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Names PRT Daedric Turelles, and I was looking around the new forum and searched for forums in the Naga Sadow category and noticed that there wasn’t an introduction page. I decided to make one. I know the lot of you have been doing this for quite sometime and know each other very well so I just wanted to get to know you guys and you get to know me.

  • In real life I’m 23 years old
  • Work as a Medical Ground / Flight Dispatcher for a hospital in Virginia, USA
  • I can get along with just about any one
  • I thoroughly enjoy writing fiction and can go a little over board with it sometimes :wink:
  • I will generally only be on here while I’m at work ( I work 12 hour shifts, some night time and some day time but most of them are at night and I work about 3-4 shifts a week totaling 40 to 50 hours lol so i’ll be on)
  • Horrible artist, couldn’t draw a stick book if my life depended on it.

Not sure what else I could tell you lol if you have any question feel free to ask and I look forward to getting to know you guys soon!

Also, anybody know who is a good artist? lol



Welcome to the DJB! This is a great place filled with Star Wars fans, so we’re glad to have you join.


Thanks :smile: so where do I go to request an avatar? or for someone to draw my character?


Indeed, glad to have you!


You can get a personal character avatar in a few ways. One is to make it yourself or pay someone online to do so (my avatar is a paid commission). You can also ask if there is someone in your clan/house interested in making an avatar for you. A lot of graphic artists hang out in the DB and love to make free art for fellow members. Ask your unit leaders where they got theirs from and see where that goes!


Thank you! Someone told me to go check out DeviantArt. So I did, but I’m not sure I can use any of those due to they might be used by someone else? lol


Sorry, I wasn’t clear on why to check out DeviantArt. It is to help give you ideas on what you want and to get you familiarized with who does some of the graphics.


are there specific requirements for the avatars? Size? File type? etc. I’ll figure out where/how to upload and place mine eventually.


Specific to your post Janos, the page where you upload your avatar says it should be 100 by 100 pixels, in .png or .jpg

This form, located on your admin control panel also contains a link to the Avatar Guidelines: https://wiki.darkjedibrotherhood.com/view/Avatars

So you should be able to upload the appropriate image straight from your computer there. If you need any more assistance feel free to ask. Cheers.



You will need to wait until you achieve Journeyman 2 rank to get a custom avatar, just a heads up.


Master, thank you for the information.