[Garza Presents] Telegram Quotes

Post here your favorite and funny Telegram quotes!!!
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“We are safe here from the oppression of the man!” -Wally

glances at the time and frowns I don’t have enough time to make pie before I got to sleep… - Celevon

“Pandora’s abuse wasn’t even a tiny bit fun lol” Jasper

“Har har Cap Man” -Christopher Ti-Kour

Turel Sorenn:
I associate gummies with having the runs now

Greg Bounty Hunter:
You gotta really gyrate Into your bounty hunting

Jack / Yuki Suoh:
I barely remember my own birthday.

Aurora “Aura” Ta’var (Blade):
Never know how much stuff you have until you have to move it.

I need the Force right now.

you could draw me a sandwitch Aurora “Aura” Ta’var (Blade)

“Yep, and of course my daughter and the kitten already bonded so here I am with a Greek cat stolen from God, lol”


““I am naked in the middle of the frecking forest punching a tree for wood” -Turel2017”

Nero quoting Turel from discord

“Darkity dark place” - Aurora “Aura” Tavar

I am the mandalore of dance - Greg the BH