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Half Past Midnight Run-On Discussion


All of us should have read Raiju’s report and fiction; we’re turning his fiction into a run-on. Ideas go here. Rules will go here, too, I’d imagine. Some things to note:

  1. We’re evil. Get dark with the story. But please, make it member-friendly. Kids might be reading this.
  2. Get to know your fellow members. We’re a family here.
  3. There’s a boatload of wiki information about anyone and everyone; read up if you can.

As one idea, changes can, and SHOULD come to Yridia. There’s already been some discussion on it. Let’s set the scene for our future. Try using some key areas. Of note/relevance:
-Castle Tarentum: underground complex, Raiju sets it nicely in his piece.
-Messina: Anshar’s estate
-Sea of Darkness: Oberst’s estate
-Carpates Romanae: Frosty’s estate
-Sword’s Sheath: old House Gladius base, in the Itaana asteroid belt (it IS one of the asteroids)
-Mystic’s Asylum: old Mystics of the Black Arts phyle base; few allowed, creepy stuff happens here

Right now, we’d all be at the Castle, on Yridia II, with the start, due to the arrival of Raiju and Aeternus. Yridia IX is a hotbed of criminal activity. Scion has stuff cooking in the Sword’s Sheath, I believe. I’ve got things brewing in the Asylum.


I think we need a reason why we are going back to Necromancy. What is bringing us back to that point. Maybe we found something a relic from this person…

Sorzus Syn was a female Jedi who was exiled from the Jedi Order, following the Hundred-Year Darkness. Sorzus Syn and her fellow Dark Jedi enslaved the native Sith of Korriban, christened themselves the first of the Sith Lords, and instituted a new order that centered around worship and practice of the dark side of the Force.
During her reign, Syn wrote a journal that was later included in the Book of Sith, which was a chronicle of her encounters with Sith Purebloods, explorations in alchemy, and the foundations of the Sith Order. She was apparently the original author of the Sith Code.Revenge against the Jedi
"Life itself was in our services."

She had a diary, In that diary she wrote many spells and things about Necromancy. as show here here:

When Sorzus Syn was a member of the Jedi Order, she served the light side of the Force; however, when she fell to the dark side, she became cold, uncaring, selfish and power hungry, caring nothing about other beings. For example, she cared not for the slaves that died during her excavations of Sith tombs, even feeding one of them to a tuk’ata to save her own life. As an expert for creating living biological weapons and plagues, Sorzus Syn talked about various forms and benefits. In her view, using alchemy to alter dead creatures was easier because dead cells, unlike living ones, could not resist.[1]
Behind the scenes
At the end of her life, Sorzus Syn created her own holocron, the introduction of the Rule of Two in the possession of the Sith Lord Darth Bane. He managed to smuggle a copy of the artifact from the Jedi Temple, which served them as a cloaking device and the lifetimes when Jedi Master Mace Windu was in the archives.
A part of her diary, started from the third month of their exile, remained intact after her death and was included in the archive of the Jedi Temple where Mace Windu and Grand Master Yoda examined the pages written in which she pointed primarily to the dangers of the dark side. In the wake of the Great Jedi Purge, the book came into the possession of the new Emperor Darth Sidious. According to his statement, these statements were the oldest text that lasted for thousands of years. He noted that all the authors collected were Sorzus Syn, Darth Malgus, Darth Bane, Darth Plagueis, and Mother Talzin. They were believed to be strong in their own dogma and were removed from the path that the Sith had. When the book fell into the hands of Grand Master Luke Skywalker, he tried to associate the contributions to their time. He believed that the scriptures were written in the years after 7000 BBY. The entries of the Jedi that he dated to a time before the Battle of Naboo in 32 BBY, and Sidious’ remarks, after he seized power in 19 BBY

So in turn we would could steal the book from the Jedi or find the holocron. Maybe the Jedi are moving the dark artifacts and we get word they are passing through our system. So we work with the pirate factions to distract the Jedi as we then assault them.


One thing to remember, not everyone left Necromancy behind; while “underground,” perhaps, or in secret, some of us never stopped practicing. So there’s that level.

Additionally, with new insight, and new paths (like you mention), that it isn’t tied to the Keepers, and is a path to “old powers,” it can be a huge temptation. The mythological and fantastic powers of the ancients would be a lot to deny ourselves.

Potentially having these artifacts in transit somewhere would be a good opening to go with. It’s not bad as a start. Or, instead of going with stuff that might be at the Jedi Temple, what about copies and fragments as part of a museum piece?


Could be. But I doubt if the jedi knew of them they would let them be displayed mainly cause they would pull at the people to use them.

It would be more likely that the Jedi themselves had them hidden.

I understand about some keeping it going. However there needs to be something that would amplify or something needed for a new spell or aspect.

I mean for a Sith it’s always compiling power. So this could be something you have tried to get for a long while. A missing piece to reasearch.


All the the above are great ideas. But fictionally speaking I would like to give us a reason to go dark, or return dark as it may. What triggers us, as a clan, to dive head first into this. I know the threatening of closure would push the older members back into it, but not the new members. The only way that works is threat to our power base. Something that would put fear into the hearts of all Tarenti. Would it be another group, maybe a Jedi group, undermining our enterprises and efforts in the Yridia System in a peaceful way and we would have to deal with them? How about some sort of plague or infestation that starts in the outer laying planets and moves inward?

Oh and FYI, The Sword’s Sheath is home to myself and Farrin, Scion is just crashing there for awhile. :stuck_out_tongue:


Scion has a good group of ideas.

  1. It’s no secret I never gave up Necromancy. I made Draugr with Anshar and others, and we taught some to make Aptrgangr; there’s still some locked up in the pits of the Asylum.

  2. Aeternus being here WILL have an effect on us. Let’s face it: when some who are grey among us become dark, it affects the whole of us. It might mean more of us, threatened with the end of Tarentum, surrounded and penetrated by Aeternus impacting us, turn to the darker arts to arm and defend our home.

  3. With Necromancy being banned, others might have turned to try and create beasts and Massassi-like warriors, that are able to overrun our control, run rampant, and overwhelm us.

  4. With the dead we’re also bringing back from Korriban, feeling drained and beaten, sometimes, you just go nuts. Now, add in the rest. Yridia is overrun, many of our people are dead, and now, the populace is falling, and blaming us. Even the Sith King is getting blamed, by people not seeing Tarentum’s strong hand reach out and sustain them. The system in many areas becomes a dreary landscape of death and nightmarish visions. New members, obsessed with death, start to look into our past, our secrets.


While Anshar dabbled in the raising the dead/draugr, etc., he was never very fond of it. That is why he started experimenting with spirits (to use BF’s term, essences). There are also some personal reasons behind this. One is having his spirit ripped out of him, and his body possessed. Another big reason, well, that is a different story…

Messina is probably the one bright spot in Tarentum’s domain- a functioning nation-state. That said, there is bound to be sorrow and hurt over the loss of soldiers during the Crusade. While perhaps not enough to drive the populace to rebellion, it doesn’t help the situation.

I will try to post more in the near future, and to the RO.


Just remember, get used to sharing ideas. If you have something in mind, especially for our current run-on, or any other practice run-on, toss ideas, share, and we can all build things together, and build more succinctly onto each other’s posts. :slight_smile:


I guess the biggest question is: where do we want to take this? What is the overall plot idea? I think we’re at the point where we can move beyond the intro posts.


The idea is to change the landscape, modify Yridia, set the new stage for all that is coming. The system is changing; rebellion is coming. Yridia II will be affected, as will most of the system. Messina becomes like an island in the sea, a safe port in the storm. The Veil thins, and the dead are, in many ways and places, all we have. Dreary, macabre, dying, decrepit scenes should be popping up around us. Yridia IX generally falls to the Syndicates, with the Asylum as our only stronghold there. Darkness returns to haunt us, but the Clan of Death rises in the ashes.


We can get that started. How about someone send me out on patrol in the RSD and two escorts around the outer edges of the system and whomever can write that we discover what is just starting to take place on Yridia IX. Sith and Anshar can write that up, if you decide to move in that route to get this storyline moving. You two are a lot better at the dark stuff than I am.


Feel free to use this, and Ciara’s appearance, for several things:

  1. Our allies and agents have noticed that the Veil that separates the planes of the living and dead is horribly thin on Yridia II; ghost appearances happen often, and the whole world is drab, eerie and more like a graveyard. Our allies have noticed it is easier for them to appear, and to affect, the plane of the living there. Our spectral allies can help us there.

  2. We stand together. Everyone is bonding anew, and banding together behind Raiju and Korras.

  3. Messina remains a safe harbor in whatever is happening. No rebellion has come there, potentially due to Anshar’s influence and the stability of the county.

  4. The rebellion is beginning, and growing on Yridia II. There’s possibly a link between the death rates, the growing tension, the sundering of the Veil, and the greater presence of the Restless dead; are they all feeding upon each other, and causing it all to spiral out?


I will try and post tomorrow (that is, Saturday) after work. I do like the overall idea of a rebellion, but having it tainted by the undead/spirits/ghosts, etc. would make it more unique. We have had our share of rebellions in the past (reference The Yridian Revolt and Operation: Supremacy, just to name two).

So, do we take the route that the people are revolting out of fear from seeing/being exposed to ghosts and undead creations? Even if by accident, but the overall increase in the number of sightings of creatures and ghosts would not bode well. It would upset the general population, especially given recent attacks by unknown forces against Tarentum, and even the Vong on a galactic scale.


I imagine the rebellion is part frustration with recent losses, part flux associated with the changes in everything (and the Dark Side permeating/enraging everyone), and a huge amount of terror over all the ghost activity, hauntings and such going on, etc. I definitely like the terror aspect of the rebellion.


Well this run on died. :frowning: Sad to see.


It was closed off to make way for Raiju’s new storyline. We can use this as a teaching opportunity, learn from it, move onward and upward.