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I know I saw this somewhere


One day she I was randomly clicking links I came across a breakdown of all my statistics in the brotherhood. It listed the percentage of time I had been a grey, participated in the forums, chats, in a clan, in a house, etc. Pretty much everything o have been doing. Now I can’t find it. I found all the ones for degree advancement, society , school advancement, but nit the general one that covered how long I had done one thing or another. Any idea where this link is? Or am I imagining it


I think you’re probably talking about your promotheus reports which MIGHT be found here but I’m not sure. Check around in your admin menu if that doesn’t work


Sadly I’m not authorized to use that link, so I’m guess it wasn’t what I saw. Thank you though


One other aspect was it showed how long I had walked the grey path, but it also showed I had walked the dark path, which I assume was taken from writings I have done. It also showed how long I had been in my house and in my respective clan


I know when you look at trophies, it will show things like that. IE, I have not yet achieved the trophy, I can see on the second page:

Label Free, Level 1

Label Free, level 1:
Spend 1 year as a Gray or Dark Jedi


There are lots of other little statistics that can be ascertained looking at the INCOMPLETE section of your Trophies, on your dossier. Don’t know if this is what you were referring to, but that is the only thing coming to mind.


Kinda sounds like DJB Activity on your dossier which gives a run down of dates and time spent.

But may also be an aspect of Degree/Society progress.

To be honest no idea of which.

Also prometheus reports only show I believe if you are a leader/master as they are for people under your care. Might be wrong as only ever checked them once I needed to :stuck_out_tongue:


You could check the dates in DJB and figure it from there, but I know from my trophies page under incomplete:

We’ve got cookies!, level 1

We’ve got cookies!, level 1:
Spend 1 year in Dark Path



Trophies seems like the highest possibility.

Completely forgot about them as to me they are new and unexplored territory.


Thank you both, yes what I was looking for is attached to the trophies section. I knee I had seen it, but could not remember where.