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Headmaster’s Report #6: "I’ve been doing this for six months?!" Edition - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


So, funny story. This report was supposed to come out 12 hours ago, but I picked up Civilization VI last night and... the whole "one more turn mentality" is no effing joke. Regardless of its tardiness, I do have some great stuff to report so I won't keep y'all waiting much longer.

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Shame on you!

But the report surely makes up for the retard…retired… being later :slight_smile:

I actually put that idea of prerequirements in an application once :smile: … Totally excited about it!

Glad you’re opening the comps up to the rest of rhe DB as well :slight_smile:


What if we use the society as a levelling up system? So rank 1 allows you to take the NOV hall exams, then level 2 is the Docent hall and then level 3 opens you up to the entirety of the SA.

It gives the younger members a gradual introduction to our mechanisms, what to learn and such, before giving them access to more complex things like how lore works, combat writing and so on.

I like the great changes you’ve so far :slight_smile:


I like the idea of having prereq’s, it would be good to steer new members in the right direction without overwhelming them. However I would still make the other courses visible. Nothing sucks more than thinking you finished a series to just have more content unlock without an end in sight. Having the course titled greyed or something until they are accessible would work.


I think that’s a pretty valid concern, Raiju. I’ll have to talk to the almighty Lord of the Code to see what’s possible, but I like the idea of having it visible at least. Not only does it not surprise them but it gives them a goal.


I hadn’t thought about tying it to the SAS, that’s definitely something to consider Lexic. Thanks!


I can see it now: Headmaster Farrin Xies is about to complete construction of the Great Library and seal his legacy when an unmet civilization beats him to it! This means war.


Due to the IRC courses being retired, when will the requirement be dropped from the Dark Savant Leadership And Communication degree?

Will there be a replacement course instead?

Also, are there any plans to look into the current degree’s and update them by adding/removing courses or looking at totally new degrees?


“Also, are there any plans to look into the current degree’s and update them by adding/removing courses or looking at totally new degrees?”

We should also have a new courses being slowly rolled out soon. All current degrees are being looked at within the Audit, they are either being scrubbed, replaced or adjusted/updated.