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[GJW XI] Clan Taldryan: Team Dinaari


####Dramatis Personae####
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Decimo Inferni (13401) - neroinferni@gmail.com


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####Fiction Prompt####

Civil War has befallen the Brotherhood. The Clans have split into three factions: the Loyalists, who have rallied behind Grand Master Ashen; the Rebels, following the banner of Jac Cotelin; and the New Order, led by the mysterious Sith Lord Esoteric. Each faction has stormed the surface of Korriban, establishing impressive fortifications and moving towards the Valley of the Dark Lords. Loyalists, Rebels, and the New Order clash across Korriban’s surface, all three attempting to gain control of the Valley of Dark Lords and the secrets it holds.

The Valley of Dark Lords has erupted in carnage, forces from every unit in the Brotherhood streaming into the ruins and temples, establishing makeshift defensive positions behind virtually every wall. Blood is spilled over every inch, each of the three sides gambling the lives of thousands of Jedi in an attempt to put an end to this conflict once and for all. The Loyalists, following Ashen’s command, seek to break through to the Tomb of Marka Ragnos, where the Disciples of Ragnos once sealed a chamber with writings on the Rite of Immortality. To open it, Ashen has sent three of his most skilled advisors in ancient dark rites and alchemy, but the way is not yet safe or clear for them, as the One Sith were originally entrenched in the Valley and still maintain a strong control over most of the area. Esoteric’s forces have a base of operations at the Tomb of Ajunta Pall, a fortified location that allows them a great deal of mobility throughout the Valley, which they use to harass any operations by the other two sides. The Adept Dantella Novae reluctantly commands Esoteric’s forces in the region, though she seems more interested in stealing the secrets of Marka Ragnos than in defending the Valley itself. Cotelin is seeking to contain and control whatever the Tomb of Marka Ragnos holds, through any means necessary… and before Ashen’s forces can reach it.

You and your team have found yourselves just outside one of the few entrances to the Valley of the Dark Lords. You know that inside the Valley, death and destruction have overtaken the ruins, but you also know that ultimately, victory for one side of the other is likely to come within the walls of the ancient tombs. Your runon should detail the battle within the Valley, and must illustrate (either through success or failure) at least one of the sides in the conflict - this will play a major role in your Story grade.


Low Orbit

“I understand, we must gain entry to the tomb at all costs.” clicking the comlink off, Rax turned to the brooding robed figure sitting across from him. “Welcome to Dinaari, where the impossible becomes possible. Dinaari, with support from 3rd Battalion and Alpha Company from 10th Special Forces has been tasked with leading the attack on the tomb. I need you to gather the House when we land, I’ll meet with Major Frak and Captain Larson to bring them up to speed.”

Entrance, Valley of the Lords

The assault shuttle jolted and kicked up a cloud of red dust as it touched down. “I’ll go speak with Omega and get everyone assembled” with that Armags jogged down the ramp in search of his fellow Dark Jedi Knight.

“Sir! Major Frak is inside and he’s expecting you,” the young soldier exclaimed as Rax approached 3rd Battalions field command tent. “Thank you corporal, is Captain Larson inside as well?”

“Yes sir,” replied the corporal. “See that we are not disturbed,” Rax commanded as he stepped inside the tent.

“Quaestor,” both Major Frak and Captain Larson said in unison as the Dark Jedi entered the command tent.

“Gentlemen, thank you for making time I know you’re both busy men. I’ve just come from the Justice with orders straight from the top. House Dinaari along with 3rd Battalion and Alpha Company are to lead the drive to take Marka Ragnos Tomb. I’m not going to lie to you gentlemen, we’ve been asked to do the impossible. The One Sith commanded by Adept Dantella Novae are entrenched in and around the Tomb of Ajunta Pall giving them a great base of operations to make raiding strikes against any forces. Grand Master Ashen’s forces are also seeking entrance to the tomb and he has dispatched three of his most powerful Krath Priestesses to crack open the nut so to speak.” Rax paused for a moment to give the commanders time to let digest the situation.

“Major, your battalion’s reputation precedes you and I have no doubt you and your boys will get the job done. With that being said, I’m going to imbed members of House Dinaari with each your companies. Have your men ever fought with imbedded jedi before?”

“Milord, thank you for the vote of confidence. We have trained extensively with members of the Clan and will get the job done,” Major Frak replied.

“Captain, the plan is to for a few special action teams that are a combination of your men and a couple members of Dinaari. The teams will be tasked with eliminating stubborn positions and watching the flanks of the main attack force. Any questions gentlemen?”

“No, milord,” they both replied.

“Excellent, I’ll leave you gentlemen to make your preparations. We don’t have much time, the attack will commence at dawn.”


Entrance, Valley of the Lords
Shortly after dawn

The All Terrain Armored Transport reared its head as a proton torpedo smashed into the side of the hulking war machine. The resulting explosion rocked the battlefield and the roiling, incandescent ball of flame pelted the immediate area with bits of debris. The transport took a faltering step with one of its four massive legs, but quickly stabilized and came to a standstill.

A fraction of a second later the medium blasters mounted to the sides of the AT-AT’s command cabin shot out towards the X-wing that had fired off the missile.The beams easily pierced the front shields of the nimble space superiority fighter and blew off a major section of its portside wings, directing the craft into a flat spin that ended abruptly when it crashed into the side of the valley.

Talon Drear winced at the crash. He had recognized the markings on the X-wing as those belonging to Blizzard squadron, one of the Taldryan battlegroup fighter squadrons which had been assigned to fly cover for the battalion’s initial push into the valley.

While it was the job of 3rd Battalion to drive a wedge between the opposition and ensure the tomb of Marka Ragnos was well guarded once Dinaari was inside, the commandos of Alpha Company were tasked with taking out any heavy armor and fortifications that stood between the battalion’s entrypoint and the entrance to the tomb.

Each squad of the company was accompanied by a Dinaari member, considerably boosting the unit’s combat strength and efficiency. Intel had also suggested the presence of several Force sensitives amidst the opposing forces, making a Dark Jedi a welcome addition to the squad.

“Sergeant Phelps,” the Obelisk Templar shot a sideways glance at the stocky NCO at his side. “Let’s finish the job and take out that walker.”

The Sergeant tapped the dust out of his E-11 blaster rifle while pensively gazing up at the enormous walking troop transport. “Got our job cut out for us and then sum. It’s got an ST for support on our end,” the officer nodded towards the smaller, bipedal All Terrain Scout Transport that had now taken up a defensive position in front of the AT-AT’s damaged side. “And I’m betting this month’s pay it’s got another one just like it protectin’ the other flank.”

He lifted his combat helmet before he hawked and spat on the ground. “And if that ain’t enough, it can drop three squads and change on top of us before you can say Sithspawn.”

Talon laughed genuinely. He could tell that the sergeant was a combat veteran and wasn’t one to beat around the bush.

The templar unclipped the lightsaber from his belt and threw Phelps a lopsided grin. “And I’m betting two months wager that Bravo squad and my friend Decimo are in position on the other side of that AT-AT, just itching to beat us to it.”


Harbingers Safe House - Location Redacted

The door buzzed open. Omega didn’t have to look up from his datapad to know who it was. There were few that knew the location of this Harbingers safe house on Korriban, fewer still who could open the battle team leader’s office without permission from the BTL.

“Armags…” Omega said as he nodded just slightly.

“Any word from our intelligence network?”

“Some, but nothing we did not already know.” Omega set the datapad down and acknowledged his Aedile formally. The office was small, with a collection of sabers and blasters stacked in small piles in the corners. Thermal grenades were stashed in random locations. Typical of the harbingers safe houses.

The datapad beeped and Omega snatched it up. Reading quickly through the text.

“Looks like one of our ‘informants’ got some information out of Connor Grey.”


“There are the two main positions in front of the entrance”

“Yes, we knew that.”

“There’s a third, above the entrance… a small team, waiting in ambush.”

Omega pondered a bit reading further though the communique.

“Looks like we can skirt the main battle and hit that third from behind.”

“Take out that impending ambush, Omega.”

“Yes sir.”

“Omega, I’ve told you before, I’m not big on that whole ‘sir’ thing.”

“There is always a place for respect, even in war, SIR.”

Armags huffed, he wasn’t going to get through to Omega.

“Anything you want to leave behind?” Omega asked.

The old ways of The Harbingers hadn’t worn off on Armags. He handed a few identifying pieces of equipment to Omega; as he placed his and Armags’ gear into the safe. Both walked out of the office. Omega looked at the three Harbingers comlinks laying on the table.

“Obelisks… head strong into battle,” Omega muttered as he picked up one comlink and placed it in his pocket, picking up the other two and handing them to Armags.


“I suspect Talon has run off to battle already, I presume you will run into Decimo?”


With a silent nod, the two left the safe house; throwing their hoods on and parting ways in different directions.


Dirt path along a valley leading to Hills above the Valley

The smell of battle filled the air, Armags filled with excitement as he ran towards the last known location where Decimo should be.

Shouting could be heard in the distance. Armags increased his speed as blasts and explosions rang out followed by more shouting. Up ahead he could see Decimo in the prone position on a slight rise behind his squad, the Czerka Adventurer not firing often, but a hit every time he fired. Decimo’s squad currently pinned down from rouge fire, a sergeant fired a rocket and and hit an AT-ST. As it fell the AT-ST twisted and trained it blasters towards Armags’ general direction, He hits the deck into a crater next to Decimo.

“I believe you forgot this,” Armags handed Decimo the the commlink with a smirk on his face.

More missile blast explosions caused the other AT-ST to drop. Using the commlink Decimo contacted Talon, “What bet did you have this time old friend?”

“That the first person to drop a walker shouts first round of whiskey after this battle is done.”

Lowering the commlink Decimo laughed.

Armags who was enjoying the camaraderie between the old friends laughed himself. Standing up blaster bolts flying everywhere. “How we going to deal with papa bear over there?” he asked, nodding at the AT-AT. Blaster rounds were doing little to stop its advances and Decimo’s squad appeared to be out of missiles. “We gotta down this piece of druk before he reaches the main forces,” Armags face turned serious, “I will not have us fail. You need to deal with this without me.”

With a nod of the head to each other as a sign of respect Armags parted ways with Decimo and disappeared out of sight down the hill.


Hills above the Valley

“Decimo, under heavy fire could use some help here, my team can’t stick our heads out without losing them,” said Talon over the comms.

With a slight grin Decimo looked down the scope of his sniper rifle and watched the battlefield below him. He could clearly make out who was friend and who wasn’t, but that wasn’t his priority right now, his priority was to get Talon out of Hell.

“Sergeant, how’s the Team holding up?” Decimo asked over a close range comms unit he had to talk to the squad of men he was put in charge of.

“We’re fine sir, we can handle ourselves,” replied the Sergeant.

“Good, after I help out Talon I’ll provide cover for you to move up, Inferni out.”

Throughout the conversation he was having with his Sergeant he was scanning for Talon and only just found him. He was on the outskirts of the Valley pinned behind the wreck of the ship he used to get here. He looked further in front of the ship and saw the group of soldiers that had him pinned down and took a deep breath. Using the scope to measure the distance and elevation difference, and with his knowledge of the gravity on Korriban, along with the variance in wind velocity he calculated the amount of bullet drop he’d have and adjusted his shot accordingly and pulled the trigger.

“One down, four more to go,” he whispered to himself.

Chambering another round he moved on to the next soldier and continued this pattern until the squad that had Talon pinned down was dead or retreating. With that taken care of he switched to the comms that Armags gave him.

“Talon, do you read? All tangos are down, I repeat all tangos are down. You’re free to move up. Over,” said Decimo over the comms.

“Hear you loud and clear, thanks for the help. I owe you one. We’re going to move up, I’ll holler if I need assistance.”

“Roger, you know wher-” all that was heard over the comms was blaster-fire and then it went quiet on Decimo’s end.


Valley of the Lords

“Major, we are pinned down at position 54, 23! Requesting reinforcement!”

“Mi’lord, Captain Harris and Alpha Company are about to be overrun. I’ve already released the battalion reserves to reinforce our right flank. We need to disengage some of the embedded Jedi from Charlie Company and move them over to support Captain Harris” Major Frak looked over his shoulder at the Quaestor.

“I’ll go and support Alpha Company”

“Yes Mi’lord” the Major responded, turning is attention back to the communications station. “Captain Harris, the Quaestor himself will be joining you to provide support for you renewed attack. Do what ever it takes to keep alive.”

Grid position 54, 23
Valley of the Lords

Approaching the beleaguered Alpha Company, the Sith Battlemaster quickly assessed the situation, Alpha Company was desperately trying to prevent encirclement and the enemy was slowly advancing on each flank.

The enemy did not have any Jedi fighting with them, so they must have been regulars. A plan quickly started forming for the Sith Battlemaster. Quickly but deliberately, Rax made his around to the rear of the attacking enemy, pulling the hood of his cloak over his head masking his facial features Rax confidentially approached the enemies command post.

“Who’s in charge here?” Rax said using the force the add a menacing tone to his voice.

“I…I…am Mi’lord. How…How…can we be of service?” the officer standing over the command table stammered like an idiot.

“You all can die!” Rax yelled, igniting his lightsaber.

It was a massacre, they didn’t stand a chance against a trained Sith. Their command staff slaughtered, coupled with a Sith Battlemaster running rampant in their rear, the enemy attack faltered and a few minutes later where in full retreat.

“Major Frak, I have contained the problem with Captain Harris and Alpha Company. We need to take this time to push forward and breakthrough to the entrance of the Tomb.”


Above the Entrance
Mid Morning

“You have got to be kidding sir!” The commander of the 4th platoon said as he stared at the mountain.

“It can be done.” The smile from Omega’s face had faded. Omega grabbed the closest rock and hoisted himself up. The 4th platoon followed.

Hours Later

“Commander?” Omega huffed and wheezed.

“Y….es Sir?”

“Next time I have a brilliant idea, remind me of this moment.”

“Yes Sir.”

Omega took the final few steps in agony, the long climb had worn on him; and the platoon. Climbing the mountain to hit that small team above the entrance was a great strategic move; but a near death march up the mountain. Omega held the platoon, once they reached him, till they recovered. The mountain perch they had climbed to was above the ambush team.

Omega peered over the rocks at the team 500 yards below them. The wind was into his face; and the sun at his back; it was an idea situation. There were maybe 40 soldiers waiting to ambush those who got close to the entrance. The encampment was small, but it looked like they had been here a while. With this much equipment, there was no way they hauled it up here. A small path lead to a makeshift landing pad. Unfortunately there was no ship.

Omega glanced around; out of the 26 only 13 were left. Nearly half of the platoon had given up.


“Yes sir?”

“We have two options, we can strike now; we are out numbered, but have the element of surprise. Or… we can wait till they are pre-occupied by Tal’s other forces at the entrance. Thoughts?”

This was the first big campaign Omega had been tasked with leadership. He was on the cusp of his next promotion. He wasn’t about to risk the strategic upperhand on just one persons opinion.

“Let’s take em out sir.”

Omega smiled, as he and the commander came up with a strategy.

The smell a lightsaber makes as it slices through armor and flesh was not new to Omega. Moments after the attack began, the ambush unit figured out what was going on. Omega spun and lifted his saber deflecting a blaster shot. He ran forward in the direction of the blast and swung his lightsaber down, nearly splitting the soldier in two. Blood soaked his robe; and face. He was in his element. His team had cleared 2/3rds of the ambush unit and they were starting to flee. Omega had accomplished his goal, but then he felt something and shortly after a searing pain across his back. Omega rolled; the pain shot into him like fire. He looked up and saw his attacker.

An Obelisk Templar stood in his way of victory. The battle slowed; time was slowing down. Omega stood and took his stance.

“They sent a Dark Jedi Knight… do they not think more of me?”

He stood a foot taller than Omega. Brandishing an ornate lightsaber; customized with jewels. Full battle armor, his gear loaded out for death and destruction. This was not going to be an easy fight.

“I am Dak Kotar. I feel it’s only right to know the name of the warlord that will end your pathetic life.”

Dak swung his lightsaber down straight towards Omega’s head. Omega lifted his saber and blocked; but the strike was too powerful. Omega rolled to his left, pain shooting through his back. Focused; Omega looked for any weak spot on the templar. He pushed boxes toward the templar; who repelled them.

“Those little tricks will not work on me!” Dak said laughing.

Omega took the time to strike; slicing at Dak. Dak swung his saber to deflect, the blow nearly knocking Omega’s saber from his hand. Dak readjusted his block bringing it down again at Omega. The sabers clashed; glancing off each other; but the block had failed; and pain shot down into Omega’s left arm. It was only a glancing blow. The Templar had scored two hits on Omega, both could have ended him then and there. Omega jumped and tried to flip over the templar for a strike at his back. The templar’s saber sliced into Omega’s leg, and as he landed, he could not bear the force of the landing. Omega fell to his knees, his saber at his side. The templar smiled.

“So it is time, for you to understand the power of the force!” The templar smiled.

This is how it ends. Omega thought as the templar rose his saber above his hands to deliver the final blow.


Entrance Area
Mid Morning

Armag’s had not wanted to leave Decimo’s area as he was keen for battle, but something had called him. The Force was guiding him where he had no idea. Then he felt it, like a massive thud to the chest and he could see a battle in the distance between two Jedi, with one appearing to be Omega. Omega was struggling to deflect blows and Armags could sense he was hurt and too weak to continue to fight against the attacker. The attacker himself Armags could sense much power in, but all he could think about was Omega’s safety. He didn’t want to lose any Jedi under his first command. Armags’ pace quickened to full speed as he reached out with the Force and pushed all the light particles away to create a blackness around him. Nearing the attacking Jedi, he lowered his shoulder and crash-tackled him to the ground. Dak Kotar had been too preoccupied on the nerve of the simple Dark Jedi Knight that he hadn’t sensed Armags coming. Once tackled, Armags straddled the Templar while he was still surrounded in blackness. With a well placed left-hook to the chin he stunned the Templar enough for him to make sure Omega was able to move.

Omega was hurt, but luckily he was right handed and Armags forced him to stand. He knew if either went one on one with this Templar they would surely lose, but if they tag teamed him they might stand a chance, even if Omega was wounded.

The Templar rose, “Another Dark Jedi Knight, like cockroaches come in groups for me to step upon”


Entrance Area
Mid Morning

Omega had sensed what Armags had before and had regained some composure, igniting his lightsaber he stood ready. Armags, usually preferring to use his custom pistol, knew this wasn’t the time for it and discarded it and also ignited his lightsaber. The silence so thick it made the humming of lightsabers deafening.

Dashing in Armags made a quick thrust, the Templar brushing him aside and brought his lightsaber hilt back, hitting him on the temple. Blood gushed from the wound as Omega had started his assault. Regaining his foot control, Armags moved forward and sliced at the Templar’s back as he was about to counter Omega’s barrage, but had spun and blocked as Omega once again lunged at the Templar. Both Dark Jedi Knights attack with all they had, but could not get through the Templar’s guard. It also, however, prevented him from countering their blows. Lightsabers hissed and crackled as they constantly met and broke away continuously, until blue sparks filled the air around Omegas hand and they shot and crackled toward the Templar. Armags knew Omega was hurt and this was his last full attempt to help in the fight to try distract the Templar. Although the lightning was also about to hit Armags due to being in the line of fire, Armags shrouded himself in the Force. While not that strong it would deflect a majority of Omega’s attack. The Templar, while not hurt from the attack, had disgruntled him enough for Armags to strike a lethal blow severing the Templars head from his body. Both Jedi were relieved that it was finally over.

They slumped to the ground, looking at each other and laughed, “That was close,” Omega finally said.

“Too close, lets not do this again, but well fought Omega,” Armags was saying as he rose from the ground. “Now lets get out of here.”


Outside Tomb of Marka Ragnos

“Mi’lord, Beta Company has met heavy resistance and is on the verge of collapse.”

It had been a long couple of days, the drive across the Valley had been a meat grinder. Solider and Jedi alike had died in droves to reach this point, a few kilometers from the entrance to Marka Ragnos tomb. 3rd Battalion was a shadow of its former self, Major Frak had been killed when an Arcona strike team had infiltrated the command post.

Peering through the electrobinoculars, Dinaari’s Quaestor served the prepared defenses of the Arcona troops arrayed along the entrance of the tomb. “Captain, I want Beta Company to disengage and wheel around to the right and help Alpha Company make the final push on that redoubt. I want Charlie and Delta companies supported by the 3rd and 4th A-Teams to attack along the whole front. We need to get into that tomb.”

5 Hours Later
Entrance of Marka Ragnos Tomb

“Mi’lord we have taken the steps and secured the entrance to the to”, Captain Marks did not get to finish his report, a huge explosion sent huge chunks of solid rock everywhere. As the smoke cleared three robed figures could be seen lite lightsabers in hand shouting orders as hundreds of sith began pouring out the tomb.


Entrance Area
Late Evening

Omega looked at Armags and nodded in agreement. The sith warrior had taken most of Omega’s energy to take down. Towards the final moments in the battle Omega had blacked out. The haze still had not cleared his mind. The pain crept into his mind. He was badly wounded; blood was finally starting to clot in his wounds; but the pain grew at a horrendous pace. Omega reached into the force for strength; as he tried to stand. Armags leaned down and helped him up. Wincing in pain, Omega was on his feet at least.

“Omega, to Lambda Shuttle Delta Six” Omega spoke into his com link.

“… …… …… “ nothing on the comlink.

“Omega to any shuttle do you copy?” Omega said with an annoying tone.

“Lambda Shuttle Echo Five, Omega we copy”

“I require transport, standby transmitting coordinates now”

“Sorry Sir, We’re near your location but cannot comply.”


“Enroute to pickup forces from The Wardens Sir.”

Omega rolled his eyes, and pulled out a small device and plugged it into his com link.

“I’m uploading Harbingers acquisition request, please verify.”

“I don’t understand sir”

“Check your status now pilot.”

“Good copy, enroute T -3 now sir.”

Omega looked at Armags. “You’d think they’d learn by now.”

Armags smiled and laughed. “Recruits, what are you going to do.”

Omega took his first few steps aided by Armags. He leaned down and picked up the lightsaber that had caused his injuries. A few feet away something caught Omega’s eye.

A DXR-6, what’s that doing here Omega thought.

Omega shuffled over to it.

These things are illegal. Omega picked it up, he knew Nero would like it. It was brand new. Not a scuff or a scratch. Omega slung it over his shoulder as the shuttle flew overhead to a flat spot suitable for landing. Omega headed over toward the shuttle; Armags had to help him up the ramp.