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[GJW XI] Clan Arcona: Team Darkest Night


Team Darkest Night

  1. Cethgus Tiberius Entar Arconae], #6705
  2. Rennek “Uji” Ughi], #13561
  3. Kordath Bleu d’Tana], #13593
  4. Galleros Sjl, #13880
  5. Nobilus, #13824


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Civil War has befallen the Brotherhood. The Clans have split into three factions: the Loyalists, who have rallied behind Grand Master Ashen; the Rebels, following the banner of Jac Cotelin; and the New Order, led by the mysterious Sith Lord Esoteric. Each faction has stormed the surface of Korriban, establishing impressive fortifications and moving towards the Valley of the Dark Lords. Loyalists, Rebels, and the New Order clash across Korriban’s surface, all three attempting to gain control of the Valley of Dark Lords and the secrets it holds.

The Valley of Dark Lords has erupted in carnage, forces from every unit in the Brotherhood streaming into the ruins and temples, establishing makeshift defensive positions behind virtually every wall. Blood is spilled over every inch, each of the three sides gambling the lives of thousands of Jedi in an attempt to put an end to this conflict once and for all. The Loyalists, following Ashen’s command, seek to break through to the Tomb of Marka Ragnos, where the Disciples of Ragnos once sealed a chamber with writings on the Rite of Immortality. To open it, Ashen has sent three of his most skilled advisors in ancient dark rites and alchemy, but the way is not yet safe or clear for them, as the One Sith were originally entrenched in the Valley and still maintain a strong control over most of the area. Esoteric’s forces have a base of operations at the Tomb of Ajunta Pall, a fortified location that allows them a great deal of mobility throughout the Valley, which they use to harass any operations by the other two sides. The Adept Dantella Novae reluctantly commands Esoteric’s forces in the region, though she seems more interested in stealing the secrets of Marka Ragnos than in defending the Valley itself. Cotelin is seeking to contain and control whatever the Tomb of Marka Ragnos holds, through any means necessary… and before Ashen’s forces can reach it.

You and your team have found yourselves just outside one of the few entrances to the Valley of the Dark Lords. You know that inside the Valley, death and destruction have overtaken the ruins, but you also know that ultimately, victory for one side of the other is likely to come within the walls of the ancient tombs.

Your runon should detail the battle within the Valley, and must illustrate (either through success or failure) at least one of the sides in the conflict - this will play a major role in your Story grade.


Estle City
The Tipsy Rancor

“ANOTHER!” bellowed the Human, swaying in his seat and waving a hand in the air.

The Ryn sitting across from him slumped further down in his seat, a smile spread across his face. Despite the obviously drunken condition, the alien had a firm grip on the glass of whiskey sitting on the table, bringing it up for a drink.

“Told ya, IIII tooold you, whiskey mate, whiskey is great!” said the Ryn, slurring a bit as he slammed the now empty cup on the table.

Uji waved his hand dismissively, “Brandy, you ingrate, get some culture! A good, Vasarian brandy, smooooooth and mellow man. Not that this place has anything of that cali…cali…quality, blast it.”

“Bah! About to go off, get shot at for some stupid Elder’s damn attempt at…at…what?”

“You okay, Bleu? Look kinda…funny,” asked the Templar, squinting through one eye at his companion.

“Just got a chill, thasall, like somethin’ bads coming. Nothing new there! Hah, right, so, war, Korriban, why the hells are we getting sent to a dead planet, huh? I mean, tombs and things, musty holes in the ground with…shyracks…and….things…and…” the Priest trailed off, staring at the glass in his hand.

“Empty,” he said, sadly, looking around for a server, “Gonna go die in a bloody stupid war, can’t even get another flarking…drink…where…”

“Do our duty, Kordath, gotta…gotta go and fight, for the Glory of Arcona!” shouted the Obelisk, standing up abruptly, knocking his chair backwards.

“Oh gods don’t start singing,” muttered the Ryn, waving languidly at the bartender, “yeah, House and Clan, woooo, glory and victory, yaaay. Still gonna get shot at.”

Uji slammed his drink down, glaring at the Krath, “Think I don’t know that? It’s stupid, gonna go die because some damn power hungry bastard wants to live forever.”

“So…you’re not going to sing?” asked the Priest, hope filling his heart.

“Sarcasm, Bleu, learn it, huh?”
“Whatever, think they’d notice, ya know, if we ummmm…,” pondered the Krath aloud.

“What, not make it on board the ship tomorrow? Cethgus would have our heads mounted on the damned walls,” Uji grumbled, moving to sit down.

Kordath watched his compatriot hit the floor with a thump, “Knocked over your chair, Uji.”

“Yeah. Noticed. Thanks,” said the Templar with a glower, picking up his glass from the floor, noting the spreading pool of sticky amber liquid.

Several hours later…

“Aaaand that’s why you can’t trust the Jawas, man, take all the good jobs and then steal your women!” said the Ryn, punching the tabletop.

Uji stared at him blankly for a few seconds, “Don’t…people complain about you guys taking the jobs?”

“Well, we do the ones nobody else wants, not the good ones,” grumbled the Krath. He looked around the room, one eye closed, the other glazed, “Where’d the people go?”

“Karking late, Bleu, war tomorrow, bah, everybody gone…”

With a bang, the front door of the Rancor slammed open, letting in the night air of Estle City. All of the lights came on as a robed figure stomped into the bar, blinding the two extremely inebriated Arconans. Kordath fell back with a cry, slapping his hand over his eyes to block out the harmful light, a thump to his side suggested Uji had suffered a similar fate. Squinting through the pain and splotches filling his vision, the Ryn looked up at the cloaked individual, quickly sizing them up despite his drunken state.

“Oh no…bloody…jawas,” he sighed, before passing out.

Several troopers in Arconan uniforms walked in behind the shrouded figure, who waved at the two unconscious Force users, “Both of them, in the shuttle, we’re leaving.”


AIC-4 Shuttle
In bound to NSD Invicta

“Ughhh…” The Ryn’s groan was muffled only by the flight systems aboard the shuttle bound for the NSD Invictia

“Bleu… keep… keep it down man,” Uji twisted to the side feeling his surroundings spinning as he tried to forget what had happened the night before.

Sensing danger the moment before would normally have meant the Templar could respond. Unfortunately for Uji, his reflexes being severely stunted by his current state meant he knew what was coming and could do nothing. The Primarch’s boot landed squarely in the Templar’s stomach casting him back against the hull of the shuttle.

So that’s why Bleu was groaning, thought the Obelisk as his accompanying groans filled the shuttle, attempting not to lose everything he’d drank the night before.

“You two are a disgrace!” Growled the Quaestor of House Galeres.

“Bleu! You should be ashamed! Presenting yourself like this before our lord Quaestor!” The Zelosian spoke, looking up for any meager sign of approval from Cethgus.

“Morn’in Boss,” Kordath replied moments before scrambling on all fours to a nearby bucket to retch violently.

Uji moved to a sitting position, one arm wrapped around his stomach physically attempting to hold it’s contents in, his other hand covering his eyes to adjust to the light. Nobilus sat quietly towards the back of the shuttle, the Sith at least intelligent enough to recognize the gravity of the Quaestor’s wrath.

“When we arrive on the Invicta, you both will be placed under guard. Until the completion of this mission neither of you are to be near a Cantina or touch a bottle. If I even think I smell alcohol on either of you I will personally deal with you,” Cethgus’s tone spoke with finality as he turned around towards the two sober members of the team.

“So… Just on the Invicta right?” Uji spoke sharing a sarcastic grin with Kordath as he reached for the flask inside his robe and unscrewed the top.

“Right that’s what he said,” Kordath responded laying beside his bucket.

Kordath looked up in time to see the Quaestor’s first strike connect with the taller Obelisk’s mid-section and the second end with Uji unconscious on the floor again. As Cethgus turned towards him, Kordath immediately slumped down and pretended to be unconscious.


Valley of the Dark Lords

As the landing shuttle left the group at their destination, and began its journey back to the NSD Invicta the group of five stood silent as the sand filled wind gently tugged at their robes, leaving them in this wasteland. The Primarch allowed his eyes to wander over the entrance to the Valley, the ancient inscriptions on the walls scraped and scarred from years of debris and desert sand grinding against them. Everything here seemed to be decaying, old yet somehow relevant to the future of the Brotherhood. Time passed in this forgotten place with ease, yet this time it was different. War had come to Korriban, and it was destined to be a battle that would flood the valley in the blood of the Brotherhood.

“We want to be quick and quiet, hit fast and hard and take no prisoners. Make no mistakes if you fail me today I will end your life.” The Arconae’s voice reached out to the bottom of the barrel team that he had assembled.

The five members made an expendable expedition force, leading them at the front and foremost the experienced war veteran that was the Quaestor of House Galeres. Cethgus, his ego standing tall in comparison to his stature. Standing resolute and in control of his surroundings, his experience in war far exceeding those of his companions. His very presence granting a sense of comfort and terror to those surrounding him.

To either side of him stood the members of Galeres, Uji a recent addition to the House boasted a deadly ability for unseen assassinations, making him a considerable asset in the team for a Human. It also helped that he was recruited hanging out of his backside for this mission, and knew key information about their Jedi opponents. Though his posture showed little deference towards the Primarch, their dislike for one another would have to be put aside for the benefit of the Clan. Kordath for all his fur, still managed to hide his talents considerably well, but make no mistake he was part of this team for his investigative abilities and nothing more other than this. His ability to be a drunk most of his life, easy pickings for this suicidal mission by the Quaestors own logic, plus his general open attitude towards the leader of the group, though this could be down to the fact he may still be drunk it was unimportant now.

Galleros isolated himself from the majority as his recent promotion saw him more favourable for this crew, as his mind turned towards the dangers and the compound ahead. Conclusively, being part of the Galeres summit meant the Iridonian could rely on him for advice if it was needed, as a leader he stood strong, as part of this team he stood stronger. Finally the last addition to his team, Nobilus for all of the arguing the Primarch had done, Marick still saw fit to place a Jedi Hunter into this team, much to the dislike of the Iridonian. None the less here the band was, the five of them standing at the brink of the unknown and ready to walk into it together.

Intelligence and Aerial support indicated that the fighting was taking place on multiple fronts, each faction vying for control, information passed around was that Taldryan had set up the front forces to stand against the Brotherhood. From the sounds that were echoing, seemed that Tal had managed to set up a few outposts around the valley to funnel the infantry of the Brotherhood. It pinned them into position, the opportunity rose for Grand Master Jac Cotelin to do what needed to be done. These positions had become of vital importance to the brotherhood. Unfortunately, it was no easy matter to take on some of the great minds, minds that sieged the sites. It seemed that landing into the middle of the battlefield was a no go. Anti-air batteries had been firing non-stop since the Rebels had made land on Korriban.

With them taking fighting on two fronts it was no wonder that the Taldryan members had fought to hold their front, keeping it well stocked and equipped. While the One Sith had made landfall to the other side of the Rebels they had made sure to pin fight the Brotherhood and the Rebels in one mash in the middle, this was not working out the way that everyone had planned but none the less the fighting moved nowhere, containing itself between the three fronts. This small team had been given the task of not only eliminating the primary targets which for this elite force had been designated as Tarax and Quejo, valuable commanders of the Taldryan front. Along with the secondary objective, this was a simply enough goal, secure one of the forward posts that had been set up as well as the western anti-air battery to allow Arconan forces to land and flank the Rebels in the Valley.

“Shall we do this then brothers?” his voice cold and ice like as always.

With a sigh, Kordath nodded, “Sure, right, let’s not die, huh?”

“Who’s idea was this again?” Uji responded while looking somewhere between hungover and near vomiting.

Nodding as the group advanced into the ruins, their pace slow and careful, trying not to attract the attention of anyone, the sound of the fighting clear in the background as they walked towards their objectives.

“Lets see if we can have some fun with these guys, simple look for their command or supply base and hit it hard and fast” the Primarchs voice echoed off the surroundings.


Valley of the Dark Lords,

A sharp yet manic grin greeted Sjl’s face as he observed the Quaestor deliver his confident speech. You could see the spirit of a feral mind emerge, as the toned Zelosian removed his shirt and unclipped his warhammer, Knuckledrag. He approached his Quaestor and firmly tapped his shoulder as the two locked eyes.

“I will strike down upon the Taldryan scum with the resonance power like Master Raken once did. You have my word, sire!” The Priest strongly stated.

His eyes then flickered towards the ancient and wind-chiseled compound that was the Valley of the Dark Lords, but they were more than just simple knights. The vessels that tainted the timeless land were nothing short of toxic and infested with power. Power that can be used greatly within the Brotherhood’s, indeed within Grand Master Ashen’s mind, as with any Krath it is a biological imperative to seek and sponge all knowledge. However today as their backs were glazed and marinated by the Korriban sun, Sjl felt a singular mind begin to ensnare him. The sense of nostalgia, clarity and dark reasons were filtering inside the Zelosian’s soul. A whisper from the wind, a small tut between motherly lips, then the mumbling chants and drumming of the Dark Side long gone. It beckoned for the Krath to surrender, his mind locked into this trance as the whispering turned shouts, the tuts into shrieks and the chanting were verses of roars along with vicious striking onto leathery skin. His hammer slipped from his fingers, they curled and tightened against his head as the hold grew infectious upon his conscience and allegiance. Sjl needed to escape this terror, he could not survive any longer.

“No!” Sjl stepped away from Cethgus, creating a small distance as the noises melted together into his mind, twisting and turning his vision and focus as the Zelosian struggled to combat it. Overestimated hours passed and the raw hand of the Quaestor’s palm across his face forced Sjl to return back into normality.

“Sire?” The Zelosian noticed the titanic glare of furious anger that was etched into the Primarch’s expression, perhaps more inquisitive than quizzical.

“Are you game?” Cethgus pressed his subject informally, as a test not just for Sjl but the whole group.

“Where you go, I follow sire. But protect your minds like a night with Kordath, a dark Sith magic resides here not just Taldryan or One Sith.” Sjl warned the group, his desperate and troubled gaze darted throughout their surrounding as he mentally focused on the moment, shutting out the influence of the Valley.

“Well, good you’re here to protect us then!” Kordath, the only member other than Cethgus that the Zelosian recognised, spoke up with a spatter of humour. Sjl did not fancy the idea of opening his mind again, yet the consequences without protection would be unspeakable.

Sjl darted his eyes across the Valley, towards the nooks that assisted the team inside. Many trodden paths were stomped into the ground over time, through the patter of the ancient Sith feet, older technology and the heavier vehicles used to excavate random archeological sites. Most of the amber coloured paths led to a singular, flat dust bowl. In the distance beyond, steeples of sky-crawling archipelagos seemed to scattered the distant environment infinitely. The task ahead was not going to be easy on the fresh faced Equite, as the mightiest of the Taldryan leaders beckoned their arrival.


Valley of the Dark Jedi
Upper Level of the Valley

The group traveled through the ravine, lead by Cethgus’ shorter form, the Quaestor seemed almost bored. The assembly finally exited from their path coming out onto a short plateau overlooking the Valley. The five Dark Jedi approached the ledge, peering out, only Kordath remaining a few steps behind. They watched the battles below. All throughout the expanse blaster fire could be seen like a twisted disco taking place.

“Damn… wish I was down there with them” Cethgus whispered more to himself then anyone else.

“Yeah, just uhh just what I was thinking too…” Kordath’s sarcasm practically dripping from his mouth.

The Loyalist troops were pressing against Esoteric’s forces posted outside the tomb of Ajunta Pall. Taldryan had set up fortifications throughout the valley; searching the adjacent caves and tombs seeking entrance to the tomb of Marka Ragnos. While avoiding conflict with the other two factions. The embankments and sides of the Valley were dotted with AA-Emplacements and reserve troops keeping any of the factions from receiving reinforcements by air. The nearest enemies only a short distance away, a mixture of Taldryan and Odan-Urr ground forces stood transfixed watching the Valley below them.

“Could always jump down there Ceth, you’d… probably survive the fall” Uji’s tone almost hopeful as he glanced sideways at the Iridonian.

“His title is Lord QUAESTOR you ignorant fool! And you will stop disrespecting him!” Galleros’s desperate cry rang out across the valley, his manic attitude mingling with his desperate desire to serve the Primarch.

“You damned idiot!” echoed from the remaining members, as several groups of Taldryan soldiers opened fire peppering the plateau.

Cethgus grabbed Galleros a moment before the enemy fire reached them, bounding forward to drop onto another ledge below them. Uji dove to the left his reaction only a hair slower then the Primarchs putting enough rock between him and the enemy fire to protect him. Nobilus sat stunned at the sudden movement around him, Kordath grabbed the Jedi Hunter spinning them both away.

“Damn it Nob’s pay attention!” The Ryn fell back dragging the Hunter with him.

Cethgus’s battle cry could be heard even over the blaster-fire as he and Galleros leapt into the fight the Obelisk and Krath crashed into the nearest emplacement. Cethgus forgoing the use of his Saber’s in his fury simply began throwing his enemies from the side of the Valley their screams echoing as they fell. Galleros followed in the Primarch’s path using his Warhammer to silence those left behind.

“Uhh… yeah… kark that” Kordath peered over the edge watching Cethgus drive through group after group of the enemy forces nearest to them.

Galleros stopped for a moment and looked up at the ledge where the other three remained.

“You three go on ahead! I’ll protect the Questor you search the caverns for another way down and start causing some hell down there!”

“First damn thing he’s said that I agree with” Uji said startling both Kordath and Nobilius.

The three used the distraction from the Quaestor and his companion to begin searching out another route. Their search taking them down into the cave-networks as the sound of the battle outside faded away. As the darkness closed in around the trio it didn’t take long for the Krath to start filling the silence.

“Hey… You notice anything different about Cethgus seems a little…”

“Don’t go there Bleu, you know we aren’t supposed to talk about it.”

“Yeah… but, that reminds me of that time you said he”

“Shut up Bleu”

“You two want to keep it down?” Nobilus whispered as the Jedi Hunter strained to listen for any sound of movement or potential ambush.

“Oh come on Nob’s it’s fine little conversation never killed anyone” Kordath responded with a soft shrug walking slightly behind Uji

“My name isn-” The Jedi Hunter began

“I’d have to disagree Bleu, you’re little conversation back on Selen with Dessac damn near killed you.” The Templar ignored the Jedi Hunter entirely

“No pretty sure that was the electroshock therapy and the torture, the conversation was actually fairly pleasant.”

The three continued moving at the conversation went on, they descended further into the cave, the terrain seemingly carved rather then a natural formation. Nobilus taking the lead while holding a fluorescent torch was the first to feet the rush of air on his face as they came to another entrance that lead out onto narrow stairway that led down into another lower portion of the Valley.


Valley of the Dark Jedi
Cavern Steps

Nobilus shut off his light, blinking in the harsh Korriban sunlight, as dust swirled across the ancient rock carved steps. Behind him, the two Equites were bickering again, much to the chagrin of the Hunter.

“Change the subject, Kord, really, we can’t be discussing that sort of…thing, around the kid here,” spoke Uji, whispering loudly.

“I’m not a child, you know?” growled the Sith as he started down the steps.

“We should talk about it, though, it’s important, it could impact the overall mission. Hey, before we go back out in the wind, you got any smokes?” asked the Ryn, patting his own robes distractedly, coming up empty.

“Cethgus must have confiscated them, along with my flask back on the shuttle,” replied the Templar, stepping out into the light.

“Oh, you mean after he knocked you back out?”

“Like you were in any better of shape.”

“Like I was dumb enough to get my already aching head caved in by our fearless leader. And anyways, we should talk about it, leaving him behind with Galleros? In the state he’s in, my gods man, if we make it around to where they are they could be doing…well I don’t want to think about it,” said the Priest, shuddering.

Uji shook his head, “I’m pretty certain I saw his…pouch inside his robes, the one he keeps the pills in. He’ll be fine, probably be pretty irritable, but that’s nothing new.”

The two looked up to see Nobilus at the bottom of the steps, peering into an opening in the rock walls surrounding them.

“I think this opens up a bit further up, I think I can fit through…yes! It’s a ravine, I don’t remember seeing it on the map though,” spoke the Hunter, confused.

Kordath barked a laugh, matched by Uji’s own quiet chuckle, “Map? Where did you get a map? When did you even see a map?”

“On the way down, with the pre-assault briefing, it came from military intelligence…”

“Ah,” said Uji, shaking his head sadly as he stepped through the opening, “Well there’s the problem, you realize how many people that crap goes through before it reaches us? Intel is useless if it’s not first hand.”

“Right,” added Kordath, “you get the scouts report, it’s a big report, then the bureaucrats pick it apart, stick all the numbers to one side, and take whatever pictures or maps that look the prettiest and pair ‘em up, then send them up to the next level…”

“By the time it gets to us, we’ve got a map that’s useless, and an ‘estimated troop count of five hundred soldiers’ within the ‘operation zone’. But what they left out was that the scout mentioned these five hundred mooks are scattered over a dozen checkpoints and supply bases, so you’re on the look out for a blasted base, and keep stumbling over smaller groups that surprise the hell out of you.”

“So basically, forget the map, Nobby, pay attention to what’s in front of you if you want to live to see Knighthood,” finished the Ryn, with a grin.

Nobilus muttered something in reply, forcing the two Equites to lean forward and ask him to repeat it, “My. Name. Is. Nobilus.”

“Right, good for you mate, we really need to find a way back around before Cethgus runs out of guys to hit and tries to smash Galleros sap filled skull in to work off his hormonal issues,” said the Priest, waving the Hunter ahead.

“We’ve likely entered Rebel territory, keep an eye out for patrols, Nobs,” added Uji.

With a shaking head and a sigh, Nobilus lead the trio down the ravine, eyes darting about in anticipation. Behind him he could hear the Priest and Templar start conversing again, though he missed the start, he could hear enthusiasm in Kordath’s voice. Uji’s on the other hand….

“No, seriously, I gotta know, I mean come on, I’ll never find out on my own. Andshe’s a nurse on top of it? She does pretty much know where all the bits are anyways, then, steady hands and all that as well”

“I said no, Bleu.”

“Aww, don’t be like that Uji, it’s all about the hands, isn’t it? Lots of feeling up and the like, ‘exploration’ if you will, right?”

“Not talking about this, we’re looking for enemy patrols to ambush, talking about my…former escapades will only get us found out.”

“Poodoo, I mean yeah, a regular blind chick it’s all about poke, prod, hope she doesn’t stick a finger where it don’t go…,” Kordath trailed off, glancing at his companion, “right? If I’m going to die taking a blaster bolt for you I’d prefer to know just what kind of a pervert you are, is all.”

Uji’s jaw tightened a bit as he walked through the narrow ravine, the Ryn chattering behind him, Nobilus bringing up the rear.

“But a Force sensitive blind chick? That has to be…man that must be nearly magical, she’d know where to touch by like….Force stuff, yeah? Must be wild in the sack, somebody that can just…sense what needs doing next to take it to the next level….” Kordath trailed off, eyes gazing off into space as he smiled.

Shaking his head, the Obelisk reached a point where the ravine opened up, and crouched, spotting some rocks piled up nearby. A quick glance around, and the Templar was off, followed by the daydreaming Ryn and the younger Sith.

“Kordath, I told you before, my…relations with our Aedile are not open to discussion. That was…well it was a while ago, let’s just leave it alone, okay?”

“Hey, umm, guys…,” said Nobilus, trying to interject.

“And I told you, before we left for this horrible excuse for a planet, that we needed to accomplish certain things, for the bringing of luck. Even with your whole angsty ‘I used to be a Jedi, but they made me do horrible things’ we couldn’t pull those two Twi’leks back at the Rancor!”

“What the hells does us not getting a piece of lekku matter for the mission?” asked Uji, voice rising with incredulity.

“Seriously, guys, there’s a patrol coming from down that way,” whispered Nobilus, urgently.

“What does it have to do with it? I told you, it’s an old Ryn thing, we know these things when it comes to war! You always get a good lay in before you go off to fight, bad luck not to,” stated the Krath, solemnly.

Nobilus waved a hand between the two Equites, attempting to garner their attention, “patrol, coming, now!”

“Well go deal with it, you’re a big Sith, Nobby, we’re busy. I’m telling you, Uji, it’s bad luck, it’s going to get us killed!”

“Nobilus, my name is Nobilus, how many times do we have to go over this?”

“Yeah well that’s too hard to say, you earned a nickname, embrace it kid,” said Kordath, waving the Sith away, who had pulled his sword from it’s resting place to go and engage the patrol.

“You know, Kord, I think anything you want to do, that we don’t end up doing, you claim to be bad luck.”


Uji sat for a moment, hearing Nobilus’ vibroblade humming in the background and shouts from the enemy patrol, “I’m…not sure where the flaw in the logic is, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Wait, who the hells is Nobs fighting?”

Kordath popped his head up over the rocks, watching the half dozen soldiers try to fight off the tall Human, “No idea, don’t recognize the insignia, pretty sure they aren’t friendly though.”

“Oh what was the first clue, them shooting at Nobs?” asked the Templar, sarcasm thick, “And we’d know what the blasted uniforms meant if we’d gone to the pre-brief, like we were supposed to do, instead of going out and getting drunk!”

“I told you, that was a very important pre-battle ritual! Very good luck to go into battle after a good night of partying, gives you something to live for. Umm, how’s he doing?”

Uji glanced around the rock, watching Nobilus weave his blade about, cutting down a soldier and dodging another one, “Eh, he’s doing okay, so why are you being such a dick about me and the ex, anyways?”

The Ryn bit down on his tongue, grimacing as he kept his mouth shut, taking a few high pitched breathes through his chitinous nose. Feeling slightly calmer, the Krath sighed, “I’m drying out, mate, I’m sorry, you know how it is. I just want to go out and punch somebody soon if I can’t find a drink.”

“A little help here!?” shouted the Sith, thick in the melee.

“Don’t be such a whiner, Nobby!” shouted the Priest, “Anyways, who am I going to fight on bloody Korriban? Big empty planet.”

The Ryn shrugged, slumping against the rocks and wishing he had a drink. And a cigarette. And a Twi’lek girl covered in baby oil.

War is hell, thought the Priest, glumly. A blaster bolt splashed against the ravine wall nearby, showering sparks over the two Equites.

“Oh comeon, Nobby, wrap it up, we’ve got work to do further on, gotta find some enemies to capture for Cethgus!” shouted the Priest.

“Kordath, you know, we could….,” started the Templar, giving his comrade a questioning glance, before shaking his head with a sigh, “You know what, nevermind, sounds like he’s about done anyways. Let’s see if he left one alive for the boss to interrogate. Hopefully him and your buddy Galleros are done…doing…whatever the hell it was they were doing.”

The two men shuddered in unison, stepping away from the rock to inspect the Jedi Hunter’s work, “He’s not my buddy, pal,” growled the Ryn, blinking bloodshot eyes as Nobilus took the last soldier down with a slash of his sword.

“Think any of them were smokers? Could kill for a cig right now,” muttered the Priest, kneeling down to ‘inspect’ the downed soldiers.


A bit of manic rage engulfed the young Sith, the hatred for his two companions grew deep and spread throughout his veins. Nobilus grabbed Kordath by the necked and threw the small Ryn male against the wall of the cave — knocking the Priest’s saber from his hands. Before Uji could retaliate, the Vibrosword of the Hunter was already on his neck. The young Human glared into his eyes and grinned as he realized these two pathetic Equites took him for an ignorant nerfherder.

“How amusing it must be to live in a fantasy would where everyone is ignorant and you two are gods,” the young Sith bellowed in manic rage.

“Why yes, yes it is,” Kordath replied in a sarcastic manner.

The young Sith smirked as he tightened his grip on the Krath Equite. “My name is Vosh Kon, known also as Nobilus, however, you may only call me Kon from here on out!” Vosh was finally to a point where the antics were no longer appreciated, “this is my trial before Knighthood, and I have seen more horror and have been tortured more than anyone should in their lifetime. Don’t take me to be a fool, as I only missed my Knighting for an important mission, and with its failure, I must endure this second trial.”

Uji muttered some words to which the Sith snapped his attention to him, “DO YOU WISH TO REPEAT THAT!?” The echo of the enraged Sith could be heard throughout the caves. The Templar peered down before feeling the cool blade slowly move down his neck.

“My skills with the force may be just barely sub-par compared to you two, but my strength and my skills as a swordsman will be the quick and painful end of the both of you,” Kon stated with a grin of confidence, “call me Nobby, Nobs, or anything other than Kon again, and I will end you where you stand.”

Nobilus continued on in hopes to find another patrol to vanquish, but was on guard for an attack by the two Equites he was escorting. It didn’t take long, another patrol ambushed the group of three Dark Jedi. Vosh quickly severed the weapon of the first soldier he came in contact with, then his arm and finally his head — sending it flying into Kordath’s chest. The young Sith continued his assault while the two Equites finished off their foes, coming into contact with the leader of the patrol.

The commander of the patrol gave up a glorious fight, he was one of the better non-force sensitive combatants on the field. However, he was ultimately too weak to defeat the power of the Sith. Vosh took a quick sidestep and severed the commander’s right arm, and with a quick blow, impaled him in the torso to wound but not kill him.

“He’s all yours for interrogation, Kordath,” the tall Human smirked as he had overheard the two Equites discussing whether the young Sith would save one of the patrolman for questioning in the last fight, but knew they wouldn’t get any important intel from any of the soldiers in the first group they encountered.


Valley of the Dark Lords,

The Arconae war cry along with the echoes and splattering of skull clopping spread across the immediate area like a busy cantina. Cethgus in his full form of fury, bellowed out a series of mighty Iridonian roars as he blasted a barrage of amplified punches and haymakers. The few Taldryan soldiers that were fortunate enough in not being pancakes on the Valley walls or sandstone floor, made a concave arc across the Primarch and towards a raised platform. There, the swift Zelosian raced towards the falling target, leapt into the air and smashed his hammer against the spine of the flying soldier. Sjl landed near the corpse and then began to loot the man for his valuables and weapons as the Quaestor continued his rampage. There in front of the Zabrak were three Taldryan special forces all protecting a lean and dark robed male. He was formally dressed Obelisk; wearing a dark brown outfit and an Obelisk navy belt, his fist firmly holding his lightsaber hilt tightly.

“Stand aside, Raith.” Cethgus’ eyes glared straight past the soldiers and towards the Cheshire grin of the Anzat.

The Prelate refused to move and kept his gaze at the Quaestor in a deadly lock of tension. The Primarch had enough, with a sweep of his hands he crushed the soldiers against each other and towards the western wall. He raced at the Prelate with a speed that rivalled the Valley winds, his charge leading him head first into combat. Arvalis only had a split second to press his ignite button, just not in time.

The solid and dense fists of Cethgus clashed with the Prelate’s custom armour, shattering the stomach area and cracking the fake ribs that uselessly protected his gut. Arvalis fell in pure agony and his lightsaber fell from his grip, he did his loyal best to hide the pain by gritting his teeth. With only a split second to react, Arvalis decided to fall onto his back to avoid the following punch. This predictable move played in the Quaestor’s favour, he leapt into the air then clenched his fists tightly and slammed them down into the Anzat’s gut once more. The Zabrak began a flurry of hard, fast punches against the lean muscles that slowly deteriorated underneath his calloused knuckles.

“Argh!” Arvalis shrieked out and spat a spittle of blood as he curled his knees weakly.

Sensing victory at hand, Cethgus paused his thrashing then gripped the Anzat by his neck and summoned his closest lightsaber. The sky coloured blade penetrated the Anzat’s broken chest and the swift blackness met him for the final time. The Quaestor flicked his other blade to life and sprinted down the sidewall, without pressing another second on the Anzat corpse. Stunned at the titanic fight that lay before him, Sjl wiped the dribble from his mouth and tried to catch up with his Quaestor, grabbing the Anzat’s lightsaber along the way.

Cethgus slowed his pace down at a bend in the path where fragments of the path splintered and fell. This gave Sjl a chance to catch up and finally speak with the Quaestor and his plans, he jogged to just about meet the Zabrak and handed the lightsaber towards him.

“Here, the meatbag that was once called Arvalis left this. Figured you could add it to your trophies as a souvenir of this wretched abyss.”

The Quaestor pushed the lightsaber away. “The bloodstains and wounds I earn are my trophies. Prepare for more trouble, there are Odanites ahead.”

“Understood sir, do you want me to flank…” Cethgus just sprinted ahead of Sjl with both lightsabers ingited and in a flurry of light, shrieks and blood the battle ceased. Sjl sprinted towards the panting Quaestor and was tossed a broken rifle.

“Here, souvenir. You could write about it, or something.”

Sjl frowned for a second, as he puzzled what the purpose of this paper on guns would be.

“Um, I’m sure I could make something for you, could probably include holograms. If I remember rightly, there’s a fork ahead and the eastern turn leads down into a ravine.”

“Aye, plenty of soldiers and Taldryans to wipe clean.” They both nodded and then sprinted onto the eastern path that led inside the ravine. The lime water dripped loudly as they descended further.

“Hold up, Galleros, there’s a bunker ahead” Then the two quickly rolled behind a large stalagmite and deactivated their lightsabers.

“What should we do? We can’t exactly know the numbers inside there, let alone if there’s any Taldryan or Odanites. There’s no easy door in and with just a slit for eyesight and rifles, I think we’re pretty screwed.”

“All in a day’s work, watch and learn.” He raised his lightsaber to meet their eyes, activated the silver blade, then raced like a soaring starfighter. He dived into the air and his flat body easily slipped through the gap. What followed were a series of screams, bloodshed and random blaster shots scattering from the slit. Several seconds passed and Cethgus arrived on the dome, motioning for Sjl to follow, which he did.

“How…just how are you not dead by now? Do you deflect blaster bolts from your skin and laugh it off?”

“Family secret, keep moving. We’ll reach in two days if we’re lucky.”

“What about the others? I suspect a week maybe, if they survive that long without the excessive use of alcohol and smoking. That’ll kill them before the soldiers do.”

“Stick around here and the soldiers will take you.”

A needle prick was felt in Sjl’s mind as he followed Cethgus, it was coming from the next area. From the look of Cethgus, he appeared oblivious to it.

“There’s…someone up ahead. He’s your type.”

“I know. Tarax, Taldryan scum will die easily here.” Sjl in a state of panic and nerve wrecking shivers remained silent as they approached the final weaves in the darkness.


Taldryan Controlled Territory
Valley of the Dark Lords

Cethgus allowed his hand to deactivate the second saber, letting the weapon clip back onto his belt as he focused on the fight that was taking place. Knowing full well that the fight up ahead would be one that required his full attention. The Primarch, as he allowed his eyes scanned the corridor they were currently walking through, knowing full well that his hand was being forced in this confrontation.

“Galleros, hold back on this fight, I think its one that you will be simply overmatched in if I am being honest with you”

“But Sir…” Sji found his words cut short almost instantly by the quick glance from the Arconae, ending any question of joining this fight between the two of them.

As the end approached it was clear from the light that they would make it outside, it was the end of the bunker, the end of everything that they had come here for. Tarax stood in their way, one of Taldryan’s mightiest fighters, something that they had anticipated on a forward outpost, but still to feel one that close was something that could not have been predicted by anyone. It was an obstacle the Arconae knew he would have to fight his way through, and not try and get around.

“I see you managed to find your way here” the voice came down the corridor with ease, reaching the ear of the two warriors.

“Seems that this is the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak, but shall we skip the pleasantries Tarax?” the ice cold voice of the Iridonian replied quickly to the challenge that came his way.

Cethgus allowed his feet to step out of the bunker, and into the light so to speak, as he allowed his eyes to focus on the man standing before him. It was clear from the shorts, and colourful shirt that he adorned that he was a member of Taldryan. Instantly the Iridonian allowed his saber to come up, poised and ready to strike, using a single saber in retaliation for the activation of the white blade of his opponent.

It was as if two Titans had come together in a sudden and unexpected clash of blades, as the two forces battled it out there and then for supremacy over the other. It was clear that these two warriors had a very similar fighting style, both men prefered combat to the ability with the force in a fight. As the two men allowed the lock to size each other up, deciding who would win this fight or who could gain the upper hand, it became clear that both men were near equal.

Dancing backwards, the Arconae swiped out with his blade, going for the right side of Tarax, trying to catch him on his off side. Drawing on his strength, he quickly and harshly forcing Tarax onto his off foot. Unbalanced, it lead to the knee that slammed into Tarax’s side, sending him spinning away from the Quaestor with ease. Tarax knew that at least one rib was broken, it was nothing to the Taldryan as he recovered himself and stood tall once more. This time using his abilities as more of a machine to go all out, forcing Cethgus to defend quickly and aggressively, dancing backwards and forwards with his blade, his wrist spinning in awkward and hard positions to not get cut by the white blade Tarax wielded.

Without warning the Humans blade darted under the guard of the Iridonian, feeling the pain Cethgus knew the blade had struck home, watching as the blade was impaled into his shoulder., Feeling anger bulge inside of him, he threw himself backwards leaving the hole in his shoulder without ripping or tearing. Grumbling slightly he allowed himself to roll backwards, finding his feet back under him with ease as his eyes focused on Tarax. Knowing full well that the pain was nothing more than his stupidity getting to him, bringing his blade once more to bear he allowed his mind to focus completely on the fight.

“Seems that first cut goes towards you” the Zabrak spoke nothing more than a whisper as his eyes looked at the wound.

It had completely gone from the Iridonian’s mind that one of his Battleteam Leaders was there to oversee the fight. It was a true battle for survival now, not only for Arconan’s pride, and foothold in this area of the Valley, but one for survival one that would see him push himself to the limits at the very least.


Valley of the Dark Lords

Kordath approached the man as he fell to his knees, holding the stump of his arm, to the Soldier’s credit; he didn’t cry out. The Ryn laid a hand on the man letting the Force flow through the connection to ease the man’s suffering. The Ryn, features passive as he waited for the man’s breathing to slow, exerted himself only so much as to buy the man a few minutes more before he would pass into the next life.

“Your men fought well, tell me who do you serve?”

“Second Lieutenant Brant Damascus, Jusadih Military.” The Lieutenant slumped slightly as the Ryn stood and stepped back for a moment the pain eased only enough to keep Damascus alive.

“We didn’t ask for your title Soldier, we asked who do you serve?” Uji spoke, his voice seemed to carry additional weight as he touched the Force, bending the resolve of the Soldier. With Uji taking over for the moment, the Ryn stepped around Damascus and placed himself in-between the Templar and their Sith companion. One of them continually kept an eye on their volatile associate.

“Second Lieutenant… We serve…” Stopping himself Brant looked confused for a moment as he tried to consider his words.

“I serve Clan Plagueis… “

“Good, your patrol was it here looking for us?”

“No, we had reports of Odan-Urr forces in the area… We were sent to secure a perimeter around our supply outpost.” The Lieutenant’s face became pained as he tried to force himself to stop speaking. His force of will strained against the Templar’s power of suggestion. The strain forced the man to begin convulsing as the limited healing Kordath had done finally gave way.

Kordath finished rummaging through one of the soldiers pockets finally finding what he was looking for, a small pack of cig’s appeared in his hand moments before lighting one. Uji unclipped his saber, activating it only for a moment to end the Lieutenant’s suffering. Kordath tossed the pack to the Obelisk who gratefully accepted. Smiling the Ryn leaned down picking up the Lieutenant’s severed arm and waved the hand casually at Vosh.

“See… First hand information can be useful.” The Ryn cracked up, laughing at his own joke

Vosh turned back towards the two an evil glint in his eye his teeth grinding as he began to speak.

“Wow Hunter… we were wondering how long it would take for you to break, had to make sure you were willing to draw the line somewhere.” Kordath lifted his hands in mock surrender, taking another long draw from ember of his first cigarette.

Uji lit his own before tossing the Ryn the pack back. Moving throughout the site of the battle and ensuring the fallen had all been silenced. “Kind of a rite of initiation if you catch our meaning, we know you’ve been through some shit with Andrelious and his ilk, but we had to know how you’d react when pressed.”

“So you two have carried on endlessly with your senseless banter, avoided helping in any of the situations we’ve come across, haven’t even drawn your sabers to defend yourselves! to test me!?”


“Pretty much… nice job on these two patrols though. In the future though takes a lot more effort to keep someone alive for interrogation when you start cutting off limbs.”

The Jedi Hunter simply stared at the two as if considering whether to be disgusted or amazed at their attitude. His grip tightened for a moment on his Vibroblade testing the weight and weighing the options. The Ryn he was unsure about, The Krath was weary and wouldn’t hesitate to run which could prove problematic to explain should he get back to Cethgus first. The Obelisk though; he felt a sense of challenge emanate from the former Jedi, his next actions would prove whether he could make use of these two or the conflict would end in bloodshed.

The Sith lowered his blade a wry smile came to his lips as he shook his head.

“Astounding… I wouldn’t have thought a Warrior and a Priest to test my limits. You two play games like the Sith.” The tension among the group lessened considerably as Uji and Kordath relaxed, the Ryn offered the Hunter a smoke

”I can always kill them later, the Krath has no spine and the Jedi is barely willing to kill his enemies let alone his allies… I can make use of them for now.” The thought brought a genuine smile to the Sith’s lips as he accepted the offer and lit up.

“One thing Nobs, the nicknames stick until you finish this mission and get that promotion. Once you’ve earned your Saber I look forward to finishing what you started earlier” Uji’s challenge came with a sense of friendly acceptance.

“Can you two stop comparing saber size for five seconds? and lets come up with what our plan is before we run into more people trying to kill us?” The Ryn rolled his eyes at the two of them

“You seem to be in the fighting mood Nobs, what do you say we do?” The Templar had no great desire to lead the way.

The Jedi Hunter considered the opportunities, leading a successful raid against one of the New Order depots would be precisely the type of initiative that his Master could use to elevate him to Knighthood. On the other hand his confidence in his companions was lacking at best.

“We will continue to scout the area, locate the enemy position and make a decision at that point. Uji you will take the lead your knack at disappearing means you can warn us should we come across any other patrols.”

The two Equites exchanged a nod before the Templar continued down into the basin of the valley. Disappearing from view, the minor shimmer of his Force cloak nearly obscured in the lengthening shadows as night fell on the Valley. Minutes quickly turned into an hour as the trio kept to the shadows and avoided the enemy.

Even with the approach of night, the battle didn’t end, the factions continued to vie for position and dominance. Where the battle throughout the day had been for positioning, setting up encampments and testing one anothers defences. The night belonged to those who walked the path of shadows. Soldiers slept, Medic’s tended to the wounded, Commanders spoke of plans for the morning. Within the shadows the battle continued to rage, more then once the Trio moved past the bodies of silenced sentries, crossed where silent duels of skill took place leaving only the losing party behind.

As the group traveled further into the valley floor more then once Uji would appear motioning for silence. Kordath strained to ensure that he listened for any movement, any sign of stalkers around them. Reluctant to open himself to the Force knowing how horrible the effect of this many deaths would be and the dangers of those who might sense his trespassing. For now they would have to rely on their physical sense and be ready for any danger that might occur.

Uji appeared again, this time motioning them forward as he crouched behind a small grouping of chest high rock and debris. Vosh and Kordath gathered around him crouched behind the rocks they slowly worked their way over to see what Uji had found. Inside of a hollowed crevice a Plageuis banner stood, they had a portion of the entrance covered by material helping it blend into the background of the Valley wall. Only the small section directly above the ground left it open to view.

The three slid back down into cover, Vosh putting his back to one of the rocks watched Uji continue to serve as lookout leaving the Jedi Hunter and Priest to make the decision on what to do.

The Ryn had an unlit cigarette hanging from his mouth as he waited for the Hunter to make a decision.


Valley of the Dark Jedi
Plagueis Supply Depot

Vosh looked between the Obelisk and Krath, the latter idly spinning a lighter in one hand as he stared out through the darkness towards the hidden depot.

“Well…” started the Sith, speaking quietly, mind turning the problem over and over.

Kordath smirked, “Oh, I got this one,” he stated, slowly opening himself up to the Force and pushing his senses out, shuddering at the background pressures. The Valley was most likely always oppressive to Force Users, but fresh death was beginning to permeate the site. More experienced, darker souled Jedi probably thrived in this environment, but for the Priest it was like having a four hundred pound gundark trying to push him into the ground.

With a grunt, he withdrew his mind from the surroundings, closing himself off from the Force as best he could, taking a shuddering breath, “Six, I only sense about six soldiers inside…I’ll get their attention, you two be sneaky, we’ll take them all at once. That way they can’t wipe any data, who knows, maybe we’ll find a real bloody map that can lead us around to Cethgus and Galleros again?”

The Hunter looked at him in dismay, not certain he trusted the Krath to get anything done properly, Uji on the other hand grinned and vanished in a shimmer of darkness. Vosh quickly followed, his skills not quite on par with the Obelisk, was more noticeable, that was fine, thought the Ryn. If he did his job properly, the Sith’s inexperience wouldn’t matter, he brought the cigarette back to his mouth and lit it, pocketing the lighter. Pulling a pair of knives from his robes, he palmed them, blades resting along his wrists before stepping out from behind the rocks.

Taking a few scuffling steps forward, attempting to make noise against his better judgement, the Ryn began to whistle around his cigarette. What little background noise that could be heard from the encampment before him ceased abruptly, obviously they had at least one guard watching the entryway. A slight shimmer to his left marked the Sith moving into position, almost impossible to detect in the night’s darkness, Uji was somewhere to his right, he was certain. Two dark figures emerged from the opening, rifles raised and trained on the Ryn.

Kordath smiled, taking a deep drag from his cigarette and holding both hands out to his sides a bit, “Ello there mates, bringing you the security update for the night….where’s the rest of ya?” asked the Ryn, voice surprisingly steady as he lied through his teeth.

“Oh, sure thing friend, what’s the code word from today though?” growled on the of the soldiers, coming a few feet closer to the seemingly unarmed Krath.

“Why are we worried about that?” asked the Priest, spotting several mark troopers carrying carbines coming out of the cave, three…four…come on, “I’m bringing you the ones for tonight, todays are compromised, we passed your patrol a few miles back, dead of course, who knows what they told before they was all snuffed.”

“We?” asked the sentry.

Damn’t I must be tired, thought the Ryn, sighing as the last of the Plagueis soldiers exited, “You know what….to hells with it,” snarled the Priest.

Spitting the still lit cigarette out towards the nearest soldier, the bright ember leaving a trail in the dark that drew the eye, he flung both hands forward. The soldier questioning him grunted as the knife hit him in the shoulder, spinning him away as his hand tightened on his weapon, firing sporadically. Behind him, his comrade fell backwards with barely a gurgle, knife protruding from his neck. A quick glance to his right showed another trooper falling, head twisted at an unnatural angle as Uji came into sight, already moving to land a knife edged palm into another soldier’s throat.

The buzzing sound to the left of the entry, which the Priest had begun to associate with Nobby’s vibrosword, was briefly interrupted as it passed through body armor, and the Sith dispatched the last trooper standing with a quick beheading. Laying in front of the Ryn was the soldier who’d done the talking, trying to pull the knife from his own shoulder. Kordath gently placed a foot on the man’s wrist, applying pressure to stop the soldier’s struggles. The Ryn reached down, pulling the weapon out, and glanced at Uji.

“Can you think of anything we need to ask him?”

The Templar shrugged, Kordath nodded, reaching down and placing a hand over the man’s eyes, before cutting his throat. Wiping the blade off with disgust, recovering his other knife and sheathing them, he sighed, pulling the cigarettes out once more.

“Hate doing that,” he grumbled.

“Didn’t think you knew how to kill a man,” said the Sith, sarcasm thick in the young Human’s voice.

Kordath stared at him for a few seconds, lighting his cigarette and taking a long drag, before finally replying, “Why do you think I’m here, and not with the repressed little twits in Odan Urr?”

Leaving the Hunter to think about that, the Krath and Obelisk moved into the small supply base, after pushing past a heavy black curtain by the entrance, they found it lit with several lamps. Crates were scattered about, one being used as a sabaac table, chips and cards scattered due to the Arconan’s arrival sat near the center. Datapads and ammo clips abounded, most the pads having standing orders saying things that boiled down to ‘try to win’ or ‘do better at trying to win’ rather then any real information.

“Kordath!” hissed the Templar, who was staring at a crate in the back, standing above it with the cover on the ground beside him.

“Huh,” spoke the Ryn, moving another heavy curtain aside that covered a corner of the cavern, “So that’s what that smell was.”

“What did you guys find?” asked the Hunter, standing near the entry still, peering out through the curtain.

“A bloody still, how long have they been dug in here to have time to make a still?” asked the Krath, impressed despite himself.

“Long enough,” spoke the Templar, holding up a pair of bottles full of clear liquid, “to make a crate of this stuff, dozen jars in here at the least.”

Thirty minutes later

“Seriously, that’s why he’s been so moody lately?” asked the incredulous Sith.

Uji nodded, waving his open jar around a bit, “Yup, ever since he went through his little ‘change’ and started running around with Atyiru more. Claimed it ‘tempered his attitude’, load of poodoo, he’s just…well he’s figuring stuff out different now.”

“Well, you get a second shot at adolescence, who knows what happens, huh?” said the Krath, “So wait, you said we all were…were…mis…in…formed a few weeks back?”

“Bout what?” asked the Obelisk, peering at the blurry looking Krath and trying not to laugh.

“He said Atyiru made him go…go…dress shopping with her, somethin’ bout spending more time with family and stuff…he was all pissy afterwards.”

“Ooooh, that…ummm, not…really supposed to talk about that, but she told me, ummm, hah, he wasn’t mad because he got dragged along…where you going, Nobs?”

The Hunter wavered for a moment as he stood, placing his own jar on the cargo container sitting in the middle of the cave, “Out, gotta…find the head.”

Vosh stumbled past the two Equites, who chuckled and knocked their jars together before taking a long drink, “He’s alright, huh? Definitely one of Andrelious’ though.”

“Why you say that, Bleuy?” asked the Templar, feeling the room spin for a moment and trying to focus on the Ryn.

Kordath grinned, feeling quite clever at the moment, despite an itch in the back of his mind that said trouble was coming, “Lotsa bluster, lotsa pride, notta lotta common sense,” he said with a grin.

The curtain at the entrance came down with a tearing sound, causing the two Equites to turn around with a grin, expecting to see their Sith companion tangled in the cloth. Their smiles died as a dozen short figures swarmed in, small blaster carbines cradled in their hands as they swept the room, chittering at each other at high speed.

“No, oh no no no” muttered the Ryn, holding one hand up as one of the smelly, robed figures pushed a blaster barrel in his face, the other clutching the jar of moonshine. Uji was in a similar predicament, confusion obvious on his face.

“Kord…what…what the hell is in this stuff?”

Bleu was shaking his head, staring at the beady, glowing eyes peering out from brown hoods, “Why….what….how…where the….?”

“Surrender your arms and offer no resistance, and I can assure you that you will not be harmed!” came a calm, authoritative female voice. Grubby little hands rifled through the two Arconan’s robes, relieving them of lightsabers and knives, before they reached for the jars the men were clutching.

“Oh no you little buggers,” growled Kordath, shaking the alien’s hand away, before taking the jar to lip and drinking the last quarter of the jug, feeling a burning run down to his gut. Moments later he saw the cavern ceiling swirl around, before realizing he was hitting the ground. Surrounded by Jawas that shouldn’t exist, the Krath passed out.

Several minutes later, Vosh Kon watched from a nearby rock outcropping where he’d been busy relieving himself, as the squad of Jawas and several soldiers wearing Odan Urr colors carried the two Arconan Equites out of the cave. He shook his head with a sigh, wondering how useless the two men really were.


Taldryan Controlled Territory,
Valley of the Dark Lords,

Galleros watched on as the titanic battle raged, concern and horror on his features…, In his mind, he knew Tarax could be defeated by his Quaestor. They were both built for war. They had their own experience with it and experience as enemies. They could ruin the battlefield. However, in this case, it was Cethgus who was the more youthful warrior. They clashed their blades and collided against one another in sheer fury. Their eyes were set on victory as they fought.

However, Sjl’s keen eyes could see that Cethgus never held back. The footing in his strikes, the quick and sharp, aggressive counters, and his constant stare at Tarax’s face were all indicators that something was being plotted.

Suddenly, Tarax sprinted at a rushing speed towards Cethgus and dived with his lightsabers ready, but the Quaestor saw it coming. He ducked under the diving Taldryan, rolled behind him and clipped Tarax’s cybernetic shoulder, damaging the electrical circuitry. It only seemed to anger Tarax more than it hurt him, though. His attacks became unstoppable and quick, each blade stabbed from above with mighty power, and Cethgus struggled to keep up.

I have to help somehow. Sjl paced on the sand and concentrated upon the briefing that Cethgus and Marick talked through. Frantically, he searched through his memory of Korriban’s information: geography, history, zoology.

His memory brought up the use of the Terentateks and their act as guardians in the Sith tombs. He scratched his brow for a second to consider this idea, then dismissed it. The creature would eventually feed from him if he were not careful. His thoughtsturned to the Shyrak, a winged creature of leather and shrieks. It was a pack creature like a bat but with razor teeth and a thirst for blood.

Eager to impress his Quaestor, the Dark Forge leader slowly stood from the sand and cleaned off his robe. He gave the bark on his neck a good scratch to concentrate on how he would entice the Shyrak. His eyes turned to the two battle-hardened Obelisk in front of him and he smirked. Sjl quickly rushed over the edge of his path and shouted out to his Quaestor.

“Cethgus! The cave!” Sjl pointed at the vast, arched entrance that was bleeding with darkness.

The Zabrak broke away from his duel to notice his subordinate pointing, and then nodded in agreement. In an impressive and quick flurry of countermeasures, Cethgus dashed at Tarax with both lightsabers pointing back and away, then jumped and somersaulted over the cyborg, slamming his blades into the Obelisk’s. The Taldryan, enraged, slammed his foot against the Iridonian’s chest and sent the Quaestor rolling inside the cave. The sand whipped and twisted around where he had been and the puzzled Obelisk wondering upon where his opponent was.

In this tense second, Sjl used much of his energy to move fast: he jumped from his ledge, slid down the craggy hill as the rocks and shells scraped across his robes and boots, then rolled across the rocky pit and sprinted fast. The Taldryan noticed the Priest from behind and sprinted after him just as fast at the Zelosian. Fear and sweat poured from the young Equite at the closeness of his doom, the face of the hardened Primarch not helping his confidence. In a desperate attempt, Sjl stopped and rolled just before the two collided, planting a hard boot against his abdomen. Hardly affected, Tarax stopped only to laugh.

“You’re still a petty Krath, Priest. Now stand for your doom.” Tarax kept his bloodied eyes on Sjl in fury as the Zelosian slowly stood with his arms raised.

“Not today, Taldryan scum!” With a smirk, Sjl jumped away from the Primarch and sent a wave of telekinetic energy at him.

The move did very little but move the titan , only back slightly from his position. Then a smirk grew across the Zelosian’s face as he kept his hand raised and reached out inside the cave, searching for the lifeforce inside, his focus solely on what festered in the catacombs of Korriban.

As the Quaestor finally came about from his tumble, Cethgus heard the slight chirp and shriek of something abysmal awaking. The flutters and screeches of life echoed inside the tunnels and in the darkness. It wasn’t long before Cethgus was surrounded by the sounds of battered air and banshee screams that rushed and poured out of the cave. Tarax, in his confusion, slowly turned to see the masses of ugly and horrific hordes that flooded and darkened the sky. The Shyrak circled ahead of the Primarch slowly, then swooped downwards at the Taldryan, who in a state of bewilderment tried to take cover by the cave.

But it only got worse. The Shyrak protected their abode with all of their might and numbers, heavily surrounding the Taldryan and taking their bites from his skin. As Tarax cut down one Shyrak, two more took its place and assaulted him. He tried to cover his face with his broken down prosthetic arm, but it was only ripped from its socket and thrown away into the unknowns of the Valley. Sjl saw the moment for Cethgus to strike, the Priest used his connection through the Force to convince the Shyrak to retreat and allowed for Cethgus to intervene.

With a force that matched only the Shyrak, the Iridonian launched his body at Tarax and slammed a hard boot into Tarax’s back, which flung the doomed Obelisk away and down into the unknown of the Valley.

Cethgus panted and glanced coldly at his Priest subordinate, then sheathed his lightsabers and nodded once in acknowledgement.

“Can we use those beasts again?” The Quaestor prodded.

“I have the whole of Korriban’s wildlife at my disposal. Do not worry, sire,” the Zelosian said and smirked manically.


Taldryan Controlled Territory,
Valley of the Dark Lords,

The night was creeping in on the two of them, Cethgus allowed his eyes to fall down to the lanced wound in his shoulder. He allowed a small sigh to come to his lips as his fingers gently pressed onto the injured tissue knowing full well that the area was still raw to the touch as a little grumble came from his lips. Allowing his head to look into the sky, he listened to Sji speak his last few lines before allowing himself to spin around on the ball of his heels, turning his full attention back to the matter in front of the them.

“Well, let us hope that we can run into Uji, Kordath and that new kid on the block soon” Cethgus allowed his voice to echo into the ears of the Battleteam Leader.

“Understood sire, we shall proceed as you wish” his response almost flawless towards the Quaestor.

As the two continued towards their first target it was a well known fact to the Quaestor that Kordath and Uji would be out there no doubt fooling around. The two of them continued their advance through the set up that Taldryan members had created, it was clear from the outset that this complex was full of intertwining caves, it would be easy for the two of them to get lost in this case. Knowing full well that it was not an ideal situation the two of them were into.

“Stick close on this one, we continue inwards until we find an exit, after all if we hit the command center of this base and take it out, that is one less issue for the Clan to deal with later” the voice of the Primarch was clear and decisive when it came to these issues.

“Understood, we should move quick before reports of the loss of Tarax come through the radio” Galleros was quick to reply as he followed his Quaestor once more into the into the unknown.

As the two moved it was clear from what they were seeing that the door that lay less than a hundred yards in front was to the command center of this complex. Instantly the Iridonian allowed his shoulder to slam into the door with ease, busting in on the unexpecting soldiers that operated the computers and communication equipment around the cave like room.

Within an instant all hell broke loose, as the sound of sabers igniting ran around the room with ease, blasters opened up in the small confined space as they two sides engaged in combat. It seemed that there was no end in sight for the two forces butting heads constantly, but this fight in such an enclosed space was perfect for the dual wielding Iridonian, his sabers making quick work of the men that tried to protect the devices that were scattered around them. As the men fell with ease it left the room in a state, but this was war, winners would be the ones that wrote the history books with ease that much was clear to see. It was always this way, no matter what happened the winners of a fight decided how history would remember the battle.

“Sji, go see if you can get anything useful from this system” his voice echoed like ice around the room.

Moving a corpse from its seat as it collapsed onto the ground with a dull thud, Cethgus allowed himself to point to the device in front of him.

“Understood I’ll get right onto it” Galleros was quick to reply as he began to work on the device, trying to give his best to impress the Quaestor at best just show his effort to overcome the situation they were in.

“We need to regroup as soon as possible, see if there is any information on the others whereabouts, and make it snappy! I don’t want to sit down for too long and let them get a location on us” Cethgus voice showed the years of wisdom behind them, as he allowed himself to keep an eye on the corridor to see if reinforcements would be arriving.

“Ill give it my best, but you know how each Clan has different encryptions, protections etc it won’t be an easy task Sire” his voice showed the lack of confidence he had, but his fingers were as quick working as ever trying to process the information that was scrolling across the screen in front of him.

Cethgus nodded at the reply from Sji just having to accept that it was the best he would get right now, as anything better would just be to easy for all of them. As much as Cethgus would love that, as always life would never make it too easy for any of them in war times. As Cethgus allowed himself to wander around gathering the grenades from the downed troops, knowing they would destroy this operations bunker once they had the information they needed.


Kordath woke slowly, expecting his head to throb and for various other unpleasantness. Instead his eyes opened to find a blue sky above him, with a soft light that was very nearly comforting. The Ryn had been on dozens of planets in his youth, but he couldn’t place this sky, it was just…pleasant….nice…peaceful. He sighed, stretching his limbs out before propping himself up on his elbows, finding a lovely quilted blanket of bright, yet non clashing hues beneath him.

Confusion was attempting to encroach on this rare moment of happiness, but he did his best to ignore it. With confusion came dread and often times things that would hurt the Ryn, it just…wasn’t…worth it. He smiled, catching movement in the grass to his right, and turned his vision slowly that direction. A person was approaching….a…he blinked as they were suddenly closer, and smiled. She had light red skin, nearly pink, the twin lekku hanging down her back marking her a Twi’lek, and the robes, what was left of them anyways as it seemed they’d been altered to enjoy the weather, marked her as a Jedi.

She knelt upon reaching the reclined Ryn, reaching out gently to cup his face, before leaning in towards his ear. Kordath strained his senses, enjoying the tactile sensation of her smooth palm on his bristly face, and listened for her words. His nose picked up the faint scent of…alcohol, akin to the swill he and Uji had found while on Korriban…so…long ago? When was that? Finally she spoke, and the Ryn felt his whole body shudder at the sound of her voice, the rasp of a woman who smoked a pack a day.

“Time to wake up, Bleu,” she said, sending the Ryn into a spiral of confusion, dread, and fear, before realization hit and he clawed to hang on to the dream.

Valley of the Dark Jedi
Odan Urr Forward Camp

Kordath Bleu woke with a sigh, blinking a few times as he tried to focus on the intense, bright light before him. A quick flex of his wrists, then his ankles, confirmed his initial suspicion, even a casual tightening of the muscle at the base of his back showed they’d restrained his tail as well. The light burned his eyes, but still he squinted and tried to see past, registering a slim silhouette on the other side of a bare camp table from him. With a groan, the Ryn rolled his head on his neck, trying to stretch what muscles he could to get the blood moving.

“Kordath Bleu d’Tana, Priest of the Krath Order, Galeres, Arcona, and you are?” he said tiredly, as if reading from a script he’d used to many times.

A dry chuckle came from across the table, with a feminine quality that caused the Ryn to try and sit up straighter, despite his restraints, “You sound as if you’ve said that a few times, Mister d’Tana.”

“Sweetheart, you have no idea. The One Sith bastards tried to invade Selen last month, I got captured twice in one bloody week. Now I’m a bit blurry on…last…night? Anyways, I think I heard Odan Urr, which if that’s who you lot are, I am not all that worried, okay?” Kordath’s tone was thick with sarcasm, as he smiled in a manner that showed his teeth to the woman.

“Oh? You think I’m one of the delicate little Jedi women that are prancing around the canyons, trying to find nasty little Sithlings to duel? Or to try and ‘save them from themselves’ and all that romantic crap?” asked the woman, her voice filled with mockery.

Kordath paused for several long moments, before replying lamely, “Aren’t you? I mean they wouldn’t leave a regular soldier to interrogate a….oh gods you are aren’t you?”

A set of hands, encased in fingerless gloves covered in the dust of Korriban, entered his field of vision, as the woman leaned on the table. Her face entered the circle of light, just a bit, dark hair framing a face bearing a sardonic smile and a pair of thick goggles. Kordath couldn’t help but whistle lowly, trying to fight back a nervous grin. His mind raced though, trying to determine how best to continue the conversation in the light of his captor’s….allure.

“Yeah, keep thinking with those bits, Mister d’Tana,” she said, grinning.

“I…what? And Bleu, call me Bleu….you’re not a blasted soldier are you?” he said, confused.

The grin twisted back into a smile, a low, throaty chuckle accompanying it, “Let’s just say I have some talents that my comrades don’t, but don’t mistake me for one of the….hmmm,” she stopped, trying to frame her thoughts in word.

“A repressed egomaniac with delusions of grandeur and martyrdom?” suggested the Ryn, trying to sound helpful.

Leaning forward a bit more as she chuckled, Kordath fought to keep his eyes from traveling to the soldier’s open jacket and thin undershirt, and tried to focus on what was going on before he got himself killed. So far she seemed amused, that was a good thing, figured the Krath, if she thought he was funny maybe she wouldn’t feel the need to chop off his tail and use it to beat the crap out of him.

“I was going to say…well disciplined, concerned with the safety and well being of prisoners,” she said sweetly, her smile growing wider at the look of quiet understanding on the Priest’s face.

Kordath licked his lips nervously, squinting his eyes in a vain attempt to see through the goggle lenses, succeeding in only making his headache a bit worse.

“Fine, okay, so I’m strapped to a chair, you’re obviously at least sensitive, and trained with the Force, and I’m…more or less an enemy combatant, so…what now?”

She grinned, gesturing towards a pair of guards standing near the door behind the Ryn, which he hadn’t noticed due to…well, her. They stepped forward with a chuckle, reaching down to undo the restraints on the Krath’s legs, which he viewed as a suspicious act in of itself. As one reached towards his midsection, the Arconan began to squirm in his seat, and tried to kick at the guard, only to have his ankle grabbed and leg held steady.

Moments later the female soldier was holding his pants aloft, “Now I’m sure you don’t want to cause any trouble, but just in case, I’m taking your trousers. That way if you feel the need to make an escape, well…enjoy Korriban without pants, hmm?” she ended with another grin.

Kordath sat for a moment in awe, staring at the woman, “You know….you already got my pants, I’m sure there are far more fun ways to keep me here,” he said with a grin.

He winced as she laughed, and he found even that attractive, he realized sullenly, “I bet you think that, don’t you? In fact, I know you do, it’s kind of adorable. For a so called Dark Jedi, you are certainly something…else…” she trailed off, head turning to face towards one wall of the tent.

The Priest felt a prickle on the back of his neck, the hair standing up on end, and planted a foot on the ground to kick his chair over before he realized it. An explosive blast could be heard outside, setting the pre-fab structure shaking, and the sound of blaster fire began to filter through.

“Attack! We’re under attack!” came a screaming voice from outside, from a very observant and possibly dull witted soldier.

“Blast,” growled the woman, tossing the pants aside and dashing out the door, followed closely by the other two guards, leaving the Ryn laying in the dirt, bound to his chair.

Kordath sighed, wondering why this sort of thing always happened to him.


Vosh stalked the squad of soldiers, keeping his hands far from his weapons as he knew there was no chance to take them all — especially in his condition. On multiple occasions the squad leader stopped to see if they were being followed, but the young Sith stayed well hidden. Vosh knew there was no way to save both of them if he was captured as well, and he would have to wait for the perfect time to strike — but time was running scarce.

The oversize human lurked and waited in hopes that Uji and Kordath would sober up enough to be useful in a fight — even Kon was battling the absurd amount of alcohol in his system. He hoped and continued to observe from a distance, but to no avail. Uji and Kordath continued to give signs they were not sobering up, and by the time Kon thought there might be a chance to make a move they arrived at the base.

Kon weighed his options. Either do what he could to infiltrate the base or find Cethgus and have him assist with a rescue attempt. The young Sith sat for a moment feeling rather helpless as he tried his best to fight off the high amounts of alcohol in his system. He knew that if he left now, both Uji and Kordath should be fine in the hands of Jedi, but he also wanted to prove himself to be a worthy Sith during this final trial to ascend into Knighthood.


Valley of the Dark Jedi,
Odan Urr Scout Camp

“Blast blast blast,” growled the Ryn, inspecting his situation, the chair’s front legs were in the air, he noted, with a smile as he slipped free his ankles from bondage. Awkwardly, the Krath got to his feet, hunched over with the chair still attached at the back, his arms bound as they were. Gingerly stepping to the front of the tent, he worked his head back and forth through the flaps, until the harsh light of Korriban nearly blinded him. Gritting his teeth and trying his best to squint through the glare, his head pounding in time it seemed with some of the blaster fire further out. Just outside the tent though, it was a brawl.

He whistled lowly in appreciation as he spotted his captor and interrogator, stealer of pants. She had a vibrosword in hand and at least three…no just two, one had been bisected it seemed, Plagueis troopers laying around he.

This chick could give Nobby a run for his money, he thought with a grin, before his jaw began to drop as the woman sprang into action again. It was a work of art to the Ryn, who had always viewed outright fighting as a ‘bad idea’, preferring his methods of kicking the other person in the shin and making a run for it. The female soldier though…she moved quick, yet gracefully, blade humming through the air as she knocked aside blows, striking back with a vicious and calculated thrust, never spending time flourishing or boasting like so many Dark Jedi he’d witnessed.

The familiar sensation of danger crept up his spine as he watched, despite how much he was enjoying watching the lithe female move. Shouts to his right showed that his companion Uji had gotten up and about as well, though he’d somehow free’d himself, though the restraints on his wrists were now being used to bludgeon enemies as he spun and fought. Kordath noted the smirk on the usually somber man’s face, and he was almost certain it had to do with the dark skinned Iridonian Jedi that was fighting alongside him. She was keeping one eye on the Human as she fought, and the Priest was almost certain the look wasn’t one of ‘don’t you run, prisoner.’

“Good on ya, always said the ‘tortured Jedi act’ would work,” murmured the Ryn with a smile, before turning back to watch his own captor in action. Alarm rose in the Krath, as he spotted a man in blue trimmed armor, wielding a lightsaber come into the picture, heading for the woman.

“Blast,” the Ryn said with a sigh, stumbling out of the tent the best he could, chair bouncing on his back as he did. The woman turned to face the Plagueis Obelisk, sword raised a look of grim determination on her face. This was one that didn’t fear death, realized the Ryn, she probably viewed it as a minor annoyance. Kordath watched as the man swung his saber in a long, slow arc, building up power as he went and knocking her backwards.

‘Looked like he added a bit of telekinesis to the end of that…dirty dirty,* thought the Ryn as he closed, watching the saber come up over the Obelisk’s head, readying the kill blow, Do unto others and all that poodoo, then.

Kordath lashed out, still a few meters away, with the Force. Sending a wave of telekinetic energy out, caused the Obelisk to lose his footing in surprise, stumbling sideways. As the Ryn closed the last few steps, he sprinted and channeled his frustration and anger through the Force to give himself some extra momentum. Using this, he planted his left foot on the dusty ground and propelled himself up and over, smashing the chair to pieces on the Obelisk as he tried to rise from the ground.

Hearing a grunt of anger and pain below him, and finding himself no longer attached the chair, the Ryn kicked his feet up and rolled to a standing position. Turning with a grin on his face to address his female captor, he noted an angry presence, the Obelisk had regained his feet and looked….disgruntled. Kordath sighed, bending his knees as he dropped into a Jeswandi stance, the Ryn found his hands still bound behind his back much his annoyance. There wasn’t time to do much about that, though, as the Plagueis Obelisk came at him with his blade.

Kordath danced back, ducking under a swipe and lashing out at the man’s knee, hearing an audible cracking sound that sent the Obelisk to the ground. Hopping over the next attack, the Ryn kicked the man in the face, knocking him over and sending his weapon rolling away, before he stepped around and with a loud cry, stomped on his enemy’s throat. Shuddering out a few breathes, Kordath closed his eyes and caught his breath, before surveying the battlefield, noting that Uji and the Iridonian had disappeared. A couple of grinning Odan Urr soldiers standing next to a tent, heads near the canvas suggested where they’d gone, which caused the Ryn to smile.

“Right, that’s over,” said the woman, who’d regained her feet in time to see Bleu dispatch the Obelisk, “Back into the tent, Mister Bleu.”

“Oh comeon, I could have ran, I could have let that guy kill you!”

She grinned at him, “Yes, you could have, and you didn’t. Now, back into the tent. And you aren’t wearing pants, remember?”

Kordath felt himself blush at the realization that he’d just killed an enemy with nothing but his feet whilst not wearing trousers, “Well, okay, do I get those back now?”

“Mmm…get in the tent, Bleu, and you won’t need the pants for the next bit,” she said as she passed him, her voice dropping a few octaves.

“Huh? Wait…Oh…oh! Right, tent,” said Kordath, his brain catching up with the situation.


The young Sith slowly made his way down toward the base, trying to fight off everything that was clouding his mind. Kon saw where the two Equites were being held and figured it shouldn’t be too hard to reach his fellow Dark Jedi. Vosh looked around and made his way toward the tent where Uji and Kordath were being held and interrogated. As the human made his way through the camp, two young Jedi came up behind him.

Two Jedi, a Padawan and a Knight were able to catch Kon. The Sith allowed this to happen as he figured it would be easier for him to infiltrate further into the camp. However, on their way to where the Obelisk and Krath were being held, he saw a few battle-hardened Jedi enter the tent. Realizing there was no way he could take on that many Jedi, even if he freed the two Equites, he began to plan his escape from the two inexperienced Jedi.

Vosh waited until he was in an area where no one could see the three of them. The Sith took the Padawan — who was holding his vibrosword — by surprise, reclaimed his vibrosword and the young Jedi’s lightsaber, and swung around allowing him to impale both his captors at once. Before he snuck his way out of the camp, Kon stole the Knight’s lightsaber to keep as a trophy. The young human quickly made his way out of the camp to go find Cethgus and Galleros — like he originally planned.

After making his way out of the camp, Vosh took a moment to examine his latest trophy. He ignited the lightsaber and it lit up with a bright white color.