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Hyle Alihandross - Knighting Fiction


Hyle Alihandross, A Knighting Fiction

Authored by: Junazee and Aura Ta’var

Jedi Praxeum, Or’ena Mountain Range
Kiast, Kiast System, Outer Rim Territories
Winter, 35 ABY; 1700 Hours, Local Time

Hyle grunted with effort as he scaled the side of a mountain peak, using a well-worn path of handholds and the Force to propel him upwards. The brisk winds of the Or’ena mountain range whipped against his wrapped face and chilled his hands, making him even more grateful for the extra layers of cloth and insulation he had put on. He wanted more than anything to be on a ship right now, though he assumed the fall below him might give him the feeling of weightlessness if he closed his eyes hard enough. The Jedi paused as he peered upwards towards the Knighting Summit, mere meters from his lofty goal.

Today was the day he would become a Knight. He had passed all the trials of Knighthood but one. Now only one obstacle stood in his way, the mountain summit itself. Alihandross narrowed his eyes determinedly and pushed up to the next handhold, his right hand catching hold. As he swung up his left, he felt nothing but rock and forced himself to stay calm. Hyle grabbed his blaster with his left and shot a hole in the rock face, the pew of the bolt already lost to the mountain range’s wind currents. He smiled grimly under his protective coverings and holstered his gun, silently thanking his life-saving pistol. Maybe a future apprentice would find his new handhold useful.

Hyle pushed onwards, not resting until he felt his hand touch the plateau itself. A rush of anticipation went through him as he used the Force to pull himself up, breathing hard as he sat down on the plateau’s edge to catch his breath. He could see the entire Or’ena mountain range, the Jedi Praxeum, and the old Sephi Jedi temple called the Velastari off in the distance. The only distraction from the breathtaking view was the people on the mountain’s summit with him.

A crowd had gathered around a ceremonial walkway that led up to a small raised rock dais. The Clan Summit stood around it along with his House leaders and his very own Master, faces smiling with pride. Their well-dressed garb, ranging from Jedi robes to warmer formal wear, make him feel self-conscious in his own garb. His Master had told him to dress nicer but his accouterments didn’t do him justice. Hyle removed the protective wrappings from his head and a few from his torso, showing off his Jedi robes underneath. Look around, he noticed the rest of his House there as well, a few stood out from the crowd from his work with them during the Great Jedi War. Tyraal Bitshiver and Talis DeMorte gave him an encouraging nod towards the dais.

Hyle took a deep breath and walked down the ceremonial aisle, anxious to see what would be next. As he walked onto the raised platform, he saw his Master directly in front of him, three lightsabers on her belt. She was wearing her usual colorful robes but this time had opted for a nicer outer robe. His heart skipped a beat, one of the lightsabers already calling to him.

“Take a knee, apprentice,” said Junazee.

Hyle went down on one knee and looked up into her face, a smile already forming.

Junazee took one of her sabers into her hand. As she turned on the blade, the Summit and Satele Shan leaders followed and ignited their sabers, their blades held pointing towards the sky, surrounding Hyle and Junazee.

“Hyle Alihandross…when I first met you, you knew very little of the ways of the Force. Now, before me, I see a new stronger Jedi.” Juna’s blue blade hummed, as it hovered over each shoulder. “By right of the council, by the will of the Force. I dub you Jedi, Knight of Odan-Urr.”

Reaching out with her arm, Hyle saw a hilt within his master’s hand. His pale green eyes widened along with his lips. This was the saber that was calling out to him. It was a feeling he’d not quite felt before.

As Hyle wrapped his fingers around the hilt, Junazee smiled. “Arise Knight, and join your brothers and sisters!” She nodded towards her first apprentice to become a Knight.

Excitement flowed thru Hyle as he rose to his feet. As he flipped the switch the blade erupted from the emitter with a sharp snap, as it was activated by its new master.