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Immortuae Thread


I’d like to welcome you to the Battle Team Immortuae Thread.

Our first order of business is determining who is interested and which direction we will go in. Below, please find three proposals for a direction in which the Battle Team will go in. What I would like you to do is read through them and select which proposal you like the best, and vote for that one.

Thank you.

Proposal 1: Artifact/Sithspawn Requisition and Study

This is, admittedly, similar to the Watchers from old Tarentum. We’d hunt monsters, seek out artifacts, do the legwork of pushing our knowledge of necromancy further. Our fictional backstory would be the older members of the ones known as “Watchers” would have gone underground when the DB banned it. When Raiju and Korras come to TAR, they will take what interested minds they can and lead them down the new path of Necromancy. For those that don’t wish to be necromancers, they will benefit from the fruits of labor by the necromancers. Knowing that going after a monster or artifact will get old after a time or two, we would also study other things. Yridia III would be our home base, as little of it was developed and it was a jungle planet. We would use The Pyramid to fuel our storyline for a little, taking breaks from it with little side missions of hunting a monster, researching an artifact, or finding a force site and doing an archaeological dig. When we research an artifact, or Force Site, things will happen that will make for interesting storylines (reawakening the dead, causing plantlife to attack us, etc)

Proposal 2: Terrorist/Insurgent Group

In case that proposal didn’t do it for you, we can always be a resistance group/terrorist cell. This, admittedly, fits in better with late storyline Tarentum, but will still be doable right now. Immortuae would become a group of terrorists that target the enemies of Tarentum and destroy their infrastructure, economy, etc. If Egregious does take control of criminal elements, he can utilize them to stabilize and better control our systems while my team/house destabilizes other systems. Our team would utilize holonetworks and other news systems to corrupt public opinion, and then utilize our own members to attack and spread chaos. Using Necromancy, we can make it so that our enemies are dealing with zombies/dark forces while we take what we want. We would eventually attract the attention of other groups that discover our presence/intent, and we can explore those options and have them grow. We’re the evil guys, we can utilize that aspect of our story to do atrocious things. While Egregious is busy controlling our criminal syndicates and organizations, in essence doing good guy work, it’d be cool to have a contrast of down right evil.

Proposal #3
False Gods of the K’Tuca People
Fictional History
K’Tuca People

Exploration of Yridia III has yielded the discovery of a budding alien civilization. They appear to be Bronze Age in their technology, and have never come into contact with anyone that did not look like their kind. Our explorers describe them as near human, but with reptilian features in their tongues and eyes. A specimen was found, deceased, and closer inspection of the body showed small ridges on the eyes where eyebrows would be. They appear to be hairless entirely, strange scales imitate the appearance of hair. Their skin ranges from gray to dark green, and they speak a strange language of guttural growls, clicks, and grunts. Our anthropologists have been able to discern and catalogue over 120 words so far, but they have started to hit walls. When members of Tarentum discovered the K’Tuca people, some feared first contact would bring bloodshed and all relations would deteriorate. No one expected them to bow in reverence and begin worship once they gazed upon us. Telepathy proved useful, their priests telling stories of their own mythology when they saw us.
In the beginning, a giant spider crawled from the darkness and began to lay her eggs. From them, came forth their gods. Each god looked different, each wielding a strange baton that glowed with light. They had mystical powers and could do many great things, and when their mother was dying, they used her webs to cocoon her body within it. From her, sprang the planet the K’Tuca people inhabit. As homage to her, the Gods of the K’Tuca people would watch over them and one day join the K’Tuca people and lead them to glory. They believe us to be those Gods. They mistake the Force for magic, and in their worship offer us sacrifices and willing participants for experiments. We, as their Gods, use their offerings to further our understanding of Necromancy. We, as their Gods, use them to further our understanding of our own powers. They call their Gods the Immortuae, in their language it means the Undying Greats. Samael is seen as their God of Mischief and Knowledge, and he uses this role to better increase their devotion to the Battle Team. Basically, the story would eventually be they grow tired of how we treat them and try to overthrow us, but we’ll begin to use their own dead against them and conquer them again, confirming us to be their gods. Then we’ll seed them across the galaxy and create a small empire.

Admittedly, Proposal 3 is probably the longest but it is only because that was the most difficult to justify in my opinion. Please comment with your choice. Thank you!


Hi Caesar here I like to join the BT under Samuel I like Proposal 2 under cover work would be interesting and a good way forward



Battle Team Immortuae

False Gods of The Krouh

Upon the closure of Battle Team Jen Kaari, members of the dispersed group felt bitter and slighted from their dismissal. Their leader, Samael Ozriel, became close with the Rollmaster and requested the ability to partake in the Knighting Ceremonies of Tarentum’s Knights. From here, he and the other former members of Jen Kaari worked together to corrupt the Journeyman in an attempt to raise an army on the off chance the new Summit continued to work against the efforts of the former group. Their plans, however, were discovered after Farrin Xies was approached by Samael in an attempt to get him to join his cause. Farrin, instead, informed Raiju and Darth Aeternus about the coup, and the group was banished to the planet Yridia III with no means of leaving the planet. At first, it seemed all was lost.
Samael, however, was not one to be easily beaten. He and the other members took to exploring their surroundings, working to discover some kind of shelter that would provide them with a base of operations. It wasn’t long until a cave was discovered, tucked away by the mouth of a waterfall. Deemed better than nothing, the group utilized the cave as their new home and began to further explore Yridia III. The members knew of The Pyramid, a location that Samael was nervous about due to Tarentum presence.
Exploration of Yridia III yielded the discovery of a strange race of primitives. They utilize Stone Age technology but appear to be highly intelligent and are grouped into clan like societies. Descriptions describe them as near human, displaying varying skin tones ranging from chalk white to onyx to crimson. Initial theories describe them as residual fragments of forgotten colonists from Yridia II that degenerated into their current state, while some theorize that they may be native to the planet and have just evaded discovery up until now.
Before first contact was made, the group made sure to watch their actions and nature before approaching. During that time, it was discovered by the group that they have a unique language, seeming to sound like Galactic Basic but still alien enough to be incomprehensible to the rest of the galaxy. Samael discerned, after using basic telepathy on an individual, that they call themselves the Krouh. Specimens taken for vivisection have revealed they have an anatomy similar to most humanoid species, no strange organs or extra sensory organs that might aid them. Some noted they appeared to be blank slates in almost every way.
When the exiled members of Tarentum revealed themselves to the Krouh, the primitives were frightened and fell into a defensive mode. They tried to strike at the Tarenti with spears, only to have them ripped away from their hands by the Force Users. Seeing this display incited moments of awe from the Krouh, who fell to their knees and began worshipping the exiled. Further dealings with them explain that their clans have varying stories about a group that would descend from the stars and help them, they referred to them as the Immortuae. To them, they are a type of god like being that different clans attribute different things to. Some clans believe that the Immortuae are the children of a large spider, that utilized her body to create Yridia III. Others believe that the Immortuae were their creators, and have taken form to punish their creations. Regardless, the clans have taken to worshipping the Tarenti as their Gods and offer their numbers up for whatever we wish. Samael has taken to studying necromancy using their sacrifices, while others treat their offerings in different ways.

Future Plans

The plans for this team is to develop the Krouh. By this, I mean we try and “uplift” them technologically, physiologically, psychologically. They become our playthings and experiments, similar to how the Sith became the Massassi people, the Krouh will become something else entirely. Our stories will also involve developing Yridia III, as well as aiding Tarentum who will have fictionally bartered a deal with the members of Immortuae to rejoin the Clan.
We will be creating a theocracy out of the Krouh, and members will help develop what kind of theocracy it turns into. We will also be dealing with other intelligence groups trying to take control of the discovery, hacking into networks and decrypting information that reveals the location of the Krouh people, as well as slavers. It also offers a unique opportunity for members to develop and create a clan as well as what deity they wish the Krouh to perceive them as. This, as well as Tarentum’s main story, will offer a well of creative juices for Immortuae to draw from.

It should also be noted that you do not have to have been in Jen Kaari to be in Immortuae.


Hi still want to Join BT sounds good


As mentioned on Telegram, count me in.
(This post also lets you know, I found my way to the forums)