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[HMR] A New Dawn Event Fiction Thread


Chapter 1: Exsanguination

Quaestors Office
Tarthos Cathedral

The chair slid back from the desk as Kojiro raised his hands and rubbed his eyes. The clone had spent the better part of the afternoon engrossed in his work without paying much heed to what had been going on around him. His eyes stole a glance at the desk chronometer and Kojiro sighed. Time was almost upon him.

A hard knock at the locked door echoed around the spartan room and the Quaestors attention snapped around.

“Come in,” the man uttered, his hand resting on the blaster that sat upon his desk. Though what use it would have been had he truly needed it against who he was sure would come. The door slid open and a figure dressed in black glided into the room.

Ah, yes. The Umbaran standing before him shared no resemblance to the pictures on her dossier. Unlike those, Syntari was no longer a gaunt skeleton hiding away beneath a black shroud. No longer playing the part of escaped captive the Sadowan had allowed her snow-white hair to grow and displayed an air of confidence that, he imagined, had not been present before.

“Miss Bastiayn, welcome. The uniform didn’t fit, I take it, given the…modifications you’ve rendered upon it,” he said. His lips curled in annoyance before he turned away from the woman and moved to the office window. “Come,” he said, inclining his head towards the view, “Join me.” The Umbaran’s hesitancy deepened as she prowled into the room, a wary Nexu in a cage. Calling her clothing a “uniform” pushed it, considering the original; this sleeveless ghost of his concept bared her pale, scarred arms to the shoulder, and showed enough skin to make him roll his eyes. Her moonstone eyes flickered gold as she regarded the Keibatsu, brisk voice betraying her hostility.

“Why did you bring me here?” she asked.

Kojiro said nothing. He was rapidly losing interest in Syntari. Hmmm. Disappointing development, that.

“Look out there. What do you see?”

Syntari glanced out the window. Throngs of people gathered before the steps of the Cathedral. A call had been put out and they citizens had responded en mass. Dotted amongst them rested Force users, Warhost officers and soldiers, as well as all manners of politicians, miscreants and whoever else, had decided to turn up. Upon the top of the steps, a podium awaited, flanked by black armoured troopers in an armour the young woman didn’t recognise.

“What am I here to do?” She queried, throwing a quick glance at the man beside her.

“What do you think?”

“You put out a call and I responded,” she pointed out, “but I am still no closer to being in the know.”

Kojiro didn’t respond for some moments. When he did his features remained expressionless but his voice could not disguise the disdain he felt. “They are maggots writhing and feasting upon the decaying flesh of a once great house. Taking what they want, claiming what isn’t theirs and dragging us further and further into an decay. They cry when they are hungry, weep when their children die and their homes burn but most do not step forward to do their part. No, most are content to let the world slip by them and have everything given to them. No more.”

Syntari’s eyes tracked the Quaestor as he turned from the window, venomous words filling the room. She wasn’t sure where this was going but something about the possibilities of what he was saying appealed to her more than she would have been willing to admit. “Again, what does all this have to do with me?”

Before Kojiro could respond the door opened and two troopers entered the room, bedecked in the same armour Syntari had seen below. This wasn’t Warhost or any Nihilgenia armour she had come across before but something rang disturbingly familiar about it. The Quaestor chuckled at the young woman’s confusion before he began towards the two soldiers.

“Why the look of confusion, Miss Bastion? The armour is an old relic to the days of the Empire, a gift from our old friends in Dlarit. I don’t quite know how they acquired it, but I believe it is associated with a group of Stormtroopers called Death Troopers.” He strode past the two troopers. When Syntari failed to follow he turned on his heel and stared at her. “Come, Miss Bastion, it’s time to begin.”

Amidst the grandeur of the opulent foyer within Ragnos Cathedral there paced a tall figure dressed in simple Dark Jedi robes of exquisite material. Outwardly he appeared bored and more than a little impatient but his incessant pacing betrayed his anxiety. His right hand rested nervously on the hilt of his lightsaber as his eyes continued to sweep the open foyer for threats.

Kodais Solatus had only recently joined House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow from Clan Plagueis. During that time he had seen the subtle yet tell-tale signs of a purge coming from the House Summit. As arguably the newest member of the House it only made sense that he would be an easy target for elimination. For Kodais there was only one course of action: prove his loyalty to his new House and do so immediately and ruthlessly. That opportunity presented itself rather neatly when the Quaestor put out a call for a special job.

The staccato clicking of footsteps roused Kodais from his ruminating; stopped his pacing. He turned his attention towards the two figures approaching him: Kojiro, whom he had only met briefly and an Umbarran woman, whom he had never seen before. The pair stopped just short of Kodais.
“Quaestor,” Kodais said with a short bow. His acknowledgement of the strange woman was decidedly less cordial with a cold, “Madam”, and a curt nod of the head in her direction.

The three moved out into the shadow of the grand cathedral. Soldiers snapped to attention and as they ascended the steps to the podium a hush began to fall across the assembled throng of people. The assembled had been pulled from a list of those who were seen as dangerous, whose loyalties were questioned. Tarthos citizens and Warhost who had thrown their lot in with those whose ideals went against the very nature of the House. Kojiro eyed those before him with content and grimaced, but the grimace soon turned into a wide smile and he rose.

“Loyal citizens of Tarthos, for that is what you all are is it not? Loyal citizens? Though I would beg to differ,” a murmur flowed through the crowd and Kojiro glanced at a few select individuals as he lowered his hands to rest upon the podium before him. “I would beg to differ because I have heard such disturbing reports. Reports that, I will admit, hurt me deep inside. Reports that would indicate that some of you are not as loyal to Marka Ragnos as you would have us believe. In fact, some of you standing here before me today are traitors to the very house that protects and dies for you!”

A few shouts of protest echoed up from the group but most of the citizens Warhost assembled looked from one another with wary glances. Those unknown to one another attempted to put a bit of distance between themselves.

Kojiro smiled.

“I have decided thus to deal with these traitors in the only way traitors can be dealt with. Extermination. There was an old belief that if you bled the body of toxic blood it would in time heal. So this is what I plan to do today. Those that support the Lotus against the Throne, those that believe in the light or Jedi ideals, those who would stand for everything Marka Ragnos does not. Well, it is time for you to depart this realm and try again in the next life,” A further murmur spread across the crowd and people began to attempt to push through and exit the edges but soon found their way blocked by a ring of black armoured troopers. Kojiro raised his arm and the troopers as if in mockery raised their rifles.

Syntari and Kodais both looked at one another before being beckoned forward by Kojiro. “These two here have been appointed Judges. Guardians of the law and commanders of our new Judicial Force who you see before and around you. They are called Talon Company and all security will be undertaken by them. They are the law that will safeguard the true sons and daughters of Ragnos!”

Out of the corner of his eye, Kojro noticed a junior officer of Talon Company attempt to grab his attention. The man moved up to him when becked and leaned in whispering. A scowl danced across the Quaestors face as he moved away from the man and moved back to the front of the podium.

“It seems some of you have already acted and attacked the Undesirable camps dotted around the city, freeing the scum and arming them. Killing loyal members of the Warhost in the process! This is why you cannot be trusted, this is why these actions must be taken. To secure our future and ensure Marka Ragnos can go forward without interruptions of old ties to traitorous ideals!”

The clone sighed as he turned on his heel and walked away from the podium leaving the two new Judges to watch as the crowd began to surge from the middle outwards. He began walking backs towards the entrance to the Cathedral. As he did he beckoned the same officer over who had spoken to him moments before.

“Yes My Lord?”

“Activate the operation. Ensure everyone knows the faces of the Judges leading this operation. Cull every traitor on the list. No prisoners and no surrender.”

The Talon officer looked at him and without question nodded, turned to his datapad and opened his comm. “This is Lieutenant Dravis, Operation Exsanguination is a go. Repeat operation is a go. You are weapons free."

The sound of blaster fire echoed after the Quaestor as he moved his way into the Cathedral. The doors shutting behind him blocked the noise from reaching his ears and as he made the long journey back to his office alone he knew today would be a good day, especially for those loyal to Marka Ragnos. If things went as he wished, only those would remain.


Shuttle A-3L20
Tarthos Airspace

The carnage was evident on the tiny viewscreen that rose up before the two seated figures. Smoke drifted lazily into the air and fires on the edge of the cities burned brightly. Though unlike previously these weren’t fires set by looters or of destruction, but organised pyres. Black armoured figures moved from transports to the fires disposing of something. That something wasn’t evident to the men watching the screen, but they both could guess.

The camera drones skirted moved away from the edge and began their journey into the city. Patrols of Warhost marched through the streets and smaller bands of Talon company weaved through narrow passages going from door to door ensuring nothing was missed. This was a city on lockdown.

A look of displeasure creased the face of the man by the window and his fist curled in his lap, but no words found their way into his mouth as he watched the view before him. The other figure, however, was at no loss for words.

“What has he done this time? First the prisoners and now…this,” Sanguinius glared as the viewscreen passed over covered bodies. “It’s gone too far this time. He’d best have an explanation or we’ll end him there and then. Pilot, how long till we arrive at the Cathedral?”

“Ten minutes, sir.”

“Make it quicker,” the snap of the Proconsul’s voice echoed around the chamber and that was the last sound the occupants made until the cathedral came into view.

Audience Chamber
Ragnos Cathedral

The doors to the audience chamber were thrown open. Two Talons walked into the room, followed by the Consul and Proconsul. Four more Talons brought up the rear and the doors began to slide shut once more. Their footsteps echoed across the chamber as they made their way up to the dais where three chairs sat, and upon these chairs, three figures rested. A Twi’lek, Umbarran and a fake human stared as the entourage approached.

Bentre stared at his wife, who in turn stared back before turning her gaze elsewhere. Something caught the corner of his eye and his attention turned upwards as a figure wielding some sort of bow moved along the upper viewing area. Curious he watched the figure move out of sight before he threw his gaze to the opposite viewing area and froze. The Talon behind him stopped before colliding and the hubbub caused even Sanguinius to pause and turn, before following his second’s gaze.

There stood above them stood the Lord of the Keibatsu and the rest of the family. The other prominent members of House Marka Ragnos stood around them and they all stared down. No friendliness or compassion was directed towards the pair and for the first time, Sanguinius felt he had entered hostile territory.

“I assumed this would be a private meeting with the Summit of your House. Not a spectacle with so many onlookers. Were you too afraid to face what was to come alone Kojiro?” Sanguinius snapped towards the central chair. A loud raucous laugh echoed back in reply and the Quaestor of Marka Ragnos pushed himself from his chair and moved to the edge of the dais.

“More I invited them to observe what was to come. I do not fear you, nor your lapdog. It’s why I chose Ragnos’ own path. Why I refused to have us betray the Iron Throne, and why I ordered what has occurred here,” the clone sat upon the edge of the dais and inspected his nails before looking up and continuing. “I will not allow this house to be tarred as traitors and heretics. Nor will I allow it’s ranks to be split by those who wish the Brotherhood harm and those who would see it prosper.”

“So you would set about slaughtering civilians? Murdering loyal men and women loyal to Sadow. You become a traitor to your Clan, in order to avoid being a traitor to a Grand Master who probably doesn’t and won’t ever know your name?” The Consul stared at the clone. “For what?”

“For the future of Ragnos, to ensure we have a future. All these people here call Ragnos home and want to see it prosper. Those elements that were put down would have caused strife and discord in a time we can not afford,” Kojiro pushed himself to his feet and moved back to his chair, seating himself. “We have an enemy at our doors and I’d rather see the enemy before me than worry about the enemy we might face from within. An enemy you caused by setting the House against the Throne. I stand by my decision and I will do it again if need be.”

Bentre moved around the back of his consul and stared up at the three chairs and directly at his wife. “And what of you Tasha? How do you see this whole mess? Do you agree with these twisted ideals? Where do you stand in all this?”

The Twi’lek rose to her full height and looked into the Proconsul’s eyes.

“Blood, tears, and sweat have gone into the making of this House and I have protected it faithfully against all who dared to oppose it. Everyone has made regrettable decisions at one time or another. I do not agree with everything that has been done, however, I will stand with protecting the House and those within. I want to see Marka Ragnos rise above its previous desolation and become a stronghold for future generations. If blood has to be spilt then so be it. If I am a traitor, then let it be said I was never a traitor to my House.”

“A traitor you are, and a traitor is all you’ll ever be,” Sanguinius muttered quietly. The challenge to his authority had gone on long enough. “I’ve not come here to bandy words, Keibatsu. Your continued affront to my orders has gone on long enough. You slaughter innocents, you betrayed your Clan and you betrayed my trust. I was wrong to ever give you a chance.” Sanguinius turned and stalked away from the dais.

Bentre stared at his estranged wife, disappointment and anger bubbling beneath the surface. “You will regret your choices, Tasha.” the Battlelord moved to follow the Entar.

The Talons fell in around him, escorting them out of the room. They came to a halt as Sanguinius stopped by the main door.

“Your actions have created a divided Clan, Kojiro. But then, you always cared for little more than pleasing one master after another. You’re nothing but a mad dog let off their leash.” Sanguinius shook his head, “No…you’re worse than that. Your murderous ways will only set the populace of Orian against us.”

Kojiro arose from his chair, anger clearly showing on his face, “They will not dare such a thing. Order and stability will keep Tarthos under our control.” his booming voice echoed around the cathedral. Cheers met his words, but most of those present in the hall kept their silence.

“So be it,” Sanguinius smiled and walked away. Marka Ragnos would learn that their defiance would not in their best interest. Not while he had the Warhost under his control.


Compound of Rixad the Hutt
Nal Hutta
Hutt Space
Outer Rim

“I still don’t understand why we need to dress like this,” Armad quipped to his companion as the turbolift descended into the bowels of the compound. “Nor why we had to leave our sabers back on the ship. I mean I’m ok with this,” his hand moved to the holster on his hip and patted it gently.”But I much prefer my saber.”

“We could hardly march into a Hutt’s compound, dressed in robes and carrying a lightsaber,” Locke replied. “We’re trying to take this job as smoothly as possible and I don’t think we’d want to cause a scene before we get hired.”

The two men stood bedecked in armour that didn’t look a million miles away from what the local scum of the world wore, Locke hefted a DC-15S while Armad stood with his arms crossed, blaster pistol holstered at his side. Neither was particularly happy to be where they were but with recent events they had no other choice. Supplies and medicine were sorely needed, as well as ship repairs to the surviving Ragnosian fleet. However, since most of the Houses assets were locked up in Tarthos and that was now in Collective hands credits were becoming a rarity. With Kojiro stuck in a Bacta tank and existing in what could only be described as an enforced coma the two remaining house leadership could do but one thing. Turn to the holonet and hope there was something out there to help them.

“Thirty million credits for this job? I mean how are we going to win this Hutt over to prove that we can do it. I’ll bet there are dozens of crews down here all vying for the same gig,” the Aedile hadn’t been the most comfortable with this plan. But he had agreed to it knowing full well the payout would keep the House somewhat comfortable for the foreseeable future. “Not that I doubt your skills in getting us what we need mind you, just this is all rather different.”

Locke shrugged and fiddled with a few settings on his rifle before letting it rest once more. “We’ll be fine. Just be glad Kojiro isn’t here.”

“Oh, why’s that?”

“He’d probably kill everyone then try to talk to them.”

The two men couldn’t help but chuckle as the turbolift came to a grinding halt and the doors slid open into the compounds throne room, and thereupon his palanquin lay the Hutt they had come to see. With a collective sigh, the two Dark Jedi turned bounty hunters, at least for the moment, stepped from the lift and were soon swallowed by the crowd of degenerates and lowlifes.

Sometime Later

The two men left the compound, helmets under their arms given the mugginess of the planet was almost overbearing. They walked in silence for a bit, weaving their way through the markets until they came upon the local Saloon. Locke grabbed a table whilst his Umbaran companion grabbed a bottle of the house special and joined him with two glasses, poured them both a drink before sitting down and swilling his glass lost in thought.

“So…that was easier than expected. Apart from the being laughed at by the room, I feel the Hutt has full confidence in our ability to pull off this job,” the Aedile mused as he tossed back his drink and poured another. “That and no one else seemed stupid enough to take it on.”

Locke sipped his drink for a moment before taking out his datapad and laying it on the table between them. “It’s probably because apparently those who’ve taken this job before haven’t come back, or been heard from again. Though that bit of information worked in our favour given we managed to negotiate a fee increase.”

Both men took another few sips of their drinks before they continued with the discussion, the Arcanist tapped a few buttons on the datapad and the image of a planet popped into view “So we’re going to Felucia. Apparently, there’s some old Republic base there in the jungles left undisturbed due to the environment.”

“And the Hutt wants this,” the Techweaver motioned towards the image of the planet as it gave way to that off an Acclamator class ship. “Apparently this and whatever Cargo it holds. I’m surprised it hasn’t been stripped if there was anything of worth.”

“Well it is Felucia, that place isn’t the friendliest of environments and if the Jungle swallowed it then it’s possible it’s just been ignored all these years. The Hutt claims he only knows about it due to old records he managed to buy from the black market. Rumours claim it’s been used by smugglers in the past but that could simply be hearsay. Either way looks like we have our destination.” The two men finished the bottle, left a tip on the bar as they departed the Saloon.

“Locke, I suggest we get what we can in the markets supply wise with what we have left, ready the Hawks. We’ll depart before the next rotation.”

His companion nodded and they went their separate ways into the stalls. Using what little money they had left to ensure the mission to come wasn’t going to be a bust and that by the end of it Ragnos still existed.

One Week Later
Felucia Orbit
Felucia System

“The bio-scans check out sir. There are definitely pockets of organics down at the location in the coordinates, but with so much jungle interference we’re unable to clarify exactly what’s triggering the scans,” Captain Asaria scratched his beard and adjusted a few dials on the holotable. “What we can be certain off is a herd of these things are currently moving through the area, meaning we’re unable to put you down closer to the location than this landing zone.”

At his words images of a herd of Jungle Rancor filled the holo display, followed by a map of the area they’d be landing in.

“Hmm.” A sound from the assembled crowd was audible over the mutterings as the image filled the screen. Ashia stood, eyebrow raised as the herd of creatures moved across the screen.

“Apologies Mistress Keibatsu, but I don’t think we’ll have time to pick you one up. Perhaps after the mission is successful. From what I understand these Acclamators have enough space in them to house the entirety of Ragnos, it’s armaments and the remaining civilians if need be,” Asaria flashed a grin. “Could be useful to us nevermind the Hutt.”

“Indeed, however, we have no wants to backstab a Hutt on a deal like this,” Armad interjected before the Captain could continue. “The plan is simple. Since we know there are structures down there we will approach cautiously from this LZ. Move through the Jungle in two teams and secure it. Once done we’ll move onto the ship, secure it, move in the Engineers and get any compulsory repairs done. Once that’s complete we’ll then move to depart Felucia and move to the Rendezvous point.”

“What if it doesn’t fly?” Varuk queried looking at the images before him.

“Then I guess we have has plenty of time to get acquainted with the local flora and fauna whilst it gets fixed. Now you have your team assignments, We depart in twenty. Head to your transports and let’s get this show started.”

On Approach to Republic Base
Planet Felucia
Felucia System

Armad’s team snaked their way through the undergrowth of the Jungle. They had just begun to make out the shapes of buildings in the distance. Locke’s team was somewhere to their far right and each team had sent Warhost scouts forward to provide them with Recon, neither scout team had reported back in a while.

“I don’t like this,” Teu muttered from behind Armad. “We should have heard back.”

“I agree but we have to keep going on this one, hopefully, they’ll report in before we reach the perimeter,” Armad tapped his comm “Locke, anything on your end?”
“Nothing, I have a bad feeling about this. Scouts don’t just vanish.”

“Perhaps they haven’t found anything yet and have nothing to report.”


“I say we move up, locate the scouts and continue.”

The Battleteam leader responded apprehensively but agreed and both teams moved forward cautiously. They arrived at the base together and spread out amongst the buildings, ghosting between each one on the right side of the complex but finding nothing. The passed what appeared to be a small kitchen area, two or three habitats and what appeared to be a power room. Locke’s team was about to move forward to the opposite side of the base when a transmission came through.

“Sir you may want to see this, we’ve found the scouts.”

It didn’t take long for Locke’s team to converge on the location of the report, and sure enough, half hidden in the foliage, surrounded by blaster marks lay the scout teams that had been sent out. The human crouched and ran his hand over each of the soldier’s eyes in turn, closing them whilst taking in the carnage. It was Sanguinius that spoke first.

“These bodies have been moved here, but the accuracy of the shots that took them down is frightening. Clean head or heart shots,” the Ex-Consul looked to his predecessor with a grim look. “Check to see if any of them have their datapads on them, perhaps we’ll get an idea who did this.”

They rummaged around the bodies before finding one of the scout’s pads. It appeared the scout had managed to conceal it well enough that it hadn’t been taken like the others from the squad. Then again the man’s hiding place, though certainly not new, left a lot to be desired when one was searching a body.

“Let’s see…”

They replayed the footage. The scouts had moved through the buildings, checking each one in turn and similar to the teams now had found nothing. The next scene saw the team approach a large hanger on the opposite side of the complex, as the doors had opened movement from the side had caught the scouts attention turning them to the noise. As they did the datapad captured their attackers for a brief moment before blaster fire ripped into the team.

Sanguinius looked at Locke and both stared in silence, confused and if truth be told a little afraid.

“That can’t be who I think it is right? That white armour…” Locke muttered. “Raise the others, stop them from advancing to that hanger now!”
“Unable to establish contact sir, we’ve lost all contact. I think we’re being jammed,” a Warhost soldier responded.

Suddenly the air was filled with blaster fire, warning sirens echoed around the base and all hell broke loose.

Two Minutes Before
Abandoned Republic Base
Felucia System

“Sir they found the scouts, Locke’s team has converged on it but we’re now unable to reach them,” Armad’s comms expert called out to him as they approached the other side of the complex. “It could be jungle interference.”

“We’ll take it slow, I want to see what’s in that hanger. If we can secure this side of the complex we’ll be able to move onto the ship. Syntari takes a few men up front and secure the doors.”

The young woman looked at Armad with a slight scowl, but she followed the order. Utilising the cover of the buildings to move up to the hanger doors. She tried one and found it locked, the other gave way to her touch and started to slide open. From behind her a single blaster shot rang out followed by a cry of pain and a body hitting the floor. The Umbaran turned in time to a uniformed man approach followed by what appeared to be…

“Stormtroopers…oh Sith Spit.” Syntari dived into the hanger as blaster fire rang out. Her remaining trooper joined her moments later but took a shot to the leg as he dived for cover. “What’s going on, I thought the Empire was no more so why are there bucket heads shooting at us!”

“Eh ma’am, we need to leave. Right now.” Syn turned to follow the soldier’s expression and gulped. Armoured soldiers, tech crews and pilots had turned to stare at them. Lined against the walls stood half a dozen shiny AT-ST Walkers, and the one closet was turning its torso towards the intruders.


They both dive out into the open once more, startling the approaching squad enough they were able to make it to the relative cover of a low wall. Alarms started to ring out as blaster fire filled the air.


With the Stormtroopers advancing Syntari had time to peak over the wall, as she did her heart dropped. What appeared to be an electro fence sprung up around the base blocking the teams in with their aggressors.

They were trapped.

There was no escape. It was fight or die and no one planned to die that day.


On Board The HMR Flagship
Felucia Orbit
Felucia System

“Sir, we’ve reestablished signal with the ground forces. They’ve broken free from the enemy base but have suffered casualties,” a bead of sweat ran down the comms officers face as he turned relayed his information to Asaria. This was his first posting and the junior officer had a nervous tick about him which annoyed the captain greatly. “They’ve eh eh advised they are still on route to the target vessel however they are being pursued by ground troops and walkers.”

Asaria looked down at the young man and sighed slightly. This mission was not going to plan but he was beginning to realise why the payout was so large and why no one had returned. Nothing had been easy since the House had been forced from their home system and taking jobs for these backwater slugs wasn’t something he had ever wanted to do. But he had little choice in the matter.

“Inform the ground teams we’ll send what we can. Proceed as planned and get those engineers down to that ship, we’ll need them to bring it online. Remind them to take Z3-9S with them. I know that droid annoys everyone but it has the schematics for that ship in its memory banks,” Asaria looked out the viewport towards the planet’s surface as the orders were relayed. Within minutes one of the support ships broke formation and began its descent towards the planet. With luck it would arrive at the same time as the ground forces and by some miracle this would all work out. “Oh and Lieutenant.”

“Yes sir?”

“Stop with that blasted eh eh everything you get nervous.”

“Eh eh yes, sir.”

Asaria sighed again and moved to turn away from the command deck before the command staff felt the whip of his tongue. Most of them aboard were young and new to command. Some were even training on the job as they went, such was the price when a majority of the command crew were killed during the invasion of Tarthos. Perhaps when this was all over and they had money they’d be able to hire a new staff or at least take time to train these idiots properly.


The voice rang out around the bridge like a shrill warning klaxon. Asaria turned his attention to the person yelling, a red-faced portly man by the name of Atkins. Another new recruit though certainly not new in age.

“What is it, Ensign?”

“Three unidentified vessels are exiting hyperspace, sir. Their signatures are…”

The signatures were massive was what Atkins was about to finish saying but before he had a chance everyone had turned and was staring out the viewport. Before them lay a massive ship resting where before there had been none. Two smaller ships seemed to orbit the grander vessel and it didn’t take long for panicked expressions to be thrown towards the captain as the crew began to recognise the dagger shape of a Star Destroyer.

Resurgent Class Star Destroyer - Ares
First Order Exploration Battlegroup - Damnation
Felucia Orbit
Felucia System

Captain Kathleen Tanashir stood aboard the bridge of the Area and glared. This day could not be getting any worse and yet somehow it was. Not only had she been dressed down by her own father in front of her crew, but now she learned that someone had dared to invade her newly established project. That Acclamator and all aboard it was hers. A gift to her father, her direct superior, in hopes that he would forgive her past failures and bring her home from this damned mission.

The fact, as the reports read, her garrison force had yet to stop the intruders was another annoyance one that would be paid for in full.

“Ma’am besides the two fleets in orbit there appears to be a third ship heading for landfall towards the Acclamator. By our estimates, it will reach the target location before our fighters will be in range. Your orders?”

“Open comms, I want to know who we’re dealing with before we obliterate them. Have the Phobos and Deimos circle around and cut off any potential retreat for their ships. Launch landers with reinforcements at the location of the Acclamator. Do not let them get that ship off the ground!” The temper of the Captain was barely concealed and many on her own bridge crew were aware it was what had gotten her in trouble time and time again and damned them all to this backwater. “Oh and while your relaying those orders, have the garrison commander bought to me. The executioners have a meeting with him for his failure”

As the orders were relayed Kathleen took her seat, brought one leg up upon the other and leant back in her command chair. A soft purring greeted her ears and she turned to see her pet Loth Cat pad it’s away across to her before leaping up and into her lap. Her fingers ran through its fur and she sighed. Today was not a good day for her, and it would be a lot worse for those that stood before her.


Resurgent Class Star Destroyer - Ares
First Order Exploration Battlegroup - Damnation
Felucia Orbit
Felucia System

“Ma’am, a ship is breaking orbit. Small support vessels are in tow. The ship is registered as… eh, it’s the Acclamator,” the Comms Officer looked nervously towards the woman hunched in her chair. His eyes momentarily met hers before he hastily looked away. “If we, uh, move now, we can intercept and stop the ship from leaving the system.” suggested the Comms Officer.

“Do it, that’s my ship! Get me my ship back!” The screech easily filled the command deck and it was likewise followed by the heavy hissing of the Loth cat that was almost pushed from its perch upon the Captain’s lap. “While you’re at it, order the Phobos and Deimos to obliterate those damn pests in front of us. I want them dead! All of them! Now get me my SHIP!” bellowed Tanashir.

Orders were relayed and the bridge crew scrambled about. Those without current jobs busied themselves in order to avoid the Captain’s wrath. Most had seen her like this before, and those that hadn’t weren’t foolish enough to make any sudden or stupid movements.

As her crew worked, Kathleen sat back in her chair, hands gripping the edge hard enough to turn the knuckles white. This was not how this was supposed to go. This was her future, her redemption. They would not take it from her. No one would.

On Board The HMR Flagship
Felucia Orbit
Felucia System

The first shots rocked against the bow of the Ragnosian vessel. Captain Asaria stood braced as he shouted orders to his own Bridge crew. The small Ragnosian fleet was holding its own against the First Order support ships but it was only a matter of time before that behemoth of a Star Destroyer pulled into effective range.

“Ensure shields are kept to a maximum. We have to hold our position long enough for the ground crews with the target to escape. Then we’ll break off.”

“Captain, incoming fighters. They appear to be some variant of TIE Fighter, our crews are having difficulty hitting them.”

“Recall whatever fighters we have left to protect the larger ships. We need to stay in this fight.”

“Sir, the Pathfinder is reporting severe damage. They can’t maintain thei…”

A blazing light ignited somewhere in the bowels of Pathfinder. One second their sister ship floated alongside them, the next it evaporated. Debris splintered from the vessel and struck both friend and foe alike. A bead of sweat dripped down trailed itself down the brow of the Captain. This was not how this was supposed to go. They had already lost their home, they couldn’t afford to lose everything else. His fingers moved towards the comm system and before he realised what he was doing he had already opened a ship wide channel.

“All remaining vessels and crew, this is Captain Asaria. Abandon ship, I repeat, abandon ship. Attempt to get your pods and ships to the target vessel. If the Force wills it, we’ll all dine well tonight. Now abandon ship, all hands!”

No one on the Bridge moved. They had been through too much to give up and there were no words needed to be spoken. As the escape pods jettisoned one after another, taking crew, medical personnel and whomever else made it, the Ragnosian flagship did the one thing it knew it could do. It weathered the storm. Taking hit after hit, it used itself as a shield to protect the fleeing pods and smaller vessels.

The majority of the pods made it to the fleeing Acclamator and those small fighter craft that were unable to participate in the last stand docked. The Acclamator swiftly entered hyperspace, leaving the floundering Ragnosian flagship to it’s fate. To his credit, Asaria held on until the end. It was only when the Ares moved into range and unleashed its salvos did the ship finally go down, taking the brave souls upon it to their graves.

Resurgent Class Star Destroyer - Ares
First Order Exploration Battlegroup - Damnation
Felucia Orbit
Felucia System

“Ma’am…eh, the target vessel escaped. Ma’am?” The voice of Kaya Alis repeated itself again and had yet to receive a response.The woman sat at her desk to the left of the Captain and had attempted to communicate with the ship’s Captain twice before. “Capta…”

“I heard Alis, stop harping!” The venom in Kathleen’s voice caused even the hardened special operations Lieutenant to wince. “I want to know who’s fault this is. I want them found and brought before me. I want their damn head!”

Silence drifted across the bridge and no one looked at anybody else. One wrong move could be the end of their career and worse.The Captain being on the warpath was the least of their worries, if news got back to the true power behind their Battlegroup then they could all find themselves replaced in a matter of moments.

“Captain Tanashir, you have an urgent communication Ma’am. It’s from your fath…from the Commodore. He said he’ll speak to you in private.”

“Unde…understood. Get me the damage report sent to my quarters. I’ll handle this.” With that the Captain of the Ares stood from her chair and strode from the bridge. Her empty chair loomed above the rest of the crew who still dared not look towards it. A soft padding filled the room and with a lazy leap the Loth cat took it’s masters seat, spun around a few times before curling itself up into a ball and falling peacefully asleep amongst the panic left behind.

Compound of Rixad the Hutt
Nal Hutta
Hutt Space
Outer Rim

The music had stopped once the strangers entered the audience chamber. Two of the figures had been there before but alongside Armad and Locke more figures stood. Sanguinius stood on edge towards the rear of the room whilst Morax leant against one of the pillars, arms crossed. Other figures dotted the room, Syntari, Alexander, Teu and even Muz Ashen had made an appearance. Those that remained had crowded into the room, the tension could be cut with a knife and the tension only grew thicker as the figure before Rixad slowly paced. Kojiro Keibatsu, cloaked from head to foot, was barely containing his anger at the Hutt that lounged before him.

“You knew Rixad. You knew what my people would go into. You probably also knew exactly who they would face. Yet from my understanding you decided to omit those details” With every second footstep the Quaestor took, a heavy clank filled the room alongside a tap tap as the man used a cane to assist him whilst he walked. “We lost everything because of you!”

A booming laugh echoed from the Hutt and those who figured themselves safe from harm joined in. A cacophony of noise filled the room. The Hutt spoke and it took the interpreter droid only a few seconds to process what was said into something more tactful and polite.

“Rixad doesn’t care who you lost. He hired you for a job which you undertook, successfully. You will get your payment now, and since my master is such a generous businessman, he will add another ten thousand credits to your fee. My master wishes you to depart now and take your…entourage of freaks with you.”

Another cacophony filled the room. But the noise was cut short as the resounding unmistakable sound of blaster fire filled the room. The silence was all-encompassing as the occupants looked on. Where once the Hutt had laughed he now lay silent, eyes glazed, and blasters burns across the body, with one through the forehead. Kojiro stood, blaster in hand and still pointed towards the carcass of the Hutt. The silence turned to panic, as blasters came around to be trained upon the Ragnosians.

“The Acclamator is mine. You all work for me now. Believe me, if even one of you fires, you all die,” Kojiro raised his hand and a series of hisses filled the room as lightsabers ignited, several alone hovered around the ex-Grand Master. Though the thugs weren’t known for their smarts it didn’t take them long to realise this would certainly be a fight they couldn’t win. “Now, whoever was this slug’s second, please step forward.” A woman stepped forward, wearing a curve-hugging dress. Raven black hair cascaded down her left side, leaving the right side of her scalp shaved. Markings lined her face and Kojiro took them in as she moved towards him. “Good, good. We need to talk. Everyone else sit, drink and enjoy yourselves. This is where the future begins, ladies and gentleman.”

“Right this way,” the woman motioned and the summit followed her into a side room. This is where the Ragnosians rebuild started. This is where the future began, one piece at a time and if Kojiro had his way, one crime family at a time until all were collected below the Ragnos banner.