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Introduction Post - Jarron Quorr


Hello everyone - I recently joined the DJB (last night, actually) and in an effort to improve my rank and possibly get to know some of you, I decided I would make an introductory post of sorts. I am Jarron Quorr and I have been a Star Wars fan since I was a child. I grew up playing games like Knights of the Old Republic, Shadows of the Empire, etc…

I currently am an aspiring film composer, but some of my hobbies include writing, exercising, and “ghost-hunting” (basically, going with my girlfriend to graveyards just for the sake of getting creeped out and leaving).

I am excited to learn more about the DJB and get to know all of you!

Jarron Quorr


Hey there Jarron and welcome to Plagueis and the Brotherhood! The best way to get integrated into the Clan and get to know the other members would be to hop on our Telegram Channel! Link --> https://telegram.me/joinchat/BF_aRUDgozPYuxnCYA7LYg


Always great to see an excited, new member. Not from Plagueis myself, but I did want to take a chance to welcome you to the club, and wish you the best as you explore all we have to offer!



Glad to have you, Jarron, and we hope to see you hop on TG regularly!

Lots of cool stuff to do in Plagueis - you can check out the competitions we’re running on the main website.