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How do i get going again on DJB?


I’ve been away from the DJB for a long time now and I’m looking to get back up again. I was only on for a very short time when I first started so i’m realy not to keen on how to even go about things. Could someone let me know how to get started again? Thanks!


I’d recommend giving the Shadow Academy a look as well as contacting your clan,your RM should be contacting you with what they think you can do to get promoted. Give everything a try and then you can do that going forward or specialist into an area or two you enjoy the most. You can find a full list of promotion requirements for everything up to JM4 here: https://wiki.darkjedibrotherhood.com/view/Promotion_Guidelines

Hope this helps


Hey @SalkoMcbre,

Your Rollmaster here. I’m sorry for not noticing this sooner, my PC is still on the fritz, though that should be remedied before Wednesday.

The easiest way to get started and maintaining momentum is to sign up for the Master-Student Program in our Clan. That’ll pair you off with a more experienced member and they will guide you to your ‘graduation’.

If you’d rather go it alone, that’s perfectly okay. In that case, contact me and we’ll set up the best path to your graduation.

If you look at the welcome email you’ve received, you can find all the appropriate info and links there. If you haven’t received this email, for whatever reasons, please contact me and we’ll solve any issues you might have.