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Introduction: Rayth Qui-Xot


Hello There

My name is Rayth (Rayth said like Wraith Qui*Xot said like Qw-why-Zot) I apologise if that abit too much info but this is a character I have developed over much of my life through various stories. I have never written with anyone before so I ask you all be patient with me as I learn how to do a group story.

I have chosen to join the light side but look forward to writing stories with anyone who would like to write with me. Thank you for the opportunity to play out this role with you and I hope my story abilities help to enrich the overall story you all have going on here and enrich your character’s stories as well.

Outside of the DJB I am a 32 year old from New Zealand, whom is self-employed. I love Star Wars and Star Trek as well as a show some of you might not know called SeaQuest and have a strong passion for Submarines.

I think that is enough about me, I’d love to hear back in reply from you all with a bit about you and your characters.

Also can anyone please advise me about any other communications routes DJB uses other than Telegram, the general consensus of the IT world is that it isn’t very safe with info it gets like phone numbers. I’d love to chat but that program gives me concerns.


Hello, my charecter name is Calenhad. I am playing a dark side force user who is seeking vengeance against the Jedi for crimes they committed against his family. I personally prefer to use Discord as my method of communication.


Hey Rayth!

We’ve chatted on Telegram but just wanted to say Welcome to Odan-Urr again. I play a Jedi character named Aura with a darker past that she is trying to atone for. But for now she is having a fun time being a Jedi.

Let’s do a Jedi dance off!