[Garza Presents] 3 Word Story


Each person adds 3 words per post to a story in order to continue the story. This game is basically an improv game where you start a story with three words, and the next person continues with the next three words of the story. For example:

Mary: Johnny ate a
Joe: big fat dog
Tim: and he threw

You can end the sentence if you want, and start a new one, but you MUST only use 3 words.

Some basic rules: Each person cannot post back-to-back, but must wait for someone else to post before he can reply. No lewd or inappropriate words.

I’ll start off:

A long time

is how I’d

describe my adventures.

Now I like

to expedite matters

because life is

full of BEES!

Nevertheless, I will

drop my pants

And show everyone

What unicorns are

made of. Despite

how much I

Wonder how big

an advantage the

knowledge gives anyone.

Truth be told,

I know nothing

on how to