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If you haven't read Mirus' Praetor report, head on over! It contains Herald Office updates you won't want to miss. As stated in my update, Herald Style Hanukkah is in production and tentative date begins December 25th. Oh you didn't know that? Well now you do!

My last report has been a while, and I do apologize for that. My surgery was quick but the recovery was much longer than anticipated. Thank you to those that sent me well-wishes. I am back on my feet just in time for flu season!

The great lightsaber debate

Everyone knows by now that the new movie trailer boasts a new kind of lightsaber that's been highly debated on its practicality. The "original" SW fan, as proudly proclaimed by Steven Colbert, has a great clip that Mirus posted of his take on it on his show. While we could go on about it more, I'm actually talking about it because of something else that was recently released although it may not see the big screen (or will it?).

Another radically different unconventional lightsaber design will debut on Disney's animated series Star Wars Rebels. Jedi News posted an image from the latest edition of Star Wars Insider magazine revealing Ezra's new multi-function lightsaber design. It allows him to disengage his lightsaber and use the hilt to fire stun blasts at an opponent. Click for bigger version:

LatinoReview has the specs on the actual toy as well.

We don't know if any other new lightsabers will be seen in the new movie but it's worth considering at this point with these teasers.

Concept Sketches

I'm sure there's a whole cache out there somewhere of concept sketches but this is what I've found so far, courtesy of Indie Revolver. Allegedly sketches of Han in the new movie in a couple different outfits. It's interesting to note that Han appears to be sporting a second blaster holster, on his left hip now. Also the first outfit would seem to indicate a snow planet location. Up for debate would be whether it would be a return of Hoth or some other cold weather locale. Production had been scheduled for Iceland so it stands to reason that there would indeed be one or both of the above in Episode VII.

And Now Links for the holidays

That's all for now, feel free to comment on the new lightsaber style or concepts, and may your holidays be safe and wonderful!

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So what rank for the blaster/saber? :stuck_out_tongue:


I still think it’s a stupid saber design. Like Ezras though.


Can I go ahead and put my order in for the blaster saber? :wink:


What my soul-sista said. Pew-pew, stab-stab!


The blaster/saber will be available at rank dbb0t.

If you are below this rank and attempt to request the blaster/saber, you will be assimilated.


The saber-blaster is a little weird but it does encourage individuality, so eh

Also, is it just me or does Han’s first outfit just scream “Mal”?


Does blaster-saber require points in both lightsabers and blasters? Can I just use the saber part? So many questions.


Huh, the blaster-saber is actually pretty cool when you look at the toy version. When I first saw the image from the Insider magazine, the hilt looked to be one piece and lots of non-standard parts (what a lot of work just to fulfill the same function as his wrist mounted slingshot thingy.)

But in the toy you can see that it is a more standard lightsaber hilt with the blaster “extension” bolted onto the side.


I called the Captain Reynolds shoutout the first time they showed the pic of Han. It made my heart warm and happy.

As for sabers and ranks, I have another question altogether… With the advent of the new sheets, at EQ3 a member can elect to choose any two lightsaber forms, which begs the question, are we going to see any paired sets which can be coupled to form a staff in this year’s HSH? Or… is there something altogether different going down?


Pre-emptive ask the GM, will Muz decorate his beard?