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[Hoth] Glitches In The Machine


Trepus Mining Facility

Yuki Suoh stood off to the side of the room almost concealed by shadows. Arcia, the schutta, was announcing her intent to step down from command and the transfer of power was to be seamless to the new Task Force Commander, Edgar Drachen. The violet-eyed woman shook her head in disgust. She did not like Arcia, a sentiment clearly shared by the other woman who did not seem to actually like anyone. The Corsair had to admit that the Colonel was an effective leader however, just not very likeable. Yuki glanced over the gathered members of the House listening to this news in varied states of mind ranging from despair to exultation. Arcia stepped away from the lectern and motioned for the new Commander to give an opening speech. Yuki was sure it was a rousing one, filled with “we’ll get you”s and “they’ll pay”s. She could have been mistaken, but she really did not care much for internal or external politics. She tried to refrain from picking sides, refrain from cutting her income by half. To the pragmatic, Jedi and Sith were just two different employers.

Several minutes later, Edgar turned and looked at Yuki, his face registering the exasperation he felt that her first act in the new position was fully ignoring her surroundings. The woman raised an eyebrow at him and shrugged.

“We have lost a great leader since Arcia has stepped down. Knight-Commander Kingang was recently imprisoned and his replacement Knight-Commander Winchester chosen resigned his commission. To that end, I have appointed Darro Zhen as the new Knight-Commander and Yuki Suoh as the Subcommander of the Task Force.”

There was applause at the mention of the old Mandalorian, but when it came to Yuki, there was little noise to be heard. The woman was known for a lifestyle of extravagance, not of combat. She was known for dark moods when no one was watching. Yuki stepped out of the shadows, the harsh lighting of the room making the thin, jagged lines of her scars seem to glow. She stepped to the lectern and placed her hands on the sides, her eyes scanning the gathered crowd.

“I will not take up too much of your time. I look forward to working with you all and I hope you feel the same,” said the woman shortly before stepping over to Edgar, her violet eyes as hard as agates. Her voice dipped low as she walked past him. “We need to talk. Soon.”

She stepped away from the small platform and exited the room as Darro stepped forward to give his own address. Things were happening that Yuki could not confirm. System breaches being the most prevalent. Every time she got close to tracking it down, it seemed to mutate, move or simply disappear. The whole thing was more than a little frustrating for the woman, but there was little she could do further without authorization from Edgar.

“Should not be too hard,” she said softly to herself as she stared at the screens in her office. It had been remodeled after she moved in, high tech surveillance screens were installed on one wall, a small workstation had been outfitted for her and an expansive blackwood desk sat in the center. She leaned on the front of the desk, her eyes intent. There was a knock at the door a moment before it opened and Edgar stepped through the doorway.

“Mi-Yuki, what was the meaning of that? You were supposed to introduce yourself.”

The woman turned her stony gaze at Edgar and just stared at the man for a moment. He cleared his throat and looked at the screens. “What do we need to talk about?”

She looked at the screens and growled softly. “We have had security breaches throughout the system. A series of hacks that cannot be traced by normal means. I need authorization for a full system flush to find the cause.”

Edgar raised an eyebrow and shook his head. “Denied. There is no need for any investigation I have already looked into it and found no system breach.”

Yuki started to protest before the man, who was her oldest friend, silenced her by raising his hand. “You do not need to jump at shadows here. For once in your life, you could relax here. This is a safe place and you can finally find a place here to call your very own.”

Edgar laughed for a second. “Heck, it’s the first place I think I can finally call home and you know how alike we are, Miho. We don’t fit in anywhere, but Solyiat is different and I really believe that our old enemies aren’t out to get us here.”

Yuki looked at the screens for a moment, her eyes lost in the past. The memories were disrupted when Edgar spoke again.

“I hate to cut this short, my old friend, but Lambow has asked me to go on a tour of new settlement that the remaining Wookies set up in Pokora. Then, I will travel down to Baime to set up a reception for our new rollmaster. Apparently, she likes sushi and we need to get some shipped to us. I will not be gone long, but until I get back you’re in charge.”

The man turned and left the room, leaving the Corsair to stare intently at the closing door. Even though he had assured her it was a safe place, years of solitude and paranoia had hardened the woman. She could not let go of the fact that in all the years they had known one another, the man had never simply blown her off. That was a sign to Yuki that something was definitely afoot. As it shut, she touched a small device on her wrist. A small seeker droid floated in from an attached room and whistled softly at her. “Shift, I need you to do something for me.”


The small droid floated along the ceiling of the mine shaft quietly, following the Task Force Commander at a relatively discreet distance.

The Island of Maziel
The Pearls of the Chosen region of Po’Kora

As Edgar circled this narrow strip of land, he understood why this would make a great meeting spot. For good portions of the year, this island is mostly underwater and only when the tide is low enough does it reveal its full shape. He searched for a good landing spot and set down. He knew he was early, but he wanted to scout the island a bit first and he had to excuse himself from the company of Lambow’s tribe sooner than he expected. They planned a huge celebration that would run for days and if Edgar stayed he would have missed this very important meeting.

He was not sure what to expect or who exactly had been sending him coded messages, but he did know that they told him enough to warrant a face to face meeting. If what they said was true, not only would the Clan be in danger but the entire Kiast system as well.

It took almost half the day for Edgar to survey the entire western side of the island and had just sat down to take a break in order to enjoy a decent meal when he saw a ship approaching from the east. As it got closer, Edgar’s defenses became heightened. He wasn’t sure if this was his informant or a trap, but he took a precaution before he left Trepus. He left behind his Droid R3-X2 with instructions to monitor a specific frequency in which he could get a message directly to Yuki in case this turned badly quick.

Grabbing his communicator and readied himself to send the signal, the ship landed and the pilot slowly exited the craft. Within a second, he recognized the woman and before he could say anything she said, “Jedi Drachen, I’m so glad you came we have so much to discuss.”


Nice fiction. :+1: