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Galactic Defense Event


I wasn’t on the ball on this most recent event, but some of the changes that they’ve made seem to make it significantly more fun to play the game now (at least in terms of advancement). I managed to place top 10 in my tier for the two days I actually played, which paid off with some big credit rewards (5,000 and 7,500 IIRC), gems, and free characters.

I’m hoping for the next one they advertise it a bit more in advance so that we can run a competition on it. Seems like the ladder should allow us to do something with it.

Did anyone else play in this one?


The award you got for the amount of points you had were crazy on the first day. I think I got like 40,000 points on the first day (got 1st place for the day) and got awards updated of 15,000 credits and free recruitment pod usages. Ended up with some 50,000 or so credit from that first day.

I think they may have changed the reward scheme after that first day, because it was insanely harder to the higher awards going forward.

It was a little annoying that you didn’t get XP from the challenge levels. It was great getting short term rewards, but I felt like in the long run I was wasting time as I couldn’t have been grinding tower/champion levels instead.

I considered how we’d run a comp for it, but I don’t know how you could keep it fair, as the amount of times you can run challenge level per day is pretty limited unless you want to fork out gems (and potentially real money) for more Tickets. DJK Deeppockets would kick SW Freetoplay’s ass.


Ya, the lack of XP was annoying, but the other rewards were pretty decent.

The argument about the real money thing though holds true for some of the other events and games we have here though. Examples are SW Commander (pay to speed up upgrades and training… and I think other stuff but I stopped playing that game so I forget) and Star Conflict (not played anywhere as much, but you could pay to get upgraded ships easily). If that’s the way the game is designed, it’s hard to limit those things without handicapping our ability to promote activity.


I see there’s another update that just hit my iPad - rewards for acing each difficulty tier for each planet. They’ve also retroactively awarded this - I logged in to about a 20k credit dump for the planets I’ve already completed and the perfect tiers on the planets I’ve not yet finished. That was a nice reward.

I’m glad they’re bringing in improvements in rewards now so that it’s not impossible to actually get characters or actually afford to get some of the support cards without backtracking days of grinding.


I am pretty sure this was someone in Plagueis and it was at the start of last year. I am also pretty sure they were going to use Saga/D20 rather than FFG’s system. Last I heard they even had something booked in, I just don’t know if it ever got off the ground.