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[House-Shar-Dakhan] The Choice


The Citadel,
Seng Keresh,
38 ABY

The peace and quiet of the Aedile office swiftly erupted into a flurry of shuffling feet, clanging metal boxes and panting from the delivery men who slammed through the door. Their hands were strained and full with the storage boxes they were threatened to carry, as the expression of fear washed over their faces far too easily for staunchy men. Behind them the calm and focused stride of Inarya Tiberius Entar blessed the room. She whipped her left arm at the wall nearest the door as she continued to storm towards the window which was blessed with a city and sunset view. From behind her she could hear the clatter for the neanderthals that had been tasked with the job of fitting her office. Turning, she saw them drop the large watercolor of Ryloth on the floor, one of the few possessions she had.

“Do you all seriously lack the brain capacity to use your hands correctly? Your species was given opposable thumbs for a reason,” she sighed feeling her intelligence dropping by the sheer amount of stupidity in the room. “Pick it up and put it over there.” She gestured to a large vacant space in between the large windows that looked out over the city.

Inarya then gasped and growled lowly as she glared at the glass of the window, then turned her death-stare towards an obese Corellian.

“You, the fat one come here.” She motioned her finger at him. “Look at the window and tell me what you see?” Quizzing him, he shrugged and looked puzzled. “You people can’t carry things or use your eyes. What are you humans good for?” there was a pause. “The dirt. Clean it.”

She continued to growl at the handyman as he quickly scurried out of the office in panic. Inarya then turned her gaze back towards the desk that was placed for her work, she gave off a dissatisfied grunt and whipped her hand at the furniture.

“Why is this here?” She looked at the metal desk in front of her. Each of the men looked at the other. “Shall I list the characteristics of wood?” There was a period of silence before two more handymen quickly rushed over to fullfill her demands and lifted the table off the ground, then out the door. A Zelosian quickly ducked and rolled underneath the table, then glanced back with a chuckle. The man stood and brushed off the mud from his new outfit, fastened the moss green belt tightly and approached Inarya with care.

“Well, I see that you’re settling in well enough. How’re you finding the Aedile role?” The Zelosian prodded her calmly.

She gave off a soft sigh then rubbed her cheek in disbelief to see the Krath in front of her. Inarya crossed her arms and smirked at him for a moment before she responded.

“There is no point with pleasantries. I am here cause Ceth asked me to be,”

The Zelosian nodded slowly and dared not to say another word about the subject once he detected her venom. Batting his eyes across the room, he noticed several pieces of her history that he wished to inquire about. Before he could open his mouth to question her, she stormed into his view and stared into his malachite eyes once more.

“Is there anything you stormed into here for? Or do you just like the view?”

“I was actually going to inquire you on that. Considering we are going to be working together for over many months now, would it really cause more harm than good to turn over the metaphorical leaf?”

Inarya felt perplexed by this question, as she had not expected this from the Zelosian, but before she could answer there was a series of pounding and groans outside the office doors. They both turned their heads to discover one of the handymen burst through the door and roll across the tiled office. Behind him, a very slim a tightly dressed female human walked inside, with her brown ponytail swaying behind her. Her sapphire eyes darted between the Twi’lek and the Zelosian in wonder before she finally pointed at the Krath.

“You’re Galleros, right? I’m Teu, no not the number. Come find me outside to talk about the younger subjects. Of course after you’ve dealt with your…consort.”

The woman left just as quickly as she arrived, faster than Inarya could snarl out her reply in disgust that the two were in a relationship. She grunted in disapproval.

“Well, at least she didn’t kill us.”

Inarya gave the Zelosian a hard slam into his jaw, which knocked down easily onto the ground and most likely into blackness.


The Great Hall
Lion’s Tooth
Seng Karash

Hushed voices filled the meeting space, with an air of tension and disbelief. The council members that surrounded the oval table all conspired their own thoughts before speaking to the person next to them. It wasn’t long before the double doors at the end burst open, with Galleros and Inarya jogging into the meeting section. Their eyes focused yet their expressions gave off a distant and blank emotion. Once they reached the table, Galleros threw a Holoprojector onto the surface which shows the Aeotheran islands map. Galleros paced slowly around the group before speaking.

“The members of Devil’s Shroud and others of the House have been surprised, by something we never expected. Submerged under these islands in our control, was the last known location of the team then an unexpected radio silence. The casualties are expected to be high, and the predicted losses are higher still if we allow this disappearance to linger unsolved.”

The map then zoomed in on the topography of the islands, to a small region isolated in a calm eastern sea. Sharp structures spear from the water and beaches covered in kelp and other sea plants. Galleros then stormed to the shuttle.

Sand and seawater spirals out of control when the shuttles unfold their landing gear and settle on the warm white beaches of the islands. The team of Jedi jump out onto the beach along with their own platoon of soldiers behind them. In front of them was the jungle of the island, along with a corridor of tribal pillars and broken statues.