How much for a commissioned picture of my character?

(Erex Maldex) #1

Looking to have a picture comissioned to have of my character. Graphic art.

(Ka Tarvitz) #2

That depends heavily on the artist in question. If you ask in the telegram channel dedicated to artwork, quite a few members will be able to recommend various artists we frequently commission.

(Xuner Holst) #3

If you want, I can forward you some artists that I got form DGM?

(Kadrol Hauen) #4

If you ask the right people, some might do one for free.

(Erex Maldex) #5

Thanks for the help guys. I’m trying to get my Telegram in action.

Yeah I had one comissioned and its not very good. But its a person starting out. I’d like to spend some money on a really good commission.