Idk where to post this but its for the shadow academy

(Telos ) #1

so well i have bin browsing the shadow academy i have notice that one of the courses is out of date it happens to be ToR Basics I understand that it was back in 2.6 update but the server has changed a lot since then it is now a 4.0 so when I have bin reading the course and then wanting to do the questions I always want to do it in the 4.0 way of dong things since when u do a flashpoint for example there are 2 types of them now one is solo where its a normal flash then there is tactical no when u do a tactical flash point it puts u at a level 65 the highest rank in the game but in reality u are only 15 the level u can do it at now. From there the boss fights are even harder and some times easy cause the tactical of the old ways are not there see I play as an assassin on the dark side now in reality u want a tank a healer and two dps but when u do these tactical side of the flash points u can have all dps or all tanks since well u are fighting bosses u have three koto tanks sometimes more depending on the boss fight so there is always a lot of healing to go around and even in hard mood its the same but u need a armor rating of 200+ to even try the hard mode and there is still the story raids and when u do world bosses they have become more harder in the game so lets take nar shaddaa for example when back in 2.6 I was able to solo him with my assassin now it takes a group of at least 4 to event take him down since if u are a level 65 your level gets dropped down to the level of the planed so if its 18 u are level 18 u may have awesome gear but u are still that low of level yea I will have all your skills of a 65 I just wanted to put that out there cause I do wanna do the basics but its just a little hard to when u think like that

(Alethia Archenksova) #2

@DacienVictae or @FarrinXies might be able to help you with this.

For SA course corrections, I usually email the Headmaster as well as the course professor and any other staff. Ideally, you’d submit detailed corrections but even just letting them know they need to look at a course is helpful.

(Dacien Victae di Plagia) #3

Telos, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ve reached out to some of the Fist staff who play TOR and asked if they will update the course.