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Hi, I’m new here


Looking forward to being a member, I’ve completed the Trial of Identity, and I’m here now. Still looking around, boy, there’s a lot.


Welcome to the Brotherhood! If you need any help, please feel free to ask members. There are a lot of us, that enjoy helping new member’s to get around and have fun with the community.


Hey there. Hope you have been enjoying your time with us so far. If you need any help, any one of us would be willing to lend a hand, as I am sure your Rollmaster in Clan Odan Urr will be more than happy to give you a hand as well. (Not to say that we are any less willing to help you get started of course :smiley: )

I wish you the best and big you a hearty “Welcome to the Brotherhood!”

-Bentre Stahoes


Welcome! You can text me whenever, or call, if you have any questions. Very proud of youu, and happy you joined


Welcome. Just do the novitiate halls until you recive your master


Welcome I’m new here too…we can muddle through together!!


I’m new here. Was referred to this site from some old SW friends. Trying figure out things. I’ll try to login and be active when i can.



Welcome to the Brotherhood, Aristo!