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Introduction: Cypress


Well, I just arrived today. I’ve been doing some looking around and figured I would go ahead and introduce myself.

I am a Safety Manager for a mine. I’ve been in the mining industry since I left the Army. I enjoy my job and what I do.

I am not new to online communities, but I have been away for a long time. When I got into this, I joined Colescere. It was a great community, but eventually fell apart. From there, I was a founder of “The Jedi Way” and “The order of Baran Do”. My absence from the online community forced those sites to go to pot and there are only ruins left. I still have a facebook group, but I rarely do anything with it.

So, I needed to leave those communities because I needed to find a path that felt right to me. I went down some very dark paths. I will just be very honest with you all, so please bare with me. I tend to ramble on once I get going. I abandoned my friends, and turned inward. I pulled away from my family and pushed everyone away.

I felt that I could do this journey alone. I’m old enough that I should have known that I was being foolish. 35 by the way. I pushed my wife away to the point that she left. I was completely and utterly alone. I needed to find my path. I was lost. These dark paths sent me into a downward spiral of depression and loathing…

After an… incident my wife came back, with the kids. She was a beacon of light that I thought was extinguished. A solid foundation that I had to re-learn to use to find my footing. The Jedi Training that I’ve received and taught others was all but forgotten. I had to start over, both on my personal journey and with my family.

I decided that it would be best for all of us, if we moved and started over somewhere else. So, I got back on the speeder, and found a job 1500 miles away. I moved my family and we have started over.

For a while now I’ve been contemplating finding a new community to start over. So, I started searching. Most of the places that existed years ago have all but vanished. Those that still remain aren’t really what I’m looking for. I know longer follow the Jedi way. I am on my on path now, I walk the line between light and dark. I have found balance.

Anyway… I’ve definitely shared more than I should have, but I’m too damn lazy to go back and delete it all. Besides I put in the effort to type it up, I might as well keep it there.

I’m looking forward to my journey here, and through the Brotherhood. I am ambitious, tenacious and not content with being a novice. I will do whatever I need to, to move up through the ranks.


Welcome to the madness, Cypress. I am sure you have gotten plenty of emails from the different leaders of the Clan at various times, but wanted to reiterate here that, should you need anything, your Rollmaster, your Proconsul, your Consul (that’s me) or your House Summit are here to help. Or you can just respond here, if you like!

My email is sithferus(at)gmail.com, and I can be found on Telegram with a quick pm to @DJB_Benny