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[Hoth] Legends of Hoth: The Butcher of Kamuekiko


#Hoth Legends: The Butcher of Kamuekiko


The loud deep voice of a man in his late 50’s bellowed through the window of a sun filled room in a small hut on the coastal village of Jomesh. The village, first settled by the Mon Calamari, has since grown to become one of the largest, small villages on Kamuekiko. It harbors a diverse mixture of species all selling and trading the goods they have brought from other villages around the area.

The man began to bang several times on the window. “Lizmar, wake up! Help me gather vegetables for breakfast.”

Lizmar Luthari was a human girl, who lived in the village with her father, Omar. Her mother had died when Lizmar was 12, leaving Omar to raise her by himself. Lizmar, now 24, had made a nice life for herself tending a small farm only a few acres across and helping her father smith various weapons and tools for the village. In her spare time she would wander the village. Lizmar would often find herself listening to stories from other villagers of space adventures and great battles that would engulf whole star systems. She would dream of leaving the village in search for such adventure, but also found that her duties kept her grounded and safe. She was in no rush to leave her father for a life of danger.

Lizmar rubbed her eyes and rolled out of bed. She looked out the window as she did every morning. Every day the various shades of reds and yellows fought for dominance against the blues and purples. The birds began to sing and chase after the insects that had gathered around the house lanterns at night.

Omar, once again popped his head inside the window, startling her. He gave her a stern look. She smiled and quickly gathered her things.

A cool sea breeze pulled her long blond hair off her shoulders and gave it life. She inhaled it deeply and once again took in the sheer majesty of the natural world around her. Lizmar placed her basket down. She rummaged through her crops, looking for the ripest vegetables for the day’s meals. Lining the house were bushes of ripe red berries. She made sure to always grab as many as she could before they fell to the ground or infested with bugs. When she was satisfied with her harvest she made her way down to her father’s forge. He had gotten an early start on repairing a shovel that had broken the day before.

“How many times are you going to fix that thing” she asked.

Omar put down his hammer and turned to her.

“As many times as you are going to use it to pry rocks from the ground” he said with a smile.

Lizmar handed her father some of the freshly picked berries who quickly popped them into his mouth. Then a loud scream was heard in the direction of the village. Omar grabbed his hammer and made his way to the edge of their field with Lizmar, following not far behind. Off in the distance came what looked like the sea, rising up from the forest and crashing down on the lower parts of the village. Omar lowered his glasses from his brow. His eyes widened in terror.

“Lizy, get inside now!”

“But father, what is…” she began but he quickly cut her off.

“Go, NOW!”

Omar ran behind his daughter, his large hands on her back, pushing her to move faster. As they came closer to the house, so did the screams. Lizmar tripped over an old stump and fell hard on the ground. Omar, who was too close to avoid her, tried to stop suddenly but fell over her instead. Lizmar jumped to her feet and tried to help her father to his.

“Go Lizy, get inside. I’ll be fine!”

“I won’t leave you here! Now get up, get up!”

Lizmar used her entire body to help get Omar back up, but as soon as he put weight on this left leg he let out a loud scream as a crunch brought him back to the ground. Lizmar moved to his left side, and once again hoisted him vertically. Lizmar heard loud roars behind them. When she turned, she saw hundreds of Harakoan warriors rampaging through the village. They set buildings and fields on fire and slaughtered the livestock. But that wasn’t what scared her. She watched as the Harakoans descended on the mass of people trying to flee the onslaught. The men of the village, ages ranging from the early teens to the elderly, took up arms at the rear of the group to buy some time for the women and children to escape. They were quickly overwhelmed. Another group of invaders came from along the coast, trapping the women and children. For a moment that seemed to last an eternity, the two groups of Harakoans stood motionless and silent. Lizmar could hear the crying and screams of the survivors, all of them pleading for their lives. Then she saw him.

Standing at the edge of the field overlooking the village was their leader. Nearly 2 meters tall, he was much taller than the others. He didn’t wear the usual head dress of a tribal leader, but armor of a Mondalorian. Having a bluish hue, it bore the crest of Clan Ordo. Scratched and dented, it had seen many skirmishes, much like the warrior it was protecting. He directed his army around the survivors much like a composer directs an orchestra. His arms would swing side to side, pointing in various directions, and with little hesitation the Harakoans would react.
The leader stood silent for a moment and seemed to feed off of fear from the villagers. A slight smirk made it clear that he savored every second. He raised his right hand into the air and quickly dropped it to his side. With that, the warriors fell upon the huddled group, ending their lives in a single moment.

Lizmar tried to hold back a scream, but it managed to break through. The Harakoan turned to see her pulling her father into their house. He began his charge and lunged at them. They barely managed to get inside and close the door when the snarling beast landed, striking the door with enough force to shake the house. The Harakoan began to tear at the door like a crazed vornskr. Lizmar and Omar used all their strength to hold him back but he was stronger.

Omar turned to his daughter. “Let it go! Let it go! Can’t hold it back any more!”

Tears began to roll down her cheeks. “I can’t leave you father!”

Omar shoved his daughter across the room and pointed to a small door that led to a closet.

“I’m not leaving you! Come on! Hurry!”

“Here I stand, and here I’ll stay!” Omar yelled defiantly.

Omar clenched his hammer and rose to his feet. As the Harakoan gave one final push, he sent both the door and Omar across the room. Lizmar quickly jumped inside the closet and slammed the door. She heard the heavy footsteps moving across the room. She could see from a small crack in the door the Harakoan standing over her father. Omar swung his hammer several times at the Harakoan’s legs, but missed. He looked at the large blue figure standing above him.

“Come get me you bastard.”

Omar threw the hammer at the Harakoan, striking him in the forehead. The Harakoan let out a roar, raised his leg and sent it crashing down on Omar’s skull. Lizmar was petrified with shock. Fear, hatred, sadness all ran through her. She was biting so hard on her lip to just try and calm herself, that blood began to run down her chin.

The Harakoan stood motionless for a minute. Scanning the room for the human he knew was still hiding. He turned away from her and began to walk out, until he heard the faint sound of a girl choking back tears. He quickly turned and scanned the room again. His eyes fell upon a small closet towards the back of the house. It was small, but large enough to hide the small framed human he had chased inside moments earlier. He walked over and ripped the door off its hinges. Inside, huddled in a fetal position was the girl. He grabbed her and flung her across the room. She made a loud thud as she hit the opposite wall.

She hit the wall almost squarely, smacking both her head and back, which forcing the air out of her lungs. Groggy, she looked over at the body of her father. She tried to crawl to him but then everything faded to black.

Voices could be heard through the darkness. Lizmar slowly opened her eyes. Her head felt like it was on fire. She propped herself on all fours and began to crawl outside. Her hand hit a familiar object: her father’s hammer. Using it as support, she pushed herself to her feet. She clenched the hammer tightly and made her way out the door.

Yhi was high in the sky, but her rays were stained by clouds of thick black smoke that rose like towers from the lower village. Survivors had already begun to gather the dead and lining them up for burial. As she walked through the streets, she saw the pain in their eyes. Heard them weep for the dead. Most were in shock and walked around without any sense trying to organize the horrific images in their minds.

Lizmar was suddenly filled with a sense of courage. She became clear headed and strong. She knew now what she had to do. Lizmar walked to the center of the village and climbed up onto an overturned cart. She cleared her throat and began to speak.

“People! People listen to me! I know you’re hurt and scared but we need to take action. This was not a random attack. This was planned. Coordinated. They wanted us dead and may be planning to come back and hit us again. We need to pull ourselves together. We need to gather our weapons, food and supplies.”

A man yelled over the crowd now forming around Lizmar.

“So what if they come back. You expect us to fight them? They will kill us all like they did the first time. What are you going to do with your little hammer?”

“We can’t do this alone. We need to seek help from the Jedi. They will not let this stand.”

“The Jedi…?” another man replied. “Are they going to negotiate them to death?”

The crowd laughed at the man’s quip. Lizmar’s face remained stern.

“You don’t have to go…” Lizmar snapped back. “I can go by myself. I will bring the Jedi back here and I will make sure that those who died here today get vengeance!”

Lizmar jumped off the cart and began pushing her way through the crowd. A slight breeze blew a piece of parchment to her feet. It was folded neatly and had fallen off one of the Harakoans during the attack. She picked it up and unfolded it. She couldn’t read the strange symbols that filled the page, so she placed it in her pocket.

“The Jedi can translate this” she thought to herself.

As she left the village, nobody followed. It was all up to her to seek out the Jedi and save her people.


#Hoth Legends: The Butcher of Kamuekiko Episode II#

Shadow Camp
Kamuekiko Forest
New Tython
15 Hours before the Attack on Jomesh

Set deep in the dark, unexplored forests of Kamuekiko sat small Harakoan village Nok’dun. The inhabitants of this village rarely interacted with members of other tribes and when they did, it was during raids for food and other supplies. Thought of as religious zealots and savages they were at their very core, pure warriors. Waiting for the day their people would be visited by the “Seer.” Legend tells of an all-powerful being with the ability to see into the future, move objects with only his mind, unleashing vast amounts of destruction against his enemies. For generations they’ve prepared for the “Next Coming.” The day was finally here.

The rain was cold as it fell from the forest canopy onto two cloaked figures cutting their way through the foliage. The first one was a human female; the second, a human male.

The man wiped the rain off his brow. “It can’t be too much further. The scans show massive concentrations of bipedal life in this sector.” He passed a datapad to the woman, who motioned with her hand a refusal to take it.

“I trust your analysis is correct.” The woman said in stern yet forgiving tone.

“If what I’ve heard is true, we won’t be greeted kindly.” Said the man. More informative than concerned.

“I’m counting on it. Once they see the power of the Force, they will bow before us.”

The two continued on, climbing over tree stumps, pushing through thorny walls of bushes and trudging through knee-deep mud. Off in the distance, a small glimmer of light cut through the thick dark forest. As they approached, horns sounded. Large vines dropped down from camouflaged platforms, that until then had been unnoticed by the couple. Four large Harakoan warriors repelled from the platforms covered in animal skins and armed with wooden clubs. The warriors stood, looking down at the two rain soaked strangers.

The woman spoke to them in their native tongue. “We have come a long way and wish to speak to your Chieftain.”

The warriors growled, raised their weapons and took a step forward.

The man brushed aside his cloak, exposing the lightsaber attached to his belt. Using the Force, he summoned it to his hand. The woman raised her hand to one of the warriors. Instantly he began to claw at his neck and gasp for air. The other warriors took a step back as they watched his neck slowly collapse. He flailed as she raised her hand higher in the air, lifting the helpless Harakoan meters off the ground. Drawing from the fear of the other Harakoans, she gathered a ball of Force energy in her other hand then released it onto her helpless victim. The blast blew off his armor and drove him backwards. A jagged tree branch tore through his back and chest, sending blood and fragments of bone soaring through the air. He took his final gargled gasps of air before hanging motionless. The others charged. The woman gathered a ball of Force energy and cast it towards one of the warriors, sending him tumbling backwards through the air. A third raised his club over his head in an attempt to crush the woman, but was met with the purple blade of the man’s lightsaber. A quick slash separated legs from torso. The man dispatched the last charging warrior by using the Force to pull him towards his waiting lightsaber. The blade pierced his stomach, then when the man released his Force hold, the Harakoan slid down the blade effectively cutting him in two. Darkness fell once again upon them as he extinguished the blade and clasped it back onto his belt.

The two could hear sounds of heavy footsteps and rattling weapons echo off the tall trees. When the sound stopped, all they heard were the sounds of deep, heavy breathing all around them. Standing just meters away was a tall Harakoan male. His elaborate headdress and intricately carved bone armor distinguished him as the Chieftain. The two strangers stood firmly holding their ground. The Chieftain, having seen the battle between the strangers and his warriors, took a step forward while lowering himself to one knee. His army followed suit.

The woman lifted her hand, signaling the Chieftain to rise and then spoke to him in Harakoan. “I am Keylara. This one next to me is Nebulous. I am the Seer from your legends.”

The leader cleared his throat. “My name is Aktun. I am the chieftain of these people. It brings me great joy to be the one who welcomes you to our village, Seer. We’ve been expecting you for a long time. Please, my guards and I have been keeping the temple ready since the days of our last Seer. I hope it will meet your expectations.”

Aktun led Keylara and Nebulous back to his village followed closely behind by the Chieftains guards. The crowd of warriors surrounded the two strangers.

The village’s perimeter was constructed with massive wooden logs. Spikes, ditches and other obstacles littered the area surrounding the village. A heavy log door, pushed open by two massive Harakoans, revealed the interior. Wooden huts scattered the terrain. Harakoan men in elaborate, priestlike, robes stood amongst an audience of young Harakoan children preaching their faith and telling them the ways of the ancients. Other Harakoan men, dressed more like the warriors that were escorting the two humans, trained another group of children in combat and weaponry. At the center of the village stood a large stone temple. It was an impressive structure and stood out amongst the huts that filled the inner sections of the village.

Walking up the temple, Aktun pushed aside the heavy wooden door revealing a large room decorated in precious metals and stones.

Aktun lowered his head before speaking. “Is everything to your liking?”

Keylara took a quick glance around the room. “Yes, Chieftain. This will do fine.”

Relief came over his face.

“We have much to discuss with you Chieftain. I’ve heard rumors that a group of colonists here in Kamuekiko are planning to attack this village.” Keylara held up a datapad. “This is the location of a crate. Inside is armor for you and your men. Consider it a gift for your service to me.”

Aktun bowed humbly. “Many thanks, Seer. Please, accept our gift of a feast in your honor.”

“There is no time. You need to have your men ready to attack by dawn.” Keylara said in her malevolent tone.

Kamuekiko Grasslands
New Tython

Tired and bruised, Lizmar marched out of her village determined to make it to the Jedi outpost that she had heard about from the various traders and merchants who would deliver goods to her people. If the rumors were true, it was only a day and a half’s walk to the southeast. She clenched tightly her father’s hammer as Yhi’s light fell below the horizon. Little is known about many of the plant and animal species that inhabit this section of New Tython. However, tales of entire bands of colonists disappearing spread like wildfire through the colonies. She herself had heard the stories but was too focused on getting to the Jedi camp. At dusk, many of the herbivores would leave the protection of the forest to graze on the sweet, waist high grasses. Having rarely seen people, their herds would move away from her as she approached. They weren’t her concern. It was the predators that would pick off the weak that she would have to maintain vigilance for. Luckily, the herders possessed keen senses of hearing and smell. Keeping close enough to move with them but far enough away to not scare them off was the only way she would survive the night.

At the edge of the herd, one of the animals raised his head and took an alert posture. He stretched his long neck to lift his snout high into the air. His tongue flicked in and out of his mouth to taste for an unrecognizable scent. Lizmar, spooked by his sudden movement, stopped and began to scan the field behind her. All she saw was the grass swaying gently in the breeze. Convinced the animal was startled by the wind and her scent, she continued on. It was but moments later that a high shriek filled the air and the animal disappeared below the grass line. The herd scattered frantically as more and more of them disappeared. Lizmar crouched so as not to draw attention to herself but the herd shifted to her direction. Realizing she was no longer safe, she began to run with the frightened animals. The massive creatures bumped into each other as they tried to avoid her. Two of them managed to catch each other’s legs which sent them tumbling in front of her, trapping her between them and whatever was chasing them. The animals tried to scramble to their feet but out of the grass came two beasts. Lizmar watched in terror as they let out a growl then a hiss. The beasts gargled as if to clear their throat but then spat a dark green ooze onto the faces of the large animals, blinding them and causing them to scream out in pain. Lowering themselves into a crouched position they used their muscular legs to jump onto the backs of each of the animals. Using their powerful jaws, they crushed the necks of their prey. A third came upon them with Lizmar in its sights. The creature only stood a meter in height, but this bipedal predator was more than dangerous enough for anyone not carrying a blaster.

Lizmar clenched the hammer even tighter as the creature snarled and lowered itself into a crouching position. The other two, now on either side of her, mirrored the third. The beast spit the burning green ooze, catching her in the cheek under her left eye. She only had a split second to wipe off the thick sludge before the beast leapt at her. She quickly swung the hammer, striking it in the side of the head. It fell like a ragdoll to the ground. She turned just in time to avoid the other two from pouncing on her. Lizmar slowly backed up preparing for another attack. The beasts snarled and lowered themselves once more. Lizmar raised the hammer. From behind she heard a noise. Fearing it was a fourth, she planted her feet and stood firm.

Suddenly, bright flashes of yellow and blue light illuminated the area as two cloaked figures leapt over Lizmar and drove their lightsabers straight through the heads of the beasts. She stood in shock. With adrenaline still pumping through her veins, she raised her hammer and waited for the two figures to attack.

“You know it’s dangerous at night,” the one said with a smirk.

“Torin, she’s shaken up enough.” The other turned to her. “My name is Korvyn and this is Torin. We are of House Hoth.”

“Are you ok?” Torin reached out his hand to wipe the green ooze off her cheek.

She pushed away his hand. “There isn’t time for that. My people are in danger. We need your help!”

Korvyn turned to Torin. “Torin, fire up the speeders. We’ll have her speak to Seraphol.”

“Can he help my people?” Lizmar asked excitedly.

“He is the leader of our forces here on Kamuekiko. If he can’t, then he can get enough people who can.”

Lizmar followed the Jedi to their 74-Z speederbikes and the three sped off East to Fort Pernicar.

Fort Pernicar
New Tython

The speeders began to slow down as they came to the perimeter wall. The large moss covered stones appeared to be very old, worn smooth by years of harsh coastal weather. It was truly an impressive structure. As they approached, a section of the wall lowered into the ground revealing a turbolift. The Jedi stopped the speeders inside and with a whoosh, they were taken to the upper levels of the fort. Lizmar was astonished by the sharp contrast between ancient architecture and such modern technology. Inside was a buzz of activity. The entire roof was a large training arena. Groups of Jedi gathered around smaller training rings where they staged mock lightsaber duels. Soldiers, standing in perfect formation, awaited their commander’s next order, while others ran laps around the exterior of the arena to the steady beat of a drum. Turning right, they came to large staircase that led them into the belly of the fort. Following the Jedi through the long corridor, she admired the many rooms that branched off like veins on a leaf. Some contained bunks, others showcased ancient bronze weapons and armor probably left by the previous inhabitants. Others contained statues of figures unfamiliar to her. Towards the end of the corridor, a bright blue glow filled the dark corners. As they came closer, it appeared to be some sort of a map room. Ancient maps of the land decorated the walls that weren’t already filled with an array of monitors and other equipment.

Lizmar followed Korvyn and Torin as they entered the room.

Seraphol and another Jedi stood over a table pointing at a holomap of the area. They both looked up to see the two Jedi and Lizmar in front of them.

Torin addressed them first. “Seraphol. Liam. We found her in the grasslands. She says she needs our help.”

Liam stood up. “What is your name, my dear?”

She gave her name with a slight hesitation, unsure of how to properly address a Jedi.
“Um… Lizmar, sir.”

Seraphol stood up. “No need to be nervous. Please, tell us what’s wrong.”

Lizmar walked over to the map.

“I live in a small village, Jomesh, here.” Lizmar pointed to a small, rocky clearing at the edge of the grasslands and the forest. “Yesterday, we were attacked by a group of Harakoans. They slaughtered my people. They killed my father.”

She trailed off into her thoughts for a moment.

Liam cleared his throat. “Not surprising. There are still many who don’t recognize the treaty.”

Seraphol nodded in agreement. “Liam, assemble who you can and take them to Jomesh. Protect them from another attack until the K.U.D.F. can move out.” Then he turned back to Lizmar. “Don’t worry. Your people are safe now. Our Jedi train for this. Day and night.”

“I thank you Jedi. Though my people don’t feel the same as I do.”

“It will be alright. They’ve only heard of us. To see us in action is something different.” He walked over to her and placed his hand on her chin, turning her head slightly to examine her wound. “Our healers have found a plant deep in the forests that effectively neutralizes this acid. Go now, and have them look you over. Then rest. You’ve had a long day.”

Lizmar raised her hand to her cheek. Remembering what had happened brought the pain back to her face. “Thank you for your hospitality, Jedi. We will make it up to you.”

Korvyn took Lizmar by the arm and walker her out of the tent. “Our healers are very wise. They’ll take good care of you. Then we’ll get you some food and new clothes.”

Liam stroked his beard, and then looked at Seraphol. “I’m sure Keylara has something to do with this.”

Seraphol nodded. His face suddenly turned red with aggravation. “We should have killed her when we had the chance.” He slammed his fist on the table. “Try to get in touch with Revak. Now is not the time for one of his damn meditation journeys!”

Liam put his hand on Seraphol’s shoulder. “You know how he is. Let’s just focus on the mission. He’ll turn up when he’s ready.”

The two Jedi clasped their robes and headed out to rally their forces.


#Hoth Legends: The Butcher of Kamuekiko

#Episode III

####Jomesh Village

The early morning brought a slight chill to the air as a thin layer of frost blanketed the landscape. Dense fog made its way across the fields as the warm rays of Yhi met the cold ground. This calm morning was a stark contrast to the past 24 hours, where two forces, the Jedi and the Butcher’s army met. The Jedi had assembled at the village of Jomesh, the site of a previous encounter between the Harakoan tribe Oko Olorun and the small group of farmers and traders.

Never before today had Jomesh been such alive with activity. Full battalions of troops, armament and Jedi filled the countryside. Using the home of the heroic Lizmar Luthari as their command center, the forces of light, led by the Jedi Seraphol and Liam, coordinated their defences and established a battle plan for the inevitable next encounter. Their tactical knowledge was unmatched by many and their plan was simple. Hold Jomesh at all costs. They knew that if they let Jomesh fall, the Oko Olorun would indeed move on to other small villages. They must once again not be given any ground here.

In the center room of Jomesh Command, the leader of House Hoth, the Knights of Allusis and Lizmar sat around a small round table sipping tea and weighing their options.

Lizmar lowered a small cup from her lips. “We really have no cover here. They will attack again and hit us even harder next time. These hills provide us with nothing. Our only advantage is the wide open fields between us and Rou Pouri forest.” She brushed her hair out of her left eye and secured it around her ear. “They will burn this village to the ground again.”

Liam sat up in his chair. “We aren’t going to let them get that close. Like you said, we have very clear firing lines.”

Seraphol agreed. “We will establish a perimeter. Anything crosses that line and it will fall. They will not get a chance to hurt us.” A slight grin crept across his face. He knew odds were in his favor.

Lizmar chimed in. “I won’t condone any action that will cost innocent lives. Both my people or the Harakoans. We will try and negotiate but defend when necessary. This is still my village and it will not be stained with more blood than there needs to be.”

Liam and Seraphol both took a second to consider her words. What they seemed most interested in though was this sudden change from vengeful villager to diplomatic leader.This not only changed her tone but her entire deminure. She seemed more confident and driven than before.

Seraphol formed a pyramid with his fingertips and placed them under his chin taking the next few moments to consider his next few words.

“Lizmar. The Jedi are not in the business of dictating governments. We allow the people to govern themselves the way they see fit, stepping in only in times of need. These past few days have shown us that you have the compassion. The drive. The ability to rally your people around you. Align them to your cause and give them the will to fight. Jomesh needs a leader. House Hoth will support you and Jomesh here now and into the future. Accept this chance to be their leader and unite Jomesh and Hoth.”

Lizmar was taken back at the thought of the idea. She had never considered herself a leader. She never wanted the responsibility. She just wanted to protect her people. Was that what a leader was? A light in the darkness? A glimmer of hope when all seemed lost? Her mind was racing. Images began appearing of the brutal attack. The horrific scene of the people being cut down in the brutal wave. She thought about the fear in their eyes when the Oko Olorun finally withdrew and the people came out of hiding. She thought of how nobody followed her. How they mocked her as she went to find the Jedi. Then rallied around her when she returned with the full force of the Hoth military. Finally she thought about her father and how he was killed by the beast they now call the Butcher. Omar, who raised her from a small child. Who taught her how to farm, design, build and fight with weapons and armor. Snapping back to reality she cleared her throat.

“I accept.”

####Oko Olorun Village

A hard thud rattled the walls of Aktun’s hut. One after another the thuds came, forcing the guards positioned outside to grow ever more concerned. Regardless, they were to follow orders. Nobody comes in.

Inside Aktun again flew across the room, slamming into a shelf holding clay dinnerware.

“You had a simple task of eliminating a village. Yet it remains!” Screamed Keylara as she used the Force to hold up the Chieftain by his throat.

Gasping for air, he struggled to get each word out.

“Seer, the Jedi had an army. We were outnumbered.”

Again she slammed him to the floor.

“Knowing this you still ran across an open field! A child could plan an assault better than that. No planning? No tactics? Do I have to tell you how to do everything? No, I think not. I command and you obey or it’s your life.”

She released her hold on him sending him falling to the floor.

He coughed as air refilled his lungs. “This won’t happen again, Seer. I will gather more, my army will crush those villagers and wipe out the Jedi.”

“No Aktun. I cannot risk having your incompetence jeopardize my plans. Nebulous will take command of your army. You will report directly to him. You don’t breath unless he says to. Every move you make, he will know about.You will lead as he commands or we will end your life right after he destroys your village.”

“I understand, Seer.” Aktun lifted himself off the floor to a humbling kneeling position.

“Now leave us” Keylara commanded.

Aktun bowed his head before raising and leaving the hut.

Pushing aside the cloth door, he was approached by the two guards. He waved them off and continued to walk. Nueza, his most trusted general and friend, ran over to him.

“Aktun, I heard the commotion but dared not go inside.”

Aktun lowered his head in disappointment. “I have dishonored our tribe. If we don’t destroy the village and those Jedi, we lose everything.”

“Our warriors can defend us against the Seer. We are strong. We will not be manipulated like this.”

Aktun turned quickly to silence Nezua. “You speak heresy. One hint of rebellion and they will wipe us all out and find a new tribe. This is OUR time. We will prove our might.”

Nezua nodded. The two leaders continued to walk through the village. Aktun, uncharacteristically took a moment of humility as he thought about losing all that he had created. He watched as the more seasoned warriors trained with the new ones. He watched as the women nurtured the newest of tribe members and as the elders shared stories of their victories to a wide eyed audience. He thought about losing all of this and his humility quickly boiled into rage.

“Those Jedi will die for making us look like fools. As long as a single warrior still stands, we will have a chance.” He turned to Nezua. “Assemble your troops. We’ve seen them fight. Now we train to kill Jedi.”

Back in the chieftain’s hut, Keylara discussed with Nebulous their current plans.

“Nebulous. We need to know what the Jedi are planning. Go to them. Gather whatever information you can and bring it back to me.”

Nebulous nodded. “Any special way you’d like me to proceed?”

“No, I trust your judgement. Just don’t fail me.”

“Yes, Master. I will leave at once.”

As Nebulous left the hut, Keylara closed her eyes to meditate, centered herself, and began to look into the future.

####Jomesh Command

A largely built man, dressed in militia attire ran over as Revak made his way into Jomesh.

“Questar Seraphol would like to see you at once.”

Revak smiled and picked up a piece of fruit from a small crate on the ground. He looked at the man and said “Guess I’m in trouble now.”

Revak polished the fruit on his robes as he made his way to Jomesh Command. He dropped the satchel he carried on his back at the door and walked inside. Seraphol and Liam were standing over the round table with a datapad reviewing readouts of supply manifestos. They both turned to see the Aedile in the doorway. Liam looked at Seraphol and place his hand on his shoulder.

“Take it easy on him.” Liam walked out of the room making a quick glance at Revak.

Revak sat on a chair in the corner of the small room and put his feet up on another. Seraphol slammed the datapad on the table and turned to Revak. His face burning with rage. Revak, casually took a bite of the fruit.

“I hope you had a great time on your little journey. This village was ravaged. People killed and you’re out finding yourself?!”

Revak nonchalantly replied “It was lovely, thank you for asking.”

Seraphol charged Revak and slapped the fruit out of his hand. The force caused the fruit to explode as it hit the wall.

“You have a job to do. You were given a position in this House and duties to carry out. It shouldn’t fall on Liam to pick up your slack. You owe it to these Jedi!”

Still unphased by the outburst, Revak pulled out a datapad from his robe and handed it to Seraphol.

“While I was returning, I met this young Hara named Takapau sitting next to a pond. He seemed troubled. I sensed much turmoil in him. Seeing my I was a Jedi he confessed that a close friend had gone down a dark path and was being manipulated by two Force wielders. He was torn between seeking help from us or remaining quiet.”

Seraphol’s flush slowly began to disappear as he read over the datapad. Revak had input notes on Takapau. Mainly personal impressions and a transcript of their conversation so he wouldn’t forget.

“How much does he know? Did he agree to help us?” Serophol asked, excitement crept into his voice.

“I left him at the pond but I did tell him that sometimes you need to walk down your own path. Friends may get hurt but it is you who knows what’s best for you.”

Seraphol gave Revak a disbelieving look.

“Really Revak” he said jokingly. “You go away for a month then come back, find a weak link in their ranks and you give him an indecisive answer? My, how you’ve changed.”

Revak laughed. “He’ll come to us. Mind tricks work wonders. I haven’t changed that much.”

Seraphol grinned.

Revak stood up. “So, what’s our plan for dealing with the Butcher?”

“Defence and negotiation.”

Revak shook his head. “Maybe it was you who changed.”

“This wasn’t my call. The people of this village have rallied behind a young human female, Lizmar Luthari, who we will establish as the leader of this Jomesh Militia. She has made it very clear that minimal bloodshed is key to a future treaty between Oko Olorun and Jomesh.”

Revak looked at Seraphol. “Who we established?”

Seraphol nodded. “We need the support for future success in this region. If she trusts us, they will.”

“Makes sense.” Revak walked over to the door. “I can eat a bantha right now.”

Seraphol laughed. “Come Rev, lets get you some food.”

Whilel the two Jedi walked out of the house, two militia guards holding a young Harakoan man by both arms, hands tightly secured behind his back, approached them.

“Sir, we found this Harakoan trying to enter the village. He had no weapons. Just this this satchel containing a small book. We think he is a spy.”

Revak talked over to the guards. “No, I met him on my way back.” He turned to Seraphol, “this is my old pal Takapau.”

The guards quickly removed the restraints and left the three of them to talk.

Revak placed his hand on Takapau’s shoulder. “So, you’ve made the decision to come to us.”

“Yes, Master Jedi. I’ve thought about what you said. I love my people and I don’t want to see them destroyed at the hands of a maniac.”

Seraphol studied him before walking over to shake his hand.

“My name is Seraphol. I am the Commander of the forces here in Jomesh.”

Takapau nodded respectfully.

“Revak and I were just about to grab a bite to eat. Come, talk with us.”

The three walked into the large canvas mess tent filled with rows of benches and the smell of cooking meats being prepared for the noon meal. They each grabbed a tray loaded with food and sat at a distant corner of the tent. As the militia troops filled in the empty seats, they gave looks of discussed and uncertainty at the Harakoan sitting in the corner. The only sound was the clinking of utensils and a mild grumble.

“Don’t mind them. This is really their first large scale operation. They are just unsure of how to deal with it” Revak said assuringly.

Takapau didn’t look up but remained lost in thought. He hadn’t noticed the stares.

Seraphol lifted a forkful of food to his mouth, chewed and swallowed before saying “so Takapau, Revak tells me that you and the Butcher have a little disagreement.”

“Aktun” Takapau corrected. “His name is Aktun. We was my friend. Saved my life once. He and his brother, who’s name escapes me, were heirs to their father’s throne. When his brother died, he became sole heir. So when his father died, he stood proudly atop the throne and I by his side.”

Takapau paused briefly to take a sip of water and clear his throat. Then he continued.

“Aiding him on the throne was his father’s top general. Nezua. He was a vile creature. More savage and brutal than Aktun, he helped push him to the edge. With his influence all that consumed Aktun’s thoughts were war and bloodshed to gain power throughout the tribes of Rou Pouri. But Nezua was smart. He would never had attacked your people unless he knew he could win. This was commanded by the one they call the Seer.”

Seraphol lowered a cup from his mouth. “Who is this, Seer?”

Takapau pulled out the small book from his satchel and handed it to Seraphol. “My people believe that one day, a being will come down from the sky and rule over my people. This being we call the Seer. It’s a magical being, with powers much like yours, who will lead our people to greatness and vanquish our foes. We are taught how to worship the Seer. Constantly prepare for his arrival. There have been many in the past. Never within my time. Until now.”

Seraphol studied the pages of the book before setting it down. “The “Seer” you have now. She’s powerful but no god. She is a twisted and vile being of the Force. She will lead your people to their graves.”

Takapau nodded. “Yes. Is was bad enough that Nazua had influence over Aktun, but now the Seer. I can’t watch this happen to my people. We’ve had our share of battles. I’ve fought alongside Aktun many times, but now I can’t stand beside him like I once did. He must be stopped along with Nazua, the Seer and her Apprentice.”

Revak shifted in his seat. “What apprentice?”

Takapau turned to him. “There is another like her. Powerful but not more so than she. He refers to her as Master and followers her every order.”

Revak sat back in his seat. “Hmm, nothing we can’t handle I’m sure. We’ve fought many Dark Jedi, what’s a few more?”

Seraphol looked at Revak, “we have had our battles with this one before. I didn’t know she took on an apprentice. We must not let either of them escape.”

Revak nodded in agreement. “This is true. Our main focus should be to capture Keylara alive.”

Takapau cringed “that name gives me the shivers.”

Seraphol pushed his empty plate to the center of the table. “Takapau, you will be safe here. We have plenty of bunks, food and supplies. If you like, I can have one of the guards escort you to a tent for you to get some rest. We will discuss more about the Butch… er… I mean Aktun tomorrow.” He called over a guard to escort the Harakoan out of the mess tent.

“Seraphol, we should press him for information tonight. What if they attack again? We need to be ready” said Revak excitedly.

“No,” Seraphol said, “He will be able to provide us with more information after a good night’s sleep. Let him calm himself.”

Revak stood up, collected the plates, scraped off the remaining food and placed the dishes into a wash bin. He turned to Seraphol and with a comically smack of his heals gave him a standard militia salute before heading back to Jomesh Command. Seraphol just grinned and shook his head.

####Later that evening…

“Sound the alarms! We have an intruder!” Screamed a sentry atop one of the perimeter towers that surrounded the village.

Jomesh once again came to life as half groggy militia soldiers and villagers woke to the sounds of screaming and to the wailing of loud sirens. They grabbed whatever weapons they could find and headed to the sight of the commotion. A young private ran to Jomesh Command to alert Lizmar and the Jedi. He bust open the door.

“Commanders! We have an intruder.” The private gasped heavily for air.

The Jedi jumped out of their cots and Lizmar ran out from her bedroom, she was the first one to speak.


The private quickly responded, “No ma’am. Human.”

Lizmar and the Jedi ran down to the sight of a large crowd gathered around three guards restraining a human male wearing tattered clothes and roughly in this late twenties. A militia soldier whose gold collar bar intensified the already blinding spotlights fixed on the area, walked over to address the commanders. After a prompt salute we caught them up on what had happened.

“Commanders, one of our perimeter towers spotted him sneaking into the village. He swears he’s only a lost trader, but we found this com in his jacket.” He handed the com to Seraphol.

Revak walked over to the young man and knelt down beside him. He calmly spoke.

“I’m Revak Kur, Aedile of House Hoth. What is your name?”

The young man, who was still shaken up from his run in with the guards, answered slowly.

“My name is Siv, sir. I got lost from my caravan. I’m a trader.”

Seraphol moved closer to address him. “Explain the com?”

Siv swallowed hard and replied “it died a few days ago. I haven’t been able to use it.”

Seraohol switched on the com to confirm Siv’s story. The com lit up but then shut off immediately.” He handed the com back to the Lieutenant.

Revak stood up and turned to the guards. “Take him to the holding cell. We will scan the area for any caravans that may be passing through here, but in the meantime Lieutenant, I want your men to question him. He could be a Hara spy. Find out everything he knows and stop at nothing to get it.”

A look of horror came across Siv’s face.

Liam spoke up. “I sense no reason to interrogate him. If he was under any Dark Side influence, we would know.”

Revak disagreed, “It’s easy to mask your Force alignment with enough practice. I don’t sense it either but the Dark Side is deceptive.”

Seraphol agreed. “It wouldn’t hurt to question him.” He turned to Lizmar, “what shall we do with him?”

Lizmar looked at the Jedi, then at Siv, then back at the Jedi. “Have your men question him. Torture is not an option. Understood?”

Seriphol nodded then turned to the Lieutenant, who once again saluted his commanders before following the guards and Siv to the holding cells.

Seraphol announced, “everyone go back to your homes. Soldiers, double your rounds. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious.”

Yhi was already starting to crest the horizon as the groups dissipated and went back to their bunks to get the last few hours of sleep they could. It weighed heavily on their minds who Siv really was. Was he simply a lost trade?! His clothes and the way he carried himself made it appear as such but still with all that was going on, they couldn’t shake the idea of a spy or even a saboteur now in the village. As the first rays illuminated the village, the spotlights went out. Nobody knew what today would bring.


Hoth Legends: The Butcher of Kamuekiko Episode IV

Jomesh Secure Post Alpha


With a quick snap of their heals, the two guards posted outside the entrance of KoA’s makeshift detention area stood as rigid as the tall trees of Rou Pouri.

Revak quickly waved for the guards to sit back down. “As you were. Good morning gentlemen.”

“Good morning Sir,” they responded in unison.

Revak walked past them to the heavy durasteel door that sealed the small building. As he approached, a small keypad slid out from the wall to his right. He quickly entered a five digit code which unlocked the door, allowing it to slide open. As he walked through he turned to the guards and said “nobody comes in.” The door slammed shut and locked behind him.

The building was approximately 8 meters wide by 11 meters long. Four open “cells” lined the walls on either side, each containing its own magnetic field generator. Revak walked down the narrow corridor to Siv’s cell. He eyed the suspended man in silence until Siv woke.

“You look tired, Siv” Revak said with a grin. “I’m sure my men did a number on you.”

Siv looked up, “You can’t do this, Jedi!”

Revak casually leaned onto the wall of the cell. “Oh no? How about telling me why she sent you. Was it to gather what intel you could, then report back? Or was it sabotage? Either way Siv, I can assure you, you won’t be getting back to her.”

“You bastard!” Siv screamed. He began to squirm wildly hoping to break the field’s hold on him.

Revak laughed at his attempt. “That will do you no good.”

Siv began to fight against his restraints again. Face red with rage he yelled “I don’t know who she is. I don’t know why you won’t let me go. I’m not a spy! I’m a trad…”

Revak cut him off, “I can’t take that chance.” He unclipped his lightsaber from his belt. “I know she has a network of spies all across this galaxy. Very skilled and highly trained. Able to infiltrate even the Jedi without detection. You will not be the one to bring Hoth down. Goodbye Siv.”

“Noooooooo…!” Siv let out one final scream before Revak ignited his lightsaber and plunged it into into his chest, silencing the man and his secrets. Revak re-clipped his hilt to his belt and walked towards the entrance. As the door opened the two guards stood with their weapons drawn, their faces red from the adrenaline pumping through their veins.

“Is everything alright Sir? We heard screaming” said the one guard.

“I’m fine. Our friend is resting. He got a little too excited and I had to use our little fancy Jedi magic before he hurt himself.” Revak smiled, letting them know they could laugh at his attempt at humor. “You guys relax. I’ll be back shortly to check on him.”

Oko Olorun Village

Nezua marched with a determined stride to Aktun’s hut. He threw open the door flap and walked inside. He tried his best to stand firmly at attention but his agitation showed through his usually calm demeanor. Aktun, who had just woken, stood up to greet his friend.

“What troubles you Nezua?”

“Aktun, it has been a day and we’ve not heard back from the spy the Seer had sent to the Jedi camp. We can’t wait any longer. Our warriors are ready and they crave blood.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve seen what the Jedi are capable of and have spent the entire night planning our next attack. We will not make the same mistake this time. We’ll move under the cover of darkness with everything we have. We’ll either destroy them or die trying. Either way, the gods will smile down on us.”

“But Aktun, I don’t trust…” He was interrupted by the sound of the door flap behind him swinging open…

Keylara stood in the doorway. “You’re job isn’t to trust, Nezua. It’s to follow orders. Now leave us, the Chieftain and I have much to discuss.”

Nezua lowered his head and walked out of the hut.

Aktun bowed. “Seer, he was concerned that something happened to your spy. If he was captured…”

Keylara interrupted, “if he was captured, then that is his problem, not yours. Our plan will go off regardless. I have looked over your warriors and they look ready to fight. I trust you’re ready?”

“Yes, Seer. Tonight we attack.” Aktun handed a sketch of his plans to Keylara. She glanced over them quickly.

“DON’T fail me again, Aktun. You’ll wish you died in battle if you return defeated.”

Aktun pounded his fist on his chest, ”you’ll see our warriors victorious, Seer.”

“I have other business offworld that needs my attention. Once Nebulous returns, he will be here to decide your fate. ”

“Yes, Seer” Aktun grumbled.

Keylara turned to walk out of the hut, but stopped and turned back to Aktun. “Just remember Chieftain, tribes all across Kamuekiko will tremble with news of your victory over the Jedi. Today you’re a Chieftain, tomorrow you could be a King.”

Aktun took a moment to let the thought sink into his head. He pictured power, wealth and grand armies at his command. As Keylara left the hut and the door flap sealed the entrance, a large grin filled his face.

Jomesh Command

While walking up the narrow dirt path leading to Lizmar’s childhood home that had become the base of operations for the forces in Jomesh, a small human male with platinum blonde hair could hear the Commanders of the Jomesh militia and the Jedi forces debating on the best course of action after the intrusion the night before.

“These people should not have to live in fear for the next attack” shouted a deep male voice.

A female voice responded “they are ready to fight if they need to but I don’t feel safe going into the forest in search of what could be a very large army.”

Another male voice pressed his opinion “we go under the cover of darkness. With our tech, they won’t even know we’re coming.”

The idea was quickly shot down by the female “we wouldn’t even make it into the forest. Between the herds of Kairangi and the Heskataurs hunting them, we would never get in undetected.”

The human pushed open the door and saw five figures standing around a table in the center of the small house. The three males he knew. They were all Jedi of House Hoth, Seraphol, Liam and Revak. The human female and the male Harakoan he did not. Unnoticed, he leaned on the doorway to observe the commotion.

Revak slammed his fist on the table “we can’t just sit here and let them decide our fate. We need to act and we need to act now!”

Seraphol agreed “he’s right. the sooner we neutralize the threat the sooner the people of Jomesh can can go back to living their lives.”

Liam looked at the human female “Lizmar, they have a point. I know you want this over with as little bloodshed as possible.” He looked at the Harakoan male, “Takapau, you know the… excuse me… Aktun better than any of us. Can you give us anything that will help?”

Takapau sighed, “if that Siv is a spy, then Aktun probably assumes he’s been captured. He’ll want revenge so he’s planning an attack right now. Maybe for as soon as tonight. Tomorrow at the latest.”

Lizmar ran her hands through her hair while she thought of all the possible actions she could take. The only one that made sense was to strike the Butcher first. Knew did want her people safe but knew that the only way she could guarantee this was to eliminate the Butcher and his army. After some time she conceded. “We head out tonight.”

“Oh good, I didn’t miss anything” said the small boy in the doorway. All eyes were on him now.

Seraphol shouted in excitement and walked over to greet the boy, “Nathan Deciarus!! Ah, it’s good to see you again. Welcome to Jomesh, hope you’re enjoying your stay.”

Nathan laughed, “this is quite the little place you have here. Liam, Revak good to see you guys again.”

Revak nodded and Liam walked over to pull Nathan into the group. “Nathan, this is Lizmar Luthari, she is the commander of the Jomesh militia and this is Takapau. He’s the childhood friend of Aktun, or the Butcher, and our only insight into him.”

Nathan nodded then looked down at the table. He quickly glanced over the piles of maps and sketches scattered around. He looked up at Seraphol, “so do we have a plan yet?”

Seraphol shuffled through the maps and placed a torn and weathered one in front of Nathan. “We think this is where the Butcher is. Hidden deep within the forest of Rou Pouri lies the village of Oko Olorun. I’m sure you’ve read our past reports. So you know what we’re up against.”

Nathan studied the map, “yeah, it won’t be so easy fighting through the vegetation.”

Ravak pointed to a blank part of the map that represented the plains between Jomesh and Rou Pouri, “if the Butcher is as thirsty for blood as Takapau says, just a show of force in this region would be enough to draw him out.”

Nathan nodded in agreement, “that would leave us exposed.”

“True, but the grass here is waist high. We could conceal many of our militia forces. Flank them even, here and here…” Liam drew invisible lines with his finger to illustrate his plan. “Plus, our equipment should scare away most of the local wildlife.”

“All but the ones we need to scare away” said Revak who was uploading the plans into his datapad. He grinned at Takapau who was unamused by his quip.

Seraphol announced firmly, “so it’s settled. We head out at sundown. Ground troops move in first, staying underneath the grassline. Then we move the equipment in to scare off anything that we don’t want coming out of the forest. He hold our position and wait for the Butcher and his army. We will not lose any ground. We will not lose Jomesh.”

Seraphol grabbed both Nathan and Liam by the shoulder, “come gentlemen let’s feast! Lizmar, Takapau the food is getting cold!”