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Introduction: Luka


Hello all! Figured I’d make a post to introduce myself.

Feel free to call me Luka. New to forum roleplay, so I’m gonna be slow to get started. Zuj and Kord convinced me to join in, so here I am. Looking forward to write with everyone! :slight_smile:

I also play a ton of Overwatch. So if you’re interested in joining me anytime, I’ve got my Battletag listed.


Welcome to the Brotherhood, Luka. I am sure you have already met lots of new, awesome people, but if you need anything, feel free to ask (not just myself of course :wink: ). I know myself and others would be more than glad to write with you in tandem, in the ACC, or any number of places and it seems we always have people who are looking for gaming or interested in it.

I hope you enjoy our little corner of the galaxy/internet.

___ Bentre Kairn’tel Stahoes


Hello, Luka!

I’m glad you’be joined us! We have a large OW community here for both consule and PC. We also have an art community if you wish to check that out. I am excited to writing with you in the future and know, as Bentre said, there are many who will be willing to as well. Again, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Door is always open.