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[GJW XI] House Tarentum: Team Tau



  1. Teams must have a minimum of 4 participants, and a maximum of 6. For a team to qualify for placement, all posts must meet requirements in these rules and all members of the team must meet post number requirements. However, for participation alone, any individual meeting minimum post requirements will count towards his or her unit.

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Team Members

  • Hades (8596)
  • Farrin Xies (10013)
  • Magik (14037)
  • Darth Aeternus (3728)
  • Anshar Kahn Tarente (308)

Fiction Prompt

Civil War has befallen the Brotherhood. The Clans have split into three factions: the Loyalists, who have rallied behind Grand Master Ashen; the Rebels, following the banner of Jac Cotelin; and the New Order, led by the mysterious Sith Lord Esoteric. Each faction has stormed the surface of Korriban, establishing impressive fortifications and moving towards the Valley of the Dark Lords. Loyalists, Rebels, and the New Order clash across Korriban’s surface, all three attempting to gain control of the Valley of Dark Lords and the secrets it holds.

The Valley of Dark Lords has erupted in carnage, forces from every unit in the Brotherhood streaming into the ruins and temples, establishing makeshift defensive positions behind virtually every wall. Blood is spilled over every inch, each of the three sides gambling the lives of thousands of Jedi in an attempt to put an end to this conflict once and for all. The Loyalists, following Ashen’s command, seek to break through to the Tomb of Marka Ragnos, where the Disciples of Ragnos once sealed a chamber with writings on the Rite of Immortality. To open it, Ashen has sent three of his most skilled advisors in ancient dark rites and alchemy, but the way is not yet safe or clear for them, as the One Sith were originally entrenched in the Valley and still maintain a strong control over most of the area. Esoteric’s forces have a base of operations at the Tomb of Ajunta Pall, a fortified location that allows them a great deal of mobility throughout the Valley, which they use to harass any operations by the other two sides. The Adept Dantella Novae reluctantly commands Esoteric’s forces in the region, though she seems more interested in stealing the secrets of Marka Ragnos than in defending the Valley itself. Cotelin is seeking to contain and control whatever the Tomb of Marka Ragnos holds, through any means necessary… and before Ashen’s forces can reach it.

You and your team have found yourselves just outside one of the few entrances to the Valley of the Dark Lords. You know that inside the Valley, death and destruction have overtaken the ruins, but you also know that ultimately, victory for one side of the other is likely to come within the walls of the ancient tombs. Your runon should detail the battle within the Valley, and must illustrate (either through success or failure) at least one of the sides in the conflict - this will play a major role in your Story grade.


Two down, many to go. Both Hades and Darth Aeternus, also known as
Korras to the older members of Tarentum, wipe their viroblades clean after
dispatching a House Taldryan sniper team who had been covering a small approach
to the Valley of the Dark Lords. They nod to one another then Hades motioned
back to the team to approach slowly. The remaining members of his team move up
the rocky slope to the former sniper’s nest from their hiding spot and take a
knee. DJK Farrin’s eyes are constantly scanning for the Sithspawn that are
rumored to still run around this planet in packs. Hades addresses those
gathered in a whisper.

“Who here is good with a rifle?” the
Tarenti AED queried his team. Farrin raises his hand after no one else does.

“Good. Farrin, grab the rifle. Mind the TAL
germs.” That brought a small smirk to the faces of Farrin, Magik and even
Anshar. Hades continued.

“Magik, grab the spotting scope. You will act
as Farrin’s spotter if the need arises. Understood?” Magik nodded. The
young man looks around at the faces of everyone assembled. This would not be
the first time he would secretly beg the Sith Lords of old to make sure he did
the best job he could in the presence of two Masters as two members of his
Summit. A hand grabbing his shoulder snaps him back to the present.

“Magik, can you handle that?” Farrin asks.
The Guardian just nodded.

"All right then. We need to scout ahead along
the ridge. Running around the floor of the Valley is for fools. If we can
either find another way in from above, or at least rappel down and take
whomever is holding the the doorway out of our object tomb out of action, we
have one hell of a shot of securing what we came for. " Hades smiles to
his team then turns his attention Anshar.

“Anshar, you’re on point. Guide us to where we
need to be and keep us out of a sniper’s sights.” Anshar nodded and starts
moving low and slow towards the Northeast. After ten seconds, the rest of the
team follow.

Anshar took the point position, his mind barely holding the thought of why he had been chosen to do so. He could only move forward from this point. He had been committed to this point and he would see it through. It was only another Brotherhood civil war: one engineered no doubt to weaken the houses and clans enough for someone to more easily lead them. Whether it was Muz, Jac, or some other proxy for the Star Chamber, it did not matter. 

Anshar scooted along the craggy ground, a natural condition made all the worse by orbital fire and localized fire. Off in the distance, Anshar noted several turbolaser blasts careening into the ground. Most likely random instead of targeted, Anshar was only glad that the blasts were well off in the distance. As a Master he could survive a great many things; he was not so sure about a turbolaser blast. The explosions from the turbolaser blasts could not be heard as the closer sounds of battle provided a constant din that drowned out everything else. Proximity often dictated what could be heard, and in this case it was an almost murderous rapid rate of fire that caught Anshar's attention. Motioning to the rest of the team to get down, Anshar continued on ahead slightly until he came to rest under a jagged outcropping.

“What's got you attention?” asked Farrin through the comm.

“See anything above me?” asked Anshar. “Because I certainly hear it.” There was a silence as Magik, also tuned in, adjusted his scope.

“Hard to say exactly,” said Magik. “Geography is not our friend. But, I can make out a generator for a mounted weapon, probably an E-web. And the top of the helmet looks like a Taly, but I can't be sure.” Anshar didn't verbally acknowledge, instead turning and motioning to Aeternus to join him. The Dark Lord deftly approached and crouched next to the Krath Master. 

“I'll move further down, see what they're firing at. If I signal, leap the crag and get from behind.” Aeternus only nodded. Anshar crept along, underneath the overhang as the rest of the team came up with Aeternus and he briefed them on the plan. Reaching the end of being able to go straight, Anshar peered around the corner and took in the scene before him.

In a sort of valley, a platoon or so of Arconan soldiers lay hunkered down, taking cover under whatever rocks or aircraft debris were available. Above them, and to Anshar's right, was a trio of E-web  mounted weapons pouring out a withering fire, aided by perhaps a dozen or so standard armed troopers who contributed their own fire against the pinned down Arconan soldiers. The Arconans themselves could do little in reply.

Daring to look a little further, Anshar noticed what appeared to be a cavern entrance underneath the E-web position. Anshar flashed his hand signal to Aeternus. The Dark Lord proceeded to attack from underneath the overhang, with Hades following him. The Taldryan soldiers had obviously not expected this and twirling lightsabers, force lightning, and two clean shots from Farrin and Magik quickly silenced the trio of gun emplacements. Anshar joined his teammates to survey the situation. The Arconan soldiers were beginning to clamber out from their makeshift bunkers.

“So, do we go down and in the cavern, or continue on our original path?” asked Farrin as he and Magik came running over, ready to take up another position to cover their team.

“Let's see what our Arconan friends know and then we can decide,” said Hades. 

“I don't think that will be an option,” said Aeternus, grabbing Hades and Farrin while Anshar grabbed Magik and dropped flat to the ground. Abruptly, the landscape below erupted in brilliant white and orange as several plasma bomblets crashed and exploded. As the dust cleared around the now dead Arconan platoon, Anshar looked up and saw a pair of T-47's banking hard and preparing to make another run.

“I suggest we decide quickly,” Anshar said.

“Go to the caves.I’ll take these guns out of commission.”

A simple sentence, which did not make much sense to most of the rest of the group, but said in such a way that it was clear that it was nothing else but a command. Anshar just muttered ‘Showoff’, and they were off.

As the group started running, Aeternus got up into full view of the approaching craft, not even bothering to look back at the others. They would either make it to cover in time, or they would not. He had a different task to do, that would require even his own full attention.

The T-47’s were lining up for a bombing run, not giving up the chance to take out those who had just taken out their, probable, allies. As the bomblets started falling, the Sith Lord focused on one from each, and used a brief burst of telekinesis to force it back into their bomb bays.

A spectacular chain reaction followed. First the bomblets exploded, followed by the remaining ordnance, and finally the propulsion systems themselves. Two additional fireballs brightened the skies that moment, but already Aeternus was preparing for what would come next.

More than one bomblet had been dropped. The Obelisk High Commander threw up a force barrier, and prepared to absorb what energy that was not deflected. As the bombs started exploding on the ground, he was completely obscured from view by the explosions.

Moments later, most of the explosions had faded, and he walked into the cave. Behind him, where before there was a gun position, there was now a pockmarked outcropping, and the ruins of the three guns. On him, not even a scratch showed. Magik was staring at him incredulously, at which he grinned. “I told you I’d take those guns out, didn’t I? now, what is in these caves? I’d prefer not to leave any hostiles behind us.”


From the cave entrance, Farrin shook his head ever so slightly as Aeternus joked with Magik. Leave it to a Dark Jedi Master to take out a pair of speeders like that, he mused. As the Rollmaster of the House, he didn’t have as much contact with the Masters that resided throughout Yridia as the other members of the Summit, but he was still more than aware of their power; their showmanship, however, was a bit unexpected.

Reminding himself there was a mission to undertake, Farrin adjusted the loop of the rifle so that it held snugly to his back and unclipped his lightsaber from his belt. Looking around after his eyes had adjusted to the dim lighting, he began to notice the floor and walls of the cave were covered in some sort of droppings. “We might not be alone in here…” the Dark Jedi Knight mused aloud to the rest of the team. As if on cue, a series of shrieks sounded from deeper in the cave. “It figures, we’d wind up in a blasted shyrack cave,” he muttered.

He knew that, though they had only taken refuge in the caves to escape the T-47s, they’d have to deal with the winged pests before continuing on with their mission. Unclipping his lightsaber from his belt, he slipped into the ready stance that had become second nature to him. “Magik, stay behind us. They attack in swarms if I remember right, but they shouldn’t be a match for our sabers. If you’ve got a blaster, feel free to try taking some pot shots at them but don’t let them get near you - I hear they’re nasty.”


Lightsabers drawn, the rest of the team began to make way through the cave. Not only were there droppings everywhere, but it really smelled bad. The team was not alone in the cave. The noises were getting louder. Farrin looked back at Magik, to almost say get ready for anything. Magik had his trusty BAW E-5 blaster held tight with both of his hands, ready for shyrack. Shyrack’s were known to be nasty winged creatures that fly. The had wings, dagered claws, razor sharp teeth and they could easily make a mess out of your face. But they would be not match for an experienced lightsaber duelist.

It must had been the light from the teams lightsabers that drew them in. One by one shyrack were flying above atop the cave. From behind the group Magik began to let off blaster bolts into the cave ceiling where the shyrack were flying dangerously close. Rock from the cave ceiling went flying in all directions. Magik did not hit anything but the cave ceiling. The flying shyrack were not dropping. With all the firing by Magik it must have scared the shyrack. They came swarming down from the cave ceiling. The whole team began slicing through shyrack with their lightsabers. Shyrack were flying everywhere. The team kept it’s composure as shyrack were falling to the ground. In form the team dispatched shyrack one by one. Magik was still firing just hoping to get a piece of the action. The swarm had been killed, one by one the shyrack were diced with ease by lighsabers and blaster bolts. The master hsrdly broke a sweat as they placed their lightsabers back on their side. The knight just looked back at Magik, “nice firing” he said. “Now how do we get out of here”, replied Magik.

“We can either go back the way we came, or continue on,” replied Hades. “At the moment, though, I suggest we continue onward. It keeps us out of the main battlezone, and our friends from Taly obviously thought this was worth guarding.”

“Which means,” added Anshar, “that someone will probably be coming to investigate the loss of the three E-webs and the T-47s in the same area. That is, if it ranks highly enough.” 

“I think it is safe to say that it is important enough,” said Aeternus. “Just look at the walls.” The group followed Aeternus' instructions. 

“What am I looking at?” asked Magik.

“Sure signs of artificial tunneling,” said Hades. “These walls are too smooth, and so is the ceiling. Whether it was Taly or someone else, this cave has been widened.” Anshar let the conversation linger around him. He could care less that the walls were smooth. Were it not for his use of the Force to enhance his vision, he would be hard pressed to see anything, even in the light the lightsabers provided. He came from Jaguada, one of the newly conquered planets in the Brotherhood's domain. He was adapted to the bright sun of the desert planet, his solid blue eyes a strange genetic reaction. Dim tunnels did not suit him very well. A shriek shook Anshar from his thoughts; not immediately close, the sound nevertheless reminded the group that they were not alone in this tunnel.

“Let's keep moving,” said Hades. “The sooner we figure where this thing goes, the sooner we can get to the Tomb of Marka Ragnos and secure it.”

The captain sat in his chair, watching the unwanted group proceed forward through the eyes of his ever observant micro-droids. Truthfully, he was glad that this group had stumbled upon their little tunnel. They provided a little more entertainment than the shyracks, and it provided a welcome distraction from the relative calm from the battle above ground. While the captain wanted in on the action, he knew that his role was important. His master had selected him for a special purpose, a surprise long in the making, and he would fulfill it to the end. Absentmindedly, the captain's hand lightly stroked the silver hilt lying next to him.

“Well, at least we are not being shot at.” Magik remarked. Farrin groaned before turning to scold the younger Tarenti but was cut short by Hades’ sudden hand signal to halt where everyone was. His left hand clenched in a fist about head height. His hand then flattened out and pushed lower to the ground. This was a signal for everyone to crouch or take a knee and stay silent. Hades had taken point once they were deeper inside the cave. He had the elders take up the rear guard positions while Farrin and Magik made up the middle. Hades was slightly in front of the group by about five meters. They had been traversing the cave for the past hour when they came upon a curve to the left.

Hades was staring intently straight ahead. He did not know what lay ahead of him but he knew whatever it was it would not be friendly, he could feel it. But that is to be expected. It is not like the Brotherhood made a habit of invading a planet that was only inhabited by nerfs. No, if they were battling over a planet then there was something valuable to be had. And things of value usually were not usually left in the middle of a field under a blue sky with younglings dancing around it in a circle. No, valuable items were usually guarded with beings or things that would want to kill you, or worse. But there were no illusions of such a life when you joined the Brotherhood. You knew what you were getting into.

Hades reached out with the force, an attempt to sense anything, but he could not sense a thing except danger. He did not like this curve in the cave that was about twenty meters in front of his team. He motioned for Farrin to move up to his position. His apprentice moved up to his right side. “Yes, Master?” Farrin asked while his eyes remained on the curve ahead.

“Have your trigger finger ready. I’m going to move ahead along the closest wall. You set your sniper scope to thermal and move along the farthest wall. When I signal, we both take a look around the corner. Report any head signatures you see.” Farrin nodded and went back to his previous location without a word. He retrieved the sniper rifle and returned to his Master’s side.

“We look on one.” Hades whispered. Farrin nodded and moved to the far wall of the cave. Hades moved up and looked back at Farrin who nodded. Hades held out a hand with three fingers extended.



At his Master’s count, Farrin slid against the wall and around the corner, the thermal scope of the rifle to his eye. Standing as he was, the bulky weapon wasn’t much use offensively, but with the Force clouded as it was the scope would allow them to see what was going on. As soon as he cleared the corner, four human-shaped blotches of red popped into view against the cool blue tone of the walls. Crouched behind what appeared to be some rubble about 50 meters ahead in the tunnel, they opened fire on the two Tarenti almost immediately. Farrin and Hades both jumped back into cover as the rest of the group rushed up to meet them.

The Tarentum Rollmaster turned to the rest of the group. “Four targets in cover, maybe forty or fifty meters away. And they clearly were expecting us.” The Tarenti huddled silently for a moment, looking at the corner and pondering the best plan of attack. For a group of Dark Jedi, all but one of whom could wield a lightsaber, four soldiers with blasters wasn’t a problem; crossing 50 meters under fire, however, wasn’t going to be easy. More importantly, who knew what else was down there - Farrin had to admit, at least to himself, that he didn’t have the best look at what lie in front of them since he had ducked back for cover so quickly.

After a moment, Magik half-raised his hand, drawing the attention of the others. “I’ve got a pretty good arm… I might be able to fling a detonator that far.” Nodding, Hades unclipped a thermal detonator from his belt and held it out for him. It wasn’t an impossible range, but it wouldn’t be easy, either.


Magik quickly grabbed the thermal detonator from Hades hands. Knelt behind some ruble in the cave, Magik peered around the corner quickly. All he could make out were the shadows of four men. With instruction from his Master, he knew what to do. The rest of the group kept a knee while Magik stood in front ready to throw the thermal detonator. He held the thermal detonator tightly, he reached back far, then launched the thermal detonator from around the corner. 5 seconds went by before the detonator hit the cave floor, right in the middle of the four shadows. “BOOM”, the detonator went off. Silence filled the cave.

The knight Farrin took a glance from around the corner of the cave. He could no longer see the shadowy figures through his scope. One after the other the team stood up and began down the hall of the cave. Lightsabers lit, they were ready for anything. Magik watched from behind with his blaster as they marched down the hall. Magik followed down the hall as they came to a stop.Body parts from the four men scattered the floor. The thermal detonator had done it’s job. The four men were blown into pieces from the explosion. All members of the team quickly put their lightsabers back on their hips, as if to investigate the scene. Who were these men and what were they doing in this cave. Guarding treasure perhaps or guarding someone. Magik did not know what to make of it. All he knew was that they were on to something big. Magik said to the other with excitement “we must jeep moving” They agreed.


Hades knelt over one of the bodies as Farrin moved ahead of
the group to provide a lookout while Magik did the same from the rear. Korras
kicked a hand laying close to his foot and shook his head. “Not much

The corpse Hades was
investigating still had most of its torso intact. He started sliding his hand
around looking for pockets or anything else that could help identify the group
of men. The others were doing the same with what was left of the other men.
While striking out there, Hades then checked the neck and found a chain. He
pulled it from under the man’s clothing.

“Son of a…” Hades yanked the chain free and held
it up to show everyone else.

“What is it?” Magik asked.

“Taldryan.” Korras spat when he saw the symbol.

“Okay, so these guys were Tal.” Anshar surmised.

"And they knew we were coming."Farrin looked back
at the others.

"So we have a fight ahead of us."Hades finished.

“It’s alright. More people to kill.” Magik
commented offhandedly. The rest chuckled.

“Farrin, scout the next curve. Everyone, spread out a
bit. Anshar, you bring up the rear.” Hades stood as he placed the chain in
his pocket.

Farrin proceeded up towards the next gentle curve in the
tunnel and hazarded a quick glance. A blaster bolt ricochet off the wall just
above his head. “Whoa!” Hades moved up to Farrin’s side as he was
touching the side of his head, making sure it was still intact. “Those
little…” Farrin seemed to growl at the enemies waiting in ambush.


“Looks to be some sort of temple or tomb. A pair of
large statues by the main entrance. A few fallen pillars about twenty meters
away. Several soldiers are using that as cover. I couldn’t make anything else
out before I almost had my hair cut.”

Hades motioned for Farrin to follow him back to the others
and waited while he gave the lay of the land.

“Options?” Hades queried.


Magik waited with the others hovering over the dead bodies he had just blown apart with the thermal detonator. Hades and Farrin both made their way back to the group. Hades said “There is trouble ahead around the next curve.” Farrin shook his head, as if agreeing with Hades. “Tell us what is going on”, replied Magik. Hades motioned “Beyond the next curve in the cave there is a small group of soldiers guarding the entrance to a temple. We must disarm the soldiers and make our way through the temple.” Magik spit on one of the bodies that lay in pieces beneath him, put his hand on his blaster and said “I can lay some cover fire”. Hades knew if the rest of the team was going to have a chance at getting in the temple, they would need some cover fire or a distraction.

Just beyond the next curve in the cave, the cave came to an end with about 100 meters of open battle field until the temple entrance. Where the soldiers were guarding the front entrance. The soldiers each had their blasters in hand expecting company from inside the cave. Blaster bolts had already been fired into the cave where the team was hiding. Waiting for Hades command the team was ready for action. Out of sight but still inside the cave they waited for the signal from Hades. Hades motioned for Magik to assume position in front. Magik knew he would have to cover the soldiers with blaster rounds as the other members made their way across the 100 meter stretch of battlefield. Magik took aim; just waiting for the signal from the other members.


“We do not have time for this. Take them out when you can.”

With that, the Sith Lord walked out of the cave, before Hades could even begin to stop him. At once, he was the target of dozens of blasters.

But none hit.

Before the shots actually impacted, they simply vanished, their energy dissipated and absorbed. Striding forward, Korras started motioning with his arms and hands, sending large chunks of rocks into the larger clusters of soldiers, and projecting a slight emotion of dread and certain death into their midst.

None of the others had ever seen Aeternus go into combat before. Anshar had been present during the assault on Coratua, but not witnessed it. All the rest had was just rumours. But they believed it now, seeing a Paladin walk into a crossfire unscathed. Within moments, they were adding their own fire to the barrage of rocks flying around.

Once he got closer, some soldiers were brave, or foolish, enough to assault him. But the closer they got, the greater their despair became. One broke drown crying before his skull got crushed, another chose to user his blaster pistol on himself instead. Others fled in all directions, easily picked off by Hades, Farrin, Magik and Anshar.

At the top of the stairs, one final group had the courage and cover to remain. As they raised their blasters, Korras lifted his hands, and sent a wave of force lightning into them, finishing what resistance was left.

He turned to the others. “it’s clear. Time to move.”


Hades and the others rushed forward to meet up with Korras.
Magik had approached with pure amazement on his face while Farrin and Hades
were extremely impressed. Anshar arrived with a smirk. The group checked the
bodies, grabbing thermal detonators or other items if so needed. The smell of
the burnt soldiers Korras had hit with force lightning almost made Magik lose
his rations he had ate earlier.

The group entered
the temple. Inside was a massive room that went on for fifty meters at least.
It was in pristine condition. Statues of various Sith Lords adorned the sides
of the room as the team began to move forward.

“Faster.” Korras and Anshar began to run towards
the far side with the rest of the team matching them with the aid of the force.
They reached the hallway on the far side just as a door slammed shut behind
them. The team could hear rock scraping against rock on the other side.

"Thanks Korras. I didn’t need to be that thin."
Hades took a breath and moved forward into the smaller hallway. Large
glowsticks had been erected to the light the way. The team continued onward
without making a sound. Though the enemy knew they were coming, no one needed
to give away their position.

Hades stopped at the
opening of a large circular room. Torches of flame lit the sides every two
meters. Ten meters of wall separated the floor from what appeared to be a view
area for spectators.

“An Arena.” Hades peered to the far side, some
forty meters away and spotted a lone figure standing within the Arena.

“Come, Loyalist scumbags.” The figured stepped
forward to bring his body into full view.

“Time to meet your doom.” said the Captain.


Anshar started to get the group ready to attack, but was halted by Korras.

“I will deal with him. Take the rest, and complete the mission. You can not afford any additional delays.”

One tarentae nodded to other, and the group got moving again. The Captain reluctantly let them go, knowing he would need his full attention on the Sith Lord, if he were to succeed at all.

“I do not know you. When did you join up with Taldryan?”, he started.
“Who and what I am is not important… Lord Aeternus. But you will not succeed. I will deal with you, and that will be that. Whatever time you are buying your fellow loyalists, it will not be enough.”

With that, the unknown rebel revealed a saberstaff, and activated it. Judging by how he handled hit, and his force aura, Korras estimated him to be at least equal in force proficiency as himself. However, few could stand against him in a straight fight, and he planned to make full use of that.

He started running towards his opponent. As he did, he noticed the rest of his group exiting the arena on the far side. Mentally wishing them good luck, he felt the rage building in him. A blast of force lightning came his way, which he absorbed. A large rock was narrowly avoided. At the last moment, he ignited his saberclaws.

An unstoppable force hit an immovable object. With no-one to watch them, two titans fought it out. Powerfull sweeps of the saberstaff were deflected by quick strikes from saberclaws. One moving around his opponent, looking for an opening to get in close, the other looking for a breach in his opponents defense.

A quick slash at the hilt of the saberstaff. Countered by a thrust at an opening. Dodging, just in time, to avoid it. not being familiar with fighting against someone not using a lightsaber, the taldryanite overextended himself, expecting to be blocked, as a regular lightsaber does not allow an opponent to get out of the way in time entirely.

It was all Korras needed, as he came up besides his opponent, cutting straight through his leg with one claw. Screaming in pain, he began falling down, but never saw the ground as another claw cut his head off.

Panting from exerting himself so much in such a short period, Aeternus went through the pockets of what was left of the taldryanite, and found an encrypted dataslate. Even though he did not have the knowledge to access it himself, he took it along anyway, knowing someone else would have the skills to read it. As a final thought, he took the saberstaff, and set off after the others.


Hanging back just a moment, Farrin was impressed (as he always was) by the sheer ability of one the foremost duelists in Tarentum and maybe the Order. The old Obelisk High Commander knew how to sling a blade, that was a certainty. After he had rejoined the group, Farrin turned to him. “Did he drop anything, Aerturnis?” Wordlessly, the Master handed over the datapad. Though he wasn’t a pro slicer, he had dabbled and thought he could possibly gain some intelligence from it.
As the Tarenti regrouped, Farrin sat with the datapad across his knee and began probing the coding securing the information. After a few unsuccessful minutes, he realized his skills were far too little to best the security and thus turned back to the group. "No luck, sorry."
Hades shrugged the failure of his student off, “we’ll work on it later. Anshar, you take point this time, give Aerturnus a rest?” With a nod, the Tarantae nodded and took off slowly. After taking a swig from his canteen - the arid cave was making him parched - Farrin took off after them, but not before handing the half-empty canteen to Magik. “Drink up, you’ll need it,” he said with a grin. The new journeyman was more than proving his worth on this mission, and he clearly had lots of potential. The job of a Rollmaster was never ignored, even on a dangerous mission that had almost led to his death at least twice so far. Probably something to reflect on later, he realized - there was still work to do.