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HELP (Returning)


Sorry so a bit of information is necessary; so a job prevented me from being able to commit tot he group unfortunately. And I’d like to return to it; but how do I get out of the rogues? And if so do I need to write a document about where my character has been?


Welcome back Deverr. To transfer from the Rogues, you need to go into your Admin panel from the drop-down menu in the upper right of the site page. From there, look under the Characters box and click Request Clan Transfer. It will take you to a form to designate where you want to go, and a text box to give any reasons you feel need to be given to explain the transfer. If you’re returning to your old Clan, usually “Returning from the Rogues” is used as a short-and-sweet method.

As for fiction, you don’t need to write something to explain the absence, but no one will say that you can’t. It’s your fiction: use it when you need it.


Thank you!


Qyreia already covered it perfectly but wanted to welcome you to the club.

Welcome to the club and I hope you have a lot of fun! :slight_smile: