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[GJW XI] Scholae Palatinae Team Blue Barracudas


Team Blue Barracudas:
OPM Kell Palpatine Dante - #2407
KP Jacob Van Nowak - #12066
DJK Delak Krennal - #13944
JH Landon Cruise - #13876
GRD Anahorn Dempsey - #14057
GRD Drake Starfire - #14045

Civil War has befallen the Brotherhood. The Clans have split into three factions: the Loyalists, who have rallied behind Grand Master Ashen; the Rebels, following the banner of Jac Cotelin; and the New Order, led by the mysterious Sith Lord Esoteric. Each faction has stormed the surface of Korriban, establishing impressive fortifications and moving towards the Valley of the Dark Lords. Loyalists, Rebels, and the New Order clash across Korriban’s surface, all three attempting to gain control of the Valley of Dark Lords and the secrets it holds.

The Valley of Dark Lords has erupted in carnage, forces from every unit in the Brotherhood streaming into the ruins and temples, establishing makeshift defensive positions behind virtually every wall. Blood is spilled over every inch, each of the three sides gambling the lives of thousands of Jedi in an attempt to put an end to this conflict once and for all. The Loyalists, following Ashen’s command, seek to break through to the Tomb of Marka Ragnos, where the Disciples of Ragnos once sealed a chamber with writings on the Rite of Immortality. To open it, Ashen has sent three of his most skilled advisors in ancient dark rites and alchemy, but the way is not yet safe or clear for them, as the One Sith were originally entrenched in the Valley and still maintain a strong control over most of the area. Esoteric’s forces have a base of operations at the Tomb of Ajunta Pall, a fortified location that allows them a great deal of mobility throughout the Valley, which they use to harass any operations by the other two sides. The Adept Dantella Novae reluctantly commands Esoteric’s forces in the region, though she seems more interested in stealing the secrets of Marka Ragnos than in defending the Valley itself. Cotelin is seeking to contain and control whatever the Tomb of Marka Ragnos holds, through any means necessary… and before Ashen’s forces can reach it.

You and your team have found yourselves just outside one of the few entrances to the Valley of the Dark Lords. You know that inside the Valley, death and destruction have overtaken the ruins, but you also know that ultimately, victory for one side of the other is likely to come within the walls of the ancient tombs. Your runon should detail the battle within the Valley, and must illustrate (either through success or failure) at least one of the sides in the conflict - this will play a major role in your Story grade.


ABY 38
On a ledge outside the ridges that encompass the Valley of the Dark Lords

Dempsey looked through the macrobinoculars. In the distance, she could see the small entrance to the cave system that would allow them entry into the valley. Nothing stirred, but she knew that meant very little. Not only could hostile forces be hiding behind the many bushes near the entrance, they could be within the cave itself, outside of her view. And then of course there was the trickery the Force would allow the enemy to use. She could be staring right at one of Ashen’s Jedi and not see them. This was not going to be easy. She lowered the binoculars and turned around.“The path ahead looks clear,” she said. She looked at the people behind her. “I have a bad feeling though.”“It is the Dark Side,” came the reply. "It messes with our minds. Its all around us."Dempsey grunted. “I can handle the Dark Side,” she said. "I may not be recognized as a Sith lord, I know my way around the Dark Side. I’ve been using it to my advantage since before you were born!"The other didn’t react visibly, but she could feel her remark hit home.“Whatever,” she continued. "We need to find a way into that cave unseen. The others will be trying other ways to get in."Another young man stirred. “I still think we’d be better off with our Star Destroyers,” he said. "Why not just bomb this place out of existence. Get rid of Ashen, One Sith and whoever else is trying to get to that tomb. It’s so much easier."Dempsey made a violent gesture with her arm, and the man’s head snapped back as if he’d been slapped in the face. “Imbecile,” she whispered. “You do not bomb the Valley of the Dark Lords out of existence. The most powerful Sith in all history are buried here - do you really think they would allow you to do that….”

Dempsey closed her eyes for a moment and tried to figure out where the others were. Nothing. She sighed. Coordinating her attack with Delak, Cruise and Dante was going to be hard if she couldn’t reach them. She’d been training her senses lately, but apparently not enough. She wondered if the problem was hers, or if the Dark Lords beyond the ridge were messing with her.


Valley Of the Dark Lords

Delak followed his master Kell Dante out of one of the outcroppings leading out from a cavernous entrance to the Valley of the Dark Lords. They were trailed by a platoon of House Scholae’s finest troopers off of the ISD Indomitable, which had recently been placed in Delak’s charge. The Valley of the Dark Lords was a massive sight to behold. From the tomb of Naga Sadow to the Tomb of Marka Ragnos, the statues of the Dark Lords, whether crumbled from age or still standing high in the Korriban sun, were massive in size. The Dark Lords had loved to make sure there images survived the tides of time and of war.

“Can you feel the power here, Kell? It’s an amazing feeling to be standing in the presence of all the Sith Lords who have come before us. I feel almost giddy.” Delak said.

“It is powerful indeed, my apprentice, but don’t let it distract you from the task at hand. We need to figure out a way to get from here to Marka Ragnos` tomb, and there are a lot of troopers and sith that will keep us from our objectives.” Dante retorted.
Delak knew Kell was correct about the troops in the valley. He could see many of them hunkered down behind the sand dunes and the statues. The enemy was very well entrenched behind dunes that had been dug down to prevent them from having to build any other emplacements. He could see members of Arcona, Tarentum, Odan-Urr, and all the rest of the houses and clans. This was going to be one heck of a fight that Delak knew they had to win.


GRD Drake Starfire - #14045
Sith Academy- Not far off from the valley (specific location classified, as in I don’t remember where I parked, meaning its gonna suck trying to leave Korriban).

Drake had just landed by the academy in his personal X-wing, Landon was not too far behind and landed just to the right of him. “When are we going to make contact with Dempsey? I don’t like not knowing what we are doing,” the guardian questioned.
“No idea either, all i know is that we needed to land somewhere distant from the valley so we wouldn’t have our cover blown, she said it was a stealth mission until we had to engage.” Cruise then scratched his head.

“You don’t have contact with her do you?” Drake was not fooled… “Ok, look, we need to coordinate an attack with Dempsey, Dante, and Delak but we don’t have contact with any of them, we just need to meet up…” Cruise was just as lost as Drake was, all they knew was that they needed a plan of attack for the valley, but that they didn’t have contact with the others.

Drake had an idea: “Ok ok, lets just sit down and try to sense them. I’m sure together we can manage to find at least one of them.” Cruise and Drake sat by a tree and closed their eyes, together they channeled through the Force seeking their friends. But all they could see was darkness, either something is stopping them from finding their friends, or something was happening. Hopefully, it was just the first reason.

“Drake, I think we should just head north from the academy towards the valley, try to set a camp and see if we can find them, I’m sure they will spot us.” Drake agreed, but was hesitant “Just depends on who “they” are…” The guardian and the hunter set off on foot towards the valley, ready for what was to come.

Landon then looked at his map, almost shocked at where they actually were…


JH Landon Cruise- #13876

Outside Lower Wilds

“Hmmmm, looks like we landed closer to the Lower Wilds than the Sith Academy. I knew it would have been too good to be true to be that close. I know Dempsey mentioned back on Ohmen that she would be rushing the Sith Academy as quick as possible, but I don’t think she will beat us too it. As for Delak and Dante, in all honesty when we hear the fireworks sounding, they won’t be far off.” stated Cruise.

“Ah yes, yes the fireworks. I have a stash of blue milk to celebrate once we crush these cronies. Muhahahahhahaha” Starfire said with a devilish snare.

“Calm down son, this is only getting started. You see those troops down there. Yeah it’s just you and I. I was honestly hoping to be dropped next to the Obelisk since I am a pilot by trade, but I didn’t learn to use this saber for nothing.” stated Cruise

“Speaking of missing, where is your ghost of a brother KP Nowak? Could really use some of that Krath magic to make this clean-up much easier” said Starfire

“Honestly, dude does his own thing. We share the same mother, so calling us similar in our mindsets is far from reality. Blood is blood and should help us form a stronger ability with the force once together. If I know him he will be taking the long way. He tends to enjoy using his powers to corrupt and torture.” stated Cruise

“Alright, well looks like we need to defeat these troops and push our way towards this crazed Commander. I’m sure we are bound to run into the others around there. Everything seems to just bottleneck together towards the Sith Academy on the map.” said Starfire


KP Jacob Van Nowak 12066

Wilds Laboratory 0954 GMT

As Nowak walked through the laboratory, he began slowly torturing each scientist he came by. One by one he was slowly bleeding them of their souls until he got what information he could force from them. These scientists were left in this laboratory to finish GM Muz evil doings. He knew what little information he could extract might be the difference in thwarting Muz’ forces on Korriban.

Slowly he walked up to the head scientist. His eyes were piercing with a glowing devilish blue. The scientist knew it wouldn’t end well, but thought by personalizing with the Krath he might be able to end his misery quick.

“Sir, whatever you need, it is here for you. All the information we gave to the Krath fighting for Muz is in this holocron. Please sir, I was only serving the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. I am but a servant who thought I was following the rule of all the Dark Jedi,” the scientist said.

Nowak looked slowly into his eyes as if he was staring right into the scientist’s soul. Sensing truth from the scientist, he began to use the Force to slowly drain the life from him. Screaming, the scientist begged for mercy. With an inch of losing his life, the Krath stopped. Coughing and bloody, the scientist looked up and begged for a quick death. The Krath looked down upon him and opened his mouth.

“You will now serve Xen and his forces. Your abilities in alchemy are next to none. I will need your use of this in the ensuing Rebellion. Muz has betrayed our Brotherhood. You can push forward with us, or die here,” the Krath Priest said.

“Sir, I pledge my allegiance to the original Brotherhood and will give my support to Jac and the Rebel forces,” the scientist said gasping for breath still.
Without a moment’s notice the Krath turned and proceeded out of the laboratory. The Krath sensed through the Force that his brother Cruise was traveling toward the middle of the Lower Wilds and the amount of forces awaiting him. He knew his help would be needed there.


GRD Drake Starfire - #14045
Outside Lower Wilds

“Ok ok, you gotta swear you won’t tell anyone that I messed up in the landing. I seriously thought we were by the Shadow Academy.” The young Guardian begged as he was inspecting the map.

He knew Landon was smirking on the inside, he would hold this over him for a long while. They both crouched down and observed the forces below them.

“The obvious choice is to get the drop on them and try and wipe them out as fast as we can…” Drake whispered. Landon agreed, considering there wasn’t much else to do. They were both pilots, so they had to think as best they could together to handle a ground assault. This is where their training was about to pay off.

They both pulled out their weapons. Landon’s being his saber and Drake being his vibrosword. They both jumped down, as they did so the soldiers were slow to pull out their weapons as they were surprised. Drake rushed in to the nearest soldier and sliced at him. Landon swung almost wildly but convincingly at the soldier to his left and chopped his arm off. This ended up incapacitating the soldier.

Immediately, they were surrounded by other soldiers. Both Sith were embarrassed as their plan blew right out the window. “Maybe you should’ve counted them, kid.” Cruise smirked.
“Dont worry - I have everything under control,” Drake said, unable to convince himself.

One of the soldier stepped up, probably an officer. “Surrender, Sith.”
Drake laughed “You surrender to me? I accept, now turn around three times and count to ten, before I change my mind.” They were not amused, and Cruise facepalmed… the hardest he ever had.

“Drake, you’re an idiot, we surrender.” Cruise said. The Sith were cuffed, searched, and forced into a kneel. If only someone strong enough were able to rescue them…


Valley of the Dark Lords

Delak followed behind Dante down into the Lower Wilds of the valley. They had chosen to scale the cliffs into the valley rather than draw any unwanted attention to themselves. They took a few of the troopers with them and sent the rest to the front lines to reinforce House Scholae’s members. The cliffs were jagged enough to get good hand and footholds but it was a very steep drop if they messed up. They had gotten about halfway down the cliff face when Delak felt a tremor in the Force. He could sense that a couple of Sith were being restrained by a group of soldiers. He couldn’t sense who it was but he knew that they may need some help. He tapped his earpiece to communicate with Kell and informed him of the trouble he had sensed. Kell nodded about how to proceed and they continued their descent to the wilds.

Thirty minutes later…

Delak and Kell reached the ground with their troopers in tow. They headed off in the direction of where Delak had sensed the tremor. They were deep in the lower wilds by this point close to the Tomb of Marka Ragnos, too close. Delak could see members of Muz’ personal guard in the distance, this made them keep to the shadows of the cliffs to stay out of sight. As they continued down the path they could make out a small group of troopers standing around two kneeling men. One he could tell was Cruise, and the other it appeared was Drake. There were only four guards with basic blaster rifles. Delak wondered how two Sith, even low level Sith, could have been captured so easily. This would not go unteased once the dust had settled.

“Kell, it’s Drake and Cruise. Do you think we should save them?” Delak joked.

“I don’t know. Perhaps we should let them work it out themselves. You don’t really think they allowed themselves to get captured do you?” Dante joked back.

Kell signaled to the troopers behind him and signaled the sniper of the group to start taking out targets. The trooper set up his rifle on the nearest rock formation and took aim. With a gentle squeeze of the trigger he fired a shot at the nearest enemy guard. His shot scored a direct hit to the back of the head knocking the lifeless corpse into the next closest guard catching him off guard and causing him to drop his rifle. The sniper squeezed off another shot at the next closest trooper taking him out with a shot to the chest. By that point the others were on their guard trying to look around to see where the shots had come from. Cruise and Drake took advantage of the distraction to get to their feet. Cruise reached out for his lightsaber and it came to him swiftly landing pointed towards the shackles he ignited it cutting them away. The burnt metal landed on the ground. He turned to Drake cutting him loose of his cuffs and he tossed him the vibroblade which lay at his feet. Cruise took a swing at the closest guard cutting him down from top to bottom while Drake stabbed the remaining guard through the heart. The final guard screamed in agony before falling to the ground limp. Drake pulled the vibrosword out of his enemy’s corpse and watched the blood drip off of the metal.

“Nice of you to join us Delak.” Cruise said.

“You mean thanks for saving our lives? They caught us off guard and we couldn’t do anything about it? Well you are welcome.” Delak laughed.


Outside the Valley of the Dark Lords

For half an hour, Dempsey had sat behind the bushes, staring at the cave’s entrance, reaching out with her senses. She had felt things, but nowhere near well enough to figure out what it was she was feeling. She only had a faint sensation that time was no longer on their side.

“We have to move,” she told her team. “Get your gear, we move for the cave in two minutes.”

Two minutes later, Dempsey moved through the brush towards the cave. She took care to stay in the shadows of the trees and and natural shelters as long as possible, but eventually, she had to cross a small clearing to reach the cave. She crouched, took one last look around, and darted for the entrance. It took her only seconds to enter the cave. She frowned. The attack she had expected had not come. One by one, her team of five entered the cave as well.

“Well, that was easier than expected,” one of them said.
“Too easy if you ask me,” another replied.

Dempsey raised her hand to usher them to silence. She grabbed her light saber and unclipped it from her belt, as she slowly moved deeper into the cave. After two turns, the last of the light from the outside faded away, and she found herself in total darkness. Knowing that igniting her light saber would alert any enemy forces in hiding, she chose not to. Slowly, she moved on, only to reach a fork in the cave. She couldn’t see it of course, but she could tell. For a moment, she stopped. Her Force senses were growing with each passing day, but she knew very well she should not have been able to sense this split of the path. Again, her Force sense was tampered with. For a moment, she stood motionless, then resolutely took the path to her right. Another two turns, and in the distance she saw a shimmer of light. Cautiously, she moved towards the light. A few moments later, she was peering through the cave’s exit. In the distance, she could see huge stone statues.

The Valley of the Dark Lords.

She turned to motion to her team. Her eyes grew wide, as there was no one there. She peered deeper into the darkness, but saw nothing. No movement, no shadows. And no Force presence. She sighed. The caves had messed with her again, not allowing her to sense that she had lost her team in the caves until it was too late. There really was no going back now.

She turned back towards the exit, crouched down, and crept out of the tunnel. A sense of relief came over her, but not her own. She smiled as she recognized the presences of both Delak and Cruise nearby. So, they had come to the right place after all. She couldn’t locate them yet, but was confident that wouldn’t take much longer. She clipped her light saber back onto her belt, and took the macro binoculars. She peered through them at the valley below. At its highest magnification, she could recognize the remains of the gigantic statue towering over the entrance to the Tomb of Marka Ragnos. So close….

She swung the macro binoculars to her left, and in the distance picked up a small camp site. Several men were standing in the clearing, surrounded by silhouettes on the ground.“So there you are, mister Cruise,” she whispered to herself.


KP Jacob Van Nowak 12066

Lower Wilds 1055 GMT

Walking through the lower wilds, Nowak paced steadily in the directions his senses were pointing to his brother. Within minutes he felt a disruption in the Force. The feeling he felt wasn’t one of pain and sorrow, but of passion and power.

“It appears my brother has found a way out. Looks like I will have to play put up chase to find the others. Damn Sith and Obelisk. Always in a hurry to finish the deed. Isn’t there time anymore to enjoy the destruction?” the Krath thought to himself.

Calmly walking through the Wilds, the Krath was spotted multiple times by small enemy forces. One by one they would attempt to attack him. One by one he continued to put them down with ease.

“This scientist better bring the goods on the Alchemy. I have been waiting for years to try this out. This kind of battle is just the right spot.” Nowak said out loud with a hysterical yell.

Still moving closer to the bottleneck of Korriban, the Krath approached a Commander. Immediately troops began firing. The Krath continued to walk through the laser blasts calmly deflecting the bolts coming his way. Again he made easy work until he got to the Commander.

The Krath began to take his time with the Commander. He wanted to gain any significant data he could to help his forces win this battle. Cut by cut, he hacked the limbs of the Commander. The screams came louder.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh, what do you want. I will give you anything!!!” Exclaimed the Commander.

Silently the Krath continued to make sweet cuts until the life was almost gone.

“This was for your disloyalty to the true Brotherhood. Give me your communicator,” said the Krath.

The Commander looked toward his pocket as the Krath then took his life with one strike. Listening to the communicator, the Krath realized enemy troops were fighting Dark Jedi near the tombs. He knew this was where the others were. Without a moment’s notice, he made his way there.


JH Landon Cruise- #13876

Near Tombs

“Hey Dempsey. I thought you were gonna run this mission all on your own for a second.” Cruise said.

“Yeah, well I didn’t think two Sith would get captured either,” Dempsey replied.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Simmer down Dempsey. That was part of my plan, but I just so happened to forget to tell Cruise about it. Blue Milk made it slip my mind” A crazy eyed Starfire responded.

“Oh geez, you let him drink Blue Milk for this mission, Cruise?” Dempsey yells.

“I didn’t do anything. You know how he is about that stuff. Swears it enhances his ability to the Force. I just think it makes him act crazy. It has it’s good and bad qualities in him, obviously so far it is showing the latter.” Cruise replied

“Guys I’m all JACKED UP On SOME BLUE MILK! Yehawwwwwwww. Can we hurry up and get to where we are going. My hands are starting to twitch from all this talking and no fighting,” Starfire exclaimed with a small bit of blue drool forming at the sides of his mouth from all the Blue Milk.

Within moments of finishing the conversation Dante and Delak appear back around the three Dark Jedi.

“Ah I see we are having a nice reunion. Are you guys ready to go…” Delak stated out loud before sensing a Dark presence.

All the Dark Jedi immediately drew their lightsabers.

“Wait, I know this presence. Dark indeed, but it is my brother.”

Within seconds the luminous glow of Krath Priest Nowak appeared on the cave walls. As he steadily paced around the corner the Dark Jedi started to recognize the Krath as he got closer. Holding something in his hand. Once in front of the Dark Jedi, Nowak drops what appears to be the head of a person at their feet.

“Nice Jacob, what the hell is that” Dante stated.

“Head of some Commander. Figured I could use it in a ritual later if need be.” A devilish Nowak exclaimed.

“Wow, Krath are strange. Why can’t you just kill and leave it alone.” Dempsey said.

Glaring at Dempsey the Krath tossed Dante a communicator.

“I’m sure this will help us track some of their movements. There is always a method to my madness.” Nowak said to Dante.

The group then huddled around Dante to check the communicator to make their next move.


GRD Drake Starfire - #14045
Near Tombs

The guys were huddled in a circle looking at a communicator. Drake however, was not. He was busy drinking his sorrows away one gulp of blue milk at a time. Under his robes was the Granny Starfire Blue Milk Armour 3000. It gave good protection with a nozzle extending to a rebreather (hooked up to dispense blue milk into the wearer’s mouth, instead of oxygen.

All Drake could think about was his cute little goat that the TIE corps had turned into a machine. He was just a harmless goat, and they violated him with mechanics! (technically it was a higher ups goat for a competition, but thats not the point.) He almost became a little teary eyed, he missed his goat named Bob Higg.

He pulled out a picture of little Bob, poor Bob. He stared at the picture, remembering all the great times he had with his friend. Like that one time he milked bob for Blue Goat Milk, or that one time he fed Bob nutrients to have better milk, or that one time he gave bob trash from his room. Man, those times were great. He thought to himself.

The others were fully discussing their plans by now and probably almost ready to execute, but Drake just needed time to recuperate. The Blue Milk was also hitting him strong now and he started feeling a little crazy, a little serious, a little dangerous, a little stronger, a little faster, and a little more cooler. Maybe those teenagers across the street from his house would think he’s “hip” now.

He watched the others talking, and was now back to his normal self, but didn’t feel like standing up just yet. He felt like being lazy for a little bit longer. He tucked away his picture of Bob Higg and waited for them to finish.


KP Jacob Van Nowak 12066

Unknown Tomb 1300 GMT

Staring around the room, Jacob knew many were looking for guidance. Dante was busy meditating in the corner for an ungodly amount of time. The more they wait, the more complacent they would become. He knew now was the time to act.

“What are we suppose to do? There seems to be a million troops by the academy to include many Dark Jedi who oppose us?” Delak said to his Master.

As Delak stared at Dante who still was in a trance like state focusing on something beyond what the younger Dark Jedi could comprehend.

“He is going to be a while Delak. I will need his focus later, let him finish. First we need to find out which tomb we are in. There is an artifact that could give us the advantage against Muz’s force.” Jacob said.

“Honestly I have had a weird feeling since landing here. Almost like something is pulling away my force energy. It only seems to be stronger in these tombs” Landon stated.

“I feel it to. I wasn’t sure if it was just me.” Dempsey replied.

“Yes, you are both right. The surface of Korriban is home to many fallen Sith Lords who many would seek any way dead or alive to reconnect to the force. Any tomb here is dangerous, but if we can make it to the tomb of the fallen Sith Lord, we could utilize some alchemy to bind one of their objects to us. This would enhance our ability to the force.” Nowak stated with confidence.

“Right, so lets make our way deep inside to find out what secrets this tomb holds at the end” Delak replied.


Once dripping with moisture thousands of years ago, the cave was now dryer than Tatooine as the team made their way through the dusty tunnel that had been hewn through the rock by the slaves of the Sith Empire.

Ancient drawings that covered the walls depicted the great Sith Lords and their iron rule over their domain. One painting showed the building of the Academy with the overseers brutally dispatching a number of slaves who had seemed to have caused some kind of delay to the building as what should have been a pyramid looked like a jumble of stones that lay shattered on the ground.

Jacob stopped every so often to look at the various archaeological finds and dropped a comment each time. “Fascinating” and “I can…” were the most common sayings as they slowly made their way through the tunnel system.

After about an hour of walking, the Dark Jedi and the small contingent of troopers finally made it to their objective.

Before them was a reinforced and armored door that led to the final part of the cave before it opened back up to the valley where the battle was to be rejoined.

Dante looked the door over and then sent a squad of engineers forward who attached the explosives to the door.

“Fire in the hole!” yelled one of the troopers as the door exploded and a small jagged fissure appeared in the portal.

Enemy fire suddenly rained down from the narrow opening, and the members of Scholae returned fire as best they could. The small opening was almost totally filled with blaster fire from one side or the other. They were effectively pigeonholed as the enemy had seemingly set up multiple e-webs on the other side of the blast door that was partially opened.


DJK Landon Cruise- 13876

Outside the Cave- 1749 GMT


The blast was earth shaking as much as it was ear blasting. Landon looked through the direction where the doors once stood. Through the cloud of smoke he could see the bright lights of lasers being shot through the cave. Grabbing his bearing he glanced around to make sure everyone was alright.

“Everyone alright?” Cruise yelled.

“Alright? Awwww man, this party is just getting started.” Yelled Drake Starfire.

“Well at least this will be more fun than we had planned.” Dempsey said.

As the dust started to settle, Landon could see what appeared to be a maze of black rushing towards the cave. As it got closer he started to make out the dark mass which turned out to be troops.

“Holy sh…. Do you see how many there are. No way this is all Muz’s Forces.” Cruise Exclaimed.

“Who cares brother, at this point it is us against them. Let’s show them what we can do.” Jacob replied while thumbing through an old book he picked up in the cave.

“Where are the Obelisk?” Dempsey said.

Hearing loud smashes and the yells outside the cave, the Dark Jedi started to see what appeared to be troops being smashed into the air by the bunches.

“Noooooo. They started without us. Man If I hadn’t got so torn on this dang Blue Milk. Cruise let’s show them the power of the Sith on Blue Milk.” Drake Starfire said.

“Yeah let’s go.” Cruise said.

“Bout time guys.” Yelled Dempsey.


Dempsey stood for a moment as she watched the others ignite their light sabers and sprint to the melee. She pondered going with them, but instead decided to sit this one out. Brute force had never been her forté, and she failed to see why she would need to risk her life before all the cannon fodder was dead. She watched as the troops without Force abilities rushed into the fight, firing their weapons at the enemy. Some enemies fell, some enemies started deflecting bolts with light sabers, and some of those were met by light sabers wielded by HSP forces.

Staying close to the wall, Dempsey moved from the blast site towards the tomb of Marka Ragnos. She could see enemy forces abandoning their posts near the tomb’s entrance, rushing to the fight. Good, she thought, as she moved forward.
She met no resistance on her path, and when she reached the tomb’s entrance, only a handful of enemy soldiers were left behind. They looked upset that they had been ordered to stay behind and watch the big fight. Dempsey took advantage of their inability to keep to their jobs. She flicked her hand, and somewhere on the other side of the entrance some pebbles rolled down. The noice immediately attracted the attention of the guards. Looking away from her, Dempsey sprang from her position and ignited her light saber. Before the enemy realized what was happening, three of them had already lost their heads. Dempsey landed on her feet between the four that were left. She force shoved one of them into the wall while her light saber sliced through the thorax of another. A third drew his blaster, but his arm hit the ground before he could take aim. The man howled in pain, but his cries were cut short when a slice from a light saber cut his head clean off. The last one decided he wasn’t going to win this, and ran. A little Force shove tipped him over, and he fell to the ground. Dempsey heard a crack as he hit the ground, guessing that was probably his neck. She eliminated the one remaining enemy, deactivated her light saber and crouched down. She looked around, but nothing indicated anyone had taken notice. She smiled, as she quickly moved inside the tomb.