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Grey Wolf: Mangus the Gray Dawn [Invite Only]



This is a run-on competition that will progress the Grey Wolf Battle Team’s story as we begin the construction and move to our new base, Gray Dawn, on the moon Magnus. Only those invited or of the Grey Wolf Battle Team will be allowed to post.

Guidelines: To marked down as participating you must post at least 3 posts with each post having a minimum word count of 250. If you save a spot to post then you have 24 hours from the saved time to post and if you fail to post then anyone will be allowed to post unless another person saves the spot after you.

Runtime: This event will run from 17 Aug 2016 to 31 Oct 2016

Disable Signature: Disable your signatures well posting in order to keep your post and signature from a possible mixup.

Grading: Grading will follow Voice [Ficton Grading Rubric] (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ORZSSPj1_-15s-zHfyyqTuIBrC1s_DyvXkRoDcnzkDI/edit#gid=0).

Awards: The three top placements will get 5th Level Crescents as well as Clusters of Ice per Wiki Guidelines.


[Orbit of Yridia III]
[Lucifer’s Private Quarters]

Lucifer laid in his bed, the darkness of sleep unable to take him. His mind began processing the coming events that would surround the construction of their new base on the moon of Magnus. “What mysteries shall this new path reveal to us?” He spoke quietly to himself. His thoughts were broken by the sound of his alarming warning him it was almost time for the meeting with the Battle Team.
Slowly rising from his bed, he began to don his robes as a knock upon the door softly resonated throughout his quarters, followed by a gruff voice of one of the crew members. “Sir, I am just stopping by to let you know I have informed all of the members to meet you at the conference room as requested.” He finished dressing, opening the door and looking at the crew member from under his hood. “Good work, you may continue your duties.” Watching the man leave back to his workstation, Lucifer’s mind began to run over the details he wished to speak of to the Battle Team. As his mind mauled over all the details, his body automatically began the walk to the conference room.

[Orbit of Yridia III]
[Conference Room]

Having reached the conference room, opened the door with a quick press of a button on the door control panel. Stepping into the room he activated the overhead lights to a dim setting before moving to the viewport. Clasping his hands behind his back, his eyes began staring at the space outside, his mind going blank as he began a quick meditation to clear his mind and relaxing his body.


Orbiting Magnus
Gunship Huntsman Cockpit

Meeting time. By now, the entirety of his battle team was assembled in the conference room. He had gone to look for a good spot to build their new base. Now, he headed back, and docked on the cruiser.

Aboard the Cruiser Huntsman
In orbit of Yridia lll
Conference Room

As he had suspected, the team was already in the conference room when he finally arrived. “At ease,” he ordered the team as they saluted his arrival. Seated around the table where himself, the team’s leader, Lucifer Romanov, Tarentum roll master Ranarr Kull, and Telona Murrage, likely the wisest and most powerful among them.
“You’re late,” Lucifer stated.
“Took me a little longer than expected,” Blackhawk replied.
“Team, as most of you know, we have decided that the time has come to find ourselves a new base. We have been given authorization to choose a site and begin construction,” Blackhawk began the briefing. “It is to this end,” Lucifer picked up “that we have arrived here. The site we have chosen is Magnus, a moon orbiting Yridia lll.” Blackhawk took up the breif once again. “I have found us a suitable crater to begin construction. The coordinates have been sent to each of you. You are to go to those coordinates, and begin digging so that we may continue to build. Do not worry about hostile encounters, as scanners pick up no signs of life.”
This was indeed a momentous occasion for the team. A new base, a perfect location, if there was anyway something could go wrong, Blackhawk couldn’t think of it. “Dismissed.”

Below the surface of Magnus

Something was stirring. Along with it, many ancient, long dormant creatures. Something had disturbed them.


Huntsman conference room

Telona looked down at her assignment and tuned out most of the meeting. She was disappointed they had chosen a boring rock instead of the planet below it. The Elder was itching for some planet time and to not breathe recycled air. Now she was going to be digging a hole in a suit with air that would taste as stale as it smelled.

The red head mentally sighed. She wasn’t getting out of this. Her gaze went to the two young leaders. The fire in their eyes confirmed she was doing some hard labor. They were still talking but she wasn’t listening. Her thoughts went to her old house. Perhaps she could make a new green space inside this barren moon. Perhaps they would uncover some caves to explore and maybe have a bit of fun along the way. She looked back down at her assignment. She hated digging.


Digging. That was the plan for the new base. Start at the surface, and build downward, digging further as they needed. Nobody could deny that an underground base on a desolate moon had advantages, but Blackhawk limed efficiency, and until he learned otherwise, the Clawdite decided, they should operate under the assumption that manual digging was far from optimal efficiency. He had informed no one about this, so everyone found Blackhawk’s sudden voice surprising.
“Slight change in plans,” the Clawdite started “I want to know how far down we can go with explosives, and enough explosives to get there.”
He immediately thought he picked up a hint of a smile on the Elder’s face. Lucifer however, looked mildly annoyed that his Sargent had changed plans without telling him. Blackhawk didn’t care.
Explosives, at the very least, would loosen up rock and make it easier to move. There was no question that this would be a far more efficient process until they needed to put in actual tunnels and doorways. Until then, explosives where the best way.
At that point, Blackhawk felt it. It was subtle, but it troubled him. A flare of the dark side. He wanted to write it off as being close to his clan’s home planet, but there was something different about this. It felt… primal. Whatever it was, they would have to deal with it later. Regaining his composure, he scanned the room, deciding Telona would be the best choice to go planetside and requisition the needed explosives. All he needed now was the rest results to tell him how much explosives to get. No point in overtaxing his superiors.


“Lucifer, Blackhawk,… you copy?”

“Loud and clear Ranarr. Where the hell are you?”

“No immediate sight of other lifeforms, scanners didn’t identify a thing… But, guys, my gut tells me different.”

“Damn Ranarr! We didn’t authorize this. What’s your status?”

“Taking my first steps on Magnus’ surface as we speak.”

“Damn! Damn! Damn! We’ll have a serious talk about this… Alright, for now, be careful Ranarr. Keep us updated.”

Ranarr’s eyes moved swiftly to the right, then to the left again,… What was that? There’s something here!

Ranarr could scent something, even through his helmet, and followed it, moving swiftly on unknown ground. He kept his stride even as he scanned the rocky surface, though his heart hammered in his chest. After a few minutes he reached a rise of boulders and dropped his Blasters, Ryyk Blade and Whip. Then he jumped up, leaping from rock to rock untill he stood at the top.

The sky was coated with a thick layer of clouds that glowed with soft light. He scanned the rolling hills, his gaze stopped at a sight at a small distance to his right. Scorched, silver in color, it was a scar left by a crashed ship… although Ranarr couldn’t find any pieces of the wreck. It tensed as he noticed some sort of cave in the distance. He inhaled… a creepy space helmet breathing sound… and caught the same scent as he caught earlier. This had to be it, he had to be close.

Sweat glistened in Ranarr’s brown fur, it ran down his cheek, and he was breathing heavily. Scents never lied. The Cathar climbed down, landing with a soggy crunch in some tiny pieces of rock. His helmet prevented him from drawing a sleeve across his face, pushing his manes away and wiping of sweat. Then he got contacted by Lucifer, his Battleteam Leader, once more.

“Anything yet?”

"I think you guys should boost the engine and get here ASAP! "


Tahiri had just landed her personal fighter near the crater to help with the digging. Getting out and quickly scanned the area, she then started to head to her designated coordinates to begin digging. She could hear the tension in Ranarr’s voice.
Damn, what now? I hope its not some of the syndicate members. By the gods, I hope Master didn’t send someone else here. I already told him I would be here! Her thoughts were interrupted when an immense wave of raw and primeval dark energy washed over her, it felt strangely familiar, perhaps because it felt Sith-like, and yet it felt so distant and hostile.
She immediately scanned the area again, nothing came up on the scanners, but she could sense that something was there, something that didn’t seem quite right. Hmm this is confusing and strange all at the same time. I shouldn’t be feeling anything. There is, and has been, nothing on this moon as far as I’ve known or read. She shook her head and quickly raced to get to her appointed location to begin digging, even though the feeling subsided, it didn’t really go away
Just as she arrived, her personal comm beeped, “Tahiri, where are you?” asked Blackhawk anxiously. “Just getting into position now Blackhawk. I am getting ready to begin now," she reassured him.
Blackhawk, her brother apprentice, had quietly given her a quick brief, on what the Battle team had decided upon, on their personal comm, he had also given her access to their communications so as to coordinate with them on where to dig. Other than Blackhawk, and the Battle team leader Lucifer, though only through voice communications, no one else knew her. So she could relatively work along side the team and conceal her identity at the same time
"Okay, great. Be ready for anything," he said with a note of apprehension. He senses something too, she thought , as she asked, “You feel it too, don’t you?” The link was silent for a moment, and then he answered uncomfortably, “Yes. So even you feel something strange, something of the dark side?”
“Yes, something strange is here, but there is nothing on the scanners.” She added quickly, "And I assure you that there are no other syndicate members here. I cleared it with our Master, that I would be the one to help and ‘take care’ of things between our battle teams."
Sighing, he replied reassuringly, “I know. Ranarr has found something, Lucifer and I are going to meet him now. I’m sending you the coordinates now, would you meet us there? Just in case, if our Master did send someone, or something.”
“Alright, I’ll be there soon, Tahiri out,” she replied quickly.


Ranarr paced up and down in front of the entrance to the cave, as the rest of the team arrived.

“You guys sure took your time!” The Cathar mumbled. Lucifer immediately responded. “We’re here now… So… it’s there?” “We all felt something, right?” The entire team nodded, almost synchronously.

Lucifer had a plan. “Tahiri, Ranarr, the two of you head in. No use in all of us crawling through those narrow spaces. The rest of us is out here.”

“This gives us time go over the plans for our base once more.” interrupted Blackhawk.

“Yes…” Continued Lucifer. "Ranarr, Tahiri, keep in contact all the time. If you find anything we head in." The newly formed pair entered the gaping, black hole yawning ominously. Tahiri grabbed a flashlight and barreled inside more excited than ever. Ranarr took a deep breath and entered slowly behind her.

They squeezed their way down the tight, dark tunnel. In the dim flashlight beam they could see eerie rock formations hanging from the ceiling and jutting out of the floor. Somewhere in the dark depths they could hear rocks rolling, along with some strange sounds… but no Sith Lord laughing or moaning.

Tahiri kept moving rapidly forward with Ranarr tailing behind untill they reached a tiny crack between two massive, fallen boulders. Tahiri squeezed her skinny body through, but Ranarr, who had a bit more mass, couldn’t fit. Tahiri shined her flashlight around and mockingly called out into the darkness, “Here we are, come on out oh Dark One!” Hearing no reply, she turned back to Ranarr and grinned.

“I can’t get through those rocks,” the Cathar said. “C’mon, let’s go back and find another way around.”

“I want to keep going,” answered Tahiri from the other side. “Just wait for me here.”

“You can’t go back there by yourself. It could be dangerous.”

“I didn’t come all the way out here to stay for five minutes,” said Tahiri. “Just go to the others. I’ll be back in a little while.”

“Grrr… Sith… GrrrOKAY! We’ll wait for you outside.”

Tahiri laughed after him and continued into the cave. As she crept further down the dark tunnel, she saw more strange rock formations. To her, the cave was otherworldly, unlike anything she had ever seen before. She wandered further and further down the tunnel, always wondering what was behind the next turn.

As she continued on, the ceiling pressed down lower and lower, forcing her to crawl on her knees. Suddenly the passage ended in a tiny crawl space, leading on to who-know-what. Tahiri couldn’t stop herself from moving on. She wiggled into the tiny crawl space head first, pushing herself a little more and more untill… She got stuck.

As she tried to wiggle herself free, rocks and gravel fell around her, wedging her in even tighter. She called out to Ranarr, certain he still was somewhere nearby, but he already made his way back to the others. Then, of all the darn things, the flashlight went out, plenging her into total darkness.

From somewhere deep in the cave Tahiri heard eerie sounds moving towards her. At first they sounded like scratching noises, then like someone gasping for air. As the sounds got louder she thought she heard a scraping sound, like feet dragging on the cave floor.

Tahiri’s blood was running cold as the eerie sounds kept getting louder and louder as they got closer and closer untill…



He felt it before he heard it. The presence of the dark side was growing stronger. Then he heard the scream. The Cathar leaving the cave was the final cue. At his appearance, Blackhawk rushed into the cave, ignoring calls to wait. Seeing the small opening, he pulled his lightsaber and cut a section of rock, widening out the hole.
As the cavern got smaller, Blackhawk had a general idea of what had happened. When he found her, it was as he had suspected, when he saw her, Tahiri was stuck in a small hole. The scratching sound confirmed what he had hoped to be untrue. There was something there.
Activating his saber, Blackhawk poked a few holes in the rock around the Togtuta. When this was done, Blackhawk focused with the Force, sending shockwaves through the rock, using the freshly poked holes to focus his blasts even more. Eventually, he felt the rock collapsing. As soon as he felt this, he focused on a particular section beneath the newly anointed knight, and started blasting it. After a few more blasts, he shoved the loose rock into the cavern, allowimg enough room for his sister apprentice to crawl out.
Leaving behind a frag mine, the pair exited the cave, the Clawdite collapsing parts of the tunnel along the way to make it difficult for whatever was in there to follow them.
“We have a serious problem,” Blackhawk said when they emerged from the cave. “I don’t know what’s in there, but whatever it is, it resonates a very strong dark side signature.”


Tahiri was greatly relieved, and slightly embarrassed, that Blackhawk had to come rescue her. While she was catching her breath, Lucifer abolished her for going on without Ranarr. “Did either of you see what it was exactly, this creature or whatever it is?” He asked with a sigh.
“No, I didn’t see anything, I felt it, didn’t see it. It was in front of Tahiri, so she would have seen it,” said Blackhawk. They all turned to her as Lucifer asked her, “Tahiri did you see what it was?” “No sir. The flash light went out on me, and I couldn’t see anything. I could hear it, and Blackhawk is right, it is very closely related to the dark side, and it was getting very close,” she replied shaking her head. "I tried to get my saber, but it was wedged in a crevice in the rocks. It was very close, I think it scratched up my helmet a bit when it tried to attack me,” she finally caught her breath and looked up, and that is when they all saw the huge scratch marks scored across the top and front of her helmet.
“Are you okay?” Blackhawk gasped, concern emanating from his voice. “Yes, I’m fine. It only scratched it, no cracks or punctures. The weird thing is, is I couldn’t even communicate or control the beast, I reached out, but nothing happened. I’m not sure if I actually was able to stop it or just kept it from totally smashing my helmet,” she replied calmly.


Lucifer sat at the head of the conference table, his cold eyes moving to each member of the group. He had called them all back due to the issue that had arisen. “It seems we have a serious issue. I want everyone that needs gear repaired to get it done and resupply. We will move against this threat quick but cunningly.” He rose to his feet and looked to each of them. “Blackhawk and Tahiri, you two will join me as the recon team. The others will follow as soon as possible and join us once we set up a forward operating camp inside the caves. Dismissed.” He motioned for Blackhawk and Tahiri to join him as he exited the conference room and walked toward his office. Blackhawk moved to stand on his right side and Tahiri moved to stand on his left as they all moved down the hallway. Blackhawk spoke first. “What is the plan of action, boss?” Tahiri spoke up after Blackhawk as they stopped in front of Lucifer’s officer, him stepping through the doorway as he opened it, both of them following closely. “I would like to know what you have planned as well.” Lucifer moved to the viewport then turned towards the other, his lips forming a wicked smile. “We set up camp then we either kill or domesticate the creatures causing us problems.” As quickly as the smile was there, it was gone. His eyes moved back and forth between them both. “The main reason I picked you two is that I have a bad feeling about this and want you two at my side when we go back in to take these things out. Get ready, we head out tomorrow morning at 0700. Now get some rest and get everything done and meet me in the docking bay.” He motioned for them to leave as he activated the comlink on his desk to connect to the supply officer. “Lieutenant, I want everything loaded and prepped for the recon base, on the ship by 0500 tomorrow morning.” After a few second’s the comlink came back to life with a response. “Roger, Sir.” After the office went silent, he moved to look back out the window at the planet. “May the Force guide and protect us in this time of need.”


As Lucifer lead his team across the dangerous, area he stopped the group and said to Black Hawk and Ranarr, “Can you sense someone, an old ally and friend, look over there, in the darkness, Ranarr take a look see who it is”.
Ranarr walked slowly across to the shadows, he saw and placed one hand on his saber, as the Roll Master, continued his walk he looked at the strangers face and took his hand off the saber, and raised his hand and said “come out of the shadows, Caesar I see you”.
Caesar took one step forward, and looked at Ranarr and said softly “I thought you needed a hand I sensed, you are in danger and had to help”.
The Servant smiled, and saw the rest of the Grey Wolf team looking at him in puzzlement, he looked at the team and said “Don’t I get a Welcome”.
The team rushed forward and embraced the old figure, Lucifer and Black Hawk spoke at the same time, “How’s your time away in CSP, are you okay how did you know where we where”.
Caesar said in his soft commanding voice “ My time in CSP was fruitful, it gave me the time to take a break and the pace I needed, but what you think you need, and what you want or two different things, I needed a break but I also needed my friends”.
“ I sensed the Force was against you and I come as soon as I could so I flew here to you all, now what do you want me to do”.


She felt a little bit out of place right at that moment, as the rest of the group had rushed over to greet their returning comrade, though she had heard and read about Savant Caesar, she had never truly met him except once in passing, when he had visited Castle Tarentum on business for the Grand Master. She waited in the wings of their group, adjusting her dark mottled cloak and hood while they talked, waiting to be introduced, but looking down at her time piece, she realized that it was almost time to depart. She sent a telepathic message to Blackhawk as she slipped silently away, Once you are finished with your reunion, I’ll go make sure everything is ready at the ship, so I’ll meet you guys there. Blackhawk looked at where she had been standing, feeling as though he should call her over, but she was already gone.
A few minutes later, as they came around the corner of one of the ships, they found her standing in front of the ship, going over the inventory supply list. “Tahiri, there you are,” exclaimed Ranarr with a huff. “I want you to meet an old and dear member of the Grey Wolf battle team. Savant Caesar, this is Knight Tahiri Drakon. Tahiri this is Savant Caesar.”
She stiffened and bowed respectively, smiling as she straightened. “It is pleasure and honor to meet you, Savant Caesar,” as she pulled off her hood. She shook hands with the of tall human, who in turn bowed as well. “It is a pleasure to meet you also, Knight Tahiri Drakon,” he replied with small smile.


On board the Grey Wolf
Space Craft
Exploring the Baron Planet

As the Servant shook her hand he felt her nervousness, as he took her hand Caesar said quietly to her “shh little one we have much to talk about, and we see what we can do to help you grow, but for now ease yourself, and be patient”.

With that Caesar let go of Tahiri’s hand and followed with her and the rest to the bridge of the space craft, Caesar sat in the communications, Officers seat he looked around for any objections, but there where none that he could see from the rest of the crew.

Lucifer give the order to take off for the Grey Wolf new home Planet, “Make it so” he ordered Black Hawk and Ranarr, took the Pilots seats and what seemed a little while the Craft begin its travels toward the new home land.

It took about 15 parc sec’s, to reach the Planet and to get the search and landing party under way, to see what needed to be done first of all, and too gather all the info that was needed to get the new home under way.

Caesar said quietly “l go with Tahiri, and explore the outer limits of the Planet, too see what grows and lives here, it would be a good experience for Tahiri, I take good care of her I promise”.
Lucifer and Ranarr give a quick nod yes.

And the two left the craft, in their breathing gear and back pack of equipment, with them to gather the information they needed.
The rear door of the craft opened and the pair began their walk across the baron Planet, seeing that it was bear and that there was no water flowing, Caesar put one hand on Tahiri’s arm he looked at her and said " hold on ".

And he buckled, his helmet and he looked at her and smiled, “don’t take your breathing equipment off, he said in a commanding voice”.

Tahiri’s face went white and made sure her helmet was safe and felt she could breathe normally, she looked relaxed and happy whilst it was done up, she reported back “its breath taking this land and Planet is so baron just like they said it be”, and give a smile.
Caesar walked with Tahiri for a long time until they reached the outer limits of the Planet. Once they had they heard a loud breaking of dead wood on the ground . And a loud roaring sound, but it was not a Planet Lion some more something more bigger then that was making that sound the pair thought to themselves.

They carried on wards towards to outer limits more, too see if they could go round the noise but as they moved they could hear the noises of the animals or Creatures more following them they both thought.

“Are we being hunted"
Tahiri’s voice sounded very quite,
Caesar said softly " Probably, stay by my side and you be safe I promise”.


Tahiri could not believe this man, she was slightly and a bit taken aback by how much interest he had taken in her. _He knows, no senses something about me, I just know it. Wait does he suspect what I am? He is a Savant after all and had been the Grey Wolfs BL, and considering I’m not even a member._She pushed those thoughts away, she couldn’t allow her illusion to crack and shatter. There was another roar not too far ahead, where a large outcropping of rocks was. At times the roars seemed to be all around them. Looking around and then at Caesar, she checked her scanners, reporting with frustration, “Still nothing! Why are there creatures on this moon, and yet we cannot detect them until we’re practically next to them?” Shaking her head, she checked the scanners for a second time.
Caesar was about to answer her, but was interrupted. “Caesar, Tahiri, report. Have you found anything, any other caves?” ordered Blackhawk urgently. The rest of the group had gone back to the other cave entrance where they had first encountered the beast. “Yes and no,” replied Caesar coolly.
“What do you mean by yes and no?! Caesar there is no room for that right now, Tahiri almost got killed by one of these creatures. Either you have something or you don’t,” Blackhawk was almost to the point of shouting.
“What Savant Caesar means,” she interjected, trying to sooth her brother apprentice and keep him from getting angry, she knew of his temper. “Is that, we are not sure what we have found yet. We can hear the roaring of some sort of beast nearby, and I highly doubt that its Ranarr making all this racket.” She continued, “There is still nothing actually coming up on the scanners, it must be something in the composition and density of the rock, that’s messing with the detection.”
“Okay then, what is your course of action?” asked Blackhawk, now sounding a bit calmer. She looked to Caesar as he responded, “We’re heading towards the outcropping of rocks, that the sounds seem to be coming from. Not sure if it is anything yet.”
“Go ahead and investigate, we need to get this resolved ASAP,” interrupted Lucifer. “Yes, Lucifer we will do that right away,” replied Caesar. Blackhawk then interjected quickly, “Yes investigate, but be careful, I don’t wish for anyone to get killed.” He added after a short pause, “And stay together! This means you Tahiri, please don’t go off by yourself again, that’s an order. Understood?”
“Yes Blackhawk, understood,” she replied, and then added, “I promise to stay close.” “Don’t worry Blackhawk I will take good care of her,” said Caesar quietly. Glancing at Caesar, she smiled. She was slowly losing her anxiety around him, she still didn’t totally trust him. Then she felt it, a small knock on her inner consciousness. She could feel the concern ebbing through their connection, Hey, you doing okay with Caesar? Everything good? asked Blackhawk. I’m doing fine. I just feel a little uncertain about him, I don’t know him yet, she reassured him, though she knew he could sense her feelings. Blackhawk was the one of the few she trusted enough to let in.
They headed towards the outcrop of rocks. As they got closer to the ridge, the roaring became louder. They looked at each other, and as an unspoken message passed between the two, ignited their sabers. The Savants blue hued blade contrasting starkly with her bright red blade. Rounding the corner of ridge of rocks, they found the large entrance to a cave. Again the sounds came, this time from right in front of them, emanating from deep within the cave. Tahiri calmly and quietly clicked on her comm, "Blackhawk, I think we found something. It’s a large cave entrance, possibly leading deep underground. Sending you the coordinates."
Caesar added simply, “We are going in.” She glanced at him in a curious manner, but didn’t question his decision. She was ready to face these creatures, whatever they were, this she would be more prepared and not get into a confining situation again. They approached the entrance cautiously, both stopping right at the threshold. Caesar looked at her and said gently, “Stay beside me and I’ll keep you safe, promise.” Another roar from deep within the cave sounded. She lowered her saber and closing her eyes, reached out with the Force, reached for several far into the cave, feeling, sensing, every crack and crevice, every stalagmite and stalactite. When she opened them and looked at Caesar, he was looking at her with a half confused look on his face. “What were you doing?” he asked curiously. “I mapped the cave,” she replied with a slight smile. “I think that you had better stay beside me.”
“Why?” he asked, even more confused now. “Because,” she replied, her muscles relaxed and poised, her eyes sparked with the thrill of hunting. “I know the way.” With the same exuberance she had felt before going into the first cave, but more controlled this time, she strode confidently into the darkness of the cave. Caesar followed quickly after her, the light of both their sabers illuminating the darkness only a few feet in front of them, while the roars rang out from all around them.


Back in the cave
It got away. The ancient being below the surface of the moon had been trapped for millennia, waiting in an eternal stasis until the new creature appeared. Finally, he would be able to provide his pets decent sustenance. But that was not to be. Another creature had appeared and freed the would be meal. Not only that, but the trap had been resealed when one of his pets went after it. But now the debris were loose, and his pets could set it free. The ancient dark lord called upon the Force, giving his pets a boost of strength, empowering them to open the gate to the outside world.
Surface of Magnus
Cave Entrance
He had collapsed that cave 4 times on his way out. The rock was thick, tough, difficult to move alone. Yet, he could feel whatever was in there working at it. He felt a small uptick in the dark side when whatever was in there began working more furiously. He could feel it coming. It was clear to him now that whatever they were dealing with, whatever Tahiri had encountered, wasn’t alone. Likely as not, they were dealing with something intelligent. Whatever was down there would have to be eliminated if they were going to build a base on this moon safely. There would be battle, but Blackhawk felt that for some reason, they would find themselves unprepared for what lied ahead. This would prove to truly be the team’s greatest trial yet.


“With all these caves and passages underneath us, there is now way we can track and destroy all these creatures.”

“We where able to shut down a few entrances already, what do you suggest Major?” Lucifer and Blackhawk looked at eachother, before both focusing on Ranarr.

The Cathar grinned “We’ve got to blow up all of them!”

Lucifer swiped his arm over the table, clearing it and rolling out all recon info. “Looking at the map we made, there are 3 entrances left. We got much explosive left Blackhawk?” “We’ve got enough sir,” nodded his Sergeant.

“I suggest we all meet here,” Ranarr pointed at a crater near the center of the map “and bring all the firepower we can carry. We’ll then split up, planting explosives on all three entrances and blow them up simultaneously.”

“But then they’ll just be trapped?!”

“You guys worry about blowing up their way out, I’ll worry about the rest.” grinned Ranarr.

Minutes later, all of Grey Wolf gathered in the crater. “Where’s Ranarr?” asked Caesar. “Handling stuff,” said Lucifer, “dont worry about him. Caesar, you and Tahiri head north to close that entrance. Blackhawk and me will head west and east, both with a few of our younglings, and close those entrances. All get to the south of the moon as soon as you’ve completed your task.”

At the southern side of the moon, Caesar and Tahiri nodded at eachother after pressing the button. Lucifer joined them and confirmed his success. Two explosions, northern and western entrance closed. But where is Blackhawk? And what about Ranarr?