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GJW XII Run-On Rules and Details


Great Jedi War XII: Run On - The Lost Artifacts of Darth Plagueis the Wise

Location: The Badlands, Nancora Prime

Enemy Forces: The Technocratic Guild

Named Enemy Combatants:
Eminent Gwendolyn “Sparks”
Eminent Kendra Icasta
Eminent Kerwin Drake

Generic Enemy Combatants: The Technocratic Guild consists of cybernetically enhanced warriors that have trained relentlessly to face Force sensitive Combatants. The core element of these warriors have achieved capabilities that place then on par with Journeymen and Equites. An elite cadre of mentally and physically enhanced supreme commandos have unnatural abilities that allow them to combat Brotherhood Equites and when they possess numerical superiority, even Elders.

Known Enemy Ground Capabilities: The Technocratic Guild is a secretive organization that closely guards their most treasured items. This possessiveness has led them to build massive fortified structures with infiltration alarms and sensor systems designed to identify any and all intruders. Automated turrets, automated droid patrols, energy cages, stun gas, and a host of methods can be expected.

Known Enemy Space Capabilities: The Badlands are protected by the Collective’s Battle Group Orias.

Background: Guildmaster Daggo Mouk is a master of blurring the lines between mechanical and biological technology. He has spent years developing experimental methods to push the limits of the Technocratic Guild’s members mental and physical capabilities well beyond their genetic capabilities. Daggo repeatedly uncovered the name Darth Plagueis throughout pursuit of scientific and experimental studies. Darth Plagueis’s capability to manipulate an organism’s capability mortality was a fascination that the Guild Master could not shake.

Intelligence Update: Agents of the Inquisitorious and members of the Shroud Syndicate have reported dealers of Sith Antiquities recently made a billion credit sale to Daggo Mouk and the Shroud Syndicate. Interrogation reports of the black market dealer’s associates indicate that the Technocratic Guild is now in possession of a series of scrolls and tomes written by Darth Plagueis the Wise. These scrolls have been taken to a secret facility in the Badlands on Nancora Prime.

Mission: You are a member of an Elite Strike Force assembled by your Clan to infiltrate Nancora Prime, rendezvous in the Badlands, and assault the Technocratic Guild’s compound. Your mission will require you to overcome enemy combatants, fortress security measures, and infiltrate one of the most heavily guarded and secure vaults in the Outer Rim. You mission will be complete once you turn the artifacts over to the Dark Council, claim their for your own, or destroy them for the good of the Universe.

Light Side Hook: Rogue Agents within the Dark Brotherhood have notified members of Odan-Urr and the Resistance that the Grand Master has placed a priority elite forces to break away from the main Invasion forces on Nancora and retrieve the scrolls of Darth Plagueis for the Dark Brotherhood’s archives. It is your task to steal the scrolls first or sabotage the Dark Brotherhood’s efforts while also inflicting damage against the Technocratic Guild. You are authorized to engage Dark Brotherhood forces who are also seeking the artifacts.

Alternate Dark Side Hook: Knowledge is power. The Dark Brotherhood is a series of stepping stones until one reaches ultimate power. Your Clan’s agents within the Inquisitorious have uncovered the Grand Master’s priority message to retrieve the lost scrolls of Darth Plagueis. This is your Clan’s chance to seize the opportunity to secure the scrolls for their own possession and gain dominance over your enemies within the Brotherhood. You are authorized to engage Dark Brotherhood or Odan-Urr forces who are also seeking the artifacts.


Teams will create their own run-on thread in the GJW 12 Run-On Category. Your lead post will include your Clan, team name, team members, and team member pins. The lead post, containing team members, may not be edited unless you coordinate with GM Pravus and DGM Mav. If you choose, you may paste in the prompt and rules into this lead post. The lead post is to be used just as a header, does not abide by word count restrictions, may be followed by the same poster, but also does not count as one of the three posts a member must make.


  1. Teams must have a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 6. For a team to qualify for placement, all posts must meet requirements in these rules and all members of the team must meet post number requirements. However, for participation alone, any individual meeting minimum post requirements will count toward his or her unit.

  2. Members may only be part of one team." "Run-ons must begin with a first post listing all members of a team, and including a snap shot for each team member to the character sheet used in the run-on. This snapshot will be used for all realism judging.

  3. All members must make 3 posts throughout the duration of the run-on.

  4. Posts must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum post length: 250 +/- 10 words
  • Maximum post length: 2500 +/- 10 words.
  1. Any member posting twice in a row will disqualify his or her team from placing, but not from participation credit (e.g. if an entire team stops posting, a member may post twice in a row to get their own participation credit).

  2. Edits may occur on a post until a follow on post has been made (follow on posts include “reserving” a space). Edits may only be made by the original posts author (The only Forum Administrator that may edit a post is GM Pravus).

  3. Members may reserve a post, but no posts can occur until after the reserved post is written.

  4. Judging will follow the Run-On Rubric

  5. A Snapshot of the Character Sheet being used for a participating member of the Run-On team must be included in the lead post.

  6. Threads should have the a tag: [Clan - TeamName]

  7. Coordination and editing: Team members are encouraged to work with each other to coordinate posts, develop the story, and work on continuity of posts. Team members may also provide proofing of each other’s posts. However, team members may not engage in whole-sale re-writing of sections of a post that is not their own. Further, team members should refrain from completing detailed outlines for each other as to post content.

  8. Dark Brotherhood member’s unable to find a team that meets the minimum requirements may create a two person team to earn participation points. Two person teams will fall under all other stated rules within this document, but will not be permitted to place.

  9. Teams should work to incorporate the Badlands location, Technocratic Guild Capabilities, and NPCs into their run on. A large degree of freedom has been offered in this run-on, but teams strive to incorporate the setting and combatants provided. This includes bypassing the enemy fleet and making landing on Nancora.