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[GJW XI] Clan Arcona: Arcona’s Wrath


Team Arcona’s Wrath

  1. Ernordeth Puer-Irae, #13560
  2. Rrogon Skar, #13468
  3. Revs, #13957
  4. Nath Voth, #13425
  5. K’tana, #13419


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Civil War has befallen the Brotherhood. The Clans have split into three factions: the Loyalists, who have rallied behind Grand Master Ashen; the Rebels, following the banner of Jac Cotelin; and the New Order, led by the mysterious Sith Lord Esoteric. Each faction has stormed the surface of Korriban, establishing impressive fortifications and moving towards the Valley of the Dark Lords. Loyalists, Rebels, and the New Order clash across Korriban’s surface, all three attempting to gain control of the Valley of Dark Lords and the secrets it holds.

The Valley of Dark Lords has erupted in carnage, forces from every unit in the Brotherhood streaming into the ruins and temples, establishing makeshift defensive positions behind virtually every wall. Blood is spilled over every inch, each of the three sides gambling the lives of thousands of Jedi in an attempt to put an end to this conflict once and for all. The Loyalists, following Ashen’s command, seek to break through to the Tomb of Marka Ragnos, where the Disciples of Ragnos once sealed a chamber with writings on the Rite of Immortality. To open it, Ashen has sent three of his most skilled advisors in ancient dark rites and alchemy, but the way is not yet safe or clear for them, as the One Sith were originally entrenched in the Valley and still maintain a strong control over most of the area. Esoteric’s forces have a base of operations at the Tomb of Ajunta Pall, a fortified location that allows them a great deal of mobility throughout the Valley, which they use to harass any operations by the other two sides. The Adept Dantella Novae reluctantly commands Esoteric’s forces in the region, though she seems more interested in stealing the secrets of Marka Ragnos than in defending the Valley itself. Cotelin is seeking to contain and control whatever the Tomb of Marka Ragnos holds, through any means necessary… and before Ashen’s forces can reach it.

You and your team have found yourselves just outside one of the few entrances to the Valley of the Dark Lords. You know that inside the Valley, death and destruction have overtaken the ruins, but you also know that ultimately, victory for one side of the other is likely to come within the walls of the ancient tombs.

Your runon should detail the battle within the Valley, and must illustrate (either through success or failure) at least one of the sides in the conflict - this will play a major role in your Story grade.


NSD Invictus

“So who are we going to provide support for again?” Revs asked turning to his Battleteam Leader as he finished adjusting the chest piece of his Gatekeeper Armor.

“They are supporting us.” The Gatewarden said as he slid on his wrist-com. “Are you sure you want to wear the armor, Revs? It’s not made for a full out battle.”

“Yes. I’ve added some durasteel plates in the chest and back. Plus I don’t plan on being an easy target.” The Miraluka responded. “So who are these people anyway?” He asked as he finished adjusting his armor, and attaching the eyepieces.

“A couple of Equites and another Knight, all pulled from different teams. Now come on, we have to meet them in the hanger.” Skar ordered as he motioned for Revs to follow him.

10 minutes later.

Revs sighed as he approached the drop ship that would be taking him into the Valley of the Dark Lords. The Summit really had assembled a motley crew to help them with this mission. Beside the shuttle, stood a Twi’lek who looked as if she would lose interest in waiting soon, a Zabrak whose hands rested lightly on the daggers at her belt, and lastly a Human male who had a piercing look about him as if he could see everything.

“Greetings. It has been too long Master.” Skar addressed the Zabrak as he approached. “It will be a pleasure to fight alongside you again. This is my XO Revs.” The Gatewarden gestured to the Miraluka.

“It truly has been,” the Zabrak said addressing Skar. She turned to face Revs. “I am Nath Voth. This is Battlemaster Puer-Irae, and Knight K’tana.” She said gesturing first to the Human, then the Twi’lek.

“Our pleasure.” Skar said “Revs, will you please brief us?”

“Uh…Sure.” The Shadesworn said, pausing to stare at the Twi’lek whom had started giggling.

Activating the HUD on his wrist-com, Revs pulled up a 3d image of the battlefield. "Our primary objective is here. We will be slicing into the Rebel’s communication lines so we can intercept their battle plans.

Our secondary objective is on the other side of the battlefield. We will be taking out a group of heavy artillery the One Sith have set up so our troops can advance. It’s just us, so it’s best if we avoid the main battle but we can still expect heavy resistance." Revs dropped the HUD as he finished the briefing. “Are there any questions?”


NSD Invictus

Nath listened half-heartedly, her armour was far more interesting in her mind. As Revs went through the debrief she carefully removed the jacket and began strapping the plates in place across her emaciated form. The Iridonian did nothing to hide the scarring that spanned the majority of her back though in truth she was thankful the vest hid most of it.

K’tana seemed rather bored by the whole affair, she just wanted to get started and it was clear enough from the fact that she was practically bouncing on her perch close to Nath. The Iridonian paid very little mind to her, knowing her antics would only increase should one decide they wished to try and force her to stop. They had worked in teams before, both knew each other’s skills and temperaments well enough to not bother one another without good cause.

The Humanoid Sith, Nath had never before encountered, he stood approximately two inches taller than herself if her eye did not deceive her, and though she was immensely curious of him she decided against approaching him.

Time would tell with him, for now he remained relatively stoic in his corner.

“That’s a lovely brief Revs, though correct me if I am wrong but I believe we can all read well enough.” Nath cut in without really looking at the Miraluka. “Let’s just get this over with, we all have things to do.”

Revs considered her for a long moment, Nath was well accustomed to the Miraluka condition, but still stared as though he could meet her gaze back equally.

“You have better things you could be doing?” He asked, half teasing and not expecting an actual response from her.

“Of course I do, shall we stop wasting time and start before the opposition retrieves what we are after?” It was of course, a rhetorical question. She gave no further opportunity for arguments, turning and leaving to enter the drop ship without a second glance.

“Owch you got burned.” K’tana laughed and soon followed the Iridonian, glad to finally get moving.

Revs turned his attention to Skar not quite believing what had happened. His counterpart merely sighed and shook his head slightly. He knew well of his former Master’s temperament and what could occur if pressed too far too soon.

“Give it time.” Was all he could think to say.

Drop Ship
Ten Minutes To Entering Atmosphere

For the majority of the journey the collective had remained silent, preparing themselves with their own little rituals for what was to come. For some it was as simple as sharpening blades, for others a full equipment check up before hitting the atmosphere and having to strap in. All in all the ride had been smooth with no complications. Each member seemed to be eyeing up the other now they were encapsulated in such a small area with no escape from one another. Perhaps on some level an innate paranoia, though none would describe it as such.

Rrogon was the first to really break the silence that seemed to hang thickly in the confined space approaching his old Master quietly as she sat seemingly staring into nothingness.

“Was that really needed?” The question was tentative, he sat with her unafraid of breaking the Iridonian’s personal space.

“Is space a void?” She asked upon an exhale of held breath, her gaze finally focusing on the present to give Skar her full attention.

“Of course, but…”

“However, does not come into it.” She cut in sharply. Her blackened gaze turned to him, a pale hand turning the side of his face to inspect the scarring that had healed long ago.

“This has healed well Apprentice.” Nath’s fingertip grazed across the puckered scarring affectionately, swiftly changing the tone as well as the topic without missing a beat.

“…You are the one that took me to the med-bay.” He responded dryly.

“Well I couldn’t have you bleeding all day.”

“You bit it off, if you had left my ear there maybe I wouldn’t have bled everywhere.” Rrogon’s voice carried a little more than he had intended, it was not long before the pair felt they were being scrutinized.

“But it would have been far less educational had I left it in place. Did you ever retrieve it?”

“There was little point after you had chewed and spat it out.” Nath gave a slight nod of acknowledgement before slipping back into her meditation allowing Rrogon to continue with his preparations.


Five minutes from landing zone

After he had finished his short conversation with his Master, Rrogon began to check on the rest of the group. Revs and K`tana had already finished with their pre-combat prep, or, at least, what passed for it.

Ernordeth stood near the back of the shuttle, simply staring at the ramp as he waited for it to drop. Skar began to approach his fellow Battleteam leader, but thought it better to leave him alone. Turning once again, the young Kaleesh made his way to the cockpit of the shuttle to talk with the pilot.

“How much further to the drop point?” Rrogon asked, skipping the pleasantries outright…

“ETA is four minutes; get your team ready to go.” the pilot replied without hesitation.

Nodding his approval, Skar began to turn around, but was thrown to the side as a thunderous explosion tore through the side of the shuttle. Rrogon was rendered temporarily deaf from the sudden burst of noise, but that wasn’t his biggest problem. The shuttle had begun to list forward and fell into a steep dive.

Spinning around, the sight that greeted him made his stomach churn. Embedded in the pilot’s neck was a large piece of shrapnel that had came in through the left side cockpit window. His lifeless body had come to rest against the flight controls, sending them into the dive

Swearing to himself, Rrogon reached over and tore through the harness that held the dead pilot in place and draged the corpse out of the chair and onto the floor. Sliding himself into the seat, the Juggernaut took hold of the blood spattered controls and pulled back with all his might, trying to level the ship out. Despite his best efforts, the ground was rushing to meet them, and there wasn’t enough time to fully save the ship. Craning his neck, he roared one simple command to the rest of the group, hoping to the Gods that they heard him.

“Brace for impact!”

Turning back to the task at hand, the young Kaleesh gave one last pull on the controls,he would be damned if this killed him. No, his death waited for him elsewhere. Feeling the shuttle level ever so slightly gave him some hope, but it would have to do as the red sands and weathered rocks of Korriban grew to greet him and his team.

At the last second, Rrogon relaxed his body for the impact that he knew was coming. And come it did. With a thunderous crash and blinding pain, the Kaleesh was thrown clear of the shuttle and dashed against some nearby rocks. Darkness filled his vision as the pain took him into unconsciousness.


Korriban’s surface

“I karking knew it!” the Twi’lek shrieked. “I bloody well knew that one day I was going to get thrown out of a piece of frazlat ship and onto a phoodoo-smelling planet!”

The expletives flew from her mouth, more quietly, as she examined the tears in her outfit. She felt an odd discomfort as she moved and looked to her side. A large gash in the fabric exposed a long, thin shard of rock protruding from her lavender flesh. Giving it strange look, between a scowl and a smirk, she tore the sliver of rock from her side. Then, she ran her hands over herself and pulled more chunks and shards of shrapnel from her body. Once finished, she angrily tore the abdomen of her outfit away, shredded a long strip and tied it around the largest wound in her side.

Her face went blank as she stepped over a limp body on her walk towards the leftovers of the cockpit. Wrapping her fingers around a large sheet of metal, where the door had indented and curved, K’tana projected her fury from her insides out into her arm. With a heave, she ripped the sheet of metal off the remnants of the ship and threw it behind her. It clattered into a small rock formation just past the unconscious Kaleesh.

She heard slight coughing behind her, perhaps someone calling her name, but it did not matter. Her favorite weapon was gone. Undoubtedly, getting knocked around in a crashing ship had knocked it loose. Although her lightsaber was still in its much more restricting hilt, she really would prefer to use her vibroblade when possible.

The insides of the wreckage were dark. No flashing lights from any other the electronic gadgetry, just blackness from impacted walls and settled dust. Several broken sunbeams cut through the blackness in shards. K’tana thought of the stone shard she’d pulled from her own ribs and the pain throbbed once more. Giving a slight grin, the Twi’lek began her search.

The perimeter was clear of the object she required. However, when she stepped over the dead pilot, she gave the man a few swift kicks to his already broken face. Just because he was dead didn’t mean she couldn’t extract a little revenge for having him ruining her new favorite outfit. One good kick to the ribs rolled him onto his back. Something in sunbeam glinted and went all shiney. The slightly attention deficit woman immediately took notice, and her pupils dilated as she reached down to see what was tucked under the shirt of the dearly departed pilot.

She ignited her blade across the strap that held the hilt of the shiny in place, only slightly damaging the man’s corpse.

“It’s so pretty!” the Twi’lek squeaked to herself.

The hilt of the blade was composed of several coloured metals with a few pretty rocks imbedded in it. The blade itself seemed to be made from the same materials as her shiv.

“What are you doing?” an obviously female voice growled from the hole in the ship where the Twi’lek had first entered. Bolting up and bounding over, K’tana came and stood in front of Nath. She looked up into the Iridonian’s black eyes, and all the joy of the shiney-new-blade dissipated from her insides.

“I came back in to find my shiv,” K’tana said flatly.

“Right, and did you?” Nath’s eyes scowled slightly and she looked into the blank face of the other woman.

“Yes.” The Twi’lek’s green eyes had gone flat and empty. When Nath had first seen her turn around, they were alive with feeling and an animalistic soul, but now they were hollow and clear. A slight discomfort itched between Nath’s shoulder blades as she took a step back with one foot to let the smaller woman pass. The feeling passed when she watched the purple being bounce towards the other members.

K’tana flitted over to her unconscious teammate, and before anyone knew what was about to happen, she crouched down and poked the Kaleesh in the closed eye with her lekku.

“I’m bored. Can we go now?!” she said to no one in particular while she prodded the unconscious creature in the face.


Korriban Surface

Ernordeth Puer-Irae chuckled at the sight of K’tana’s lekku dangling across the Kaleesh’s limp, scaly skin. Moments such as this are fleeting, especially in times of war. War had seemed to be never ending though, as the last couple years of Ernordeth’s life seemed like a decade to be devoted to clashes filled with enough bloodshed to quench the former Quaestor’s previous barbarous thirst. It seemed it was a bulbous, crimson tapestry with no alterations. It didn’t matter if they were confronting the copious One Sith forces or the enigmatic Sith Lord known as Esoteric. The only difference was this time Ernordeth had the honor of formally being assigned to guard the nearly immortal Lion of Tarthos. It seemed rather serendipitous that war began immediately upon his assignment.

Rrogon Skar’s slumped form stirred slightly as the reddish-green, pockmarked, reptile began to reclaim consciousness. His eyes darted around, filled with terror, matching the look one can only imagine that infant rancors have before their mother consumes them. His precipitous intervention of K’tana’s amusement took theTwi’lek by surprise as incredulity spread across her violet face. It soon dissipated as she began cackling in pleasure. The Miralukan, known as Revs, was already leaping towards the Kaleesh in an attempt to stop his rage charged retribution.

“Enough!” boomed the Sith Battlemaster.

Ernordeth’s herculean frame strode towards Rrogon Skar. His red robe flourishing around his Elite Guardsman armor extending his right hand as a sun ray reflected off the Lion’s Claw.

“Do not waste your energy, Rrogon Skar. We need to focus all our anger at our real enemies. Cotelin’s rebels and Esoteric’s new order must be squashed. Perhaps we can craft you a new mask from their bones? This is what’s best for Arcona and the Brotherhood. Arcona Invicta.” the former Quaestor spoke.

The Obelisk knew this was true and nodded silently at his fellow Battleteam Leader.

“Arcona’s Wrath: let’s move out. We need to arrive at the rebel base before sundown so we can shut down vital communications.” ordered Ernordeth.


Revs stood nervously in between Skar and K’tana. His senses were running wild, as the mixed feelings of anger, hate, pain, and fear threatened to overwhelm him. He couldn’t tell if the emotions were coming from his companions, or if they were coming from the planet itself. This planet had been embedded with thousands of years of Dark Side energy, which to the Miraluka’s unique connection to the force all imprinted heavily on him.

“…before sundown so we can shutdown vital communications.” Ernordeth’s voice cut into Revs thoughts bringing him back to the moment at hand.

“He is right. We are only a little off course, and the target should only be a few hours march east of here.” Revs said sounding slightly distracted.

The team gathered what gear they could salvage, and set off in the direction the Knight had pointed. After a few hours of a quick marching pace and no one speaking, Revs grew tired of the silence and looked for something to talk about. Seeing the decorative dagger tucked in the Twi’lek’s belt, he found his topic.

“That’s an interesting knife there, where did you find a blade like that.” The Sith asked.

Revs waited for a few breaths before accepting that he wasn’t going to get an answer.

“Got ya. Another quite, secretive, all fear me mysterious Dark Jedi huh.” Revs said slightly annoyed.

“Will you shut up.” Voth snapped at him. “We need to look out for ambushes, and can’t have you mucking it up.”

“Well I’m guessing your not going to be any more pleasant on the conversation front either, are you?” Revs shot back the Zabrak.

K’tana let out a short burst of laughter.

“She’s right.” Ernordeth interrupted. “We need to stay alert. Revs go ahead and scout the trail. Relay anything back to Skar.” The teams leader ordered.

“Sure thing boss.” Revs replied as he disappeared, seeming to melt into the shadows.

A few minutes later the young Sith stood hidden on top of the canyon wall, watching over the party as they advanced. He fought the urge to scream as the evil of this valley weighted down on him.

“I’m going to need to get kicked out of every bar and chase every skirt in Port Ol’Val after being stuck on this forsaken planet with a drag of team.” The Miraluka mumbled to himself.

Just around the next curve in the canyon Revs could see a small patrol of troops moving down the canyon.

“Skar.” The Shadesworn said into his wrist-com. “There is a group of five heading your way. There’s a good spot for a ambush about fifty meters ahead of you.”

A reply was not needed as Revs watched his teammates move into place for the ambush. As the enemy troops walked right into the kill zone, the fight was over as soon as it started. Revs watched calmly as his teammates killed them without mercy. He scanned ahead to make sure no more troops were coming, and then doubled back to rejoin the group.

“Find anything useful?” Revs asked as he approached Skar, who was digging through one of the corpses gear.

“Not a lot. We heard over their comm that they know a squad of unknown size is approaching their communication base.” Skar stated looking worried. “Don’t know if that’s us or a One Sith Team in the area, but its best to stay alert.”


Kneeling beside a corpse and waiting on Ernordeth to give an order on what to do, or where to go, the Twi’lek grew bored. She unsheathed her pretty blade and stuck it into the One Sith man and twisted. The blade snapped off between his ribs.

“Piece of phoodoo.” K’tana muttered, standing up and gripping the hilt. She walked up to the back of the Human male and poked him in the back with it.

“Blam, you’re dead pinky!” she giggled as he turned to face her. He glared daggers into her and scowled hard enough to freeze lava. This just made the Tyrian woman laugh harder, throwing her head back and tossing her lekku over her shoulder.

“Oh come off your high horse, you’re stuck with me. Give me something to do before I go on an irritating rampage from boredom.” K’tana’s liting laugher had dropped off and she stared blankly at the squad leader.

Ernordeth was slightly disconcerted by the sudden attitude shift and he shook his head, took a deep breath and walked away.

“Nath, Revs, Rrogon, group up.” The Human inclined at the Twi’lek to do the same and the group stood around him. “Get your heads back on straight. It’s time to move out.”

“Finally.” the Twi’lek nodded her head and walked behind the group towards the entrance of the Valley of the Dark Lords.

The mish-mash of beings stalked towards the ruins and Revs let out a whistle.

“Never been in the Valley, huh?” K’tana said smiling, “It’s not that impressive. A bunch of broken stones.”

The Kaleesh gave the Twi’lek a quick scowl and quickened his pace slightly, choosing to ignore the Tyrian woman.

“K’tana,” Nath said in a quiet voice, “This is where the Dark Side originated, try to have some respect.”

“I’ll have respect when it does something useful for me. Last time I was here I was attacked by karking K’Lor’Slugs.I hate this whole karking planets and everything on it.” K’tana’s face blanked again and Nath gave the Tyrian woman a dark look over her shoulder.

“These were Dark Lords, something you’ll never be, and they will demand your respect.” the Zabrack said in a chiding voice.

“If they deserved it, they wouldn’t be dead.” K’tana laughed continuing. Revs let out a slight smile as he shook his head over the conversation.

“Enough!” Ernordeth whispered. “We have incoming.”

The group looked around and saw that they were being surrounded by several Rebels. They held lightsabers and blasters, all of which were pointed at Arcona’s Wrath.

“Its about to get fun.” the Tyrian woman bit her bottom lip and ignited her blade with a smile.


Gazing around Rrogon counted at least twelve armed men, five which held lightsabers and all of which were pointed at him and his team mates. Flicking the ignition switch on his saber he took comfort in the familiar hiss of its blade coming to life. His crimson eyes flicked to each of the men that surround him, taking in the sight of each one. He noted their build, what weapons they carried and how close they were to him.

Backing up ever so slightly, he found himself back to back with the violet skinned Twi`lek who was chewing the bottom of her lip. She wore a look of hunger no, that wasn’t the right word, more like a need to fight. The sight was chillingly familiar and it almost reminded him of himself when he fought in the arena on Nar Shaddaa.

A savage smile spread under his mask and a second later they engaged the enemy, the next several minutes all he could hear was the sound of blaster fire and lightsabers clashing over and over again, A blur of movement behind him caught his attention and he turned just in time to see the enemy knight bringing his crimson saber down on a distracted K’tana who was engaged with several of the gun wielding men.

Time slowed in Skar eyes everything sharpened in exquisite detail to the dust filtering past to the sweat the streaked down the Twi’leks leth back as he spared bolt after bolt of energy and as the blade inched closer and closer to her exposed back. Something sparked inside of him, something he thought was long extinguished

With a mighty scream of rage Skar cleaved the man he was fighting in two and spun around grabbing his combat vibro knife Skar reached out and grabbed the back of the mans head and dragged him back just enough so that the lightsaber blade just barely burned the womans back from shoulder to hip

K’tana staggered forward ever so slightly as the blade seared her flesh her body shudders and an almost sensual moan came from her lips, and she leapt forward and cut down the three men that had been shooting at her

Rage cursed thought his body as he drew the blade across the mans neck causing blood to spill over the sand and the woman in front of him. Releasing his grip on the One Sith scum he watched as he collapsed at his feet as a blood began to poll underneath him.

Letting his gaze fall on the woman cutting through the men as they tried to run the light of the sun reflection on her skin the way she moved everything was enticing, it was almost spellbinding but Rrogon shock those thought from his mind as he muttered to himself in his native tongue “why must the gods torment me so.”

Minutes later the battle had ended and the team was searching the dead for anything useful but Skar keep looking over at the Twi’lek and the burn on her back cursing inwardly he should have been quicker than that but the damage was done now. Letting his eyes all one the grisly wound that now mard her back.

Shaking his head Rrogon called her over and told her to show him the burn on her back.


The violet woman, soaked in sweat and blood, grinned at the other Knight. A cold look came over her eyes as she strutted her way over to him. Looking at him from under her lashes, giving the Kaleesh male a quick wink as she spun around, letting the shoulder strap of her shirt slide down her arm. She folded her arms in front of her as she lifted her lekku off her back and slid them over the front of her shoulders, to give him a full view of her back The pain from her back was minor, less than an annoyance but more than an itch.

“I’ve had worse, dear boy,” she said, looking over her shoulder as she felt his fingers against her back. “Hurry up; I have things to do.”

The pain seared through her as he laid his hand on the injured area and the skin began to pull back together. Her jaw clenched, she grinned as she felt the hurt creep through her. She focused on it, held it, reveled in in. After slaying the One Sith, K’tana once again felt nothing. Pain brought her back into her body; feeling anything was better than the cold emptiness.

Snapping out of her revery, she felt a cool hand on her shoulder.

“You’re done. Didn’t leave a scar, you’re lucky,” the male called Skar sounded as hollow as she felt, behind his mask. “You should be more careful. It’d be ashame to mar that lovely skin.”

She spun around, tilted her head, lifted her finger up and, giving a wide-eyed and almost innocent look, reached up and tapped her silver lacquered nail against his mask. Suddenly laughing, the Twi’lek stepped forward.

“Hellooooooo!!!” she yelled into his face. Realizing there was not going to be an echo, she stepped back disappointed. Her eyes narrowed and she said with an even tone, “Maybe I like scars.”

The Kaleesh snorted a laugh as he gently pushed her back and out off his feet where she intentionally stood.

“For the love of Sithspit!” Ernordeth stepped up. “She’s fine! Stop pawing her and get your asses moving!”

The Twi’lek mockingly brought her fist to her chest and marched off, lifting her legs in exaggerated marching movements.

“Karking-hells,” Nath swore, rolling her eyes as she wiped blood from the hilt of her lightsaber.

Arcona’s Wrath stalked towards the Tomb of Marka Ragnos where they knew the One Sith waited behind the barricaded door.

“How do we get in?” the Miraluka looked over to Nath, who just shook her horned head and looked at the Leader of the group.

“I’ve got it!” the Twi’lek laughed and she ran up to the door before Ernordeth could snatch her back, and the group watched in horror as she spat at the door.

“What the-!” Revs started as the Iridonian brought her hand to her face and shook her head.

“Huh.” the Twi’lek said quirking her mouth and looking over her shoulder guiltily. She rubbed her cheek as she began walking back to the group, when they all heard a loud grinding sound. As the door rose up, opening several members looked over at the Twi’lek with shocked looks.

“Ha! I knew that’d work!” K’tana giggled as she stuck her nose in the air and danced towards the opening…


Nath turned to Revs with a curt smirk before speaking.

“Desert people value water. Though I will add that I will not take this route.” She eyed the side of the temple with much more curiosity, flexing her fingers as she tried to ignore the ache behind her eyes.

“What do you mean you will not go that way?” Revs asked pulling the Iridonian back to the present. She gave him a long slow look as though he was mentally handicapped.

“Think about it, where is the logic in running through the front door. If you want to be shot in the backside you’re more than welcome to go that way.” Slowly she stepped away to one side of the large entrance way careful to not remain before it long enough to be shot at.

Ernordeth was the first to come to the Iridonian’s side, too curious to not come and also too unwilling to take the direct path. He stood a pace or two to her side and observed what she was doing. Nath ran a palm along the old stone, almost trying to memorise it. He probably caught his first real glimpse of emotion from the woman, she went to such pains to hide it from public but at that exact moment she was unaware of his presence so close by.

Her black eyes closed themselves as a smile tugged at her lips, it was one of familiarity and joy even if it was small. He found himself unable to intrude and so waited at a respectful distance hoping it would not last too long.

Fortunately for him she noticed his presence and stopped herself from displaying any more emotion.

“You know something the rest of us don’t?” The inquiry was tentative, careful to not further the Iridonian’s ire any more than needed.

“These temples are old and large.” She stated the obvious with such a bored tone he honestly thought she would give up and revert back to silently staring at him once again. “If you had such large buildings one would need to ventilate the air otherwise it would be uncomfortable to say the least to walk in them. Every single temple I have ever raided has had ventilation systems hidden within the stone.”

With her words spoken she walked away around the side seemingly searching for something, after ten minutes she had circled the outer walls and come back to where Ernordeth awaited. Her pale hand caressing at the stone habitually as she eyed the masonry with a scrutinising gaze.

Without hesitation, she began to climb, not even waiting to see if the others would follow her.


“I think she has the best idea.” Revs said pointing to the Zabrak.

“The front door is already open, that’s the way I’m going.” Ernordeth said as he started to follow Skar and the Twi’lek into the tomb.

“OK then.” Revs sighed as he started to climb after Nath.

The two climbed almost to the top of the tomb before the Zabrak found a opening big enough for the two of them to fit through.

“About time you found us a way in. The others have probably had all of the fun by now.” Revs said playfully.

“No one made you follow me.” Nath snapped at him.

“Well someone had to come along and keep you safe.” The Miraluka laughed.

“I don’t need anyone to keep me safe! If anyone needs protecting here its you!” The Krath barked at Revs.

“Oh lighten up.” Revs said as the two started to walk into the darkness.

The pair walked in silence through the tomb for what seemed like hours. The darkness did not effect the Miralukas sight, but it still caused a sense of foreboding in the atmosphere. As the silence was just about to break Revs a slight shuffle from behind caught his attention. Looking back into the dark hall the Sith swore he heard a voice he had not heard in many years say one word. “Raven.” It echoed seeming to call to him.

Must be my mind tricking me. He thought, feeling shaken from hearing his childhood name called. Revs turned around to catch up with his comrades only to be frozen on the spot, his blood turning to ice at the sight before him. In the middle of hall stood a young Miraluka, the boy could have passed for a younger version of Revs.

“Frak this I’m out!” Revs screamed as he turned around only to find the boy had appeared in front of him again.

“You can’t always run from your past big brother.” The boy stated calmly.

“And you can’t go around haunting people Michal, its just rude.” Revs said nervously.

“Who said I’m a ghost? I could just be a figment of your hallucination.” The young boy said playfully.

Revs smiled at the joke as he responded. “Why are you here?”

“To creep you out , now follow me.” The specter said as it started off down a side path. Revs shrugged not thinking of the consequences to wander through the ancient tomb alone, his comrades were nowhere to be seen anyway.

After a short time of following Michal through the maze like tomb, the boy finally spoke. “Why don’t you ever come by my grave anymore?”

“I’ve been busy.” Revs replied. “Im a full fledge Dark Knight now.”

“I know. You could still come see me, it is your fault I’m dead after all.” The specter said hauntingly.

“Hey you didn’t have to follow me. I never wanted you to get hurt.” Revs snapped back as the memory of the day his brother was fatally wounded returned to his mind.

“You knew I would. You could have made enough to pay the Hutts back racing, but you wanted to wage war. All of it is your fault.” The boy said coldly.

“Frak you! You made your own choice, live with it.” Revs screamed.

“Funny you tell a dead person to live with something. You might want to pay attention to what’s around you.” Michal said as he fadded away.

Ahh Poodoo. Revs thought as he looked around him. He was in a large room in the tomb, he couldn’t sense his companions anywhere. He started to look around the room to find a way out when something bright caught his eye. Reaching down he picked a small Adegan crystal.

“Well that’s a nice prize.” Revs said as he observed the crystal. A deep growl from behind him caused him to spin around drawing his Lightsaber. Before him stood a large beast, that resembled the stories of the Terentatek. The beast lunged at the Sith. Revs dove down into a roll to slid under the beast wild swing. Coming up to his feet, he ran as fast as he could with the beast chasing after him.

“This day cannot get any worse!” He screamed as he turned down an empty hallway, just managing to stay ahead of the beast that chased him relentlessly


Empty halls greeted Rrogon, Ktana and Ernordeth as they walked through the many halls and empty corridors that made the temple’s interior. He could hear the energetic woman skipping behind him. They had to stop periodically to let her catch up with them because she insisted on stopping every now and again to look and an old urn or some scattered bones.

Skar didn’t mind, in fact he thought it fitting: War always brought out the worst in any person and yet somehow this Twi’lek kept her head on straight. Or whatever she considered to be straight, and in some ways he found it comforting that there was still someone like that even through all the blood and gore they could and have seen.

But even through all the joy she displayed, Rrogon could sense something else in her; he couldn’t place just what, but given time he would find out. Maybe he could use his new contacts with his clearance codes to find out what her past was but that could wait until after the war.

Rapid footsteps could be heard behind the group as Rrogon turned around he he saw his XO Revs rounding a corner in haste. There was real fear stamped on the Shadow Gate Executive Officer’’s features as he shouted something at the trio but all the young Kaleesh could hear was the monstrous roar of some creature echoing through the halls

Grabbing the Miraluka by the shoulder as he tried to run past the Juggernaut spun him around placing the Sith firmly to his front.

“What in the name of the gods did you do!?”

His answer was cut short as a hulking creature, rippling in muscle and size, came hurtling around the same corner that Revs had seconds before. Skar instantly knew why the man was running; the frakking idiot had a Terentatek on his tail. While it was a small one at best, it could still tear them apart if given the chance.

Not skipping a beat, Rrogon turned and tossed Revs back and started to run with the rest of his team down the long hallway. It was several minutes of hard sprinting before Rrogon heard a scream of pain and rage behind him. Spinning on his heel Rrogon’s fears and rage pulled into one as his eyes fell on the sight before him.

The Terentatek had pinned K’tana to the floor, his powerful hands on each of her arms, its massive jaws just inches from the back of her neck. Something ignited inside of the Kaleesh and then he saw the teeth of the creature get closer and closer to her skin.

And without a second thought or care in his mind or soul, he charged the animal that had pinned the woman. Rrogon called out with the Force and with all the rage he could muster, he felt a rush of something sinister take hold within him, the same feeling he had when he had slaughtered those villages back on his home planet.

There was no temple, no war, no anything, the only thing he could hear in his mind was the ancient voice of something evil that called to him as it once had years ago. Perhaps it was a old Sith Lord that had been buried in the hall or maybe it was his own primal rage and instincts that called to him.

But none of it mattered, the darkness that headed his call filled him and his charge grew faster and faster, as drew closer from deep within his lungs the Juggernaut released a roar that reverberated throughout the temple and its many halls, only a cornered creature could make such a sound. It was a booming, defiant bellow that mixed fear and rage and love in equal measure.

Lifting its massive head, the Terentatek had mere moments before a rage filled Kaleesh slammed into it, sending both of them tumbling back several feet until both had stopped rolling and regained their footing. The next several minutes was filled with a frightening sight as the young Obelisk’s darted and dodged his way around the Sith creature, whose claws missed time and time again by mere inches.

Ducking under another swing that nearly decapitated him, Rrogon slashed his own talons deep into the thing’s soft underbelly electing a monstrous roar as blood and intestines spilled out onto the floor, not skipping a beat Skar climbed onto its back digging his talons into the chunks of its exposed back where that armored plates had not yet fully grown and ducked under each frantic swing after swing and as he got closer to it head.

Screaming again Rogon drove his talons deep into the creatures left eye and pulled furiously until he heard a sickening pop as the eye was ripped from it socket bracing himself he lept off its head and landed on the ground beside Ktana who was staring up at him. The Terentatek’s one-eyed gaze bored into him, a low growl coming from the creature but it was drowned out as Rrogon bellowed once more at it and the volume of the Force filled voice made the hallways shake ever so slightly and dust fell around the group. When he stopped the creature dipped it’s head and gave a low whine as if to say it lost and slowly made it way back it came to heal it wounds and find easier pray that it could kill.

The Kaleesh was shaking in such a rage that as he tried to control himself he didn’t even notice the other members of his team come up next to him even when Revs put a hand on his shoulder he shook it off and turned to push his way through the group as his voice sounded more like a growl than real words that he spoke in his native tongue

“Nothing will harm that which I care for I swear it on my life and my acceptance into the gates of heaven that no harm will ever come to her!”


Complete darkness seemed to settle on the corridors, Revs had vanished around a corner and since then Nath had not seen hide nor hair of him. She did not care as such, she just refused to be blamed if he met an untimely demise.

With a sigh she pressed forward, groaping through the darkness with limited speed, too paranoid of setting off a trap that could be waiting for her. Each tile that was even fractionally raised set her in a state of frozen statuesque parodies. Each time she would reach out with the Force until she was certain nothing was there.

Something was calling her, beckoning to come closer, to find the answer. It was the sensation she felt when she was close to the answer to a puzzle. The feeling of absolution and satisfaction, the sensation of winning a fight.

As she entered the next chamber the ancient mechanisms creaked ominously; she froze again, waiting. After a short moment light came from above, artificial but none the less illuminating.

A smirk stretched into a manic grin as she saw the long forgotten engravings.

"… Perfection… " Black eyes raked quickly over the text absorbing the information with swift motions. Her lips miming the words as she moved and followed the words.

The Iridonian took a moment to absorb the information she had just read, her fingertip tracing over old looking palm reader and as quickly as she had stopped her hand went to the comm she had stashed in her pocket.

“Rrogon.” She knew the signal would be weak but she hoped it would at least be clear enough for some communication.

To begin with no reply came, she spoke his name again and a wave of static hit the channel before a reply came.

“Nath?” The voice that answered her was primal, she had heard it many times when they had fought.

“I see you had some amusement in my absence.” The Iridonian’s voice was one of dry humour. She always found her Apprentice to be amusing when riled up.

“You could say that.” Skar restrained himself, he did not wish to have her teasing him. It could last for years, she still teased him about his ear after all and that was many months ago.

“Well I have some more for you.” Rrogon could hear the glee that laced her tone, most would miss it but he had been around the Iridonian for far too long for that. Nath barely paused, not even giving him a chance to question her.

“It appears the valley’s temples are all interconnected through power generators. All of them take from one another and share the burden. It seems this temple houses the main access point.”

“And how is that of any use to us?” He inquired tentatively, almost dreading the answer he expected from her.

“Salt the earth of course.” Nath did little to hide her disappointed tone. “Immortality is a foolish endeavour, it would do nothing but encourage a stasis of knowledge it is a waste of time.”

“You can’t make that decision!” Rrogon bellowed at her but it only made her grin grow.

“I already have. You have a fifteen minute grace period in which to make your way up to the higher ventilation access point I used after that time has expired I will activate the override, I suggest you move quickly Apprentice.”

Nath was swift to cut the comm after she spoke missing Skar’s vehement curse.

“What did she say?” Revs was the first to speak, he could not hear her exact words but his hearing was acute enough to know whom the speaker was.

The query was enough to draw Ktana away from the felled beast, which she had dutifully been carving up, with a smile as sweet as the finest dessert she pressed a tooth into his palm. Endorath too had moved closer, his curiosity piqued. Unlike the others he maintained some distance.

Rrogon took a moment to collect his thoughts but had no way to make the situation seem any better than it was. This was supposed to be a simple mission he had not expected his old Master to make things so complicated.

“Nath has decided to destroy the Valley, we have fifteen minutes to make it to the top of this temple before she activates it and destroies everything in it.”