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How I found Dark Jedi Brotherhood , Rosie Dawn


How I found Dark Jedi Brotherhood , RosieDawn ( 1754 words )

                             இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ—     Eight months ago ~ இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— 

The small dimly lit room that once was a beautiful array of colors, adorned with personal pictures and what not ,now laying lazily scattered on the floor of the room scorched with fire. Only one picture of importance seems to have escaped the fiery clutches of the fire that burned down the home of a scorned female Cathar , the loss of her family weighing heavily on her once ,Joyful heart.
The lone partially burned tear stained picture , the only one Rosie was able to save was a picture with a tallish man with a well groomed mustache and a warm smile with his arm around a beautiful redhead lady a bit Shorter then the man. She wore a gorgeous dress ,her smile lighting up Rosie’s world every time she looks at that picture of the two who had given her the wonderful Life she had.Rosie slowly flips the picture to look at the writing on the back in her mother’s handwriting “ To our dear Precious daughter, Rosie. Love mom & dad “ she read as a new tear falls onto the portrait thinking she will never get to hear her parents say “I love you” to her again . Her world was turned upside down the moment she saw her burning home in the distance as She returned from a trip into town to purchase a new book she had been waiting impatiently for, her parents had given her the money to buy the book , the book she would now hold dear to her along with the surviving portrait of her beloved parents.

She doesn’t know if her parents had perished in the fire or if they had somehow gotten away captured or what happened to them but she Swore she would find out no matter what. Suddenly , Rosie starts to feel something inside her she never felt before , or perhaps she did and just didn’t realize it until now, She felt a force of some sort rising within her she doesn’t know what it is But she will find out After calming herself and taking what all she can that hasn’t burned. She packs a small traveling bag that was her father’s with a clean set of clothes her book , her portrait of her parents ,what food she could find that wasn’t touched by the fire a piece of bread and a wine skin filled with water from the well outside her home as well as some money she would need to buy necessary items on her trip and when she arrives at her destination, where that is she has no clue yet she just wants to travel and find who killed her parents and why.

So , Rosie sets out on the beginning of her trip not knowing where it will lead hopefully to answers of which she has several questions. She takes one long memorable look back at her home now in ruins with a tear falling down her cheek she leaves her only home behind for a new one. she knows she can’t let herself be bitter and angry for the rest of her life so she finds the strength deep inside her to stand tall , she makes a vow to herself to always be strong but never stop looking for the answers she seeks as she turns her heel on the rocky dirt path leading to her home heading towards a new place to call home.

In town Rosie heads to the town’s space station to purchase a ticket , to where she still not sure yet but she feels that she will know when the time is right . just them a old man taps her on the shoulder and asks her for Help. Rosie ,slightly annoyed to be distracted from her thoughts tries to smile warmly as Not to let the old man think she is rude and asks “ what can i do for you , sir ?
The old man has a Long grayish beard with somewhat dirty looking clothes. he himself looks a bit like he’s living on on the street or very poor. the old man almost as if reading Rosie’s mind answers her question “ I am Samuel , i need your help you look like a person who can help me to find my missing daughter I haven’t seen for sometime she went traveling to a place called Zeltros, would you please help an old Man find his family? “ Rosie at first not really wishing to travel so far to a place she has never heard of but not willing to pass up an opportunity to travel someplace New and help another person in need she Smiles warmly and answers “ of course i will help give me the name of your daughter and where she maybe on Zeltros and where i can find you when i have found her and i promise i will do my very best to bring her back to you. “ the old man’s Smiles wide and is so excited that finally someone is willing to help him find his daughter and to reunite them , “ Thank you thank you thank you my dear child …her name is Sarah and i’m not sure exactly where she went to excepting for the world she traveled to ,

Here is a picture of her so you know what she looks like I have a few so please take this one i’m sorry i have nothing else to give you for your help But a thankful heart and I’ll be right here when you return . “ Rosie Smiles bright seeing how happy she has just made this poor lonely old man “ you’re more then welcome Samuel.” Rosie turns to leave after finishing the chat with the old man heads towards the ticket booth to buy a ticket to Zeltros in her heart she suddenly feels something telling her this is where she is meant to go she doesn’t know why yet but she just is happy that she has something to do and feels that it’s the right place to start her adventures.

~~ 24 hours later ~~

Rosie Arrives on Zeltros looking around at the new sites smelling the new smells , loving the new feeling of being somewhere new with a quest to find a Old man’s daughter Sarah. However Rosie has never been here and always gets lost in big places like this especially new to her. So she looks around for someone she can ask for help spots several people in the space station but none she really feels comfortable with asking for help. She feeling a bit uncomfortable asking for help sits down at a table to eat as it’s been sometime since she has eaten since leaving home her tummy is rumbling telling her she must eat.

She sitting eating a piece of jerky she brought with the last of her coins she is willing to spend for Now and a lady that creeps her out at first requests to sit with her to eat her meal. “ of …course m-ma’am “ Rose motions for her to take the seat in front of her. “ thank you , my names Scarlet , most of my friends call me Scar. I noticed you looked a little lost . need any help? ‘ Rosie is a bit shocked at how friendly she is , “ yes actually i’m needing a bit of help and not sure where to start. Scarlet Smiles warmly , “ well then tell me what you’re needing and i’ll see what i can do for you ….um what’s your name sweetie? “ Rosie is my name and i’m looking for this girls … Shows the picture to scarlet as hse speaks …. her name Is Sarah An old man named Samuel requested my help to find her He said she came here but haven’t heard anything from her in some time and he had no money to travel here. Scarlet scratches her head a moment as she looks at the picture “ i’m sorry i don’t know who that is and i don’t think i have seen her , but if you would Like and if you have no place to stay you can come with me to look i have a group of friends who may know her. “ O_O oh my No i don’t have a place to stay and are u sure there is room for me to stay with you i don’t want to be any trouble. i mean i can pay to stay if needed. Scarlet waves away Rosie’s money and says “we will settle that once we get you there and settled,” “Come i’ll show you where you will be staying.” Rosie hesitantly gets up unsure what to think but knows somehow that she must go something is leading her guiding her …the force maybe ? Scarlets stops looks a bit surprises maybe even shocked and says to Rosie “ do you feel something pulling you? “ Rosie’s mouth practically falls open at the sheer thought that she could be reading her mind or something , She stammers on her words for a moment , um…w-well yes actually how did you know , what exactly is it ?? Scarlet confidently answers , “ that my dear is called ,The Force , and now i know why I felt obligated to sit and talk to you , i feel that you’re my new Apprentice, would you accept this Apprenticeship?? Rosie , thinks for a few minutes she has just met this person and strangely already feels as if she knows her, she has heard of the Force before but had no idea that she had it She feels compelled to say yes to this new friend of hers but at the same time she Wishes to know more before accepting.

Scarlet sensing her thoughts sits Rosie Down to answer all her questions. several hours pass when they are finally done. now More than ever Rosie feels pulled to accepting Scarlets offer to be her Apprentice. Scarlet looks at her, “ now that I have answered all your questions what is your decision ,Rosie ? This time Rosie doesn’t need to wait and think She quickly responds “ yes , yes of course I have been wondering where life will lead me and it has clearly lead me here to you to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, as your Apprentice , thank you. “ Scarlett and Rosie Set off to the DJB headquarters to Sign me up and get settle in my new home Not forgetting to look for the old man’s daughter , Sarah while i’m finding my way in this new home.

The Adventure Of Rosie begins !!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ இڿڰۣ-ڰۣ— ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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