Grand Master Communique #1

Hey Everyone,

My first three weeks as GM have been pretty fast paced. We have seen changes to the majority of our leader teams as well as several of our Dark Council positions. I’m excited to move forward with each of you and can’t wait to see where we can take our club.

I’ll try to send emails out like this as frequently as possible to make sure we are all on the same page concerning my priorities and to ensure you that I am responsive to member/leader feedback. Feel free to ask any questions or counter any points I may make.

  1. Clans. Mav has put out a very streamlined process for selecting new houses and clan naming conventions. The bottom line, your Clan is your Clan. Mav and I do not need to know every detail of every decision that you make. The dynamics of each clan is very different and that is what makes Tarentum unique from Taldryan. With that, I do not need to approve your BTL/AED/QUA/RM selections. I trust you to make the right decision. This changes slightly if you want to select a member who has been convicted by the Chamber of Justice. If that is the case, simply email the GM/DGM/JST to notify us of your decision.

  2. Priority. Our priority is (1) member recruitment and (1a) member retention. I look to each of you to help make this club a place that is attractive to new members and enjoyable to our existing members. The movies have always provided us with a historical bump in new members, but we have failed to capitalize on this in the past. Our focus this year needs to be the recruitment of all the EP7 kiddos that are looking for a little Star Wars fun.

  3. Projects. Possessions. My plan is to pull back the curtain on possessions and reveal the Wizard. We have a coding design document, xls with lists of items (name, type, cost, rarity, stats), and our existing credit system. James has worked on a lot of coding and Muz has worked on a lot of coding. My job moving forward is to project lead possessions and get it deployed to our members. Right now the biggest issue is our awarding of credits and the pricing of existing items. They just don’t work. The good news, we have math nerds, stats nerds, and system engineers who have been brought in to help us create a workable economy. Once we have that fixed, James can begin the meat and potatoes of coding. Expect graphs in a report tonight to help clarify just where we are.

  4. Fiction. Shad has the unenviable task of moving our fiction forward. He has already begun cleaning up some long standing messes (goodbye custom species). Expect to see Shad’s work setting up our post DC/FL/GJW fiction. I’d also expect to hear some discussions from me + shad on how we are going to fit into the new movie universe (are we staying Legends, Going Canon, or blending).

  5. Visibility and Transparency. Buzz words, but important. Be sure you are reporting, be sure you are communicating up/down the chain of command, and be sure your members know what you are doing for them. We have some staff and leader issues that could be solved with better communication.

Thanks everyone. This initial email will be on the forums for members to review and comment on.



Thanks for the update. I am here to assist in anything you need, no matter what it is.

excelent work boss