Stormtrooper.

“Hey! Its him!” the Stormtrooper shouted jumped back. His partner did a similar double take.

“We need to get him to the Emperor immediately! Tie a tighter tourniquet on that arm to stop the bleeding. He needs to be alive,” the other said, aiming his blaster at Vanis’s head to show he wasn’t going to take any chances.

“But… I am… the Emper…” Vanis tried to say before the boot of the first trooper met his face, and the world turned black.

Nas Modeh

The sirens started 20 minutes ago. The beast had burrowed past the industrial sprawl that was Zef Demoht and continued south alongside the Dragon’s Teeth mountain range. The many traders of tribe Soba Karemu rank, arms heavy with the goods they had been trying to sell and trade earlier in the day, ran, faster than they had ever ran in their lives.

For generations they, like the other tribes of Antenora, had told stories of myth and legend. The Great Devourer, a story to keep the children from tarrying too long in the open wastes of the planet, was far more than they realized.

The millenia had only increased its hunger. It twisted and burrowed through the sand and rock. In its wake, it left a trail of destruction, invisible due to the whirling sandstorm that followed wherever it went.

its head surged upward, bursting from the earth in a puff, its gaping maw opened wide letting loose a screech that echoed for miles down the Mod Valley. It curled around and dove back into the earth. Driving by a single primal urge to eat surged toward the heart of the city.

Many of the superstitious merchants had barricaded themselves within the great dome in the heart of the city. The heart of the Ba, good luck, for the Soba Karemu would surely be spared by the beast.

As the worm erupted from the earth inside the center of the dome, they realized no amount of luck would be able to stop nightmare. The dome collapsed inward, and the earth roared.

The Twins

The Abyssal had lumbed forth to land at last. Each step shook the earth, while the beast half walked, half crawled with the many tentacles from its back deeper into land. Its path was winding, but destination was clear. Ohmen.

The great Twins, one light, one dark, stood ever the ever vigilant guardians of the mountain pass. The Abyssal slowed as it neared the mirrored towers, strong arms reaching out to grasp the outstretched arms of the two massive guardians. With a crunch of bony claw on stone, the Abyssal squeezed, and the cracks began to race through the stone work. The Abyssal pulled itself upward, straightening its body. Its tentacles coiled then struck out, rupturing the walls of the towers.

It proved too much for the twin brothers who had for so long guarded the path. They fell from the mountain side, crumbling into piles of light and dark. The Abyssal threw its head back, and let out a high pitched roar.


The pack erupted from the jungle and into the streets of trade route city. They skidded to a halt in unison. They craned their heads toward the sky. This was new for them, no thicket of canopy or safety of the trees.

But the city was a forest of sorts. A forest of people and duracrete and life. They sniffed at the ground, picking up hundreds, thousands of new smells. One brushed up next to a building, scaly skin rubbing the duracrete. In an instant it’s coat of green became gray. Its brothers’ coats followed suit in moments.

There was a scream, followed by another, as the pack was noticed. It would be minutes before thoses in the center of the city realized what was prowling their streets.

And by then it would be too late for many of them, ripped apart for the sport in a jungle of gray.

Kas’im Citadel

The great and magnificent training facility creaked and moaned. the ice building at its walls and up its many spires grew inward, tightening and choking the facility. The colossus lowered its arms and the creaking stopped, Ice fully entombing the citadel. Luckily it had been completely cleared of all personal following news of the fungal monsters storming the streets of Ohmen. It was all hands on deck to save the Empire.

The colossus swayed in spot for a moment before slowly lumbering forward. Each step it built up its momentum. It was far from fast, but with the walls of the citadel brittle and stressed, there was no hope. The colossus ripped straight through the walls of ice and duracrete like it was paper.

The Citadel crumbled, and was no more.

Imperial Palace

“Where is he?” Xen demanded as he raced down the halls of the Imperial Palace.

“They will have him in the entrance hall any minute now,” Eether responded. When they had received the call, they could hardly believe it. Vanis had a spine after all, daring to come to the streets of the capital he so desired to see destroyed.

“And the tunnel they found him in?” Xen asked, stepping into the turbolift.

“Another squad is already working their way down it,” Eether said confidently.

The lift fell gently to the entrance level.

The duo stepped out into the Entrance Hall as the exact moment a bucket of ice cold water was splashed on Vanis’s head.

“Wha-?” The Pacre Datship leader gasped.

“Tell me how to stop this, now,” Xen said stepping in front of the Antenoran. Vanis laughed which quickly evolved into a cackle.

“Even if I could stop it, I never would, especially for you,” Vanis sneered, “The Old Gods will slumber no more.”

Xen gritted his teeth, and took a few step backs.

“Very well then,” he said coldly turning away from Vanis. His rage was his fountain of power, he would play no games with a pretender. Coils of invisible energy, the Force, flowed through him like tightened spring. He spun on spot and his hand shot forward. With a snap, Vanis head cracked back, neck breaking instantaneously. The soldiers dropped him to the ground, dead.

“Report,” Xen said eyes not leaving the body of the last Glyph Priest.

“Well, that didn’t put the monsters back to sleep,” Eether said after a moment. He poked at his datapad and continued.

“Guess that would have been hoping for too much wouldn’t it?”

Xen nodded. They would have to handle this the old fashioned way.


Ritual Cave

Xen’Mordin spun in place taking in the vastness of the cavern. He took a few steps closer to the altar in the center of the cavern. There was a pool of blood and a hand, Vanis’ he assumed, that appeared to have been partially digested. Even remaining stationary, the vast void inside the mountain still felt to spin. Xen had experienced many forms of the Force manifesting itself in the galaxy, and none had ever left him feeling so queasy.

“Sir we have incoming!” one of the soldiers shouted from across the cavern. Xen’s hand went instinctively to his lightsaber as he spun to the entrance from the jungle, where lights were now beginning to bounce of the slick rock and shimmering crystals. Xen let out a quick sigh of relief relief sensing allies. The sigh was cut short as he sensed something different accompanying them.

At the front of a small squad of soldiers came the Duros, known to only a small few as Cipher Three and to many more as Dek Rott. He was gripping tightly to the shoulder of a slumped long headed alien. Xen’s eyes narrowed as he realized what it was. While none in the Cocytus system had known what they truly looked like, there was no mistaking it, its appearance had been found crudely depicted in archeological sites around the system. A Rakata

“This is Akazel, and he has,” Dek paused for a moment throwing the ancient being to the ground next to the altar. Dek took a breath and continued, “a solution for our problem.”

High Altitude Transport
Elincia careful continued to monitor the bomb as the transport shuttered with turbulence. It was a simple solution, one she was particularly proud of. The Elincia-class Flame Warhead. She of course had to name it after herself, especially given how quickly she pulled it together in her lab on Judecca. One big FWEC bomb and at least one of the planets in the system would be safe.

“Doc, you sure this will work?” the pilot inquired through the comms. The Torgruta smiled. Soldiers always were leery of the unorthodox, but once used, clung to it with a fierce dependency.

“Oh it will work. This colossus isn’t just sitting in an ice shell, it literally is made up of ice. Getting rid of ice is easy. That much salt would be impractical but, I think the fire will be more than adequate.”

In the cockpit, the pilot shrugged and focused on the task at hand. He adjusted their course slightly. They only had the one FWEC bomb, and if they missed their window they would drastically need to change plans. At this altitude it would be tricky, but they couldn’t risk flying any lower. The Colossus had been throwing ice spears that had already taken down over a dozen ships. And for as many calculations she had ran, Elincia wasn’t 100% on the safe distance for the bomb.

“Prepare for the drop, t-minus 20 seconds,” The voice of the pilot rang clear in the shuttle. Elincia stepped back and turned to look out the window. Somewhere far below was the colossus. Part of her felt a pang of guilt, wishing to study the monster more fully. Regrettably there was no time for that now.

The ship was nearly silent as the FWEC finally made the drop. Seconds ticked by, then came the flash and the unmistakeable sound of agony. The ice was screaming, and then it was silent.


“We really don’t get paid enough for this,” Archangel complained as he rolled around a corner, sweat beading on his head. The grenade he had thrown went off with a bang, a noise followed by a yelp from one of the forest beasts. It was a stretch to call the beast’s cry anything more than an annoyed shock. Their skin was thick and tough. The real screams were from the civilians attempting to get away from the beasts, and the military that was trying to kill take them down.

None of them wanted to be marked down as collateral damage.

“You get paid?” Reiden asked faking shock.

“Yes, not enough. Try to keep up Reiden,” Arch replied. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He reached out through the force, letting his rage and anger and hatred for the situation flow over him. With a click, his green lightsaber snapped to life, and he pushed himself back around the corner. He found him staring deep into the eyes of one of the beasts, a mere foot away.

“Fwec,” He managed to get out while he slammed his right hand forward, driving his lightsaber straight through the eye of the beast. The forest beast spasmed before collapsing dead to the ground. Reiden popped his head around the corner.

“Why didn’t you try that sooner?” he pried.

“I haven’t seen you get that close to one of these things. You are lucky I’m not roasting you on a spit to attract them at this point,” Arch said eyes not leaving the corpse of the beast.

“One down. Four to go,” he muttered.

Outside Nas Modeh

Fighting a worm had turned out to be more difficult than expected.

At least that is what Delak kept telling himself now that he had left the safety of a Star Destroyer. Attempts at orbital strikes had proven to do no more than literally pounding dirt.

“Time to get creative guys,” he said through gritted teeth. Several other members of Shadow Guard shuffled awkwardly in the sand.

“What if we create a giant fish monster to try to eat the worm?” Kyo suggested enthusiastically, grin on his face.

“What a fish? Don’t be silly that would never work,” Delak started. He gestured around them.

“Not enough water on this rock for that.”

“I’ve been analysing its movement, If I’m right it should be heading toward this canyon. It surfaces regularly every twenty minutes or so. It should appear here. If we deploy some electro-nets in the area we might be able to keep it stunned long enough to bomb it to hell before it re-submerges,” Chrome said pointing to a holo-projection map of the planet.

“Solid plan, let’s try it. What’s the worse that can happen?”

20 Minutes Later
“This was a stupid idea!” Aule yelled, barely dodging one of the nets. The nets had shocked the worm just fine, only now it was kicking up a new storm of dust, along with the still powered nets. Aule saw another fighter to just ahead of him not get so lucky, ship shutting down before plummeting to earth.

The Twins

Lexiconus let the the waves of madness flow over his mind. In a way it had become comforting, the constant thrum in his chest as he stared up at the giant Abyssal. The Quarren felt nothing resembling sadness as he led his team over the rubble that had once been one of the proud and giant statues. The white rock was quickly crumbling to white dust.

The Abyssal moved slowly, tentacles probing the darkness. When it first emerged from the depths, some had made jokes about it being a distant relative to Lexic. If only that had been the case, they might have had an easy way of killing it, or at least sending it back to the depths. Nothing had managed to reach it. Projectiles turned to dust. Energy dissipated. And now Lexic was leading a last ditch attempt on foot.

Regrettably, one by one the soldiers he led fell to the floor, unable to progress forward.

Weak Minds. Lexic thought for a moment as another fell to the ground screaming.

Lexic let out a watery chuckle at the sight of the human writhing on the floor. He managed to make out the words fluffy and wisconsin, whatever that was. Lexic looked back up the beast. It was mesmerizing the way it moved, and yet didn’t move. If Lexic had to call it anything it appeared to be bubbling.

Lexic did a double take, that couldn’t be right. And at that moment his head cleared, and the abyssal melted into a dark mist, that raced along the ground straight toward the ocean.

Ritual Cave

“It’s done!” Akazel screamed as he fell from his hands and knees, face smacking into the hard ground of the cave. Xen’Mordin took a step back and let out a deep breath. It had been a battle of a different sort, but eventually the ancient alien broke down and triggered the dissipation of the monsters.

Scholae Palatinae had fought long and hard to defend their system, and now they could celebrate their success against the nightmares of their home.

Three Days Later
Imperial Palace

Polis Jones came rushing into Xen’s office, covered in dust.

“You will not believe what I found in the temple on Antenora,” he said eyes wide with excitement. Xen held up a hand before shrugging to Dr. Rei.

“As I was saying, we are ready to proceed at the facility. G14-D05 is proving to be oddly cooperative with us now. I expect we will be operational within four months, fully by this time next year,” Elincia said quickly, shooting a glare out the corner of her eyes toward Polis.

“Excellent,” Xen said. Elincia gave a quick head bow and swiftly exited the room bumping into Polis’s assistant Karen in the doorway. Xen held up a hand signalling Polis to continue. Polis reached into his satchel and pulled out an ornate box placing it carefully on Xen’s desk. The room felt suddenly very cold. The hairs on Xen’s neck stood on end.

“There was a set of chambers we weren’t even aware of underneath the temple, it was the damage done stopping Lord Onasi that exposed them. In them we found this, which at first I thought would make a most excellent addition to our Antenoran wing at the museum,” Jones spoke quickly.

“At first?” Xen questioned.

“Yes… we ran some tests on it. Very much not native to the planet. In fact it isn’t even that old. Nearest estimate puts it at made around 50 years ago. No idea how it got there but it must have been fairly recently. And our scan’s haven’t been able to see what’s in the box. And, uh, to be honest I can’t find a way to open it,” Polis continued.

“He even tried smashing it with a hammer,” Karen added grinning. Xen ignored the comment, eyes glued on the box. He reached out a hand instinctively, pushing his will beyond the confines of his physical body. There was a click as an interior locking mechanism moved in place.

“That I think is because this wasn’t meant for just anyone to find,” Xen said sliding the lid of the box slowly back. A red light was revealed as the lid moved. The chill in the room got worse and all three shot glances around the room at the apparent sounds of whispers coming from the shadows.

Xen peered into the box, mind racing.

“You are going to forget you ever found this. Not a word,” He said firmly making eye contact first with Polis and then with Karen.