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Greetings my brethren


I just wanted to introduce myself to the clan, my name is Tanii Bol and I am from the great state of Florida.
I am new to this fine community of gamers and role players and I look forward to helping advance our clan to an elite status.

But before we get to that allow me to describe a bit about myself. I just recently returned to the states after being overseas for a year and a month, see I had moved to the Dominican Republic (my mother’s country of origin) in order to start a new life. Took me 10 months to get my working permit down there but I landed a great job with Wells Fargo merchant services, I has thrilled to be working in a foreign country with a a company where I spoke my native language (English) but after 5 months the company pulled out of the Dominican Republic and we were laid off. Thus causing me to be back stateside. Dominican Republic is a beautiful country, the food is great, the beer is always ice cold and the women are gorgeous.

As far as gaming goes, I pretty much own every SW game that ever came out, starting with “The Empire Strikes Back” for the Atari 2600 (many, many, moons ago). So im more of a SW gaming and novel fan than a movie fan, but do not be mistaken, I still love the movies. I pretty much love all things SW (excluding the 1970’s holiday show or the ewoks cartoon)

So with that said I look forward to working with my CSP peers to blow away the other clans with quality activity and fun gaming.

Neophyte Tanii Bol (Sith) / Battle Team Shadow Guard of House Imperium of Clan Scholae Palatinae [SA: III]