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[GJW XI] Clan Plagueis: The Plagueis Elite


Team Members:

Azmodius Megalex, #13964 Guardian

Silent, #3151 Obelisk Exarch

Wraith, #7759 Obelisk Prelate

Brimstone aka Seabr’imsto’nedansr, #8649 Sith Warrior

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Civil War has befallen the Brotherhood. The Clans have split into three factions: the Loyalists, who have rallied behind Grand Master Ashen; the Rebels, following the banner of Jac Cotelin; and the New Order, led by the mysterious Sith Lord Esoteric. Each faction has stormed the surface of Korriban, establishing impressive fortifications and moving towards the Valley of the Dark Lords. Loyalists, Rebels, and the New Order clash across Korriban’s surface, all three attempting to gain control of the Valley of Dark Lords and the secrets it holds.

The Valley of Dark Lords has erupted in carnage, forces from every unit in the Brotherhood streaming into the ruins and temples, establishing makeshift defensive positions behind virtually every wall. Blood is spilled over every inch, each of the three sides gambling the lives of thousands of Jedi in an attempt to put an end to this conflict once and for all. The Loyalists, following Ashen’s command, seek to break through to the Tomb of Marka Ragnos, where the Disciples of Ragnos once sealed a chamber with writings on the Rite of Immortality. To open it, Ashen has sent three of his most skilled advisors in ancient dark rites and alchemy, but the way is not yet safe or clear for them, as the One Sith were originally entrenched in the Valley and still maintain a strong control over most of the area. Esoteric’s forces have a base of operations at the Tomb of Ajunta Pall, a fortified location that allows them a great deal of mobility throughout the Valley, which they use to harass any operations by the other two sides. The Adept Dantella Novae reluctantly commands Esoteric’s forces in the region, though she seems more interested in stealing the secrets of Marka Ragnos than in defending the Valley itself. Cotelin is seeking to contain and control whatever the Tomb of Marka Ragnos holds, through any means necessary… and before Ashen’s forces can reach it.

You and your team have found yourselves just outside one of the few entrances to the Valley of the Dark Lords. You know that inside the Valley, death and destruction have overtaken the ruins, but you also know that ultimately, victory for one side of the other is likely to come within the walls of the ancient tombs. Your runon should detail the battle within the Valley, and must illustrate (either through success or failure) at least one of the sides in the conflict - this will play a major role in your Story grade.

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War had erupted within the Brotherhood. Plagueis, the Clan that had won a majority of the planets from the One Sith, had found themselves aligning with Esoteric’s command. The Hierarchy of Di Plagia joined him in their lust of power and to command all of the Brotherhood. Muz’s Loyalists and Jac’s Rebellion were destroying each other and it was time for Plagueis to seize the reigns of the leadership.

Sending out multiple teams of Journeymen, Equites, and Elders, Plagueis had hoped to keep Muz from completing the Rite of Immortality. One of the squads, nicknamed Plagueis Elite, had made their landing. The Exarch Silent, Guardian Azmodius, Warrior Brimstone, and the newest Plagueian, Prelate Wraith, along with Balmorran SD-10 battle droids, are making their way into the destroyed Sith Academy, destroyed millennium’s before most were even born.

I still think it would had been funny to bring our Wraith slaves for you to lead, Wraith” joked Silent.

Wraith doesn’t reply. He may be new to the Clan, but he came for only one reason, Death. He wanted to kill and that’s what his expertise involved. Azmodius, the least experienced of the group, was nervous and it was showing. He keeps looking around at every shadow’s movement.

Don’t worry Guardian,” whispered the Chiss, Brimstone, “I’m sure you will survive to see a new Brotherhood form this day.”

Brim, take the rookie and two of the droids and scout ahead, will ya?” replied the Shi’ido.

The Sith nodded and grabbed the rookie by his shoulder. Brimstone pulled out his two charric blasters as Arkanian carried a E-11 blaster that was handed to him by one of the shuttle crew. They headed into the crumbled ruins of what was the mighty Academy of past Sith. The mythological aura from stories heard over time didn’t do it any justice. Nothing was left. The current war didn’t destroy it, it had been long gone prior to it. Brimstone knew the odds of finding and Sith teachings in the rubble was remotely improbable.

Brimstone, why are we carrying guns, why not have our lightsabers ready instead?” asked Azmodius.

To put it simply, snipers. If they see troops with just blasters, they won’t think there is a high ranking officer or Dark Jedi in the midst and not risk their hidden location being blown taking pop shots” Brimstone replied looking around. “Unless you care to do a sniper check, then by all means, feel free.

Um, I’ll pass” Azmo replied back as he forced the nerves to calm down as best as he could.

The Scout party continued to move forward with the others bringing up their rear. The droids being what they were, moved relatively quiet and with ease. So far no ambush or run ins with anyone was working in their favor. The four Plagueians and the eight droids were ready for anything. Skirmishes with other Clans and Houses were expected at any moment. This war was costly, and by the end of the conflict, was going to be more than anyone expected.

Brimstone thought to himself as he continued his search. “How the hell did we get aligned with Esoteric?” was all he could think of since the sudden announcement and the parchment that had appeared while he was meditating. The possibility of power intrigued him, but his Honor was still shattered after losing the Predominant months earlier. He really wanted to just kill Esoteric as he stood there on the bridge of the Transcendent when he went to go speak to the Clan’s leaders. But, he was dragged out by Silent and other’s before he could say anything.

Now he is here standing on the legendary home world of the Sith, fighting for a Sith that was earlier his enemy. Brimstone couldn’t make any sense of it. None of it.


The large oversized hood and cloak gave Wraith more than just a eerie appearance,it shielded his body from the sun and heat. not that his body could feel temperature anyway. Armed only with his power in the Force and his Light Saber, Wraith is on his first mission with his new alliance, and it just so happens to be a civil war. A clash between clans, houses and friends for power. Thats Wraiths ultimate goal anyway. “Take out everyone and take it all for ourselves” The thought repeated throughout his mind.

The landing craft landed real close to the Academy’s location but there were still obstacles in the way. Korriban wildlife, other Clans and Houses and the worst part, former friends. Good thing The old man does not know anyone in the entire brotherhood. Makes his job easier.

Wraith, Silent and a hand full of droids follow behind Brimstone and Azmodius as they lead the scouting party up a hill following a trail. The ground is littered with chucks of statues and rocks from the surrounding cliffs caused from large turret fire from the sky battle overhead. The sound of Saber clash and small arm fire can be heard in the distance. They are getting close.

The hike up the hill lasts about an hour and other than the sounds in the background, the group was met by no opposition. “The landing went easy and so far, no direct enemy activity, why is that?” Wraith thought to himself as the group continued their walk as the hill began to level out. “we made it to the top” Silent said. Looking forward to see that Brimstone and Azmo had stopped at the ledge overlooking a large canyon, and the ruins of the academy just in the distance. “what are they looking at” Silent said under his breath.

Wraith and Silent approche Brim and Azmo and glance down to see the beginning of a large surface fight between dark jedi, troopers and droids having at each other. Explosions and force lighting light up the shadowed area casted by the canyon walls. “we…have to go through that?” the young guardian asked.


Brimstone looked to Azmodius as a clever smile formed on his face, “Not if we don’t have to.” The group turned to see what the Chiss was looking at: An aperture in the wall of the canyon only a few meters away. “I’d bet that worth taking a look at”, Azmodius commented as the group made their way to the opening followed by their company of droids.

Upon entering the cavern the group ignited their sabers, illuminating their surroundings. Azmodius felt a little relieved to be away from the battle. The floor and ceiling were covered in stalagmites and stalactites. “Hey guys, we may want to check this out”, Azmodius called to his fellow Plagueians. As the group approached they saw a hallway unlike the rest of the cave. The walls appeared to have been carved out long ago by some ancient cave-dwelling civilization. “Who do you suppose made this? Ancient Sith?” Azmodius looked to Brim and then to the others. “I don’t know, but we had better be careful. You never know what kind of traps may be down here. Stay on your guard.” Brim replied.

Azmodius nodded to Brim and the four made their way down the hallway accompanied by their 8 droids, the light sending insects scattering into cracks and crevices. The Hallway was long and dark, and after walking for what seemed like forever, Amodius’s thoughts turned to his master and how he hoped he would make Furious proud. “Look alive, Guardian!” Silent exclaimed as he slapped Azmodius across the shoulder. “Something is coming.”


“K’lor’slugs Guardian, many are coming. Brimstone if I didn’t feel the lure of a strong dark presence of the force on the other side of this tunnel I would have cut you down myself for leading us into this nesting ground.” The Exarch spoke softly.

Grabbing Azmodius by the robes and with the help of the force, nudge the Guardian forward toward the upcoming threat. “Look alive Azmodius, take point seeing as you are the freshest meat here.” Silent said. The Exarch retreated slowly to the rear behind the battle ready droids as the Guardian, The Warrior, and The Prelate readied themselves. The cries of death echoed louder than any blaster fire, a malicious smile came across the Exarches lips as he recreated the battles of untested Dark Jedi having their tissue and bones serrated from each other as a saber coursed through them. Silent knew he had to make it to the Grand Master for her, he wanted to go through the battle of the Valley and soon he will but closer to his objective then going through the middle.

The nesting cave of the K’lor’slugs were once a Killik tunnel system that ran all over this area, finding the way to the Grand Master was as simple as following the darkest presence in the force, and Muz was flooding the area with his lust of power. “The three of you take care of the slugs, I know the way through.” The Shi’ido said

“Do you think you are exempt from this fight Silent?” Brimstone tested

“If I ignite my saber it will be to cut the three of you down for not obeying, do your job these pest are nothing to wait awaits us. The battle that we will come upon, you will need me for. Now kill the slugs and lets get going. Silent replied.


The K’lor’slugs came in a rush. approximately 50 of them were barreling in the cave. Brimstone and Azmodius grabbed their blasters and open fired on them while Wraith and Silent sliced and diced those that made it further in. The droids also open fire too. The lanky worm-like creatures with sharp claws and teeth gnashing came in hungry. “Don’t let them bite you, they’re poisonous” yelled Silent. Wraith gave him a nod and hacked away at the horde.

Both of the Obelisks lifted a singular hand each and used the Force against creatures. Wraith would lift a large K’lor’slug as Silent hurled lightning into its carcass. This proceeded to continue as the Chiss and Guardian laid fire into the smaller creatures. Another large beast tried to jump Wraith from behind, but his Byakugan ability allowed him to see the attack and he spun his blade with perfect accuracy straight down the creature’s mouth and sliced it in vertical halves. 3 of the droids that had accompanied the group got dismembered by the sharp talons of multiple creatures and crumbled in heaps onto the jagged ground.

Another leaped for Azmo, but the Chiss snatched it out of the air and tossed it towards Silent at the same time yelling “incoming”. The Shi’ido sliced it like a nerfherder steak. The reverberations of the creatures bellows where silencing as the group killed off the remaining attackers.

“Is that it?” ask Azmo. Silent glanced around, “Looks like it is for this bunch, but if their nest is nearby, expect hundreds to be within.” Wraith motioned to the droids for them to head in the tunnel first as he followed. The rest of the group followed behind also.

Brimstone checked his arm and saw he had gotten lacerated. “Uh oh” spoke Azmo, “Did you get poisoned?” “No, just cut. I would already be feeling the effects if I did” he replied as he quickly concentrated with the Force to cut off the blood flow and start self-mending.


Wraith, Hiding his emotions well, was worn out. Being 115 years old and only kept alive by the force and his seemingly endless supply of circulating bacta, Activity like that would wear anyone down. Being strong with the force though and hungry for more bloodshed, rather its human or not, Killing is Wraiths new purpose of life.

after walking only a few feet from the slaughter ground, Wraith called on the force to allow him to speak, Wraith let out a scratchy, slightly hissing but fully eerie “Stop”. The group came to a sliding hault due to shock. The looks on everyone’s face when Wraith lowered his hood to show a decomposing face but his eyes were still the only thing they could focus on, they were as if his eyes were white flames, as bright as shuttle thrusters.

“Silent” Wraith forced out while walking over to him. “I dont know you, but I already hate you.” Silent’s head tilted as if he didnt care, which was true. “I hold no emotional attachment to any of you. I could walk away now and let you all die. But if you ever talk to me that way again, I will kill you and dont think I cant” Wraith could see that Silent was wanting to respond but Wraith was not going to let him. Before pulling his hood back up, Wraith used his advanced ability of Terror, he projected the scene of Wraith cutting down Silent, Brimstone and Azmo in a rage of bloody mayhem. The look on Silents face was more than enough for confirmation.

“Now…lets get going” Wraith said as he covers his face again and starts walking deeper in the cavern still hearing the muffled sounds of the battle outside.

“they should think themselves as lucky, the only ones who sees my face is my victims…” Wraith thought to himself as the group continues on their path.

“Is that light ahead?” Azmo asks and he points forward in between Silent and Wraith who now lead the squad. “dont get too excited, if thats the end of the cave, expect heavy fighting” Brimstone said. “No, the light is flickering, its fire, maybe a torch” Silent said with a grin. If Wraith had lips he would be grinning too knowing that there was a possibility that there may be another group who may of landed earlier, down here as well.


As the group made its way towards the camp Azmodius couldn’t help but stare at the back of Wraith’s head. Hearing his voice alone was creepy, but seeing his face was something else. He had found a new fondness for the walking corpse as the two shared a bond with Death in their own way. It also helped that the two had a similar distaste for Silent, after his actions during the Kor’ slug ambush.

Wraith and Silent stopped just close enough to hear the members of the camp chatting without revealing their presence. From what it sounded like, they were the foot soldiers of another Faction. Silent turned to the group and whispered in disappointment, “Meat, that’s all they are. Sounds like the cowards fled the battle. Not worth a Damn. Brim, Azmo, move ahead and deal with this patheticism, it sickens me.”

“Hold on, I’ve got an idea we all, even you Silent, will enjoy”, the Guardian whispered back as he motioned for Wraith to take the lead by his side. As they moved closer they could hear the chattering growing louder. It appeared as though one was a ranking officer and Azmodius looked to Wraith and with a sinister smile said, “He might be useful. Keep him alive.” Wraith understood and bared his teeth in a fashion Azmodius could only assume was a smile.

The two approached the group, throwing off their hooded robes and stood before the terrified party of deserters. The immense fear they felt was pure adrenaline. After a couple of squeaking mentions of Death and walking corpses they pulled their blades and began hacking away at the members of the camp. Wraith moved through the crowd in front, deflecting blaster bolts and hacking off limbs like a well-oiled machine. The few members that made it around him fell to the bestial nature of Azmodius’ rage. Brimstone made his way in afterwards decapitating the soldiers that Wraith left to writher in pain. As Wraith grabbed the captain by the throat and lifted him a foot above the ground the captain fainted and Wraith dropped his body out of sheer curiosity as to what Azmodius wanted with this pathetic scrap of filth.

Azmodius approached Wraith, holding a piece of a severed spine out to the monster who looked at the guardian as if to say, “What am I supposed to do with that?” Azmodius shrugged at the Prelate and sat the captain upright. Silent looked to the Guardian and asked, “What are we supposed to do with him. He’s useless.” “These guys turned tail and ran, at any rate we know they’re not ours. So they had to have gotten in here from their end and from somewhere where nobody would have seen them coming here or they would have been hunted down and executed. He,” Azmodius said, shaking the captain, “can get us out of here and closer to the Academy faster than if we were to have to feel our way there ourselves.” Brimstone smiled at the Guardian.

The captain awoke to the pale, thin face of Azmodius and a single claw digging into his chest. “Tell us who you’re with and how you got here and I’ll make this quick.” The captain coughed and replied, “Why should I? You’ll kill me anyways! At least this way I’ll die regaining some of my honor.” As the captain lowered his head, Azmodius grabbed him by the face, digging his claws in his cheeks, and brought his lightsaber up to a cut he had received when he was dropped by Wraith. “Cut and cauterize, I can make this last forever.” The Guardian said as a sadistic smile made its way across his face. “I was hoping you would put up some resistance, it’s no fun unless you do.”

Azmodius dug his claw into the captain’s knuckle, dislocating his finger. His other hand forced the captain to watch as he slowly pushed his claw inward, tearing the finger off. The captain’s screams echoed in the cavern. Just as Azmodius held his lightsaber up to the wound, the captain’s eyes made their way to the piece of severed spine laying on the ground by him. “Alright! I’ll tell you anything you want to know!”


The Captain squealed like a tweaking Rodian getting a new stash of death sticks, Brimstone carried the Captain as lead point following the directions given. Soon they were outside the caverns and next to the Academy. “Captain I would kill you myself but it would be a waste of my energy, Brimstone if you would be so….evil to toss him off the ridge we have to make it to the Tomb of Marka Ragnos.” Silent said

As the screams of the Captain faded the Shi’ido transformed into a massive Rancor and opened up his body inserting the four droids. Silent pointing with his claws to the ridge, the Dark Jedi jumped off allowing the force to soften their descent into the Valley. As they landed the activated their sabers as a massive thumb hit behind them, the dust kicked up and rushed forward to the battles several turned to see a Rancor enter battle and fled. The Shi’ido started to take out the droids, as they took up defensive positions he reverted back to his original form.

“Why didn’t you stay in that form we could of bull rushed the Valley and hit the tomb?” Azmodius asked. “You really are a stupid pup if you know nothing of a Shi’ido, the longer I stay in that form the harder it is to turn back and I would like to fit through the door.” Silent replied The Valley was a giant blood soaked arena, a free for all for the taking and the One Sith were barely pushing through. Ashen’s forces had managed to erect a shielding around the Tomb with a massive guard taking up defense.

“Well can’t take them all alone Silent.” Brimstone said

“Sadly you are right, we will have to make some room for our allies, the One Sith need to make it to the Tomb with their might we can fight off the guards and find a way to take the shield down. The longer that Grand Master is down there the more likely we will lose.” Silent said


The group had watched for a while, deflecting shots and surveying the shielded defensive perimeter. Ashen’s forces apparently had arrived first. Behind them, Jac’s forces were making their way towards the Valley. The Plagueis group was caught in between both armies. “I don’t care what anyone else says, but we don’t surrender, understand?” spoke the Shi’ido.

“Surrender, never!” came a crackling reply from Wraith as he deflected incoming blasts.

“So do we just bum-rush them and hope for the best or what?” replied the Guardian as he ducked.

"You going to find this odd, maybe amusing, but I have a feeling, this is a trap for Jac’s forces, not us" replied the Chiss while shooting at the guards of Arcona that were firing back.

Silent looked at him like he was a lunatic. “Oh please, you blue-skinned, bantha fodder, tell us how you came to this idiotic conclusion before I slice you down myself?”

“Think about it. Master Muz is the the most powerful of the Brotherhood. Why would he need shields or troops to ‘guard’ and protect him?” Brimstone replied. “We got here too easily and from the looks of it, so have the others. The chambers inside are the prize, not the carnage out here in the sun.”

“You think there is a hidden entrance that no one know about?” replied Azmos, just as he ducked under incoming fire, then returned back to position to fire back.

“Think about it. We got one master who wants immortality at any cost. We got another who wants retribution. And we have a third one, who we are following to our possible deaths, wanting us to just storm Korriban.” the Sith replied as he returned fire. “Well, why don’t we ask our comrade who’s probably older than all of us combine about it” as he glanced over to Wraith, who slowly smiled a deathly grin.

“There is one. Come” he strenuously replied as he drew the Dark Side within and scurried to the right of the battle, with the others following behind. More shots rang out and barely missed the four of them, but not the droids that they had with them, who were laying down suppression fire for them. They were destroyed within seconds of the group’s departure.

“Stang!” retorted Azmos as he looked back just when the forces of the Rebellion came over the ridge, opening a barrage of cannon fire into the shields of the Tomb’s entrance. The Loyalist’s launched an countermeasure and returned the onslaught back.


With Jac’s forces firing large cannon fire into the shields, it kept most of the attention off of Wraith and crew as they made their way to the alternative entrance into the academy. Wraith remembered visiting the academy when he was training for the battle of Yavin over 90 years ago. An overseer often mentioned of a side entrance that was seldom used for secret meetings and exit for Dark Council members, Long since have been forgotten of since the wars end and Dromund Kaas move to house the Dark Council.

Wraith used his Telekinesis to flash images of the location of the entrance into the minds of the remaining crew to help look for. Wraith and Silent continued to reflect stray blaster fire but most of the fight was unaware of the squads presence as they made their way behind enemy lines. Or so he thought, anyway.

“Brimstone, Since you seem to be so anxious to get in, how about you try to find the door behind all this stone, dirt and brush” Silent ordered. Brimstone was hesitant but was infact, ready to get inside. The young Guardian looked concerned, being his first real conflict and all. “shouldn’t we check the perimeter and make sure its secure for us to mine out the door?” Silent looked over and barked out “if you want to stray away and get your self shot, go ahead!” Wraith glared at all three of his fellow Plagueians. His eyes began and glow even more bright than normal, with a large roar that would make even the ferocious Rancor pout and tuck tail. “Silence!” Wraith tossed the Chiss aside and with two fluid like movements of his hands, the dirt and stone peeled away from the outer wall of the Sith Academy and exposed a passageway that lead down to a basement type of room with two elevators and a turbo lift, presumingly that led to a private docking platform on the roof.

“well, if he was worried about us making too much noise, surely someone must of heard that” The Guardian said shudderingly. Wraith will soon make himself to the point where no one is going to want to talk to him if he keeps being so terrifying, which for him, is extremely fine. “dont worry. With all the explosions going on, im sure it blinded in fine.” Silent said as he motions for Brimstone to get up off the ground and to head on in. The chiss picked himself up, dusted off the dirt and cautiously walked past the the hooded monster, not to make eye contact, if thats what the glowing white balls of flames are in the place where eyes should be. Azmo followed in afterwards. Wraith then turned his glare to Silent, motioning for him to go in next. Wraith followed in the rear. If someone did hear his outburst, if would be good to have the two strongest be met first. The old man expected little to no resistance hear since no one should know about it. When the squad reach wherever the Elevators go to, is a different story.


The elevators led the team to a small hallway that opened up to a larger chamber. Inside were entrances to multiple other hallways. “Which way?” the guardian asked Wraith, who responded by holding up his hand as he looked away in deep concentration.

The Guardian shrugged, pulled out his flask and took a drink. He motioned to the others of which only Silent accepted. “You need to keep your senses sharp, guardian.” Brimstone voiced distastefully. “It helps clear my mind and focus.” He replied before taking another swig and placing the flask back into its holster.

Wraith stood up and started heading toward an opening on the far side of the chamber. The team followed with Silent taking the rear. After a few twists and turns Wraith stopped and projected images of security droids in the hallway, not too far from their current position, into the rest of the group’s minds.

As wraith leaned his head around a corner a bolt of energy whizzed by, followed by several more and the sound of machines scraping along stone. He pulled his lightsaber and expertly deflected a bolt back at the first droid’s head unit while Brimstone fired at the second, producing a small explosion as the machine crumpled into a heap of scrap metal. With the droids defeated Azmodius looks to Wraith and asks, “That seemed too easy, is there anything else we should expect?”

Wraith ignored the guardian’s question while Brimstone replied, “The droids were only to buy time and give warning as councilors made their escape. Judging from how long we’ve been walking I’d say were about halfway there.”


Get up! GET UP! GET UP NOW! The Force called out to him to move, eyes opening to the battle around him, he was once again in the Valley. Surprising the Grand Master with his Royal Guards around did not go to plan. The Exarch remembered as he charged forth from the secret tunnel into the Tomb, there the Grand Master Muz radiating the Dark Side of the Force foresaw the coming attack. The Royal Guards came at them quickly disabling the young Guardian and knocking him back into a wall. Wraith holding his own while trying to project fear into the guards were beginning to strain him, Brimstone cursing as he took on two of the Royal Guards.

Silent was holding his own if only briefly, sweet beading down his face as another guard joined in on the fray. Coming from behind knocking the Exarch down as another knocked his saber out of his hand and to the ground. The fighting had ended as fast as it started Force Pikes peering down on his neck, the Exarches group in the same position, Silent smirked at seeing even Wraith brought to what would be his knees. Muz finally stood from his meditative position and looked into the Shi’ido’s eyes.

“How wonderful you are here to witness the beginning of a new age, soon I will hold all the power I desire and those who serve will bow and those who don’t will die at my feet.” Muz said

Raising his hands, Silent, Brimstone, and Wraith rose into the air as their throats began to close up.

“To serve……you’re….mad…ness….I would….rather……be……a……dead man!” Silent replied

“As you wish.” Muz replied

Then the room exploded and rained down chucks of the ceiling, the One Sith had managed to shut down the generators and others began bombing runs on the old tomb. Being released as the room rumbled, the Exarch fell to the ground and reached out in the Force for his saber and charged forth once more at the Grand Master. Muz was already composed as he reached out into the Force pulling the Exarch toward him then throwing him out the newly opened hole. Taking mere seconds Silent changed into a Gackle Bat thinking the small size would help with blaster fire. The Exarch was wrong as he was clipped and sent sailing down to the battle below.

The Exarch was back into the Valley as Jac’s forces were taking on the Tomb and the One Sith behind them, Silent moved as quickly as he could back to the Tomb though bleeding through his robes and no weapons, he was determined to the kill the Grand Master.


Tomb of Marka Ragnos

Muz was at his perfection. He had hurled Silent outside of the gaping hole of the Tomb. Wraith was being choked in mid air by the tentacles of raw dark energy. Azmodius was suffering from a bruised back from being thrown into the Tomb wall. Brimstone was choked also, but suddenly, the grasp of his throat was released and he dropped to the ground, with 5 Royal Guards surrounding him with Force Pikes at or near his head.

“Master, why the insanity?” coughed out the Chiss as he got to one knee while trying to stand.

You of all people should understand, Brimstone, I am going to succeed where your idol, Plagueis, had failed to achieve. Immortality" sneered Darth Muz.

After finally getting to his feet, he looked at the Royal Guards. “You would pay heed to your Protector you serve. He would really have no need of you to dispatch us.” Brimstone knew for a fact he had no chance to survive if he attempted to do what Silent was unable to do. “You should know Master, I am loyal to the Brotherhood, but I am loyal to Plagueis first. I may not agree with their recent alliance with the One Sith, but I also don’t agree with your destroying all you have achieved towards the Brotherhood. This madness has to stop, Master. You have let power corrupt the Lion of Tarthos into a Gungan of Naboo.”

That was his final words as Muz unleashed a massive strike of Force lightning at the Chiss, searing his clothing and hurling him backwards from the impact of the strike. “I will not be talked to like a dog, much less, by the likes of you, Chiss-spawn.I will do everyone a favor and kill your wretched, blue hide, Admiral.” Muz got ready to end the Sith Warrior’s life when he was suddenly hit from the backside with one his Royal Guards who was thrown at him by Wraith, who was forgotten during his manic banter. He fell to the ground on his stomach and erupted in anger, blasting outward all pent up energy that it turned his remaining Royal Guards into ashes.

Wraith, who was visibly injured, stood with his lightsaber in the ready. He forceible cleared his throat and spoke, “Death or Brotherhood?”

Muz pulled out his golden lightsaber and ignited it. "I will end your existence where you stand, then I will claim what is rightfully mine. I am the Lion of Tarthos. The Grand Master. The Immortal."

Muz leaped in the air, ready to strike down the newest member of Plagueis, but was caught unaware and barely turned to deflect multiple shots fired at him. Brimstone with his dual charric blasters and Azmodius with his E-11 assault blaster had opened fire on the Grand Master. They were not letting up. Seconds passed quickly and Muz forcibly removed their blasters telekinetically and crushed them with a Force crush in mid air. Brimstone and Azmodius dove out of the way as the power cells of the charrics, rigged to go off if crushed, exploded sending a fireball outward. The only victim in its blast field; Muz, whose hair had ignited in a fireball.

As Muz yelled, Wraith grabbed one of the fallen ceiling rubble and chucked it hard at Muz. Ignoring his burning head, the Grand Master threw up a Force Field to protect himself. "ENOUGH! he yelled at the top of his lungs. “I will not be so easily slaughtered by the likes of you, much less, Plagueians. Your Clan is beneath me, and despite my allowing you to become powerful, which you don’t deserve, you are unaware of the true Power of the Dark Side.”

That’s where I beg to differ, Lord Muz."

Muz spun around to see Silent standing next to Grand Master Jac Cotelin and Dark Lord Esoteric. “You dare enter and disrupt my moment of triumph. I see you have aligned yourself with our enemy, Jac”, the last part dripping with sarcasm.

“I have made no allegiance to anyone, other than the Brotherhood, which you have corrupted to claim what wasn’t yours to begin with” spoke Jac calmly while crossing his arms. “You are hereby under arrest, My Lord.”

“I am only here for what is the right of the of mine. Give me the writings of the Rite of Immortality” demanded the Dark Lord.

“No one is getting the writings and as far as I am concerned, they are to be destroyed” spoke up Silent. The other Plagueians agreed with him.

“NO!” yelled Muz. “I will not be denied my destiny.”

During the banter between the Dark Lords, they failed to see that Brimstone was able to creep towards the broken altar for the Rite and after handing the data and tomes to the Guardian, he tells him to make a run for it. Muz just barely sees the Guardian dash off and unleashes a wave of Force lightning, but Azmodius made it around the entrance just barely in time. At the same time, Esoteric and Jac unleashed a wave of lightning themselves at Muz. Silent and Wraith grabbed Brimstone by an arm each and hurried outwards after the Guardian.

What seemed like eternity of running, was only a moment, when the Plagueians swore they could hear a lion’s roar coming from behind. They knew, Muz had escaped and was giving chase.


Physically worn out from the fight with the Grand Master, Wraith looked to Brimstone and silent, who was still ushering him by the arms. Without using a word, Brimstone knew what Wraith was going to ask. “im fine, I can run on my own now”

“We are not running, we are…regrouping…to a safe location” Silent barked. Silent and Wraith was in the lead once they had caught up with Azmo. The Chiss covered the rear with the Guardian as the two elders cut down the random beasts and droid still lingering in the canyon.

Ashen, who was by far more powerful than the whole group together, was hot on their tails. Just when they thought they were at a safe distance, the Lion himself had done a massive force leap and landed just in front of the group. “Now! return to me what is rightfully mine!” Wraith, who was tired of running, pushed Brimstone and Azmo aside and Silent standing alone and watching in anticipation, removes his robes. The decomposing body of the Prelate momentarily makes Muz uneasy, but not afraid. Wraith eyes began to glow bright white, Kolto and bacta begins to inject the body of Wraith. the tubes glow bright blue.

“I dont know what you think you can do, but you are welcome to try…deadman” Muz said in a sinister tone with a slight grin. Wraith moves his lipless mouth as he speaks one more time. Calling on the force for his voice. “one thing ive learned over the past 100 years since my 1st death…to be truly immortal….you must have allies…”with Wraith’s ties to Korriban, he can sense more from the planet than some, and he knew back up was coming and a distraction was going to be needed. “Silent…” was all Wraith needed to say and Silent knew what he had in mind.

Brimstone knew something was going to happen and so he guarded the Guardian who was still holding onto the runes and tablets. “Nice sentiment but i grow tired of listening to your rabble.” Muz said with a laugh and end with a growl. Wraith who was building up all the force ability he could but leaving just enough to send a mental message to Silent. “Concentrate… bind our lighting…big burn…big hit” was all he could get out, but it was enough. Silent and Wraith combined their powers to make a Huge Lightning bolt and hurled it towards Ashen.

The powerful Grandmaster himself was not strong enough to absorb the full blast. The hit took the lion off his feet and hurled him into the rock face on the other side of the valley. The force of the hit was so strong, it embedded him into the side of the cliff.

“We need to complete the rite ourselves. We dont want Muz to be immortal, and we dont want Jac to be either” Brimstone mentioned as Silent and Wraith knelt on the ground, catching their breath from the exhausting move they had just done.

“How are we to do that? there needs to be a sacrifice of 2 Grandmasters and then someone to except the immortality” the young Guardian said. “Silent or Wraith should have that ability, Wraith so he dont have to be limited to the Kolto and Bacta, or Silent so he may finally have the contact with Lord Plagueis, but which on?”

“I dont know and right now we cant worry about it, lets go back around to the chamber in the academy before Jac and Ecostric arrives. Lets them fight it out and we can help out our forces thin down the numbers from there.” Silent said as he stood up and dusted off his pants.


The four members knew they had to work fast to haul their asses to the ritual chamber. It was a long shot, but to keep the masters from becoming immortal, Silent or Wraith had to do it. Esoteric was the obvious choice of one of the Grand Masters to kill off, but who was going to be the next? Jac or Muz? both were great in their own right. The problem was choosing the lesser of the two evils. Muz had instigated this entire war to gain personal immortality. Jac had been playing behind the scenes, giving up much intel to outside forces to try to bring Muz down and make Taldryan the ultimate Clan and possibly back in charge of the brotherhood.

As they made their way back, they barely pass one tunnel junction when they ran into other members of Plagueis. Kz’set, Callus, and Taranae had with them multiple droid commandos,

“What in kriffen hell are you guys doing here?” barked Callus.

Before any could answer, Kz’set spoke up. “Who has the data for the Rite?”

“How did you know we have it?” asked Azmos nervously. “We haven’t contacted anyone yet about it.”

“That was what I am going to say” Brimstone interjected. “So Bug, you have erred and shown who’s side you really are on, ehh One Sith?”

Kz’set struck out with a powerful telekinetic blast that knocked down both Azmos and Brimstone, Silent and Wraith threw up a barrier to protect themselves as Callus and Taranae both withdrew their lightsabers and ignited them, turning toward Kz’set and pounced, who in turn leaped backwards and pulled out his Verpine lightsaber, igniting it and got into defense mode.

“You guys make a run for it” Taranae yelled, “We’ll handle this traitor.”

Silent pulled out his blade too. “No, Aedile, you go with Wraith and them, me and Callus will deal with this assassin.”

Taranae and Wraith lifted Brimstone and Azmodius off the ground. “Where we going?” asked Taranae.

“We’re going to finish this Rite ourselves, and I guess Wraith is the one to become immortal after all. We just got to lure the Grand Masters in and kill them at the same time the writings are finished.”

The four of them booked it. Silent knew where they were headed to, and once the traitor was finished, would lead Callus to them also to help with the final readings. Callus and Silent then attacked with full force into Kz’set’s defenses.

As the newly formed party made their way to the ritual chamber of Marka Ragnos, they hurried as quick as they could to get it set up. Taranae and Brimstone, former Apprentice and Master, worked fast to lay traps for the masters, while Azmos helped Wraith prepare to incite the ritual.

“Brim, are you sure Wraith is the one to take it, the immortality I mean?” asked Taranae.

“He is the only one near that can withstand the Rite. Would be different if Lord Pravus or Vivackus or even one of the di Plagia where here instead, but we have to do what we can with who we have with us at the moment” Brimstone replied, “Now put the freeze charges in that corner and I’ll place the thermals over here.”

As they continued to work, they were greeted by an familiar voice behind them in the entryway.

“And just what is the plan, Plagueians?” spoke the Lord Marshall who was standing next to Darth Pravus.