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Gamer ID Index List with Links


This post is a Index of the Topics we’ve created to help members locate each other on various platforms. These posts can also be found in the “Gamer ID Information” Sub-Forum, or you can follow one of the links provided below:

The following four Gamer IDs also be added to the Contact Methods part of your Dossier. This can then be searched for, by unit, when logged in to the site. Simply navigate to your Unit Roster, select the Contact Methods Tab, then select the appropriate ID.

If there is another system or platform you’d like to track members of the DJB down on just add a new Thread in the Gamer ID Information Sub-Forum and I’ll gladly add it to this index.


Hey I got SC2 and TF2 if anyone wants to play sometime, just drop me a msg.

Battle.net - Lazouskie#1474
Steam - L4ngford


I’m wondering, how many DJBer’s play this game? I ask as I’m going to be helping update the wiki as I go along and I didn’t know if there were anyone else that still played this game that could help me with any stat information or pictures as they are needed?



Which game?