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I want to steal Discourse’s navigation bars


I LOVE how discourse handles the site navigation, and I really want to steal it for other parts of the site that have “double” nav bars.

In case you haven’t noticed it yet, when you’re scrolled all the way to to the top, you see both nav bars in full:

If you scroll down a little, but can still see, or are close to, the topics title, just the top bar disappears, so only the discourse bar is taking up valuable screen realestate:

Finally, once you scroll down more, and are too far down the page to easily check what the title of the thread is, the discourse navbar changes to show it (and folds up unneeded info, like the full discourse logo, and your name on the right):

Imagine this functionality on… the SA or the ACC (maybe sans adding the page title to the bar)

I <3 this so much.


You’re absolutely right. The top bar folding in once you scroll down was actually an accident I left in because I liked the functionality so much :slight_smile: I’ll certainly have a look at including it in the SA and ACC functionality.


lol, I love it when good things come from accidents. Rust (a survival game I follow) had shadows pop up for player characters accidentally and the devs decided to leave it in because it looked good :stuck_out_tongue:


This is now implemented. Might still act a bit weird on Oberstified though, due to navbars being different sizes across themes.


Oh man, that is sexy. Nice work!


It looks good. Good job.


as far as I can tell, it seems to be working just fine on oberstified.


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