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HOU Fictional Recap


Hello House,

As promised, here is a bit of a fictional recap of Odan-Urr lore. This’ll be broken up into phases and stretches back a bit.


The Disciples of Odan-Urr established themselves on New Tython under the leadership of Ji, a Gand Jedi. We were supported by the Dark Council and Darth Ashen, who asserted his influence over our House through his pawn Solari. Early on, we dealt with mainly domestic affairs - the Harakoan tribesmen and their plight against the human colonists that had settled on New Tython, and a number of conflicts which evolved around this. For our part, the Jedi functioned more as diplomats and mediators, operating as a chief advisory group to the humans and (to a lesser extent) the Harakoans.

Great Jedi War Ten - The Invasion of New Tython

Michael Halcyon, a very powerful Light Jedi Master, felt that his place in the Light Side of the Force lay with House Odan-Urr and he encouraged Ji to oppose the Dark Jedi Brotherhood with a Mandalorian army. The DJB crushed Odan-Urr with all its might, and Michael Halcyon was slain by his brother, Halcyon Rokir Taldrya. Recognising that the Jedi of Odan-Urr had only a small involvement with Michael Halcyon, Darth Ashen spared us but instructed that a space station, Sanctuary, be created in orbit over New Tython, controlled by a computer system designed by the Seneschal and the Dark Brotherhood.

Behind the scenes, Michael Halcyon had sympathies towards us and almost every single machination in GJW X was not created by us. We just happened to be standing on Ground Zero - quite literally, wrong place wrong time.

Pillars of Menat

Following the Invasion, trust of the Jedi who “brought the evil of the DJB upon us” was at an all-time low. We stepped back from politics, handing control of the planet to the common people. During this time Cy Thuron, a crazy hermit, rose up as a political figure. Cy Thuron was being trained as a Sith Lord under the guidance of an unknown Sith Master, and he used his awesome charisma to build a following of common people. They became a political party called the People’s New Dawn. Cy preyed upon the populace and raised a lot of sentiment against the Jedi, who he blamed for the Invasion, and against the Council, who he saw as “Jedi-sponsored puppets”. Cy concentrated his efforts towards pro-Human activism, and eventually he escalated matters further with a terrorist bombing of the Jedi Temple.

Cy Thuron then led an expedition through the wilderness to an area saturated with the Dark Side, and the human Gideon Varos rises up as a champion of human rights to the human colonists. High Councillor Ji is killed in the terrorist bombing, though recent-ish rumours strongly suggest he survived and has been healing for years, and Drodik then became the new High Councillor.

Bastions of Knowledge

Authored by our own talented Morotheri/A’lora, the Jedi of Odan-Urr were displaced by the terrorist attack. We formed a school of learning, the Arca Praxeum, and took up a role as guardians and advisors - not politicians. A powerful Dark Side artefact was secreted inside the Praxeum, but was stolen by mercenaries who were believed - but never proven - to be under the employ of Cy Thuron. The Jedi managed to defeat the mercenary group and learn hints of a much greater plan.

Fall of New Tython

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood unleashed war against the forces of the One Sith, and under the guidance of High Councillor Liam Torun, the Jedi opposed the DJB through guerrilla warfare and other non-direct options. During the campaign the Jedi were responsible for saving many lives before we returned home to New Tython. During our absence, however, Cy Thuron employed a large army of mercenaries and decimated Menat Ombo and the main populated continent, Owyhyee, all in one night. Upon our return, the Jedi of Odan-Urr infiltrated the planet and recognized that we could not stop the mercenary army. We tried to rescue civilians instead, evacuating many people including Kaira Rohana’s daughter to the Ordain Vonoro Spaceport. There, the young Jedi Knight Elleron Morakei made his last stand against our enemies.

With the refugees and Jedi of Odan-Urr in danger, Elleron tapped into the dark parts of his mind, where a Dark Jedi Master named Denath Ciarus resided (Denath had possessed Elleron years before). Elleron unleashed the wrath and hatred of Denath against the mercenary army, terrorizing them and buying enough time to ensure Liam and Morotheri would survive to lead the House. Elleron was then shot and killed by the mercenary forces - or so we assume.

With his rule now more or less unopposed, the Mad King imprisoned Gideon Varos and Whenua, the free leaders of the human and Harakoan groups, within the newly-formed death camp of Purity Rock along with any other dissidents and Harakoans the Mad King laid his hands on.

Renewal of Hope

Recognizing that the Jedi could not liberate New Tython from Cy Thuron’s tyrannical grasp on their own, the Jedi of Odan-Urr infiltrated Talus and seized control of a small army of ships and droids. Repurposed to suit our own purposes, the Jedi of Odan-Urr continued to gather their strength, forming an alliance with the Bothan crew of the Nebulus-class Star Destroyer Fey’lya’s Last Stand. Guiding by the Force, Liam Torun found a hidden planet on the edges of known space. Naming the new planet Haven, the refugees of New Tython settled there in a makeshift town called New Menat, and the planet was used as an assembly point and stash for the trophies of war which the Jedi of Odan-Urr would win, both through our infiltration of Talus and through our guerrilla actions in the Dark Crusade. Finally, after months of preparation, we were ready to take back our home.

Tides of Freedom

The Knights of Allusis were captured by a band of mercenaries on the planet Varonat, and imprisoned within Purity Rock. Leaping to action, Strike Team Ooroo infiltrated Purity Rock and freed the Knights of Allusis.

Return of the Light

With the might of the NSD Fey’lya’s Last Stand and the conviction of the righteous, the Jedi of Odan-Urr invaded New Tython. Strike Team Ooroo disabled the Sanctuary space station and the Knights of Allusis invaded the planet. Liberating one city after another, the Jedi relentlessly assaulted the Mad King Cy Thuron’s armies, freeing city after city until finally, only Menat Ombo remained. Fuelled by the deaths of Jonuss Rai and Tur’el Sokar, Liam Torun defeated Cy Thuron in a duel and Cy fell to his demise. Crippled and dying on the street, he finally came to his senses in his last moments before the Titan of New Tython stomped him into oblivion. The factions that had joined the Jedi, and the Jedi themselves, drafted the Treaty of New Tython and became signatories to it, pledging that each group would operate as a sovereign nation under their own jurisdiction, and that each would work towards the future of New Tython.

The Future

Now, with the Treaty signed by the majority human colonists faction (the Tythonian Colonial Alliance), the majority of Harakoan tribes (the Harakoan Tribal Alliance), and various independent colonies such as the Wookies and Bothans, upholding the Treaty has become the true path to peace and prosperity on New Tython. Like any path, however, it is lined with curves and pot holes.

The Jedi of Odan-Urr, also now recognized as an independent faction signatory to the Treaty, have focused on helping to rebuild and have pledged their support to ensure the security of New Tython. With the Ooroo Abbey destroyed and the Arca Praxeum in bad shape, the Harakoan Tribal Alliance are helping us to find a new home so we can return to the task of training a new generation of younglings.

Rumours abound that remnants of Thuron’s army are still active on the planet.

The Geonosian hive in the Hononum Desert of Owyhyee are resisting signing the Treaty, but with new dialog opening between us and them, we hope to learn the reasons behind their reluctance.

Gideon Varos is holding interim command of Menat Ombo, and an election is to take place so that the people can choose their first real Cabinet and Prime Minister since Thuron’s death. The militia army is being trained up and are now commissioned as the Tythonian Security Force to help maintain law and order in Tythonian Colonial Alliance territories.

And while many of the Harakoan tribes are happy to call themselves part of the Tribal Alliance, there is still a hearty mix of old-fashioned traditionalists and others who embrace the new world - even the world of the Jedi.

The future holds some exciting things, starting in August.