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[Forgotten Runon] Team House Summits


ABY 38
Cocytus System
Imperial Scholae Guard Headquarters

The comm button beeped loudly, but Dante just rolled over and put his arm around the busty young captain who was sharing the pull out bed in his suite on the top floor of the Guard’s headquarters. Generally, the Field Marshal only used this area for when he was spending days on end at the building during an emergency, but it seemed that someone had planted a bomb at his apartment while he was on his last mission. Not much was left of the place so Kell had been sleeping here most of the time.

Beep Beep Beep BeepBeepBeep**Beep Beep Beep

“Ugh… it seems that this thing is getting more insistent as time goes on, my dear…” he said as he rolled over and hit the button. “Dante here…” he groaned.

His Aedile’s voice came over the channel and said “Sir… we’re waiting for you in the conference room. We’re supposed to be heading out on a mission in three hours, and I assumed you wanted to meet with us first.”

“Roger that… I’ll be there in twenty. Dante out.” The Field Marshal smiled at the young officer beside him and said “Maybe in an hour…”

One hour later
Main Conference Room
Imperial Scholae Guard Headquarters

“Nice to see that you could join us, Field Marshal…” said Zagro as Kell and his adjutant entered the room.

The general officer smiled and retorted with “I knew that we’re still waiting on the briefing from ISI so I took my time. The case officer is being brought over on a LAAT from their headquarters. Should arrive in about five minutes.” Kell looked over at the captain who had come in with him and said “Head over to the comm center. I need you to tell Ferraro that he is in charge until I get back from this little mission. Dismissed.”

The captain saluted, about faced, and left the room immediately with a slight jump in her step.

Koryn and Lucyeth were busy having their own sidebar conversation, but they did look up and acknowledge the leaving of the rather attractive captain.

A few seconds later, the ISI case officer appeared and said “Let’s begin…”


" Alright guys listen up, we have to move out if we are going to complete this with efficiency and will require swift action," declared Dante to his cohorts in the room. Zagro acknowledged with a nod who was already ready and has been since Dante walked into the room. Koryn looked up at the commotion and nudged his Aedile who was still left unaware that side discussion was over. Lucyeth looked up with a sigh at Dante who gazed with an icy stare before he once again began to speak.

" We all all what we want to do here so prepare the ships and let’s move out before our window disappears," Stated Dante with a straight face.

" I agree that the priority is our up-most concern and we must do this in a quick but effective manner," added Koryn.

" Will we have additional support from infantry or squadron regiments?" asked Lucyeth

" I have them on standby but have them pulled back on my command however i want to keep it quiet and a group of Dark Jedi will be the best way," replied Dante. he looked on for any questions but no one said a word so they all stood up and left the room to make way for the hangar. the group would do whatever is necessary and they have each worked with each in the past in a variety of gruesome battles that have strangely brought them together in the worst of any situation and this would be no different.


Cocytus System
Castle V’jna

“This is a wonderful place you have here,” said Kell as he took an appetizer off the nearest passing waiter’s tray. “Thank you for having my tribe’s council to this dinner.”

The host looked over at the tall, bearded man who was dressed in ceremonial garments of a tribal chieftain from Caina and said, “Thank you for coming. We rarely have the opportunity to entertain leaders from another one of the planets within our lovely system. How is the weather there at the moment?”

“Cold as usual…” Dante retorted with a smile. Caina was long the butt of jokes regarding its icy weather throughout the Cocytus System. “It does give us a lot of nice, long nights by the fire with our women though” he bellowed with a laugh as he wrapped his arms around the buxom young captain that he had been spending a lot of time with.

The up and coming young tech developer smiled at the young lady and said “I can see that there are definitely some positives.”

“Good… so tell me about these benefactors that might allow me to fund a new technological park in my tribal area?” asked Dante as he led the new billionaire out onto the deck.

Cocytus System
Outside Castle V’jna
Surveillance Post

The temperature wasn’t anywhere near as cold as Dante’s training ground on Caina, but the temperature was beginning to drop as the party continued onward. The infiltration team was beginning to make some headway, and there hadn’t been any alarms raised over two hours into the mission.

Zagro put on a jacket and walked over to where the surveillance techs had set up the listening devices and commo gear. “So how is it going?” asked the Aedile of House Imperium.

The rather young looking sergeant replied with “Well, the team is doing well, and we have our ready alert forces on standby about 2 minutes away by LAAT so we are set on that part as well.”

“Alright… carry on,” said Zagro as he looked out at the
castle in the distance. He wished he was
in on this mission, but the boss had prevailed.