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Homecoming - Certain Members of Clan Plagueis


“Shuttle Darzu, we have your request to land and access codes yet we must advise that the codes you have provided are nearly two years old. Please hold position and current flight path and we shall update…no we cannot do that, no I certainly can not do that. Why not? Do not believe I am flexible enough for such an action. Yes, I understand…hold, please.”

The communications officer muted the tirade of abuse and turned to his Commanding Officer with a disheartened sigh.

“Sir, the name she gave checks out but the files are defunct after nearly two years, the personnel file itself has her marked as hazardous. Unsure what to do, she keeps requesting permission to land as well as Aedile Rhodes.”

The Lieutenant looked down at the young man and then back to the file in front of him. His initial thoughts were to simply deny the request and have the shuttle gone, out of his hair and away from his ship but in truth he wasn’t sure he wanted to face the wrath of the one aboard if she got permission to land from above.

“Ensign…contact the Aedile. Give the shuttle permission to land but send down a security team at full alert. Let’s just hope she’s nice today.”

“Yes Sir.”

As the orders were relayed the all clear was granted the shuttle changed course and following strict instructions entered the hanger it was directed to before settling down with a soft thump upon the durasteel floor. The shuttle itself was well kept, slight adjustments had been made here there and everywhere and to the trained eye, it would seem whoever owned it took care of it. The ship was almost beautiful until you got to the insignia on the side. A woman’s face, a thorned flower wrapped around the left-hand side and curling up to obscure the left eye. Blood seeping every so gently from the points the thorns pricked. As it landed the Ensign changed frequency and sent out a call to Taranae Rhodes.

“Ma’am, we may have an issue in Hanger Bay 4, your presence is requested by Lieutenant Hydran…and apparently an old friend.”


Moments later Taranae swept into the hangar like a tempest, flanked by a squad of guards. Her hair flew behind her as he marched towards the shuttle as the craft touched down. All the assembled troops had their weapons trained on the ship as the landing ramp detached itself from the hull with a hiss, causing clouds of steam to blow out into the area. She marched onwards still, bearing down on the figure that had begun to make its way down the ramp and into the hangar bay through the swirling mists.

Ophelia D’Tana looked on as the fiery redhead strode purposefully towards her with a grim look on her face. She was expecting this of the Ajunta Pall Aedile, a fact she had only recently become aware of. She had known that Taranae had risen in power during her absence, but to become an Aedile was an accomplishment. As Ophelia reached the bottom of the landing ramp, so did Taranae. The Sith stood still, with her head cocked to the side as she glared at Ophelia.

“Hello again Tara.” said Ophelia. “You seem to have done well for yourself.”

The Obelisk gasped as her head jerked sharply to the side as Taranae’s palm connected with her cheek, just missing the goggles that she wore across her brow.

“You left!” she screamed. “You just left without a word! How could you do that to me? Where have you been?”

A single tear ran down Taranae’s face as she rubbed her hand, sore from the impact of her hand across Ophelia’s face.

“Well, I…” began Ophelia, as Taranae rushed towards her and threw her arms around her, almost crushing the air from her body. Only her cybernetics kept her from serious harm as the Sith hugged her for all she was worth.

“We needed you, ophie. I needed you. We were at war and could have used your support!”

Taranae slmped slightly in her friend’s arms. “It’s so good to have you back. I hope you plan on staying?”

The whole hangar was quiet as troopers looked at each other in bewilderment. They had come to guard against a probable threat and now they were witnessing a tearful reunion. From the Aedile herself.


Ophelia looked down slightly perplexed. She was known as a vicious witch who killed without question and rumours had it was a cannibal and responsible for dozen friendly kills and more. Yet here she was with her new Aedile wrapped around her and she froze, then lifted her organic arm up and stroked a finger down Tara’s cheek, brushing a strand of hair back out of her face

“Hey kid, we both have reputations to uphold and your being all mushy and–” she braced for the second slap as it rattled against her cheek and Tara glared at her.

“Hate it when you call me kid you jumped up Mando. Just because you happen to be older than me doesn’t mean you get away with calling me, and half the clan at that kid still.” She gazed at Ophelia and saw a wry smile flit across the older womans mouth, vanishing as quickly as it arose. She turned on her hell and coughed slightly before informing the security team “You may go.”

Ophelia held up her fingers to her mouth and let out a shrill whistle. From inside the shuttle the sounds of padding feet echoed and two shapes darted out of the back and wrapped themselves around her and Taranae before lying down next to them. The Vornskr looked up at Ophelia in anticipation and then towards the Sith in anticipation.

“I need one or…several of you to take my pets somewhere secure until I come to collect them, you know standard quarantine measures. Avoid as many force senstives as you can that’s what they hunt and if they are harmed in any shape or form you will not get Tara’s Ophelia.” She beckoned for the creatures to follow a couple of men who gingerly stepped forward for the task and when finally they were alone she turned to Tara and smirked.

"Aedile eh? Seems I have to be on my best behaviour now I’m home. Heard the rule for not eating clan mates was still in force…now tell me little one what have you been upto and I believe you can do so whilst reacquainting me with the ship " she looped her arm through Tara’s and giggled as a she was led away and out of the hanger


Kelly Mendes was visiting the Ascendancy, as she often did, to keep an eye on the Disciples of Dreypa. Some would view it as micro-managing but she saw it as not allowing complacency to set in. There was always some kind of paperwork that needed doing and she’d need to get it done otherwise she could possibly end up in some kind of trouble and having the bosses she had it could have been dangerous.

She looked up from the desk she was sat at to see some of the personnel who worked aboard the ship, providing security among other things. She looked down again and continued to fill in the paperwork. The young man stood there patiently, knowing any wrong move could be his last. Finally, Kelly spoke to him.

“Yes, I assume there is some reason you bothered to come before me. You’re not force sensitive so it’s not for training so I have to assume it’s security related. I suppose I’ll hear what you have to say and then we can move forward from there.”

The young marine, clearly nervous about the situation did his job and reported the situation to the Overseer. “Well Ma’am we have just received a cyborg, female, Zeltron, asked for the Blade by name. She hasn’t been seen for around 2 years now, thought you should know.”

“Very well, Ensign, I suppose you know where they are now? I would very much like to pay them a visit, make sure this will not affect the running of this clan and therefore my power. Should it do so the Dread Lord and his Wrath must be informed.” The Overseer responded to the Ensign who seemed a lot more comfortable as the woman talked.

The Ensign lead the Dark Jedi into the hangar where he had last seen the pair. Surprised to not find them where they had been left he went over to one of his colleagues and asked for a location on the two. He was pointed in the direction the pair was headed and signalled for the Overseer to head in that direction to reach her targets. With a direction and little else the Rollmaster of Clan Plagueis headed off in search of the two women.