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Interview with Calenhad


[Holocam turns on to show a blue Twi’lek female sitting across from an alabaster-skinned individual with rather sharp-looking teeth as he smiles. He is wearing a tie fighter outfit without the helmet on and sitting down in the opposite chair.]

“Welcome back folks, I am Tasha’vel, your Rollmaster,here today with one of our newer members. He is currently a battleteam leader and is also one of our main medics here in the Clan. At this time, I would like to welcome Calenhad to our many viewers! So Calenhad how is life been treating you so far?”

[The Pau’an smiles a bit as he waves towards the camera before speaking]

“Well Tasha, I have lived for quite a long time and have seen many things. I have really enjoyed spending a lot of my time amongst the infantry we have here. There have been many who have suffered against the actions of Force users decisions and I am glad I can be here to help represent on what seems to be a minority in present times.”

“That is very noble of you Calenhad, so tell me what are some of your thoughts about the Collective?”[

[Calenhad smiles whimsically towards the holocam as he answers]

“The Collective have a definite cause that seems to give a fire and drive about them that I respect greatly. Unfortunately with them, they still have way too many faults of the same with relying on Force using folks to carry them through and leave carnage in their wake. That is part of the reason I chose to side with Dark Jedi Brotherhood. I feel that they will be able to pull through and win against them.”

[The twi’lek shifts a bit and smiles as she continues her interview]

“I see you have a lot to bring here to the clan and I hope to see more of you. So tell me on a little more personal bit, what are some of your favorite foods?”

[Calenhad ponders a moment as a thin smile creases across his face.]

“Well being a Pau’an, we tend to enjoy a lot of meat. There are many meat dishes that I enjoy preferably slightly cooked, however should the need arise I can also eat it raw.”

[Tasha’vel blinks a bit, but shrugs]

“I think we can get along just fine. Myself I do enjoy a good nerf steak from time to time. So if you were give any advice to someone what would it be?”

[Calenhad stands up and looks directly into the camera.]

“Well since I am addressing a lot of people here, I want to say this. Never truly trust a Force user. They can be useful allies and powerful enemies. Make sure that you have some sort of leverage or a way to escape from their claws. Because when they inevitably turn on you in a fit of passion, it will be too late.”

[He then turns back to Tasha]

“Thank you for taking the time to have me here, however it is time for me to leave as I have many more duties to attend to.”

[Calenhad then walks out of the room leaving Tasha’vel showing. She composes herself and smiles again at the the holocam]

Well there you have it folks, another unique individual here in Clan Naga Sadow with some interest views. That is all the time we have for today, however tune in next time to here about another highlight here with Sit Down with Naga Sadow!

[Holocam turns off]