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[GJW XI] House Odan-Urr: Team Tipsy Tuskens


Team Tipsy Tuskens
Kaira Rohana, #10057
Lu`aisha Gresee, #13090
Zednich Wolfram, #13728
Revak Kur, #12656
Lambow, #3155

Runon Rules

  1. Teams must have a minimum of 4 participants, and a maximum of 6. For a team to qualify for placement, all posts must meet requirements in these rules and all members of the team must meet post number requirements. However, for participation alone, any individual meeting minimum post requirements will count towards his or her unit.

  2. Any member posting twice in a row will disqualify his team from placing - but not participation credit (e.g. if an entire team is dead, Johnny McDarthman can post twice in a row to get his own participation at the end of the event)

  3. Members must make 3 posts throughout the duration of the Run-On.

  4. Posts must meet the following requirements:

-Minimum post length: 250 +/- 10 words words

-Maximum post length: 2000 +/- 10 words.

  1. Points from placement are awarded to the unit of the placing team, irrespective of number of members on each team. E.g. if CNS Team A takes first place, and first place is worth 50 pts (example only), CNS gets 50 points, regardless of number of members on the team.

  2. Edits may occur on a post until a follow on post has been made (follow on posts include “reserving” a space). Edits may only be made by the posts original author (as in, if you have Forum Administration Rights, you cannot edit another member’s work).

  3. Members may reserve post, but no posts can occur until after the reserved post is written.

  4. Judging will follow the [Fiction Rubric][1].

******** Introduction ***********

Civil War has befallen the Brotherhood. The Clans have split into three factions: the Loyalists, who have rallied behind Grand Master Ashen; the Rebels, following the banner of Jac Cotelin; and the New Order, led by the mysterious Sith Lord Esoteric. Each faction has stormed the surface of Korriban, establishing impressive fortifications and moving towards the Valley of the Dark Lords. Loyalists, Rebels, and the New Order clash across Korriban’s surface, all three attempting to gain control of the Valley of Dark Lords and the secrets it holds.

The Valley of Dark Lords has erupted in carnage, forces from every unit in the Brotherhood streaming into the ruins and temples, establishing makeshift defensive positions behind virtually every wall. Blood is spilled over every inch, each of the three sides gambling the lives of thousands of Jedi in an attempt to put an end to this conflict once and for all. The Loyalists, following Ashen’s command, seek to break through to the Tomb of Marka Ragnos, where the Disciples of Ragnos once sealed a chamber with writings on the Rite of Immortality. To open it, Ashen has sent three of his most skilled advisors in ancient dark rites and alchemy, but the way is not yet safe or clear for them, as the One Sith were originally entrenched in the Valley and still maintain a strong control over most of the area. Esoteric’s forces have a base of operations at the Tomb of Ajunta Pall, a fortified location that allows them a great deal of mobility throughout the Valley, which they use to harass any operations by the other two sides. The Adept Dantella Novae reluctantly commands Esoteric’s forces in the region, though she seems more interested in stealing the secrets of Marka Ragnos than in defending the Valley itself. Cotelin is seeking to contain and control whatever the Tomb of Marka Ragnos holds, through any means necessary… and before Ashen’s forces can reach it.

You and your team have found yourselves just outside one of the few entrances to the Valley of the Dark Lords. You know that inside the Valley, death and destruction have overtaken the ruins, but you also know that ultimately, victory for one side of the other is likely to come within the walls of the ancient tombs. Your runon should detail the battle within the Valley, and must illustrate (either through success or failure) at least one of the sides in the conflict - this will play a major role in your Story grade.

Teams will create their own run-on thread in the run-on category. Your lead post will include your team name, team members, and team pins. The lead post, containing team members, may not be edited unless you coordinate with the competition organizers (Mav and Sarin). If you so choose, you may paste in the prompt and rules into this lead post. This lead post may be used just as a header, does not abide by word count restrictions, may be followed by the same poster, but also does not count as one of the three posts a member must make. Good luck.


Kaira Rohana, Consular Chronicler of House Odan-Urr, crested the rise to one of the entrances to the Valley of the Dark Lords. Smoke was everywhere, coming from piles of random destroyed vehicles, burning shrubbery, burning clothing on dead bodies. The thick pall of smoke blocked line of sight to almost everything, but clearly a battle was still raging. The sounds of artillery, blaster fire, and explosions tore across everywhere, sometimes so concussive that it tore at the Chronicler’s combat robes.

However, through the smoke she was able to catch glimpses of the carnage at the floor of the valley. The ferocity and savagery of the battle tore her breath away. She had rarely seen large scale battles, and none as bad as this.

Behind her, Jedi Knight Zednich Wolfram, tension in his voice, quietly asked Kaira if everything was okay. Like the others behind Kaira, he scanned the immediate area for threats. They had already had to fight their way to this spot from their insertion zone, and had no desire to get into another battle before their decent into the thick of things.

“Everything is okay,” intoned Lambow, the senior member of the strike team present, quiet but insistent. “Kaira, continue to take point. We need to clear this valley and execute our plan.”

Kaira shook her head as to clear it. As usual, the Wookiee was right and practical. Although their sneak suits provided the most basic of infiltration abilities, clearly they would be of no use if a random artillery blast hit them from staying still in one spot. She took a deep breath and moved on, focusing and letting the Force guide her.

With Lu’aisha Gresee taking the left flank, and Revak Kur taking the right flank, they moved forward, as stealthily as they could. Once or twice they had to detour a bit to avoid patrols, but on one of them they were spotted before they could take action.

The enemy troops were sharp alright. They immediately started to shoot to pin the Jedi down, and clearly one of them was calling for help on a commlink. He didn’t get far with the message, as his head was neatly sliced in half from Zednich’s thrown lightsaber, but they all knew they needed to defeat the patrol and put as much distance as they could to avoid reinforcements. The Odanites attacked, Kaira and Lambow leading the charge, Force pushing into the line of troopers, scattering them like stacks of twigs. The confusion in their ranks gave the Odanites the edge, allowing them to come close and engage these troopers. Twenty seconds later, it was over, all of them dead or stunned into unconsciousness. No words were said, they merely pressed on. They had a mission to complete.