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Grand Master Communique #2


Hey Everyone,

Well, Vegas was Vegas. I walked away with $1500 and then flew home to hand it directly to Mrs. Pravus. She has since bought our new patio furniture. Awesome.

I’ll be dropping a report shortly…a tad late, but wanted to hit a few topics here.

  1. Awards: Awards are important. As much as we all like to scoff and say they are just pixels, we all know they are a little more than that. We invest time and energy into this club and like to see those efforts rewarded. I want to make sure all of us are doing everything we can to award our members. Here are a few GM Tips:

a. Objective Beats Subjective Every Time. It is okay to say your member is a vortex of activity that has laid waste to the Dark Brotherhood, but it is much more to say that your member wrote 30,000 words of fiction supporting the Clan’s new planetary write up, that your member earned 250 CFs playing Pazaak, and that your member implemented new Rollmaster requirements that resulted in a 10% increase in members reaching the rank of PRT.

b. Communicate: Talk to the MAA staff early and often. Aabs, Evant, and the rest of the MAA staff earn their credits by being honest and objective. Don’t go into a sacramental or EQ3+ recommendation cold. You need to socialize your recommendations and make sure the MAA is on board. Evant does a tremendous job of laying out comparative criteria that will help you determine if your member earned an award.

c. Don’t promise anything. I don’t promise Mav awards for doing his job as my #2 and the rest of you should avoid the same. The Covenant ensures we award our members fairly and we will always strive to do that, but avoid promising an award that you may not be able to deliver on.

d. Communicate Part 2: If you are writing an award for a member who holds multiple jobs, be sure to communicate with all of his supervisors or peers. That way you can capture all of their efforts. If a person is an Aedile, M:GM, Shadow Academy Professor, and an ACC judge…they might see their GC turned into an AK with a collective recommendation.

  1. Projects: This will go in my report, but I want to over emphasize this. There is no such thing as a DJB project that I don’t know about. If someone is building a Hand to Hand Guide or a Mandalorian Armor Guide or a new DJB Wiki, I need to know about it. There seems to be a few projects out there that I am unaware of and that is bad. The DC and I are working on multiple projects right now and all of them are nested with one another. A project that I do not know about from a year ago is not being considered in these plans. That can lead to hurt feelings. Please ensure if any of your members are building a project they believe to be at the DJB level, they are in contact with Mav and I.

  2. Live Tweeting/Social Media from Celebration. Val, Zednich, and I will be live tweeting our Celebration experience across the DJB domain. This will include our new DJB T-Shirts, passing out our new business cards, and taking tons of nerdy photos. I’m going to run multiple club competitions to help generate a little extra traffic across those platforms. I want all of you to help support this…it is a key opportunity to drive a little extra traffic to our website. Val knows to take the Tweeting keys from me if I drink too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. Team Speak Language: Ugh. We had someone drop a racially insensitive term on Team Speak. I’m not okay with this even if it was not done in a manner to degrade a member. I don’t care what any of you say or do in your personal lives, but I do care what you say on DJB communication platforms. Please ensure everyone understands we are safe place for everyone regardless of their creed, nationality, race, religion, sexual preference, ect. About the only thing we discriminate against is pure stupidity and even that gets a pass most of the time.

That is it. I hope everyone is having a good period of down time following the Wars and getting your Clans in order.