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[GJW XI] Clan Naga Sadow Team Nox Sicarii


This is the Run-on thread for Clan Naga Sadow Team Nox Sicarii.

Maelous Ascarend, #13447
Jades A Sadow, #164
Jeric Cyrin, #8539
Bal Demona, #10059
Sebz Janren, #13894

Civil War has befallen the Brotherhood. The Clans have split into three factions: the Loyalists, who have rallied behind Grand Master Ashen; the Rebels, following the banner of Jac Cotelin; and the New Order, led by the mysterious Sith Lord Esoteric. Each faction has stormed the surface of Korriban, establishing impressive fortifications and moving towards the Valley of the Dark Lords. Loyalists, Rebels, and the New Order clash across Korriban’s surface, all three attempting to gain control of the Valley of Dark Lords and the secrets it holds.

The Valley of Dark Lords has erupted in carnage, forces from every unit in the Brotherhood streaming into the ruins and temples, establishing makeshift defensive positions behind virtually every wall. Blood is spilled over every inch, each of the three sides gambling the lives of thousands of Jedi in an attempt to put an end to this conflict once and for all. The Loyalists, following Ashen’s command, seek to break through to the Tomb of Marka Ragnos, where the Disciples of Ragnos once sealed a chamber with writings on the Rite of Immortality. To open it, Ashen has sent three of his most skilled advisors in ancient dark rites and alchemy, but the way is not yet safe or clear for them, as the One Sith were originally entrenched in the Valley and still maintain a strong control over most of the area. Esoteric’s forces have a base of operations at the Tomb of Ajunta Pall, a fortified location that allows them a great deal of mobility throughout the Valley, which they use to harass any operations by the other two sides. The Adept Dantella Novae reluctantly commands Esoteric’s forces in the region, though she seems more interested in stealing the secrets of Marka Ragnos than in defending the Valley itself. Cotelin is seeking to contain and control whatever the Tomb of Marka Ragnos holds, through any means necessary… and before Ashen’s forces can reach it.

You and your team have found yourselves just outside one of the few entrances to the Valley of the Dark Lords. You know that inside the Valley, death and destruction have overtaken the ruins, but you also know that ultimately, victory for one side of the other is likely to come within the walls of the ancient tombs. Your runon should detail the battle within the Valley, and must illustrate (either through success or failure) at least one of the sides in the conflict - this will play a major role in your Story grade.

Teams will create their own run-on thread in the run-on category. Your lead post will include your team name, team members, and team pins. The lead post, containing team members, may not be edited unless you coordinate with the competition organizers (Mav and Sarin). If you so choose, you may paste in the prompt and rules into this lead post. This lead post may be used just as a header, does not abide by word count restrictions, may be followed by the same poster, but also does not count as one of the three posts a member must make. Good luck.


Entrance to the Valley of Dark Lords
Horuset System
Outer Rim

The wind fluttered the edges of his cloak as he and his team held position behind a fallen statue. The sand in the air peppered the lenses of his helmet and coated his hood in a thin layer of dust. Maelous dropped into a Broken Gate stance as the sound of approaching foot steps echoed off the walls of the pass they had taken. A form materialized in the dusty air, near the head of the broken statue. The Sith tensed, every muscle in his body strengthened by the force as he readied himself to attack. The form approached cautiously, eventually the details of the form solidified as Sebz approached the Aedile.

Maelous relaxed and heard an audible exhale and the lowing of weapons from behind him. Jeric stepped forward and stood next to Maelous. The Battlelord nodded to his apprentice, “Glad to see you survived. What did you find?”

“There is a group of Cotelin’s men below.”

“Traitors,” hissed the Sith Warrior

Sebz nodded, “There appears to be about a dozen troopers and a single dark Jedi.”

“The Jedi is mine,” Jade said as she and Bal approached.

Maelous nodded to the Epis, still sensing her emotions like a knot in the back of his mind. He looked over the gathered members of his team, “We need to move now. Sebz, you post up on that cliff. When you are in position take what shots you can. We will come in below you and sweep through the squad. Once they have been eliminated we will need to move quickly to get to that tomb.”

Sebz nodded, turned, and sprinted away. The rest of the group began to move down the slope into the Valley. The former Jensaarai smirked under his helmet. He could not be more pleased to finally step into the tomb of Marka Ragnos.


Entrance to the Valley of Dark Lords
Horuset System
Outer Rim

The Jedi Hunter sprinted away from the group and began his climb to the highest point that gave the best view of the valley. He lifted his hood and raised a fabric based mask that covered his lower face and nose. He adjusted his lightsaber, dual wrist daggers, pistol and his long range sniper rifle before beginning his climb.

The climb was an easy one now that he had acquired strength physically and through the Force. The rock had been eaten away by time. Areas were much easier to grab and climb on, while others nearly made Sebz lose his grip, only to be saved by the Force or his sturdy legs underneath him. His climb was still miserable.

Soon he got onto the best view point he had seen, a plateau fifty meters away from his departure of the group. He flipped a lens down above his eyes and noticed the friendly markers highlighted by a small cut in the rock, fairly close to him within sniping distance. Twenty or so meters below were twelve hostile troopers and one female in the group.

Sith tattoos all over her body highlighted her red skin as it beamed under the harsh light of Korriban showing the years of battle she had experienced. Dual lightsabers were clipped to her belt as well as a purple dagger hanging from her leg. Sebz stayed low and marked all the hostiles giving them red markers above their heads.

“Master, I’m in position.”

“Roger apprentice. Start the fight and we’ll follow.” said his master Jeric.

Sebz unhooked his sniper from his back and went into a prone position. His scope popped as he opened the lens cover, showing his newly made markers. He had his cross hairs on the brute of the group. Explosives, guns, and what seemed to be death covered his body.

Right, breath, relax, and fire…

Sebz did all those things and pursed his lips as he pulled the trigger sending more than just death to the brute.


Entrance to the Valley of Dark
Horuset System
Outer Rim

It didn’t take long before the first of the enemy group fell to the ground with an unceremonious thud, the rest of the group started to look about in a panic. As the surviving troopers looked around in a panicked desperation attempting to find where the fire had come from, he and the other three quickly ignited their lightsabers and descended on the group of terrified soldiers.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw Jades engage the Dark Jedi, having made her intention rather plain before the attack started. Cutting down one of the enemies, he heard another fall behind him, the victim of another sniper round. Ducking and turning, he thrust forward through the stomach of yet another faceless soldier whom, unfortunately, already had Jeric’s lightsaber through his chest. The two weapons cracked together as they met, quickly going their separate ways as the two men withdrew from the dead trooper.

Focused as he was on the troopers, he was surprised when he found another lightsaber soon contacted his own. Demona had interrupted the duel between the Jedi and Jade but a second, but it was enough to make the Dark Jedi try and attack him. Rolling out of the way, he left the other two behind him. As expected, the troopers were keeping everybody occupied as lightsabers met behind him.

As Maelous dispatched the last of the troopers, the three of them turned their attention towards Jades as she rammed her lightsaber through the Dark Jedi’s chest before quickly pulling it out and decapitating her with practiced grace. As the lifeless body fell to the ground, he simply smirked at the Epis.

“Decided against leaving some for the rest of us?”


**Entrance to the Valley of Dark Lords


Horuset System

Outer Rim**

Jade shivered as the wind swept across her neck. It was caress similar to stalker who broke into your bedroom at night, daring to touch your body before you woke up. It sent shivers across her skin and the force seemed to guide it into her very soul. She knew there was something there, something hiding the secrets that everyone was seeking, and it was daring them. Jade wasn’t one for turning tail, but she recognized power when she felt it, and this was defiantly a dark power. There was no doubt in her mind that whomever succeeded in reaching the Tomb of Marka Ragnos would have a serious advantage in the civil war. She just prayed it would be them. She looked at Bal next to her, he was the first she found in the sandy air. Grinning, as she thought about how she nearly took his head off as she emerged from the cloud of brown dust. His aura had been full of fear, vengeance, and a prepared sense to fight, all emotions she would have attributed to a scout, or even a prey knowing it was being followed by a predator. It wasn’t until his outline came into view that she took her hand off the hilt to her saber.

As they neared the others she could hear them talking, men, she thought, they really do need to learn to hunt in silence. She ran her tongue over her fangs before quickly claiming her victim, “the Jedi is mine.” She felt Maelous look at her. Ever since that one touch, something strange had been happening between them. She almost swore she could feel him in the back of her mind…but then again, she was pretty sure she was feeling his emotions as well. She quickly shook he feelings off as Sebz headed to higher ground. Before she could say another thing, shots were fired and the action took place. Everyone went heading into battle. Jade took a step back, it wasn’t wise to just run in head first, guns blazing…besides, she had a bigger threat to worry about then the hostile troopers. She scanned the area and found the Dark Jedi ready to pounce onto Maelous’s back.

Igniting her saber, Jade moved on the balls of her feet and connected with the Dark Jedi’s saber. The woman grunted in frustration and turned to stare into Jades violet eyes. Jade grinned, the tips of her fangs just peeking out from under her red lip. “Think we need to talk girl to girl…” Jade gave a quick glance at the woman as she pushed back on her saber, the pressure causing the Jedi to take a step back and gain her balance, “red skin and tattoos…really not a good fashion statement.” The woman screamed in anger, pushing back on her saber while calling the force to bring her other from her hip to her waiting hand. Jade took a step back to avoid the hissing blade as it sprang to life.

The woman smiled. “You want to talk about fashion sense, I’d lose those markings toward your Clan and the Brotherhood,” she jumped towards Jade, her blades swinging in different directions, hoping to make contact with the Sadowian. Jade ducked, tucking and rolling on the ground, bringing her saber up, forcing the woman to jump over her. She growled as Jade regained her feet. “They won’t be appropriate soon.” Jade eyed the purple dagger on the womans’ leg. “The Brotherhood as you know it won’t be the same, once…”

“Careful darling, or you’ll give away which side you’re working for.” Jade laughed. It wasn’t like she cared which side the Dark Jedi was on, Jade knew she was on Cotelin’s side, and it wasn’t hers. Jade crouched low and pushed off with her feet, heading straight for her victim. But as her body neared the woman the Dark Jedi brought her one saber down towards Jade right shoulder, forcing Jade to veer off her attack and bring her saber up to defend the blade. But as she did, the womans’ other saber headed straight for her left shoulder. Jade was about to tuck forward and ram into the womans’ body when a saber came up between them and blocked the downward stroke. The move instantly pissing off the woman who brought a foot up and kicked Jade square in the chest, forcing her back as she turned towards Bal.

“You insolent little boy! Don’t you know it’s not polite to interrupt the grownups when they are talking?!” She turned towards him, giving Jade a chance to get back on her feet and try to catch her breath. Demona knew the woman was trying to goat him into a battle, but he wasn’t about to get in the middle of a fight between two women, hell, many guys would be paying to see this, he should be taking bets at the side line! He quickly ducked and rolled out of the way of her attack. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Jade standing up, and he realised somehow he must have blocked an attack on the Epis. For a brief moment, the question of how, and quite possibly who, guided his saber into that position to help the Krath, flashed through his mind. Something, or someone, was watching them…he just hoped they were watching over them, and not saving them for some wicked purpose yet to come.

As Jade looked back at the woman she saw Demona duck and roll out of the way of her first attack, but she knew he wouldn’t be able to avoid her advances for long. Taking a step closer Jade used the force to pick up a few pieces of debris and fling them at the Dark Jedi, making them twist around the woman. It took a lot of concentration to block out the noises of the battle around her and to keep the pieces moving around like gnats, distracting the woman. As the Dark Jedi brought her saber up to swat at the distraction, leaving Demona alone, Jade took a running step towards the woman, bringing her saber up as she did and plunging it deep into the womans’ chest. The stones that had been flying around suddenly dropping to the ground as Jades full attention went with her blades claim for blood.

The Dark Jedi gurgled her surprise. Jade pulled her blade out easily from the woman and brought it up, gracefully decapitating the Dark Jedi. As the head fell to the ground with a thud, the body following its path in a crumpled pile, the purple dagger caught Jades attention. Smiling she bent down and picked it up, placing it on her hip. She always loved daggers, and now she had one to match her eyes.

Demona broke into her thoughts about the slick purple blade at her hip, “Decided against leaving some for the rest of us?”

Jade smirked and turned towards him. Her hips swaying as
she walked towards the rest of the group, tucking a strand of hair behind her
ear. “Maybe next time.” She winked as she walked by him.


Valley of Dark Lords, Korriban
Horuset System, Outer Rim

Dust billowed around the body of the rebellious dark jedi Jade had just beheaded. Jeric turned his attention to the cliff where his apprentice carefully made his way down the rock face.

“That was satisfying,” Jade hissed as she strutted up to the former master and apprentice. Bel approach from behind Jade with a smirk on his face.

“Rebels,” He said with laugh. “Didn’t think Cotelin’s men where going to be that easy.”

Jeric glanced at the Knight then at Jade, both shook their heads in disagreement. He doesn’t understand the power and respect Cotelin holds over many in the Brotherhood, his true followers will be much stronger and waiting for us at the Tomb. Jeric thought to himself as he glanced back at the cliff. He couldn’t see his apprentice but then again he couldn’t see much of anything these days. The Battlelord could sense his apprentice approaching having made the climb down with ease.

As Sebz rejoined the group Maelous spoke up. “We need to take up an overwatch on the Tomb. Cotelin’s followers will no doubt be there, but Esoteric’s forces may also be in the area. If we are to get into the tomb we need to be smart about this.”

Jeric stepped forward. “There is a plateau just outside the Tomb of Naga Sadow, its should provide a good vantage point over the Tomb of Marka Ragnos.”

“Good then we will head there,” Maelous gestured for his former master to take the lead.

Jeric gave the team a few seconds to gather themselves. The Sith stood looking out into the Valley, dust filled the air clouding the great tombs from the naked eye. But the Sith didn’t need to see where he was going he could feel the dark side coursing thru the rock, the force echoed off everything painting a clear picture in Jeric’s head.

“Ready when you are master,” Sebz said as he and the rest of the group joined Jeric. The Sith nodded and made his way into the clouds of dust.


Nearing the Tomb of Marka Ragnos, Valley of Dark Lords, Korriban
Horuset System, Outer Rim

No sooner had Jeric started to fade into the dust than the rest of the group followed along, quietly braving the savage weather that pervaded the Valley. Dust clouds swirled around the valley, cloaking things far into the distance in a tempest of dirt and sand. As they walked along, the bodies of those who had fallen during the conflict littered the ground beside the obelisks that payed silent homage to the Valley’s former glory. The planet itself was permeated by the Dark Side, a testament to the power wielded by those that came before them. A power that refused to follow the ancient masters to the grave.

To be able to harness the power of this place would make one unstoppable. Though the very idea of being able to bend the spirits here to one’s will is incredibly ludicrous. They won’t bow to the afterlife, why would they bow to living beings.

“Being philosophical?”

The voice pulled him back into reality. His thoughts on the Valley were probably easy to read, an admiration that he made no attempt to hide. He quickly deduced it was Jeric in his head.

“I’m just admiring the scenery, it’s my first time here and I wanted to see the sights a bit.”

Jeric cut him off “Did it ever occur to you we’re here for a purpose?”

“Oh I recall, there’s no need to not enjoy being in a place like this though.”

Jeric shook his head and walked onward, undoubtedly not thrilled with Bal’s words. He largely ignored what Jeric had said, simply continuing to trudge toward their destination. They were all on high alert, keeping their collective eyes open as the trip went on. After some time, the tomb’s outline came into sight. As did the two armies colliding at the steps thereof.

Jade stepped forward “Looks like somebody already beat us here.”

Bal narrowed his eyes, using his hand to shield them as he looked on “Too many for the few of us to deal with right away. At this rate, they’ll thin themselves out soon enough. Then we can pick up the pieces…should be entertaining. They shouldn’t even be there to begin with, traitorous as they are.”

Sebz and Mal stepped forward, bringing themselves in line with everybody else. “Then we can just show them all the error of their ways.”


Near the Tomb of Marka Ragnos
Valley of Dark Lords
Horuset System
Outer Rim

Maelous watched the two forces, the One Sith and the rebel faction, viciously attack one another. Sabers clashed as blaster bolts streaked across the battlefield. The Aedile reasoned that the One Sith had arrived before Cotelin’s since they were defending the entrance into the Tomb of Marka Ragnos.

Jeric stepped up next to his former apprentice and pointed to the plateau. “There is no way we can fight them all. Looks to be about a hundred or so units. We can reach the top from over there. They won’t see us make the climb and we can wait till their numbers are down enough that we can go in and clean up.”

“Good,” Maelous rasped, “Let’s move. Once we get up there we can signal Lord Ashen’s advisors. By the time they reach us here we should be ready to strike.”

Approximately one hour later.

Maelous approached the three Krath Pontifices as they reached the top of the plateau.

“Greeting, I am Maelous,”

“We are aware of who you and your team are Aedile,” said the female coldly, “have you been able to gain entrance into the tomb?”

The Sith Warrior eyed the three for a moment through his dark lenses, “Sebz, Report,” he yelled.

The Jedi Hunter trotted over to his positions, “There are not many troops left. We count thirty troops all together with about six Dark Jedi.”

“About six,” asked the former Jensaarai, “We cannot get a more accurate number?”

Jeric stepped over, “There are four on Cotelin’s side, Maelous. We only ever see two of the One Sith, One will move out of view and head deeper into the tomb and the come back out a short time later. The hoods of their robes make it difficult to determine if it’s some sort of trick, or if they actually have the numbers to rotate guard shifts. The One Sith have the greater number of troopers though, which is what is holding off Cotelin’s men.”

Maelous nodded and went to issue order but was cut off again by the Krath female, “It’s time we move, we need to retrieve this information for Lord Ashen,”

The three Krath turned in unison and began to walk away. The female Pontifice called over her shoulder, “Don’t disappoint us.”


Near the Tomb of Marka Ragnos

Valley of Dark Lords
Horuset System
Outer Rim

Jade glanced at Jeric and Sebz, it was obvious they still shared a Master Student bond, as she did with Macron, though she would even go so far as to call Macron family. Jade smirked, the tips of her fangs just hidden under the red of her lips. If it were still customary for the student to eventually kill, or try to kill, their Master, she wondered how Jeric and Sebz would come out in the end. Jeric glanced towards her and Jade gave him a nod, certain he must have picked up on something she was thinking about.

Maelous split off slightly from the rest of them, heading towards three Krath Pontificies waiting for them there. Jade stayed a bit farther back from the Aedile, with the others, as he walked up to them. Having trained under Macron, Jade was no stranger to alchemy and its dark arts, and felt she could probably fill in if needed, but she had to admit, she was glad they were an aid given to them. There was something strange about the tomb. It was almost like something was following her shadow, as though using her shadow to try to get into her. She had heard of such dark power wielding in the past, but figured they were rumors to scare young students into obeying their masters, least they get possessed by them. She glanced at Jeric, who seemed to be looking around too. She knew the dirt and dust made it hard to visually see everything, but he was obviously sensing something more, like she was.

“We know who you and your team are, Aedile.” Jade looked at the woman as she very clearly glared at Maelous, wondering why he had possibly signaled them to come now, when they hadn’t even made it into the tomb entrance yet. “Have you been able to gain entrance into the tomb?” Jade wanted to smirk and she wanted to drop kick the lady. The feeling that radiated off Maelous was one he was certain anyone, with or without, the force could feel. She could tell he was grinding his teeth, reminding himself that the Krath were there for a purpose and had been sent by the Grand Master. Killing them would not look great on his record.

“Sebz, Report.” Jade snickered to herself as Sebz nearly jumped out of his skin to answer Maelous. Maelous had the power and position to do the man in if he wanted, but Jade was pretty sure Sebz was a bit more jumpy, due to their new team mates, if she could really call her fellow Krath that.

“There are not many troops left. We count thirty troops all together with about six Dark Jedi.” Sebz tried hard not to glance at the Krath, and only at Maelous.

“We cannot get a more accurate number?” Jade wanted so bad to laugh, she could just feel Maelous’s annoyance, it was like Sebz had just poked his big brother a 100 times and any moment now Maelous would smack him. She couldn’t blame him. Really, when fighting a battle, approximate numbers, though better than nothing, weren’t exactly the best way to deliver news to your superior. Especially when he was dealing with help from the Dark Council. As she thought about it, Jade wondered why she was starting to feel that way towards Sebz as well. She noticed Maelous give her a quick look, as though he too were wondering that. She shook it off thinking, maybe he was just looking at her, hoping she had an answer.

Jeric stepped forward and started to explain. Jade just looked at the Krath, one seemed to be looking around her. Jade felt the force tingle through her. Was it possible the Krath also sensed something dark hanging around them? Or even, Jade herself? She still couldn’t explain the look on Bals face as his saber suddenly collided to block a strike that surely would have connected with the Daughter of Sadow. He seemed shocked, like something else had controlled his movements. She shook her head. At this rate, she was going to go as crazy as her old Master, the Madman Macron!

“It’s time we move, we need to retrieve this information for Lord Ashen,” the Kraths’ voice was full of disdain, and even command, as they grouped together and started walking away. None of them even going to bother helping in the battle that lay before Maelous, Jeric, Sebz, Bal and Jade. Not that she blamed them, it wasn’t really their fight, they had another purpose, but she couldn’t help when Maelous placed his hand on the hilt of his saber, his eyes following the Krath as the female added, “don’t disappoint us.”

Jade bumped into Maelous shoulder and smiled at him. As his helmet turned to look at her she looked down at his hand then motioned with her head owards the three Krath. “It’s not worth it. When Muz wins, he’d kick your ass and then hand it to you on a silver platter.”

Jeric chuckled as he walked past the two, “more like diamond encrusted.”

Jade laughed and could feel Maelous smile, she wasn’t sure how, but she did. They all walked to the end of the Plateau and looked down. “So Jeric,” Jade smirked, “You and your former apprentice can get all the Dark Jedi right? I can just stay here and relax?”

Jeric shook his head, “You’re so getting your hands dirty Jade.”

“Maybe this time she will leave some for the rest of us.” Bal chuckled.

Jade stretched her arms above her head, her curves moving in such a way it reminded her team of a cat preparing to pounce. “I might…if you’re lucky.” She winked at him. Grabbing the saber at her side, she crouched low, planning her angle of attack. “Time to get this party started!”


Entrance to the Valley of Dark Lords
Horuset System
Outer Rim

Sebz heard the orders and turned to his master. The Sith Battlelord did nothing but nod as he joined up with the main group, ready to assault the remaining enemy forces. Sebz turned away and raised his hood and fabric mask. The dust of Korriban had started to kick up again, blocking any non Force users field of view. The young Jedi Hunter reached out into the Force to prevent him from bumping into any rocks or going passed his checkpoint. All the while he wondered while Maelous barked at him like that. Sebz understood the performance of this mission and knew how much this would turn the tides of the war,but he didn’t expect Maelous to shriek at him like that.

Apprentice, do not think about what has just happened… You have much greater things to do at the moment, things that if not done correctly this time I will let my former apprentice kick your ass…

His masters voice faded from his mind as he reached his mark.

"Sure, yell at me cause I can’t get exact numbers. I’m trying but I can’t calculate exactly how many Dark Jedi are down there."He talked to himself as he began his climb. Yet, Sebz followed his masters advice and brought the anger to fuel his arms as he climbed up the ledge to another sniping point. This one was much higher than before and Sebz had to take it at a much slower pace than before in order to not become detected. He was near the top of the ridge when two voices were heard from the top.

“You think we can beat these guys? They look like some tough shit down there. Especially that one girl, you see how easily she cut down Cythera? I thought she was done.” said a mysterious voice, the one of a male. Sebz held his position and adjusted his grip in order for him to eavesdrop on the conversation a bit more.

“Who the hell is that sniper guy? He’s got a mean shot. Did you see his rifle too? Oh, it was a beauty. I hope we capture him and get a piece of some of his equipment. I wonder how much that sells on the black market?” This time it was a raspy female voice. Sebz didn’t know how to confront them especially at such an awkward angle.

Sebz, you in position?” Maelous’s voice had some anger behind it as he wondered where the Jedi Hunter was. Sebz didn’t want to answer and give away his position but he had an idea. His hand moved to his pistol blaster on his hip.

“Almost there, approaching target now.” Sebz responded loud enough for the two figures to hear him.

“Hey who’s that?” The rustling of feet was heard as the male figure peeked his head over the ledge.

Sebz couldn’t help but grin as he said the next couple of words. “It’s the sniper guy.” He whipped out his blaster and shot a round and caught the male figure in between the eyes. His body fell over the ledge, armor and everything.

“Julius!” The female figure ran over to the ledge but was stopped as Sebz made his way on top of the ledge where the two enemies had set up shop.

“If anyone wants to see something good, look to the sniping spot.” said Sebz over comm as he tucked away his blaster into its holster. “Now, you know I don’t want any trouble, right?”

“YOU REBEL SCUM, HOW DARE YOU COME UP TO ME NOT ASKING FOR TROUBLE!” the female’s face lite up extremely red as she ran toward Sebz. He was quicker as he unsheathed one of his wrist’s hidden daggers. The Jedi Hunter held up the dagger in a classic execution style as she ran toward him. Sebz felt warm blood ooze onto his hand as his dagger penetrated his victims throat, rendering her dead.

Not bad…” said Maelous. “Hurry into your spot and set up, we’ve got things to do.

Sebz slowly brought the female’s body down and closed her eyes, before finally throwing her down the same way her companion went down. He didn’t pay much attention at the bone shattering sounds he heard below him as set up shop. He popped the scope open and became prone as he saw his first target, one of the Dark Jedi. “Sniper ready!”

Alright people you heard him… FOR SADOW!” said Maelous as he rushed out from his hiding spot and began to attack the opposing forces. The rest followed suite. Sebz relaxed as steadied his breath as he pulled the trigger, making the sound of his gunshot heard throughout the valley.


Tomb of Marka Ragnos

Valley of Dark Lords


Horuset System

Outer Rim

Jade ducked low and moved within the shadows as she picked out her victim, using the force to cover her tracks, make her like a ghost…similar to what she felt surrounding her, but she pushed that thought out of her mind.

The six Dark Jedi turn and look at each other, their troops still blissfully unaware of what was approaching.

“Sith spit! Figures they would attack now.” One of the two human males cursed.

“Wouldn’t you?” one of the taller males looked at the short but well muscled younger man. “We just fought a heavy battle, lost many troops. They likely planned it.”

The lone Twi’lek female of the group sighed, “Ya well it sucks we have less pawns to throw at them. Looks like I’ll have to get my hands dirty after all.” She looked at her nails, perfect manicured.

Geard looked at the Twi’lek, his Zabrak horns pointing in her direction as he spoke, “Ya right, you’ll leave the fighting to the big boys, won’t you honey?” The others snickered as her hand went for her saber. “Relax, we should be worrying about that ridge, by the way the force feels to black out, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had our own Dark Jedi to deal with.”

“You,” Kalek, shouted at the troops trying to take a break and heal whatever wounds they had inflected from the not so distant battle. “Get up, and from a horse shoe.” The troopers, though reluctantly, stood up and formed a pattern. Kalek looked back at the other Dark Jedi. “Since we are to guard the entrance, I say we take up a position behind what’s left of the troopers.”

Marcus stood up, his heavy robes falling around him to conceal his withered but battle worn features. He should have been killed many years ago, but with the use of the force and some precious allies in alchemy, he still roamed the galaxy. Though his used his robes to hide his human identity, and his precious secrets of immortality. “Our troopers are tired, it wouldn’t give them much of a fight to get worn out, but either way, perhaps they will get cocky and make a mistake.”

The six Dark Jedi took up various position behind was what left of their troops, and it wasn’t many. They knew they were in for a wicked battle. But that was just the way they liked it. Deadly, bloody, and only one victor.


Entrance to the Valley of Dark Lords
Horuset System
Outer Rim

Sebz pulled the trigger and watched as one of the enemy soldiers fell with a shell in its head. He relaxed once again and took aim at one of the Dark Jedi, the lone Twi’lek female, and took his shot. He watched as the shell made its way toward her abdomen, but was deflected by her lightsaber as it came to close to her armor. She was surprised that the sniper would dare take such a shot at her and glared at Sebz direction, allowing enough time for Sebz’s master, Jeric to take a swing at her life, but was unsuccessful as he began to duel with the lone female.

Jade had decided to go up against on of the male humans and the Zabarak, her purple lightsaber flashing in between both of their red ones.

His aedile had taken on the figure with the extremely heavy robes. The figures robes were clearly not helping the combat as the figures lightsaber barely manages to deflect Maelous’s swings.

Bal had decided to stay long distance and take on more enemy troops with his blaster, pulling the trigger a few times and then hiding under cover while providing aid to which ever one was in most dire need of it.

Sebz stayed in his prone position as he fired more shots toward the enemy. Shot after shot, the enemy troops had slowly dwindled in its numbers, leaving nothing but the six Dark Jedi and the attacking group. Mael and Jade led the cornering of the enemy into the corner, Jade showing her fangs as she prepared to execute one of the lucky few. In an act of daring compromise, the only unidentified Dark Jedi rose from his huddled position and Force pushed Maelous away from the group. Jade tried to intercept the figure, but his brute strength proved too much for her. He sprinted away as Jeric and Bal contained the remaining prisoners. The figure ran to Sebz’s direction as he left the group.

NOW APPRENTICE! THIS IS THE TIME YOU PROVE YOURSELF TO THE GROUP!” His master shouted into the young Jedi Hunter’s mind. He jumped up from his prone position as he saw the figure foolishly run underneath Sebz’s Sniping position, stopping as to take a breath from the unsuspected escape.

Sebz looked at the figure, knowing he hadn’t been noticed yet. He adjusted his sniper onto his back and drew both his daggers, smiling as he knew exactly what was coming. He raised his hood and mask as he jumped off his perch, daggers cutting through the air. He managed to land right behind the figures back, silently hitting the ground. Sebz came within three steps and whistled.

“AGH!” The figure turned around and caught Sebz’s right dagger in his throat in the process.

“Did you really think you could get away with this?” Said Sebz as released his dagger from his victims throat, watching the blood ooze from his now lifeless body.

Sebz made his back to his fellow Sadowans. He held his victims saber in his hand as his prize as he strode up to the group. Every single enemy lay dead, covered in a pool of their own blood. The Twi’lek was all that remained alive. His fellow Sadowans in turn were interrogating her, each one using their own form of torture on her. Sebz made his way up by his master’s side, presenting his his victim’s saber.

“YOU KILLED KALEK? HOW DARE YOU?” she said as she tried to get up but was quickly silenced by Jade’s blade, rendering every single member of the opposition lifeless.

“You’ve done well apprentice. You’ve earned yourself among our ranks, but you have much to prove. Return to your sniper perch apprentice and guard the entrance as we move around the tomb, finding whatever Lord Ashen requires. Go apprentice.” His master Jeric turned and led the group into the tomb.

Sebz turned and began to make his way back to his sniping perch till he was stopped by Maelous. “Good job kid, you’ll be a valuable resource soon.” Maelous rushed to go by his former masters side, leaving Sebz with Jade and Bal.

Jade smiled, exposing her fangs as she spoke. “Look at you actually getting your hand dirty.” She said as she followed suite. Sebz looked at Bal and was received by a nod. He rushed to the rest of the groups aid, leaving Sebz alone out the tomb.

“Well, here goes nothing!” said Sebz as he rushed back to his perch, waiting to pop a shell in between any unsuspecting enemies eyes.


Outside the Tomb of Marka Ragnos
Valley of Dark Lords, Korriban
Horuset System, Outer Rim

“Sniper ready!”

Jeric gave a quick glance around the team, Jade was already working her way thru the shadows. The Sith Battlelord unclipped his saber and nodded to his former apprentice.

“Alright people you heard him, For Sadow!” the Aedile shouted as he rushed out form the teams hiding spot.

Bal followed suit running towards the unexacting enemies lightsaber twirling in hand. Jeric paused for a second to listen, wind howled thru the valley, lightsabers clashed, blaster fire echoed off the tomb walls. The former Noble took a knee and focused on the dark side as it swirled in the air around him. Jeric took a deep breath then smirked, No mercy he said to himself as he launched himself into the air.

The Sith ignited the crimson blade of his saber seconds before driving it straight into the ground unleashing a shock wave of force energy. The four troopers standing near the lone Twi’lek female were either crushed or tossed. As Jeric stood a shot rang out from the ridge behind him, the Twi’lek female defect the bolt only to lock sabers with the Sith Battlelord. She was agile in her movements but far weaker than Jeric it didn’t take long before Jeric took out one of her legs, disarmed her with a flick of his wrist and then tossed her against a stone wall with a powerful force push. The Sith walked over grabbed the lone female from her chest piece and dragged her over the the other prisoners.

The sound of Maelous grunting and a gasp from Jade caught Jeric’s attention as he spun around to see the surviving dark jedi running away. He was heading right for his apprentice.

“Now apprentice! This is the time you prove yourself to the group.” Jeric shouted thru the force, hoping his apprentice would hear him in time to stop the foe. A minute later Maelous step over to his former master and mention the lost of life he felt thru the force. Jeric sense it was not his apprentice and seconds later Sebz emerged from the dust with the saber of the fallen dark jedi in his hand.

“What is inside the tomb that the One Sith are protecting?” Jade ask the lone female as she dragged the tip of her saber down the Twi’leks arm.

The women spit blood at the Krath’s boots and received a quick jab to the face by Bal for disrespecting his female superior.

“She doesn’t want to talk does she?” Jeric asked Jade as he walked up with Maelous and Sebz.

“You Killed Kalek? How Dare you!” The Twi’lek barked before her neck was sliced open by Jade’s saber.

“No she didn’t,” Jade replied.

A few minutes later….

“Master I am back in position. It looks like Cotelin’s force haven’t realized we took out the One Sith and are about to infiltrate the tomb.” Sebz told his master as he reposition himself on the ridge.

“Lets keep it that way, only engage if you have to and notify us if they get to close. Fall back to the tomb entrance if they do.” Jeric replied before stepping inside the entrance to the tomb where the rest of the team stood waiting.

The foyer was huge, artifact lined its walls, torches burn endless on each of the pillars along the walkway . The team could see the main door to the tomb of their house’s namesake. Two giant statues of the Dark Lord himself stood on either side of the large stone door. The dark side of the force became overwhelming as the team moved closers. The last person of great importance that breach these doors was Darth Bane, the great Sith Lord Jeric idolized. However Tavion Axmis was the last known person to gain access into the tomb and steal the Dark Lord’s Scepter. Thats it! The Scepter of Marka Ragnos, that is what this is all about. After Tavion’s possession and defat the scepter was supposedly destroyed. I bet it wasn’t and I bet it is sealed inside the sarcophagus only with the Rite of Immortality.

“Jeric you ready?” Maelous said to his former master. The sith gave a slight nod to the Aedile.

“Alright guys, this tomb hasn’t been open in many years, who know what kinda of traps or beast lay inside. Lets crack this thing!” Maelous said the the three Sadowans though Sebz was listing in over his headset.


The Tomb of Marka Ragnos
Valley of Dark Lords
Horuset System
Outer Rim

Maelous tapped the holopad that was mounted on his bracer as Jade walked over to him. She looked down at the device then at him curiously.

“Notifying the Pontifices,” he rasped.

She nodded, feeling his frustration in the knot of emotions, in the back of her mind, that she had come to accept as being Maelous. The former Jensaarai’s eyes scanned the foyer, he tapped the holopad again, opening the communication channel to connect with Sebz as well.

“We have not reached the easy part of this task. There may be traps or beasts left behind by the ancients to protect this place,” he began to walk forward, igniting a glow rod and affixing it to his armor. The team, following his lead, started moving as well, “Keep your eyes open and pay attention. Sebz, keep this channel open in case you need to get to us.”

Bal moved ahead slowly checking for traps as Jade, Maelous, and Jeric followed behind him.

“Do we need to wait for the Krath trio?” The Battlelord asked.

“They will find us,” the Aedile said, his voice dripping with venom.

Bal stopped suddenly and looked over his shoulder as the three moved to his position.

“I hear footsteps,” he whispered.

Maelous ignited his saber and stepped forward into the hall making a left, the other three following suit. They all felt the presence in the Force as they moved deeper into the tomb. The sabers hummed as they crept down the corridor. Jade cracked her neck and Bal looked back over his shoulder checking their escape route.

The Sith Warrior came to halt, his eyes scanning the shadows around them as five large beasts stepped into the light of their glow rods.

“Tuk’ata,” Jeric hissed.

Maelous grinned under his helmet as he stepped to the right, “Fan out.”

The team moved and the Tuk’ata eyed them before galloping forward.

The Battlelord jumped, flipping over the one that came at him; his crimson blade removing a horn.

Jade spun to the left causing one of the two beasts that charged at her to run past, her violet blade splitting its side. The Sithspawn crashed and slid across the floor as she jumped out of the way of the second creature.

Bal dove to the side and rolled, coming up, facing the beast, lightsaber in hand and began to charge.

Maelous stood as the beast ran toward him. He lifted his hand, sending forth a burst of electricity, that struck the Tuk’ata. The beast stumbled briefly, but recovered. It dropped it’s head as the Aedile braced himself. It then rammed into him and drove him to the ground.

The Exile gripped the beasts, calling on the Force to aid him. The dark hound furiously snapped down at him as he held it at bay. With a roar he twisted his grip snapping the things neck causing its large body to collapse on him.

“Lying down on the job?”

Maelous sighed, recognizing the voice of the female Pontifices as Jeric pushed the corpse off of him.

“Come we must find the ritual,” she said as she waved for them to follow her and her male companions impatiently.


Tomb of Marka Ragnos
Valley of Dark Lords, Korriban
Horuset System, Outer Rim

Jeric followed closely behind his former apprentice. Jade and Bal were grouped just as tight a few meters behind the two Sith. The group followed what seemed to be blindly behind the three Krath Pontifices, but Jeric wasn’t a fool. His limited eyes sight only proved to be helpful when others couldn’t see. Reaching out thru the force Jeric could visualize every corner, every voided space and even the threats that lay ahead. But it wasn’t the threats that worried him it was the direction in which the Pontifices were leading the group…away from the sarcophagus.

Troubled master? Maelous spoke inside Jeric’s head.

We are not heading towards the inner tomb, but deeper into a labyrinth. My ability to see is being darken by what ever is down here. Jeric informed his former apprentice just before the group rounded a corner.

“Stop!” Maelous shouted and took a few steps toward the three Krath. “Where are we going? The sarcophagus is the other direction.”

“It is not the bones of the Dark Lord that our master seeks, it is his power and knowledge,” The female Krath spoke. “Do you think the great Marka Ragnos would lock his secrets away with his remains.”

“How are you so sure you know where you are going then women?” Jeric quipped.

“You my friend aren’t the only one that can see in the dark. I’ll let you explain what lies ahead,” she said before moving off to the side with her two accomplices. The team all moved around Jeric with confused facades. Maelous already had an idea as to what kinda of challenge awaited the the four sadowans.

“There is a room where all the knowledge and secrets of Marka Ragnos are supposedly locked away. Darth Bane was the last person to reach the room but was never able to break it’s seal,” Jeric began speaking as Maelous looked over his shoulder at the three emissaries. “The room lays beyond a labyrinth of traps, we are standing at the mouth of the maze.”

“I assume those three will not proceed until we clear the path,” Jade asked.

“I am afraid not.” Maelous answered. “Well lets get this party started shall we?”


“Foolish beasts, shouldn’t get in the way of a group of purpose driven people.”

Bal dusted some dust from his robe as he walked along with the others, quietly glancing around for any other surprises. The tombs,despite their age, still were home to many traps to dispose of those incapable enough to make it. Given the treasures that lay within, it was no surprise.

He had kept his mind focused on the job, but couldn’t help a nagging feeling something or someone was watching them. There were many restless souls on the planet, and they weren’t too fond of intruders. And who could blame them?

“So, now we’ve dealt with Tu’kata, the rebellious soldiers and traps. I wonder what’s next.”

He turned to those he was helping to escort, as they maintained their stoicism and barely concealed annoyance. He hadn’t liked them from the start of this little adventure, not thrilled about them not sharing what they seemed too know. His nerves a bit tested, he turned to one as they walked.

“So, how exactly will we know what we’re looking for when we find it. I guess I thought it’d be nice to know when the time comes.”

The acolyte just walked in silence, ignoring the knight speaking too him. Undeterred, Bal carried on.

“And besides, how are you so sure this is what we’re looking for anyhow? I doubt it’ll pop out at us.”

At that, one of the acolytes turned, seemingly very annoyed at Bal for saying what he did. As the acolyte went to speak, a long low moan came from ahead of them, a moan followed by a high pitched screeching sound. Drawing a few odd looks, the path ahead seemed rather mild aside from the noises.

"Well, I’m obviously not the only one who heard that. Any ideas what it may be? "

He revived no answer to his question, instead only hearing the wailing get closer and closer. Taking his lightsaber into his hand out of habit, he started to scan the area with the Force in an attempt to feel out what may be coming, but to no avail.

“Whatever’s out there, it’s beyond my capacity to find, either it’s good at hiding itself or I’m not that great at finding it. That said, I’ve got a feeling it isn’t happy to see us, whatever it is.”

He readied a practiced stance, knowing that if there was something out there to fight, it was gonna make all of them earn their keep. They were intruders in another creatures domain, and those who resided there were not happy, and they would not the group leave freely. It became a live or die situation if they were ambushed, they were strangers in a strange land…somebody, or something’s hunting grounds. They were playing by the rules of survival…not good if they were the pretty