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Invasion: Aeotheran Runon


VSD II Covenant
Inos 7 Orbit
Orian System

“Admiral Simonetti Sir, the reports from down on the moon’s surface indicate the Dark Jedi have breached the facility. Fighting is intense, but they appear to have subdued the Organisation forces with minimal sentient casualties.”

“I see,” commented Araic Simonetti as he held his chin thoughtfully. “Ever the bloody broadsword, you are my old friend. Still, the madman does… take care of business, as the saying goes. Droid casualties?”

“They are heavy sir. The YVH droids remain intact, but casualties among the Super battle-droids near 90 percent.” The officer check the figures on his screen. “Ten percent among the troopers and clones deployed in this operation.”

“Unfortunate but not crippling. Droids can be replaced or repaired. Notify the Verpine they are clear to launch the engineering corps to complete the base take-over and repurposing per Marshal Commander Sadow’s orders. Open a line to the Consul’s private link. I’ll take the call in my ready room.”

“Yes sir,” replied the deck officer.

Inside the ready room, Consul Malik’s face appeared in a blue hologram. “What news, Admiral?”

“We have secured the base. All Organisation forces have either been killed or captured. We have several high-profile targets being sent to Gamuslag for interrogation. The Verpine engineers have left Platform Onyx Two and will be taking over the base refit and bio-organics study per Marshal Commander Macron’s orders.”

“Very good.” The Neti almost seemed to smile. “I’ll release the news report of our glorious victory over the evil outsiders shortly. Move your ship to orbit over Aeotheran to support the next phase of the system pacification operation. I’ll send the orders to Macron’s group to move in. Malik Out.”

Transport Nachzerer
Leaving Inos 7
Orian System

“Kalon, you are hereby appointed Quaestor of Marka Ragnos by Malik’s order,” chuckled Macron as he punched the controls. “Lady Teu has stepped down for personal reasons.” He looked pointedly at the Mandalorian. “I hear you are a skilled pilot, and I appreciate your volunteering for this mission.”

“Do I have a choice?” asked the green-armored man as he removed his helm and wiped sweat from his brow.

“Not really,” replied Macron. “Heheh. Maelous, you will be Aedile. You wanted power as a Sith, and now you shall have it. Use it wisely and with strength.”

The former Jensaari nodded as he slipped into a weapons control chair behind Kalon and Macron. “I shall.”

“Roxas is already enroute and will be one of the first to land in Seng Karash. Jeric has done some preliminary work there, correct? Macron looked back towards Shirai and Jeric. “I imagine Methyas already has already ghosted his fingers into the pie somewhere too.”

“That’s right. We have the Orian Authority police force set up already within the city, but they do not have control over the whole city by any means. We’re meeting resistance from a group known as the Gomorag.” Jeric slid into another weapons array seat.

“Tell me more,” asked Macron as the ship accelerated. “Interesting name. Aedile Locke will likely rendezvous with us on the planet in his own time as will the others, I imagine.”

“They appear to be some sort of out-system Darksider cult. Not exactly Sith, more like Dark Jedi. They’ve been seen to use lightsabers and saber-pikes. The rumors my sources have been able to acquire indicate they are searching for something in the Nifokalija Mountains. They’ve also been asking a lot of questions about the Ombi.”

“Obviously due to the sensor-scrambling effects and fog of the local geography we can’t just fly in,” added Quaestor Shirai. “I heard that Seng Karash was built on a crater blown into the planet by Orian himself. Is this true?”

“Yes, it is. The Star of Ombus did not work exactly as he predicted. Seng Karash, or at least that area has a sordid history of disaster.” Macron giggled. “I’ve never been to Nifokalija. I hear it’s a Dark Side site of some power… I’m rather curious to see for myself.”


Dambbo Cantina
Seng Karash

Dragoon ordered another drink as he sit and waited word from some one. He had followed the would be assassin to this hell hole. Right at that moment he had a view on the man as he was sipping a drink. Dragoon had settled on a non-intoxicating drink himself. Just then a human dancer that was extremely good looking had come up and started to dance. Dragoon squeezed her nice rump and told her to scram. He was busy. She snorted and stormed off. Dragoon watched her for a second and thought to him self ~if only i wasn’t busy~.

At that time Sebz walked up and sit down next to Dragoon. “Sebz, did you bring the device?” he nodded, handed it to Dragoon and said,

“The Madman said you have about a 5 to 10 feet kill radius. It will wound or distract anyone outside of it.” Dragoon nodded and returned his attention to the bounty hunter in front of him.

“Hey this is supposed to be a weapons free facility right?”

Dragoon grinned, “Yeah but i counted at least 4 with weapons. 2 at my one o’clock. 1 at my four o’clock and the bar tender.”

Seb nodded and said, “Don’t for get the 2 behind me carrying some wicked knives.” Dragoon looked at him and grinned bigger.

“Very good young one. Soon you’ll be stronger and better then me even.” Sebz smiled. Both gazes were then distracted and pointed toward the door when 2 trandoshons and 3 human’s entered, a Trandoshons captain leading them.

“Oh hell what now…Merchs from the look of them.” Dragoon nodded as he dropped his grin to a straight face.

“This is not good. Prepare yourself.” he said to the young apprentice. Sebz nodded and stood up as the five merchs reached their table and spread the selves to the point Dragoon and Sebz had lost the visual on the lead.

“DO CON NO SOTOOO.” the Captain said, “you do not belong here.” Dragoon nodded and said, “And nether do you.”

The Captain didn’t hesitate as he drew a wicked three pronged blade with something green smeared on it. Dragoon was faster though, he jumped up, ignited his lightsaber and throw the table at the two men to his right while Sebz drew two small blasters and hit the 2 to his right. The Captain stunned as to what happened quickly snapped out of it and tried lunging for Dragoon. Dragoon was just a bit faster and came down with his saber and took off the arm of the Trando before he could make contact.

By that time it was obvious that the two were made. Sebz grabbed the injured merch and started dragging him outside. Dragoon stole a quick glance at where his target was. He was gone. ~DAMN~ he thought as he followed Sebz out the door…


Tent City
Outside Seng Karash
Orian System

“Now that we’ve paid the mercenaries off, you’re sure our local contacts will arrive on time?” asked the dark-robed man as he sat on a stool in the makeshift cantina. His yellow eyes peered about in the gloom, seeing things most did not. “This seems an appropriate spot for the meeting.”

“I’m sure, Master Rex.” The brown robed human looked calm, although the patrons of this scummy bar appeared rough and intimidating. The two almost gave off a palpable aura of intimidation that served them well. “They lost almost everything they had when their cell on San Korinar was crushed. They bear no love of the new system lords. The Ekind especially hates them, for personal reasons. She bears us no love either, but despises the Brotherhood’s slaves even more.”

“Yes, I heard the rumors. It seems the true masters of this system have revealed themselves and are taking control rapidly. With their public relations blitz, infrastructure works, and medical care they’re apparently turning popular opinion in their favor rapidly. It is not realistic to try to confront them directly- we are too few even at thirty Dark Jedi cultists in the Gomorag. Still, if we move with alacrity we can recover what we seek from the ruins and slip out of the system before they can stop us.” The Dark Jedi Master turned to face the door even before it was darkened by new patrons. “The woman has a powerful Force presence,” murmured the Master.

Both men turned to regard two figures who walked quietly into the dark, smelly tent bar and sat down next to them. One was a human with the rough features and powerful stride of a miner or bounty hunter, and the other a strange looking near-human female with patchy skin, clawed fingers, and sharp haunted-looking features. Both wore plain, rough robes like many here to keep the rain from the jungles off of them as well as obscure their features.


Eight hours ahead of main Sadow Forces
Early morning
Outside Seng Karesh

Roxas crawled from the water onto a rocky shore. Ahead of him a small thicket of jungle less than fifty meters thick, beyond that the city. The concrete and steel of the city reached to the sky out of the crater left by Orion.

“I made it past their sensors, commencing the mapping of enemy troop patrols and gathering enemy numbers as I EVAC the civilians as planned.” The Mandalorian said in a comm channel that is being monitored by the summit and a collect few reliable technicians.

The Consul Malik spoke up in response “Confirmed. Remember this is a solo infiltration mission, and you aren’t to let the enemy become aware of your presence.”

“Understood, commencing operation.”

Roxas raised up and moved with purpose through the small thicket and stopped in the brush, a street infront of him. It was oddly empty of civilian activity. He looked through the HUD of his T shaped visor. The visor zoomed in on people less than a click away, he could see that they had weapons and tagged them with his GPS tracker.

“Confirmed, two targets tagged. Connecting our systems to your HUD was a good idea.” A technician stated into the comm; the woman a knew member to SHADOW.

Roxas entered the city and began GPS tagging enemy troops and enemy vehicles. He was heading for a specif person before getting all the civilians out of the city, but the summit didn’t need to know that. No matter what his wife came first, and then he’d save everyone else. He knew she was visiting her parents, so to his inlaws’ he went. It wasn’t easy to find shadows to hide in, but if they were there he hid in them and hid in unconventional places as he made his way to his inlaws’.

Roxas rounded a corner and then leapt back around in surprise as he almost walked right into a patrol. He tagged them as they past by and then continued on his way.

“This is strange, things are supposed to be business as usual.” Roxas said with an inquiring tone into his comm.

“What do you mean, War?” The same technician from before asked.

Roxas replied “Well, I haven’t seen a single civilian on the street. Either they are expecting us, or they are running some kind of exercise. I’m gonna gather some intel real quick.”

Roxas came out of an alley and came into a crouching walk to stay low. He snuck up behind a man standing by a concrete blockade. He rested at the blockade for a second and then jerked the man over it. The Mandalorians dragged the man into an alley and drew his knife and put it to the soldier’s throat.
“What’s going on here? Where are the civilians?”

The soldier wasn’t knew, but still stumbled over his words “a…a mi…military exercise. We’ve lost men on Inos, the civilians will be allowed back on the streets soon.”

Roxas snapped his neck and searched him to find the man’s comm link. He took it and tossed the body into a dumpster. Roxas connected the comm to his helmet and set it to listen only.

“I’ve taken an enemy comm, now i can here what they do. It appears that they are performing an exercise to test their readiness for our upcoming attack.”

“Roger that…” Malik started again “Keep it up, remember though if you take out too many of them, they’ll get suspicious.”

“Understood.” Roxas stated flatly as he continued toward the home of his inlaws’.


The Starport
Seng Karash
Orian System

The large shuttle began its descent from the air as it made its landing preparations. Surrounding the platforms were a few squads of heavy troopers, armed to the teeth. They were told to meet the Governor who had returned to pacify the city and soon all of Aeotheran.

The ship landed and the soldiers stood attention. A latches being unlocked as the landing gear opened and touched the ground. Sith Battlemaster Caelian strode down the ramp radiating with Dark Side energy. He was donned in a light armored battle robe, but you could clearly see his expertly crafted lightsaber Varinx. Following closely behind him were ten more Sadowan Jedi.

To his immediate right was a new Protector of the Krath Order. Daderic Turelles was here at his request. He had brought many of them to the front lines to face adversaries much more dangerous than what they encountered on Inos. New to the fold the young Protector would see why they were called the Heirs to the Sith Empire.

The group of powerful Naga Sadow walked through the standing troops, and a private came up to the Quaestor. “Sir the main force is almost upon the city.” There was a cryptic silence as red eyes peered from within the Sith Mask.

“As planned. The audacity of Anaxela and her bantha Rex. To take hold in MY city. An insult that would lead to their deaths.” As he was the Governor.

He held a hand up as the heavy troopers huddled and stopped in military formation. His Jedi following suit. He turned around spoke to everyone including personnel. “The Gomorag know we are here already. They think that they have eaten this city. But we will take it from their entrails.”

Then his Mask directed itself to Daedric and then to the Sadowans. “I will expect a head of Gomorag Dark Jedi. From all of you. And nothing less.” There was a look of initial shock from the Protector as he was tasked with killing a killing machine.


The Starport
Seng Karash
Orian System

The shock quickly faded as the words of Sith Battlemaster Caelian, Daedric’s Quaestor faded. Daedric looked at his Quaestor, a fierce look of determination and loyalty poured from his eyes.

“As you command, my Lord.” Daedric stated as he lowered his head in a slight bow of respect. The Protector, wearing his Krath robes, with the emblem of House Shar Dakhan in the middle of his chest and his armory grade lightsaber clipped to the right of his belt, began to to follow Sith Battlemaster Caelian. As the two walked down the exit corridor, the Quaestor began to question Protector Turelles.

“Tell me Protector,” Sith Battlemaster Caelian began, “Tell me why you are here.” Daedric could feel the Dark Side flowing from every sylable of his words.

“To take back what is rightfully ours, my Lord.” Daedric stated and they took a right down a corridor heading towards briefing rooms. The escort of heavy troopers and Sadowan Jedi followed behind them in a standard two column march. “I have dedicated my self to House Shar Dakhan, to Clan Naga Sadow and ultimately you, my Lord.” Daedric stated with a sense of honor. “If need be, I will sacrafice my life for the Honor of our house. You have tasked me with taking down the Gomorag Dark Jedi, and this I will not fail you in.” Daedric stated with a hint of hatred for the Gomorag on his lips.

“If you fail, Protector, I will have your head instead. I do not usually take those of your, stature, with me. I made an exception for you. Do not fail me.” Sith Battlemaster Caelian stated as they entered the War Room. Officers in heavy armor rose as the Queastor entered and made his way to the head of the table.

“Fail you, I will not my Lord.” Daedric stated as he took his place in the corner of the War Room where he could keep his eyes on the Queastor. Making sure no one attempted something.


Three days before
CNS medical facility
Orbit over Aeotheran


That’s the last thing Sebaz heard before he fully passed out in the hangar. He woke up with a powerful jolt and was instantly blinded by many white lights. He knew he was in a hospital, he just didn’t know where. He could feel that he was severely dehydrated.

Sebaz tried to reach for a glass of water with his left arm, but instantly felt pain from a nasty injury he sustained when his dropship crashed just inside the facility. A fresh scar was on the left side of his chest, stretching from the top of his left shoulder, all the way to just below his rib cage. The pain was immense. His scar burned as well since air finally managed to touch the injured area.

Just as the pain started, it ended. A medical robot was standing to the right of Sebaz adjusting nobs on a control panel. He saw a nob labeled ‘Pain reliever’ as the robot adjusted the dial so that the medicine would flow straight to the needle and into Sebaz. Sebaz took a deep breath. He saw that across from him most of the beds were empty. He only heard a couple sounds, meaning that not a lot of people were needing extreme medical attention.

“Here kid, you earned this.” Said a familiar female voice on the left side of Sebaz. A hand held out the glass of water just in reach for Sebaz’s right arm. He grabbed the cup of water and chugged it all down.

“Thanks Teu. How long have I been out?”

“Well, you’ve been out for about four hours. When I heard what happened I rushed over here. Everyone else is still cleaning up the mess from the battle and what not. While you were in surgery, I cleaned out that astromech droid. Nothing new besides an exact copy of what I already have. Unfortunately that droid has been confiscated. As for the nice looking Jedi interceptor, that too has been confiscated.” Said Teu while pouring Sebaz another glass of water and handing it to him.

“Oh right, and this is yours.” Teu reached into her pack and pulled out his chain of Coloris. Sebaz was relieved to see that it was ok. “Just so you know, that weapon can only be used as a last ditch effort. This weapon is rare, so you can’t go around flashing it. You’re still new to this so as of now you’re going to have to stick with blasters. I doubt you’ll have trouble with two pistol blasters. Anyway I got to go back and see the remainder of what you salvaged. Good job by the way. .” Teu was about to head out the door, but turned back.

“Also, Jeric would like to see you. He’s been impressed by what you can do.” Said Teu. “But before you do that, once you’re healed up and ready to go, Dragoon needs someone to help him out with a mission. He didn’t give many specifics about what it was, but I think you should go do this one with him. Anyway, have fun!” Teu finally made her way out the door and out of site.

I’ve impressed someone already? Nice. Dragoon must really need help. I’ll see how my scar holds up then I’ll go see what he wants.

Sebaz stood up in his bed. His scar still hurt, but not as much when he recently woke up. A robot doctor came over to his bed side and presented him with gauzes and a type of blue cream. Sebaz applied the cream and instantly felt relief from the pain, and saw that the area around his scar turned back to his normal skin color. He applied the gauze on and stood up. His slim, muscular appearance was something that most women would die for, but he knew that he had stuff to do just before that.

The first robot left and another one came in, this time with standard armor and robes. Sebaz picked them up and went back into a private section of the room to change. He felt the familiarity of his attire, and realized it was the same type of armor that he had on just a couple hours ago. Sebaz exited the room and checked himself out form the medical clinic. He found himself in a long, empty hallway.

Alright, now I just have to find Dragoon and see what he wants. This is going to be fun.

Outside Dambbo Cantina
Seng Karash

Sebaz dragged the injured merch body out of the cantina. The bartender was over by where the fight had happened and was cleaning up, surrounded by a couple of human female dancers trying to help. Dragoon followed Sebaz out of the bar with a frustrated look on his face, slamming the door behind them. He started tailing the assassin for over two days, just before Sebaz joined him on his mission. During the fight, he must’ve seen Dragoon’s saber and ran off.

Sebaz managed to drag the merch over to a section where the bar maintained their trash bins. His scar didn’t hurt as much, but he was limited to only dragging the man with his right arm. He put the man by a huge heap of trash and a bin. Just as the man finally managed to breathe, He grabbed the injured merch head and slammed it on the bin. Blood began to trickle out by his temple. Sebaz then raised the man with his right arm by the neck.

“I was enjoying myself in that bar hoping I didn’t have to kill anyone today. But now, it looks like you’re the third one in just a matter of minutes. Before I castrate you, tell me why you and your gang targeted me and my buddy.” He asked as the man tried to gasp for air. Sebaz saw that the man was nearly close to dead, so he dropped him. The man fell and began gasping for air.

“You’re a monster I hope you know that. I only listened to what the main guy says. I have no choice.” Said the man as his breath began to calm down.

“Stop lying.” Sebaz pulled out his chain of Coloris and wrapped it around the man’s right shoulder. He tightened it to where the chain began cutting into his skin. Blood began to ooze out of the man. He cried in pain as the chain went deeper and deeper into his skin.

“Ok, Ok! He saw you two looked super suspicious, especially since Dragoon declined the dancer. He thought you were out for territory, or worse, to destroy the gang. He only wanted to protect what we had accomplished. Please, that’s all I know! Let me go!” cried the merch as blood began to flow from the fresh cut wound.

Sebaz looked at Dragoon. He nodded and Sebaz freed the man from his chain. Yet, for only being a new kid, he knew better. He pulled out one of his blaster and shot the merch right in the head. His body became limp once he absorbed the shot.

“Looks like someone doesn’t want us around here. We have to be careful. It could’ve been only one group of the whole gang. They’ll want our heads. Let’s go, we have to find the assassin before he gets too far.” Said Dragoon as he tucked his lightsaber into the sleeve of his armor and robes.

Sebaz holstered his pistol and followed Dragoon back into the bar. His senses were on max alert and knew that anything could happen at any moment. The mess that he and Dragoon caused was already cleaned up. The bartender, along with a couple of other beings in the bar with weapons, nodded in their direction. They both returned the nod as Dragoon made his way to the bartender and paid him for his drinks.

“No one will know what happened here, trust me.” Whispered the bartender.

“For your troubles that we caused,” said Dragoon as he slid a couple of hundred credits to the bartender.

Dragoon and Sebaz finally made their way to the front exit of the bar. Standing there was the female dancer that Dragoon had refused earlier. He smacked her behind, which made her to jump from the surprise of it. Dragoon went up close to the ladies ear and whispered something. Sebaz didn’t know exactly what he said, but he knew that Dragoon would come back here just for her.

They both exited the bar and found their way to the speeders that they both had been provided with. Each of them got onto their own individual one, started the engine, and sped off trying to find their assassin before he was nowhere to be found.


Abandoned food processing plant
Hydroponics Facility
Sub-Levels, Seng Karash

A fist-sized chunk of red meat floated inside the tank directly in front of Macron, a network of intravenous tubes and pipes pumping some unknown liquid—probably nutrient fluids, the alchemist surmised—into the flesh, which he watched expanding right before his eyes, like an embryo in an artificial womb, only in this case a nerf burger, specially engineered for one purpose and one purpose alone: food.

An automated service droid rolled by next to Macron, probably inspecting the foodstuffs, and the Elder turned back around again to inspect the clone commandos who had accompanied him down into the sub-levels, deep beneath the sprawling metropolises where those above ground did not need to pay attention to where their food came from—or how it was grown. Like with so many people, the denizens of Seng Karash had always been happy in their ignorance of exactly how their lives were maintained and supported—right under their feet.

As was in their nature, the clones had quickly set up a perimeter and shut down all but one of the pedestrian access hatches; it had confused a few of the maintenance droids at first, but they had quickly found new ways to go about their daily business. Over on the far wall opposite the food tanks, a pair of insectoid creatures, both of whom were utterly swamped underneath a small mountain of wires and cables, clacked their upper mandibles together with mild frustration as they worked to discretely hack into the city mainframe and set up the monitoring station that Macron had requested, from which he could oversee the various units and strike teams who had inserted themselves across the city as part of their operation to… not so quietly, but not explosively either, retake control of the corridors of power in the central government district.

And find out what his sister was doing here.

The red-armoured Sith juggernaut’s face curled as he thought of the witch. Anaxela. Her very name was like poison on his lips, that he refused to think, let alone wish to speak. She had been defeated many, many years ago, and disappeared in disgrace when she vanished into the jungles of the distant planet of Kangaras. He had thought her dead. None got out of those woods alive… at least not with their minds still intact.

His old comrade, Malisane de Ath, had been proof of that.

But she was here… and that could only spell trouble.


Devil’s Shroud Clubhouse
The Verda Cruse Line
Kel Rasha, Aeotheran

Alex had just finished his letter of Resignation. News from home had him worried. There had been an attack
and break-in at the residence on Anaxes. A single assassin droid was captured, but there were a few artifacts missing. Nothing really important, and nothing that had to do with the force as far as they could tell. It was thought that they may have been after the journal of Alex’s grandfather. If that is the case, they were looking on the wrong planet. Shortly after finding the gray Jedi of Odan-Urr, his grandfather was missing. Having found him during the Horizon Plague he was given the journal. The journal is unique in that it is not in holopad form, and it is a number book with hand written pages. All the rumors and facts that his grandfather could find. They are in the order they were found, and if it relates to a previous entry he notated it. Once again his grandfather father had not been heard from for a few days, but that was common. As he packed up his things to head for his ship, his com-station notified him of messages. Alex opened the channel as he started to pick up the journals.

“Alex, it is your grandfather, if you receive this then you must still be alive. I have decided to take a few days at the house on Nar Shaddaa, let your mother know I am OK. “ The message ended and Alex just shrugged. He heard the tone of the second message. The voice was very familiar.

“Alexander” it was Locke. “I am sorry to hear about what happened with your family. I am also saddened to hear you are stepping down from leading Devil’s Shroud. But we all must follow are own path. If you ever need anything then let me know.” The transmission ended.

Alex was picking up the last of the journals when he noticed a page marked. As he opened the page it was a heading of Rouge Sith Lords. Listed was Urias Orian and next to the name was Sepros System, Orian System. There were a few other notes with the name. As Alex started to cross check the notes he realized that he had seen some of what was here. One of the notes talked about twin brother. It was said they were masters at making weapons and armor. Alex looked at the notes and checked with the tactical maps he still had from the invasion. If what he was seeing was correct, he knew were he could find the temple complex were the twins were.

Alex activated the comlink as he headed out the door. “Locke, Alex I think I found something you might want to know about” Alex was gonna need some stuff from his ship.

“Alexander this is Locke go ahead”. As Alex explained what he had found and were he was headed he could just vision the grin on Locke’s face.


Abandoned food processing plant
Hydroponics Facility
Sub-Levels, Seng Karash

Macron punched one of the hanging meat-bags and chuckled as it pumped and pulsed. “Gives new meaning to the term beat your…. anyhow.” The madman turned to the Verpine. “How goes the installation, my chitinous friends?”

zzrk click zzrk clak We have penetrated their computer-hive. You now have the access you seek. The Verpine Engineers continued to work, vicious shatterguns hanging by their sides. They were not weak, by any means. The Engineers rivaled any human combat engineers and were smarter, tougher, and better armed and equipped by far.

“Gods, I love you guys. You understand me, and I you better than humans by far,” giggled Macron. “How goes it on Inos 7?”

We have assimilated their hive, and drone production will commence soon. The Verpine have a home here, and so we shall continue. We serve Clan Naga Sadow and our new birthing hive.

“Wonderful,” Macron smirked. “Back to business.” The Elder turned to his screen readouts. “Hm. We really need to keep Seng Karash productive. The mines, tech, and med-testing make us a lot of money. And the … Gomorag are annoying.” His fingers twitched across the holonet line controls. Disturbing images came up. In them, robed lightsaber-wielding forms literally crucified a former Dlarit Mining foreman publicly only three days ago. It was no wonder the streets were deserted.

“Shirai, come in. I need you to eliminate the Gomorag and their mercenaries in Seng Karash without too much collateral damage to civilians. However, a showful display of them being publicly killed in personal combat is acceptable,” giggled the Juggernaut. “We are the Future, and such.”

He keyed the holonet com-connect again. “Consul Malik, we are a go on Operation Seng Karash. The relief effort has commenced, and we are dropping in supplies and droids to begin the infrastructure repairs and med-aid efforts. The food stations are open and guarded by troopers, with Dark Jedi standing by.” The holo-form of the Neti nodded assent but was garbled by local solar storms.

The mad Sith Elder stood pensively, holding his chin. In the air he could sense the approach of his best, and most powerful Equite student. “Jade,” tittered the Alchemist. “She’s coming.”


*The Starport
Seng Karash
Orian System

The Sith Warrior stood at the end of the ship’s ramp, the wind rustling the bottom of his hooded cloak slightly. He watched Caelian, Daedric, and their collection of troopers and Dark Jedi move down the corridor, through the dark lenses of his helmet. The Exile folded his arms across his chest as he contemplated where to go next.

Rhaegon slowly came down the ramp behind his Master, his feet producing a hollow metallic click as he moved. Maelous turned his head only a fraction, and watched as his Apprentice approached and finally stood next him.

“You must learn to control the weight of your steps better, my Apprentice,” the former Jensaarai rasped through the vocoder speakers, “You should only make a sound if you intend to draw attention.”

“Yes, Master,” replied the Guardian

Maelous began to walk with the silver haired man next to him, his steps making an audible thud.

“Master, are we trying to draw attention?” Rhaegon asked.

The Sith smirked under his helmet, “I’m always trying to draw them in,” he said with a menacing tone.

The pair turned down a different corridor than the one Caelian had used as a message scrolled across the lens of Maelous’ helmet. He reached into a pouch and came to a halt. His Apprentice stopping a single step past him, and turned to face his Master. From the pouch he produced a small circular holo-communicator. The Sith keyed in the code he was give and the pale, translucent image of the Proconsul sprang into existence.

“Maelous,” Macron said with a chuckle, “Your apprentice is with you, good. This will be a great experience for him. I have some interesting news, my sister is here.”

The Sith Warrior cocked his head to the side slightly, “I was not aware that you had any living family.”

The mad man cackled, “It is unimportant. However, I suggest while you are saving the people of the city, and taking these Force Users that have abused them out, you may try and stay away from her. She is quite power and has been a problem before.”

Maelous nodded.

“I know you will probably not listen,” the Elder’s voice took on a darker tone “I’m almost counting on it.”

“If we see her I will contact you immediately.”


The image of the Alchemist disappeared and Maelous replaced the device.

“What’s the plan?” asked Rhaegon.

“We draw her attention.”


Abandoned food processing plant
Hydroponics Facility
Sub-Levels, Seng Karash

Jade looked around as she headed deeper into the bowels of Seng Karash, swearing she was hearing whispers, and feeling cold slivers of darkness crawl over her skin.  She shook her head. If she didn’t know better, she was starting to get a touch of the crazy, just like her former master.  The tips of her fangs glistened as she headed deeper.

Something mechanical shuttered nearby and she ignored it, heading towards the food processing part. She couldn’t understand how the inhabitants could have had no clue what was going on, right under their own feet…but then again, ignorance can be bliss.

A grin crossed her face a Macrons presence eased past her own. He was obviously reaching out, making sure of the surrounding area, but there would be no surprising him now. He always did have a way of knowing when she was up to something, was probably how he always caught her sneaking a peek at his alchemy books. Jade laughed in the hallway as she entered the main room, wondering just when he might have given in to her many attempts to learn more than the basic force training, and teach her alchemy.  It could have been the countless times she tried sneaking his material away, and of course getting caught and paying the price for it, or it could have been some random experiment…thank the gods she never blew up his labs or released his test subjects! Whatever it was, she was glad he did, though it had turned him into more than just her master, to her, he was like family.

Macron was disconnecting a hololink that had likely scrambled by a recent storm.  If she could think of a grand entrance she would, but all she could concentrate on, was that piece of flesh hanging nearby him. The meat bag pulsating and throbbing as though it were a growing heart. She knew it wasn’t, and it was simply the effects of the nutrients being pumped in to grow the meat source, but how it made her  fangs itch to draw blood. The passing of Shirai in the room, drew her attention away from the tempting delicacy.  Looking around she saw camera footage of the Gomorag…ug, annoying…creatures. Though they didn’t have actual control of the city, they certainly caused enough trouble in it to make it seem like they wanted to.

Jade leaned against the door way and crossed her arms. “Well what kind of trouble have you gotten us  into this time?” She smiled as Macron turned around.


City Streets Between Commercial and Industrial districts
Seng Karash

Dragoon stopped his speeder at the edge of the district lines. Sebz stopped right beside him.

“What is it now Dragoon?” Sebz asked. Dragoon looked to the sky and then to the edge of the city.

“Tell me young one. Do you notice anything different then a few hours ago?” Dragoon asked, already knowing the answer. He turned and looked at the young one. Sebz thought for a second and nodded, “There is no one out and about and no activity hard—” Sebz wasn’t able to finish before the Blaster bolt hit his speeder causing it to shut down completely and roll over. The inexperienced Dark Jedi had just enough time to jump clear and land on his side. Dragoon jumped off and stepped backwards into the shadows behind him. Sabz looked at him and Dragoon signaled for him to stay down.

Dragoon looked to the roof tops. It took him a second to find him but once he did he recognized him from the bar. His target. Dragoon fell even further back in the shadows. He Clasped his cloak shut and threw up his hood. He moved slow in the shadows till he manged to get behind the assassins on the roof. Dragoon walked up behind him. He almost missed the trip wire for the early warning device. He glanced down. ~hmmm this could be fun.~ Dragoon thought for a second and got a weird grin. He undid his cloak and let it fall to the ground revealing the blue and black armor he was wearing with the Naga sadow emblem on his chest. He then unclipped his lightsaber.

He then sent a message to Sebz comm link in text stating orders upon hearing the noise.

Street floor
Below Dragoon’s position

Sebz laid still as a piece of dirt as Dragoon took off. ~What in the Frack is he doing?~ he thought to himself. About Three Minutes later he received a message from Dragoon: When you hear the noise, Move to the shadows Escape and Evade to the next block stay in the shadows, ill meet up with you.

Sebz thought ~Too hell you will.~ He seen the flash before he heard the explosion. He moved quickly to the Pitch black ally to his left, same one Dragoon had moved to. He ducked in and got low and covered himself and watched the fire works. He heard the Lightsaber ignite and heard the familer “Clank” sound he heard back on Inos 7. He started to move to Dragoon but stopped just short of leaving the shadows when he heard the men.

“OVER HERE! I heard that noise up there!” 4 Men in Black uniforms, 2 carrying lightsabers that looked equivalent to Armory sabers rushed to the street floor. The 2 with Sabers looked toward the shadows. The one that looked like he was in lead motioned for one of the non saber carriers and the other one with a saber to check out the shadows. ~FRACK! THEY FOUND ME.~ There were a few words exchanged between the two leaders and the two started moving toward Sebz while the one that was the leader kept the one with a blaster rifle with him. Those two were looking up at where Dragoon was.

Above city streets on roof top
Seng Karash

Dragoon attacked with full force and was repelled left and right. This man was good.

The Man looked at Dragoon and laughed, “You will die, just like everything you touch or come in contact with!” He pointed his finger to the men below him. “First your friend, then you.” Dragoon got Angry and he felt a force grow inside. His eyes turned coal black all the way around and strange dark blue light started to grow. Dragoon gripped his saber with both hands and attacked. He attacked with so much fury that the Man did not stand a chance Dragoon chopped and swung and finally knocked the Sword out of the mans hands. The Man looked in fear to Dragoon. Dragoon raise his saber in a killing strike but stopped. “I have questions for you.” He then looked below. “But they can wait.” he then kicked with such fury and force he broke the mans left leg right below the knee. The man screamed in pain.

Dragoon didn’t wait. He jumped from the roof top and landed on the man with the rifle. Killing him instantly as Dragoon’s saber impelled him right through the heart. Dragoon didn’t stop, he pulled out and immediately attacked with the Shi-Chi form at the other Jedi. Meanwhile to his left Sebz took the chance and shot and killed the non force using man in front of him. One shot in the head. Dragoon cut down his enemy in no time. The Jedi never stood a chance. He didn’t even get a chance to grab his saber.

Dragoon then used the new power he was surrounded by. He approached the last remaining guy. He how ever pulled his saber. Dragoon Attacked fast using what strength he could muster and in a few seconds the Jedi was lying on the ground, Headless, Feet-less, and Hand less. Dragoon deactivated his saber.

Sebz stepped out and looked at him and said “Wha… What was that?” Just before he could say anything else they both sensed a similar presence somewhere in the city. Dragoon looked at Sebz, “i sense War. It feels like a trap?” Sebz shook his head, “this whole place is a trap, what about the Assassin?”

Dragoon looked to the roof, “We should ask him about Mr. Rex. Gather the gear we can use, ill grab the Handycap man.” Dragoon used the force to Leap back to the roof. The man was there trying to crawl/hoop away. Dragoon broke his other leg. “AHHHHHHH! YOU BASTARD!!!” Dragoon Grinned evilly.

“Come with me, you may die quick if you do.” Then he grabbed him and rolled him off the roof. The fall didn’t kill him but hurt him pretty bad. Sebz looked at Dragoon with that “REALLY.” look. Dragoon Laughed and jumped down. The man whos face was now bloody from the fall and dirty looked at Dragoon and asked in a scared voice, “WHO? WHO ARE YOU GUYS?” Dragoon looked at Sebz and said to the man, “Thats Sebz, and im John “Dragoon” Witwalker. You may call me Horseman of Fury. And we are from Clan Naga Sadow of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. And you my friend will tell us everything you know about Mr. Rex.” …


Seng Karash
, Aeorheran
Orian System

“Major Basik was the status of police forces throughout the city?” The masked sith spoked into his comlink.

“Perimeter of the city has been secured, checkpoints have been set up and there has been very little movement in or out,” the acting police Superintendent of Aeotheran said as he looked at his holopad. “Its been difficult to maintain order within the city though, as you know the group calling themselves Gomorag have been causing issues.”

Jeric nodded and looked down at his holopad for a few minutes before turning his attention back to Major Basik, “You should be receiving a battleplan. Make efforts to prepare the Authority’s Law Enforcement, we move to retake the city within the next 24 hours. Send a ERT to the spaceport I have a few tasks to complete.”

“It will be done my lord.”

As the communication closed out Jeric could make out a pair of footsteps rounding the corner. The Sith emerged from the shadow he had been hiding in and began to walk to the intersection. As the Sagacious Sith rounded the corner he came face to face with the apprentice of his disciple. Guardian Rhaegon took a quick glance at the Sith Battlelord and immediately positioned himself behind his master.

“Maelous I forgot to extend my congratulation while we were on the Nachzerer.”

“Thank you Master Cyrin,” the Sith Warrior said with a grin.

“How goes your apprentice’s training? I hope he will not be a disappointment,” Jeric asked looking at the Guardian.

“Very well so far, this mission will be a deciding factor whether he is ready to continue further,” Maelous said before looking at his apprentice. “If you could excuse me and Master Cyrin, I will meet you in the mess hall.”

“As you wish my master,” Guardian Rhaegon said. “Master Cyrin, Master Ascarend.” He nodded as he left the two Sith Equite alone.

“So our Proconsul has living family,” Maelous said once his apprentice was out of sight.

“I know, she is apparently here on Aeorheran. I assume you plan to go after her?” Jeric replied with a slight smirk under his mask.

“Not intentionally but in the course of retaking this city if I find her I will be sure to call for back up.”

“Please do my friend. I’ll be weeding out members of this Gomorag group in the meantime,” Jeric said as his comlink began to beep.

“I’ll let you take that Jeric. Good luck,” the Sith Warrior said.

Jeric turned back down the pervious corridor heading for the rear of the spaceport. He looked down at his comlink, the Emergency Response Team he requested from Major Basik has just arrived. As the Sith Battlelord exited the spaceport he was greeted by a team of twelve specially outfitted police agents. One of them stepped forward and removed his darkened helmet.

“My Lord, Master Sergeant Kitt at your service.”


Abandoned food processing plant
Hydroponics Facility
Sub-Levels, Seng Karash

I spy. With my little eye… Pieces were following into place. He had seen it in his thoughts. The Mad Man had tasked him with destroying the Gomorag once and for all. To permanently put Anaxela down. To set fire to her body and scatter her ashes across the galaxy. She had been a plague to them for far to long. The Proconsul wanted her dealt with.

His sight came back in as he passed Jade. “Ah. A Daughter of Sadow. I am honored that you’ve joined the fight. It would be a tremendous boost to our efforts with your strength.”

“How will you deal with the Gomorag,” Jade asked immediately.

“I have a plan to draw them out to us,” the Quaestor countered.

“Go ahead. What do you have in mind?”

There was a menacing look into his eyes. “I will gather everyone. We’re going to make a Public service announcement to the city.”

** Briefing Room
Orian Authority Headquarters
The Government District
Seng Karash**

“Is the feed ready?” Asked the Sith Battlemaster impatiently.

“Yes sir, we will be broadcasting live in a few seconds,” answered a scared technician setting up the cameras.

Caelian stood by his lonesome with no need of podium or men to be around. The people of Aeotheran knew who their true rulers were. It was time for them to see what Clan was truly capable of. The cameraman signaled that they were going live with his hands and cued him.

All around the city. Any available screen that the Aeotheran citizens could see, and wherever the Gomorag roamed. A picture of the Quaestor and his Sith Mask could be seen throughout Seng Karash.

"Citizens of Seng Karash. There is much distraught in the city caused by a group of heretics called the Gomorag. This injustice ends this very moment. The Gomorag believe they are waging some type of war against this great planet.

“A futile effort that only shows that they are creatures bred only to destroy. They are weak. The Heirs of the Sith Empire were bred to be more than conquerors. If you believe that you can challenge us. We shall act swiftly. For there is no surrender. Only death. Wherever you may hide. I the Horseman of Famine will find you, and crush you.”

He took a small step forward peering into the screen. “This goes especially for you Anaxela and Rex. We will be waiting.” Then he flipped his cape and walked away, and they quickly ended the feed.

Surrounding him were a ring of Dark Jedi. Epis Jade was sitting watching the entertainment unfold before them. Daedric gave a nod of approval on his flair theatrics on par with the speech. Caelian opened a comlink to Major Basik.

“Major, I want this city secured on the ground and in the air. No one escapes this time. Set up barricades and I want air support yesterday.”

“Yes sir,” and ended the call with Basik.

Jade began to get up. She knew what was to come next. But Daedric didn’t as he asked Caelian directly. “What shall we do now?”

The Battlemaster turned towards him and strode in front of him. “Before that. Kneel.” He followed orders and took a kneel before Caelian. “I have chosen you as my new Apprentice. I sense much power within you. What I shall guide you to will be much more to that. Rise.”

The Apprentice rose and faced Caelian. “Now we march to battle.”

Jade walked by noting, “Macron will be delighted to hear that.”


Briefing Room
Orian Authority Headquarters
Government District
Seng Karash

“I have chosen you as my new Apprentice. I sense much power within you. What I shall guide you to will be much more to that”

The words sounded in his ears as he rose from his kneeling position. Honor an pride soured through him like a burning wild fire. He had purpose. He knew what he must do to gain power; learn all that he can learn from Sith Battlemaster Caelian. As he rose he turned to face Sith Battlemaster Caelian he heard words that made him swell with anger and hate of the Gomorag.

“Now we march to battle.” his new Master stated. Daedric nodded his head as to agree with his Master. Daedric walked over to the holographic battle map and began to study the battle plan that Master Caelian had prepared prior to his public declaration. The map detailed Sith Battlemaster Caelian’s plan for the defense of the city. Points of interest were notated on the map that he wanted to have secured more so than others. Daedric had the option of two that hadn’t been marked yet. The Industrial District or the Residential District.

“Master,” Daedric began has he lifted his head up from looking at the map, both of his arms still extended with his palms on the corner of the holographic table.

“What is it, my Apprentice?” Sith Battlemaster Caelian questioned coldly. He remained facing forward as he watched the monitors on the wall. The monitors displayed battle troops stepping into formation and preparing for the march inward into the city.

“I will be taking the Residential District, Master, if you so allow.” Daedric stated shifting his eyes back down to the hologram. With a couple swipe of the hand he filter the hologram to just show the Residential District. Sith Battlemaster Caelian pondered it for a moment, Daedric could sense it emanating from him. Caelian shift his head to the left so that his piercing eyes could fall on Daedric.

“My Apprentice,” The words still finding pride with in Daedric. “Take it.” The sound of the words bounced off the walls with enough base that Daedric could feel it in his chest. It surprised Daedric, and for a second stunned him. He quickly regained his composure and bowed deeply to his Master. “Do not disappoint me, Protector.” Sith Battlemaster Caelian stated as Daedric came out of his bow. Daedric only nodded.

Government District
Seng Karash

The Protector walked down the formation, inspecting the troopers that would soon be following him into battle. There were twenty of them, freshly assigned to his command by Sith Battlemaster Caelian. “Sergeant,” Daedric stated coldly. He could sense that his Master has already started to influence him. He enjoyed this. Battle preparation and he could feel he would enjoy battle even more. More than a Krath should.

“Sir,” stated Sergeant First Class Garret, the platoon sergeant stated as he approached Daedric.

“Queastor Caelian wants us to move out in two-zero mikes. I will give an operation order in zero-five mikes. Be prepared.” Daedric stated as he moved past the last trooper in the formation.

“Roger sir.” Sergeant First Class Garret stated. He turned his attention to the rest of the platoon. “Staff Sergeants,” He called for his squad leaders. They arrived by his side moments later, standing at parade rest as they listened for their instruction. “Protector Turelles will be sending out the OPORD in zero-five mikes. Hold tight until we get more from him.”

“WilCo Sergeant.” The two stated in unison.

“Sergeant, interrogative.” Staff Sergeant Doran stated.

“Go,” Sergeant First Class Garret stated.

“Sergeant, how do you feel about this? I mean, he’s not even a Sith. He’s a Krath. Do you think he could really hold his own in combat and give us the direction we need in the heat of things?” The sound of doubt clearly evident in his voice.

“I have my reservations, but we serve Clan Naga Sadow. If he tries to get us killed, I’ll kill him myself.”

“As many of you know, I am Protector Daedric Turelles. Apprentice to Sith Battlemaster Caelian, Queastor of House Shar Dakhan. Many of you have, reservations, about my leadership.” Daedric looked over at the platoon sergeant whose eyes shift toward the ground. “I will make this very clear. Any betrayal or disobedience will be met with your death.” Daedric allowed his words to reach the center of every trooper standing before him before he continued. “We are tasked with securing the majority of the Residential District. I know, the District is huge. That’s why we are going to secure it in sectors. Our primary mission is a seek and destroy mission. Objective Alpha, kill all Gomorag, and Gomorag related assets.”

Daedric through out a spherical object that illuminated into a hologram of the Residential District. He began pointing at different objective marks along there way north.

“This structure here,” he stated as he circled a large building in the northern sector of the district, “will be OP Dakhan. We will get here, secure this and begin fanning more the the east, so that we may cover the entire district.” Daedric walked to the side of the hologram projector, still facing the formation of troopers before him.

“Once we have established OP Dakhan and the supply chain from the south has been established we will push east, and then link up with Queastor Caelian’s forces for the final push against Gomorag command. It is true, we do not know the location of the Gomorag Command. Which just happens to be Objective Bravo. Objective Charlie will be to find any information about why they are here and what they are searching for. It has to be something important for these bastards to come into our home like this.” Daedric could feel the hatred swell into him. He harnessed that anger, allowing it to feed his strength, and allowing to feed a new desire in him, death.

“Are there any questions, comments or concerns about our objectives?” Daedric questioned as he looked over the men he was about to lead into battle. He heard nothing except the heart beat of every trooper in front of him.

“Oscar-Mike in one-zero mikes. Dismissed.” Daedric stated. The platoon in front of him snapped to attention, and saluted before breaking the formation. Daedric only nodded as he retrieved the portable hologram device from the ground. As the troopers walked away, Daedric held the device and activated a call to his Master, Sith Battlemaster Caelian.

“What is it my Apprentice?” The image of his master appeared.

“We are Oscar-Mike in ten, my Master”


Seng Karash
, Aeotheran
Orian System

Alex finished his pre-flight and lifted off. As he headed northwest he scanned the planet for the first landmark. It was not hard to find, as the location and description in the journals were perfect. Also as former Summit member he recognized the description of The Bastion. Alex had seen some holo images of it. As he neared it, seeing it was impressive. The black marble seemed to pulse with the Dark Side. As he approached he could feel the Force radiating from it. Alex circled the area and adjusted his course, as he made a final visual check for the new heading, Alex spotted a Sith Battle Droid. The black and red armored droid followed Alex’s ship as he left the area. Alex continued on looking for the next landmark. The Rainforest canopy was very dense making it difficult to see the black marble obelisk. As Alex focused the scanners in an area were the obelisk should have been. Alex was cross checking with the journal’s when he received a transmission from Orian Authority Headquarters. Alex activated the commlink without looking up from the journal’s.

“By order of Master Caelin you are hereby ordered to return to the Starport and prepare to be boarded.”

Alex keyed in his clearance code without looking up, “Give me another order and you will experience the power of a Sith Warrior.” Alex ended the transmission without waiting for a reply.

Alex continued to scan the area when he located what he was looking for. Alex adjust course once more and flew the short distance to try and find the location. As he neared were it should be he seen a crater. "Zeefour find a place to land near the crater.

Vigrian Rainforst
1000 km wsw of The Bastion

Alex cautiously exited the ship. The scattered wreckage of a starship was in and around the crater. Near the bottom fo the crater was a smell visible piece of black marble. Alex activated an excavation droid via remote. He set the parameters for 10m x 10m x 6m from the visible area. The journal gave dimensions of 5m x 5m x 5m. The droid made quick work in the soft soil and revealed the 5m x 5m x 5m black marble structure. Ancient runes were carved on the doors inlayed in a red crystal. Alex sent a quick message to Locke … Entrance Found


Tent City
Outside Seng Karash

“Troublesome news, Master. It seems the Dark Jedi have landed in force and are locking the city down. This new Orian Authority has put the city under a curfew, and they have eliminated some of our mercenary agents already.” The fallen Jedi apprentice frowned, stroking his beard. “What shall we do?”

“Do? It is to be expected, really. Although they have moved with more alacrity than counted upon. It seems the powers that be have consolidated their grip over the Clan’s Dark Jedi and they have found new vigor. It is of no concern. We will have the information we seek within a day, and then we move to the ruins to collect our prize.” Rex Drayfus gloated.

“There is one other thing. The one known as the Alchemist is in charge according to my contacts. And he has brought some of the most powerful Dark Jedi that the Clan has with him, and more may yet come.” The Apprentice gulped nervously. “The stories I heard were pretty bad. I heard he has a torture fetish worse than a horny Vong and a Sith bastard put together.”

“I see…” commented the Master. “I see. This is not good. I have heard the stories myself, and they are probably all true. I must inform Anaxela immediately.”

Abandoned food processing plant
Hydroponics Facility
Sub-Levels, Seng Karash

“Excellent, all is going according to plan. It appears the Clan’s Dark Jedi are moving in for the kill. My most powerful apprentice, Jade has joined Caelian for the main assault on their compound.”
Macron’s fingers traced the lights on the holoprojection in front of him. “And all the while, we are ‘restoring order’ and making life better for the populace.” He turned his head, listening to some unseen voice as the Verpine engineers ignored him. They were used to his ravings, and being of a hive-mind themselves it seemed natural to them.

“True, true. A happy and healthy populace makes us more money,” giggled the madman. “I imagine the rats in charge and that piece of offal that calls herself my sister will scurry for Nifokalija soon. Fine, fine. We want that- they can show us the way to the ruins we seek. Yes, yes… heheh. Surely her body must be breaking down by now. She never did have a mind for science.” Around him the weird meat growths continued to pulse and throb reassuringly.

Macron grinned as he unplugged his lightsabers from a Gonk power-droid. He removed one gauntlet and placed a ring of engraved red metal on a finger and then replaced the gauntlet. Around his neck he hung a small crystalline orb made from a red synth-crystal. “Won’t they be surprised when they experience my old friend the Ring of Wrath and an Orb of Power,” chuckled the Alchemist. “With this ring, I thee killed a bunch of Anaxela’s True Brotherhood heh heh.” The Sith Elder’s one good eye narrowed as he peered at the map. “Come Patsy. Let’s go and pay these lesser Gomorag a visit. I yearn for combat and spilled entrails. I see a way up through these tunnels from below.”


Six hours before tha main sadowan force invades
Residential District
Seng Karesh

Roxas knocked on the door of his In-law’s home. His father-in-law opened the door and gave a look of surprise.

“Roxas what the hell are you wearing?” The old man inquired.

Roxas pushed past him “I’ll explain everything, but for now pack your bags. We’re leaving.”

Pacifica, who was in the living room, heard Roxas and came rushing excited to see him. She leapt onto his armor and wrapped her arms around his neck. He pulled his helmet off and they kissed deeply before he was able to speak.

“The Assembly is coming and I’m evacuating all the civilians, but you’re first because you are the only one that matters…oh and your folks. Hurry and grab your stuff.”

She kissed him again and asked as she grabbed her things “So, where are we going?”

“I managed to get the assembly to allow my father to bring a ship and land just outside the district. He was able to modify the transponder codes to make it look like a random personal trnasport. He’ll be taking y’all to Mandalore.”

She turned toward him and her body language showed she didn’t like the sound of what he had said and her tone expressed it further “What do you mean ‘y’all’? Aren’t you coming with us?”

He shook his head “No beautiful, like I said I’m going to rescue the rest of teh civilians. I also have to help in the fighting.”

She wasn’t happy and he didn’t need the Force to tell how pissed she was.

“They’ve been keeping you away too much. It’s not fair.”

He pulled her close “I know, but soon I’ll be all yours again. I’m tired of the constant fighting. Things didn’t used to be this hectic.”

Five hours and thirty minutes before the main sadowan attack
Mr. and Mrs. Buurenaar, along with her parents, weren’t at the edge of the district yet. It was taking longer than he wanted. The security had gotten tighter, which meant that they had detected the blockade outside the planet. He was in constant communication with his father through comm and was communication occasionally with the summit, to keep up his work while secretly rescuing his wife, and her parents.

Four hours and thirty minutes before the Sadowan forces attack
They had finally reached the ship and Roxas’s father had already prepped it for take off, but he ran out and yelled “Enemies approaching from the west!”

“Everyone get on the ship now! I’ll handle this!” He hollered as he drew two NR2s pistols.

They ran and got to the ship, his father quickly shut the door and started the take off. Roxas had already engaged the enemy. His shots were silent and deadly hitting enemies as they approached. He followed the movements of K’tara to keep out of the range of their weapons while covering his loved ones’ escape. The ship lifted off and screamed out of sight before the troops could get a shot off at it.
Roxas tossed a flashbang grenade and as it exploded he was able to escape back into the city. Stealth was shot for now, so he had to go with plab B, which was to mass communicate to the people and hope they listened. He headed for the building that was owned by the local news. Their emergency broadcast system would handle the job perfectly.


Gomorag Compound
Seng Karash

Caelian and his men were bunched together as the Quaestor was making his final orders. They had received Intel that their force of operations within the city was actually a large corporation building with its on area of work. A large building about 5 stories high with high-end weapons security systems.

With the Force at their hands it was understandable how they stood hidden so well in plain sight. The Battlemaster and the Epis Jade stood ready in front of the mass amount of men picked up from the Orian Authority Headquarters. They were scattered around the compound along the large streets which were empty as graves

He guessed it was time to address their battle. He signaled for everyone’s attention. “They know we are coming but that matters little to nothing. We will win at any cost. And we will show them why they should fear the House of Shar Dakhan.” There was a roar of approval on the other end.

“Good.” Caelian turned around and pulled a holo-pad out of his sash to make a call.

A figure appeared in front of the Sadowan Jedi. Making a small bow to the battle-clad man he said, “Proconsul Macron. All of my troops are positioned. We are ready for the purge.”

“Oh yes indeed we are! Begin your attack. And I see my Apprentice has joined you as well.”

Jade gave a slight bow to him as well before saying, “I figured the Gomorag and your sister have outlived their lust entertainment. Time bury her.”

Caelian nodded and added, “Couldn’t have said it better myself.”

“Don’t disappoint Quaestor.” Then the called ended. He took his lightsaber and peered at the defenses of the Gomorag compound from afar. No turrets that he could see. They had power of the Force in plenty on their side which was much more dangerous.

He turned his head to Jade as they could feel the Dark Side of the Force radiating from the compound. “Ready to slay the heretics.”

Her blade ignited, “Perhaps you will get to see why I am a Daughter of Sadow. You are fortunate.”

Caelian actually smirked, also igniting his crimson red lightsaber, he bellowed loudly to the men, “ATTACK!”


Nifokalija Mountains
Aeotheran, Orian System

Kalon lept over another ravine, barely managing to retain his footing as his feet came into contact with slippery rock. The dense overgrowths of the Nifokalija mountains had been a constant obstruction to the Prelate whilst he scouted for enemy forces, travelling great distances in hours instead of minutes and all the while attempting to keep alert in case of ambushes. His task had also been made harder with the abnormal climate affecting his ability to perceive his surroundings with the Force, something his Cythraul companion shared as she followed in his wake.

As he approached another clearing the Mandalorian activated his comm unit, setting it to a secure channel that only the rest of the summit could listen in on.

“Kalon here. I’m deep into the mountain range now and have detected no hostile presence.”

Several seconds passed in silence before the familiar voice of the mad Proconsul filled his ears;

“Understood, have you found anything of interest in the many ruins around the region?”

“Negative, but I am far from finished here. I will report back when I have found something of note, out.”

The sound of a snapping twig echoed through the dense forest just as Kalon had begun to move from the clearing. Instantly he dropped to one leg, lifting his carbine rifle up. By his side Mirdala began to growl, baring her teeth against whatever entity had made the noise. It only took moments before the intruders made themselves known. The Mandalorian could hear voices from within the thicket but they were too muffled to distinguish any wording.

Kalon rose to his feet, unfastening his bes’bev from his waist. The weapon/instrument had been gifted to him by Teroch Erinos shortly before his transfer to Naga Sadow and as such held much sentimental value in the eyes of the Obelisk. He pulled his helmet off and dropped it to the ground, simultaneously pressing the tip of the flute against his cracked lips. Taking in a sharp breath, Kalon began to play his instrument to the tune of the ancient Mandalorian war chant ‘Vode an’.

The intricate notes of the song were played flawlessly, a testament to the Quaestor’s skill and patience in mastering the bes’bev’s use. His music was quick to grab the attention of the intruders ahead, he could hear them raise their voices and move in his direction. Kalon’s crimson eyes stared in the direction of the approaching hostiles as his fingers danced along the thin rim of the instrument.

There were four of them, all dressed in identical black attire and armed with a variety of crude blaster rifles. It was evident that they were only scouts, patrolling the area to defend something, or someone. Their facial expressions were one of bewilderment as they gazed at the lone warrior in the forest clearing, playing a dramatic tune on his ‘flute’.

Now willing to allow them time to act against him, Kalon’s move was unexpected and took the group of men by surprise. He lunged out with his arm, throwing the bes’bev at the nearest grunt whilst he raised his carbine rifle with his other arm and fired off two rounds. The sharp tip of the instrument pierced into the closest soldier’s neck, forcing him back into a tree where it got lodged against the bark, leaving the twitching body standing. His carbine bolts impacted against the second man’s chest and head, causing him to drop to the ground without even a grunt.

By this time Mirdala was already on the move, covering the distance between herself and the remaining grunts in a matter of seconds. She lunged at the nearest one and quickly brought him to the ground, tearing his throat out and leaving one more man standing.

“Raise that weapon and you die.” Said Kalon, his voice like ice. He could feel the fear running off the lone soldier in waves and he revelled in it. “You will answer my questions, or I will allow Mirdala here to tear you apart. Understood?”

The man nodded quietly, dropping his weapon to the ground upon the Obelisk’s indication for him to do so.

“Excellent.” mused the Mandalorian, an uncharacteristic smirk spreading across his face. He went over to the tree and pulled his bes’bev from the bark, allowing the standing body to slip off the blood-soaked weapon and fall to the ground. He wasted little time and advanced towards his prisoner, metal blade pointed towards the unfortunate man.

“Let us begin.”


Empty Street
Seng Karash
Orian System

Maelous stood over two lifeless bodies and deactivated his saber. His apprentice, Rhaegon, swung and ended the life of a third. The Aedile kicked at their dropped sabers for a moment examining the pieces then let the devices fade from his mind. The Gomorag had proved more resilient to his methods of interrogation than he had suspected, though most of them did not survive long enough to questioned.

The Warrior turned as the Krath clipped his saber back on his belt. He nodded to the Guardian and began to move down the street.

“Reach out with the Force,” the Sith Warrior instructed, “Seek out our opponents, try and separate what they feel like from our allies.”

Rhaegon simply nodded as he did as he was asked, his Master doing the same.

“Master, I feel a great presence that seems to be below ground.”

Maelous nodded, “Yes, that would be our Proconsul I believe.”

“There is another further away,” the Krath stopped and stared off, “It feels…diseased. I don’t know how else to describe it.”

Maelous stopped and reached out further until he found the strange sensation his Apprentice described. The feeling was like rot in his stomach. His head tilted to the side as he contemplated this new energy. It was strong, but dim, almost hidden like the Jensaarai, but not quite.

Without warning the Sith started to run, the silver haired apprentice sprinting after him. He keyed into the comms channel.

“Marcon, this is Maelous, I don’t have eyes on it yet, but there is a strange presence we’ve found. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It’s on the move.”

Macron cackled into his ear, “Do not approach it alone. We are massing forces for an assault on the compound. Rendezvous with us there and we will discuss your finding.”

“On our way.”


Three days ago
Communications room
Command ship
Orbit over Aeotheran

Sebaz made his way out of the medical facility and went up to the communications room. The communications room was a small room directly down center of the big ship. Huge monitors and controls lined up the walls. Technicians sat behind keyboards with headphones and were monitoring comm lines to see if anything had popped up.

“Welcome to comm room,” said a red headed female human, “What can I help you with?”

“Yah, I need a transmission to Battle lord Jeric…”

“So you’ve come to find me young Acolyte.” Said a familiar voice behind Sebaz, interrupting him before he could finish talking to the lady. Sebaz immediately turned around and bowed his head. HE knew that Jeric had called him here for a reason, Sebaz just didn’t know what for.

“I can sense that you have questions of why I called you here. You need someone to guide you, someone to help you along the way. You’ve impressed me to my highest point for being here for such a short time.

"Kneel, apprentice.”

Sebaz did not hesitate and kneeled in front of his new master. He could sense that aura of dark side Force pulsating from Jeric. He bowed his head and remained still.

“Rise, apprentice. You will now be another disciple of Jeric Cryin. Hold your head strong and be proud. I’ve taught your house Aedile, I can teach you. Go with Dragoon, he needs your help on a very important mission. Consider this your first test. Go apprentice; show me what you can do.” Said his new master as he stepped past him and the receptionist female and began to dial knobs.

Right, go help Dragoon and show to your new master that you are capable of doing this. Ok seems legit.
Sebaz stopped for a second and let everything sink in. Once realization took over, he rushed himself over to the hangar to get on the next dropship to go meet up with Dragoon.

Above city streets
Seng Karash

Sebaz made his way up to the roof top in which Dragoon had jumped up to. Once there, he saw Dragoon begin his process of interrogation on their assassin. Dragoon motioned him over. Sebaz picked up the assassins and chicken winged his arms to the extreme point to where he didn’t break them, it just really hurt their prisoner.

“What do you know about Rex?” asked Dragoon. His voice was calm and low, but Sebaz knew that any second now, he would snap and begin screaming at their prisoner. The assassin mumbled something Sebaz didn’t hear, but made Dragoon take the assassin and began choking him physically.

“I ask again, what you know about Rex?” asked Dragoon, his voice getting impatient. The killers face began to lose color. Sebaz tightened his chicken wing on the man.

“Ok. Ok.” Said the assassin, just barely. Dragoon let go of his throat, but Sebaz held the man in the chicken wing even tighter. Sebaz threw the assassin to the ground and pressed on his broken leg.


“OK! Ok! Rex is in the residential district. Somewhere, I don’t know where. That’s all I know, please I swear to you that’s all I know.”

After the assassin stopped talking, a routine update came along to Sebaz and Dragoon’s comlink. They both answered it and heard any new update that was going on.

Update 18
Troops have begun surrounding the city
Dropships and assault teams wait for command to launch
Protector Deadric heading to residential district with Platoon Sergeant SFC Garret, along with Squads Dorran and Xidax
End of message

Sebaz’s eyes widened along with Dragoon’s. Deadric could be heading into a trap, and he won’t even know that it was coming. Dragoon unclipped his lightsaber as Sebaz moved back. He ignited his blade and put the finishing touch to the assassins head by slicing it off. Sebaz knew exactly what him and Dragoon had to do, and they had to do it now.

Dragoon opened his comlink to a channel with Deadric and the Summit.

“Deadric, halt your advance on the residential district. Intel says that Rex may be located there. Me and Sebaz are done here. We’ll rendezvous with you guys and commence and further plans you may have.”

“Roger that.” Said the new protector over the comlink. “Advance has halted. Sending coordinates to you now. Rendezvous with us, I’ll explain everything on the way over here.”

“Roger that.” Said Dragoon as he clipped his lightsaber back on his belt. “Come on Sebz, let’s get these Gamorag bastards once and for all.


The Mountains of Mist
Nifokalija Continent

The käfer insect squelched underfoot as Anaxela ground it into the age-weathered rocks beneath her. The hard-shelled beetle elicited what probably sounded to most ears as an unavoidable expulsion of air as it was squashed, but which to her experienced hearing—and experienced with insects she was, too much in fact, far too much—the last wails of the käfer were such a pleasant song that went right into the darkest heart of her now-long since broken soul.

“Such sweet music.” Anaxela giggled to herself, her voice more than just a little unhinged. “Nighty, night, little buggies, teehehe…”

One of the Gomorag in front, a Togruta, glanced back over her shoulder to study their dark mistress, however Anaxela ignored the woman, who quickly turned back again and carried on up the rocky mountainside in the direction of their final destination. Like the other cultists, the Togruta knew better than to… question her Master, and Anaxela was not in the mood. When it came to bugs, Anaxela was never in the mood.

She hated bugs.

All bugs.

What remained of the woman’s left hand clenched in the memory of the jungles of the distant planet of Kangaras, where she had been stranded, and… joined with the colossal insects that had taken over part of the world like locusts. Killiks. She had thought Killiks were meant to be extinct…

Her missing fingers said otherwise.

And her fingers were only half of her problem. Reaching up, she ran the remaining fingers of her left hand through her hair, and pulled out several loose strands in the process. She hissed, cursing in disgust, and flicked the prematurely-greying hair away to her side, where it landed on a nearby rock.

“Karking, kriffing, nerfherding Kath hair,” she muttered angrily under her breath.

Another insect scuttled past, heading toward the strands of hair, probably thinking it a source of nourishment, and so she deliberately strode away from the group to stamp on it. They would all die. Just like everyone else. She would crush them all like bugs.

Including him.

Yes, her… ‘brother’ was here, for lack of a better term. The pair may not have been born of the same womb, but… close enough. They shared enough DNA that she could feel him. Or she had been able to until their shuttle had made it out to the Isle of Nifokalija—the Abode of Mist—where even the Force could not see, and thunderstorms roared in the heavens above. The constant flashes of lightning and claps of thunder were almost a welcome distraction.

But where her powers had grown—even if it was coming at great cost to her body—Macron was still but a baby, as he always would be. “Hehe, you won’t beat me this time, brother.” To anyone else, it might have been strangely comical how quickly her mind shifted from anger to frustration to amusement to hate and back again. Too long staring into the abyss, and all that… the woman giggled to herself again.

All of a sudden there was loud snarl up ahead.


Then silence. It had all happened so fast.

A voice called her name.

“Mistress!” shouted one of the Gomorag cultists. “You need to see this.”

Anaxela made her way through the other cultists to the front of the group, squashing another couple of käfers on her way that had been in the process of mating… or something. Filthy bugs. An involuntary flinch ran up her spine in memory of what she had been made to…

Before she could finish recalling that particular unpleasant memory—and not recalling hardly was a bother anyway—she came face-to-face with… she wasn’t sure. A large, bipedal lizard with blue flesh was lying on its side, with a smoking blaster hole in the side of its hefty skull. It was not a species she was familiar with, although it reminded her a little of the engravings she had inspected in the subterranean levels back underneath the city of Seng Karash on the other side of the planet. To call it a dinosaur was not quite right, but… it had a resemblance.

“The ruins,” she said with a slight chuckle, but her voice suddenly taking a more composed tone. “We must be near.”

Indeed, it had been many years since she had last stepped foot on this world, only to have been chased off it again by Clan Naga Sadow back then. But this time she would not be denied her prize. Back in Seng Karash, her apprentice Rex and the other Gomorag would be playing their part to distract the Sadowan fools along with her brother, while she located the entrance to the ancient ruin that she had learned about from those wall markings.

And there she would find the secrets to restore her body to its full power again—and then not Clan Naga Sadow, not their Dark Brotherhood, and least of all not her brother, would keep her from mastering the ways of the Dark Side and becoming more powerful than any of them.


Orian System Holonet
Orian System-wide

“Citizens of Seng Karash and Aeotheran,” spoke the Neti on the screen with a beatific demeanor. “Our relief effort is underway.” The screen panned to show medics, engineers, and Orian Authority forces at work in the city and across the planet. Food was being distributed, medical care being offered, and criminals corralled. “You will soon have clean water, clean food, regular power, safety, and a chance at a new life. The Orian Assembly wants you to prosper, and help us to do so also. Together we can make this system a better place, as has been shown in San Korinar and Markosian. Will you join us in creating a better life for your children, yourselves, and your elders?”

Approaching the Tent City
Sub-Levels, Seng Karash

“I see,” growled Macron as he diverted course in the filthy tunnels below the city. “Macron here. I will not be joining the main assault,” he grimaced. “I feel something strange in the Force. Go ahead without me. I have sent some droids and two YVH Mechu-deru units to assist. Drayfus is not there the Compound, and I will find and deal with him personally. They intend to deceive us. Caelian I expect your forces to completely eliminate the Gomorag Compound. Capture any Dark Jedi that you can, and my Apprentice Jade can interrogate them. She is skilled in that area, and I’ve deployed several modified IT-3 droids in the back areas to assist her. Minimize civilian casualties, and offer any support that you can to the locals. We need to build goodwill. Jarak is scouting ahead in Nifokalija and has an interesting lead. Macron Out.”

The madman stopped and contemplated his position. He was near the tent City, and his every sense screamed at him that Drayfus was near. Above… above. The scumbag served his unholy sister and it was written that he should die in horrible agony. Macron smiled and turned to a nearby abandoned cistern pipe and began to crawl through the slimy filth to reach the surface target. Nothing was too awful to bear in the service of the Clan- and nothing could be worse than what the Vong had done to him ages ago. He kept his Force signature small, and trusted that the Dark Side in these old tunnels would help.

Tent City
Outside Seng Karash

“Go support the compound,” ordered Rex Drafus. “They are about to get hit, and Anaxela ordered us to delay the assault.”

“Master- they have landed heavy forces all around us. We cannot win,” lamented Chilok Simth. The Human (Equite 4) looked worried. “Even so, I will move there and do what you ask. My fear of you and… Her is greater.”

“See that you do,” remarked Rex Drayfus as he felt within the Force. “Go quickly, there is not much time to waste.” Chilok left and Rex Drayfus meditated.

Something nagged him. Something he had missed… the Adept stretched out his senses. He closed his eyes. All the pieces did not add up. He got his answer when the local water-cistern literally exploded.

“Drayfus,” screamed the filth-encased and heavily armored Sith Juggernaut as twin lightsabers burst into being, one orange and one scarlet. The Dark Side rippled around him as he girded his flesh with it. “You are Mine.”

Rex Drayfus uttered two words as he drew his own blade and ignited it. “Oh Sh@t”. Anaxela had not told him of this.


Southern Sector
Residential District
Seng Kerash
Orian System

“Daedric, halt your advance on the Residential District. Intelligence says that Rex may be located there. Sebz and I are done here. We’ll rendezvous with you and commence any further plans you may have.” Dark Jedi Knight Dragoon stated over the communication link. His voice was crackling through Daedric’s ear piece, caused by interference of unknown origin.

“Roger that. Advance has been halted. Sending coordinates to you now. Rendezvous with us here, I’ll explain everything on your way over.” Daedric replied back as he tapped on his holographic battle map on his wrist. He sent a document explaining the details of his attack plan to Dark Jedi Knight Dragoon and Acolyte Sebz.

Daedric looked over to Sergeant First Class Garret and raised his hand to signal the halt. Sergeant First Class Garret repeated the motion, and so did the once following him. The small element was halted in the middle of an intersection in the southern sector of the Residential District. Three story housing buildings surrounded the element on all sides. The streets were desolate, not a soul in site. Daedric felt uneasy about this location. He could feel something in the Force but he couldn’t quite make it out. Sergeant First Class Garret crossed the street from the opposite side and approached the Protector, who was in a standard tactical crouched position leaning against a building.

“Sir,” Sergeant First Class Garret stated as he joined the Protector in the crouched stance. His blaster rifle still pointed north to cover Daedric while he was looking down has the miniature holographic battle map. “Why have we stopped here?” he finally continued.

“Dark Jedi Knight Dragoon has sent word.” Daedric stated as he finished up on his battle map. “According to him, and the intelligence that he has obtained, Cultist Rex is located in the Residential District. Him and Acolyte Sebz are going to meet up with us here. Upon their arrival, I want Staff Sergeant Xidax and his squad of nine to fall under their command.” Daedric stated and looked around to make sure that his men were all in the proper stances and watching their sectors of fire.

“Understood sir. I recommend that we move out from this position though. We can’t really -” Daedric held his hand up to stop Sergeant First Class Garret. Daedric looked down an ally way to his left, as he saw a shadowy figure duck behind a trash holding unit. Daedric looked at Garret, silently signalling to him that he spotted a possible combatant to his left. Garret nodded and turned around to alert the rest of the platoon.

Three troopers quickly made their way to Daedric and Garret’s position. Daedric pointed and the first two and signled them to come with him, and ordering Garret to stay there and make sure nothing attacks them from behind. As the three made their way down the poorly lite ally way, Daedric could sense the presence of the other being.

As they were approximately one fourth of the way into the ally way, red blaster rounds begin to fill the small corridor. Daedric and the two troopers immediately moved to cover.

“Contact, front, fifty meters!” One of the troopers bellowed as he began to return fire. The troopers made their way to the right side of the alley way and behind cover behind a small concrete out cropping in the wall. A distinct sound of a crimson colored lightsaber cut through the air. Sounds of bolts being deflected filled the corridor.

“Trooper, thermal, ready front!” Daedric ordered as he pointed and one of the troopers. The area was loud with the exchange of blaster fire. You could barely hear yourself as the enemy repeatedly fired, with surprising accuracy. Daedric knew that this was no militia based combatant. The trooper announced that he was ready and prepared to launch the thermal detonator.

“Execute!” Daedric ordered has the pointed to where he wanted the thermal. The trooper arched back and lobbed the small spherical object toward the enemy. Mere seconds later, the detonator exploded sending shrapnel and nearby objects in every direction. All incoming fire stopped. An uneasy silence fell across the small ally way as Daedric walked to where the combatant used to be.

Not much was left of the once alive attacker. Bits and pieces of him were thrown across the street and they couldn’t make out much of his uniform, if he even worn one. The street was wet with the blood that once called home to the lifeless being in front of him. Daedric took his boot and pushed the partially limbless torso over making a distinct noise as at it rolled.

“Son of a bi-” Daedric started

“What is it sir?” One of the Troopers asked.

“Gomorag scout. They know we’re here.” he answered as pulled out his communicator. “Master Caelian needs to know of this. It’s time for a report anyways.”

Two hours later

“Contact, rear, hundred meters!” One of the Troopers bellowed. He quickly raised his weapon to investigate further.

“Hold your fire!” The figures announced. The two shadowy figures made their way into the light.

“Ahh, Dragoon,” Daedric stated as he gave a slight bow to signal respect to the higher ranking Dark Jedi. “and Sebz,” Daedric continued as he put his hand on Sebz shoulder. “Welcome my friend.” Daedric stated looking at Sebz and Dragoon. “No time to waste.” Daedric stated as he launched his portable battle map.

“Sir,” Daedric started as he looked at Dark Jedi Knight Dragoon. “I have assigned Staff Sergeant Xidax and his squad of nine to you.” He nodded in the direction of the Staff Sergeant Xidax as his squad pulled rear security in the same intersection as before.

“Oh great, I get the group that tried to kill me.” Dragoon mused.

“They were only doing there job sir,” Daedric replied back. Daedric turned his head to the right to look at Sebz. “I’m giving you three scouts from Staff Sergeant Doran, first squad. Use them well, my friend.” Sebz nodded as attempted to locate his newly alotted troops. “You wont find them. They’re scouting our advancement north. We have to get to Out Post Dakhan. It’s going to be a supply point for the citizens after this is over as well as a staging point for future missions to the north and east of Seng Karash.”

Daedric explained the attack plans on the northern Residential District compound. In the distant he could hear the battles raging across Seng Karash. He could sense that his Master was enjoying himself.

“We need to get moving.” Sebz stated as he looked over the battle map and could see the rest of his comrades in battle. His taste for combat was great.

“Agreed.” Dragoon stated coldly. Daedric only nodded, and extended his arm out to his left, to the north.

“Would you like to take point, sir?” Daedric asked Dragoon. A small sinister smile formed on the corner of Dragoon’s mouth.

“It would by pleasure, Protector.” he answered. As the holographic battle map powered down, the three scouts returned and what seemed to be out of breath.

“Scout, report.” Daedric ordered.

“Sir,” the scout began as he was attempting to catch his breath. He had what appeared to be scorch marks from close call blaster rounds on his right shoulder. “There is at least five to six cult Jedi about four clicks north. Also, they have battle droids. I don’t know where in the hell they got them from, but they appear to be old but I’ve never seen anything like them…well except in old holo-shows.” Daedric nodded as he assigned the scouts under the control of Acolyte Sebz and dismissed them.

“Shall we begin?” Dragoon stated as he began mobilizing toward the objective. Daedric looked over at Sebz, sinister smiles forming on both of their mouths.

“Lets get to it, sir.” They stated in unison.


Southern Sector
Residential District
Seng Kerash
Orian System

Dragoon, Sebz, Daedric and the troopers supplied to them headed to the north. They had just entered the Center most area when Dragoon sensed the Battle droids and the Cult Jedi. The 3rd squad of Nine were to Dragoon’s right. They stopped right in the center of what seemed to be a Market Place.

“Sebz, You and your men set up in those buildings, give us over watch and cover. Daedric get those troopers to fortify this position with different covers, use those tables and such under the tents.” Dragoon stated as he headed toward the battle droids with his squad.

“Where you going?!” Sebz inquired. “Im going to slow them down.” Dragoon Snapped back. The Troopers and dragoon took off in a dead run on the road north.

Dragoon seen the Battle droids. “Troopers, Fan out, and remember, Death comes fast, SO FIGHT!” He screamed. Just as he did the Nine troopers who fanned out next to him, 5 on one side and 4 on the other, opened fire in a blaze of glory. The Old Mark II Battle droids didn’t stand a chance, except there were more of them then the troopers. Apparently they were out numbered 8 to 1. But for every trooper the droids got, they lost 5 droids. Dragoon was repealing and cutting into droids left in right. But as soon as there were only 5 Troopers left he called a strategic retreat.

Dragoon called back on his comm link to Sebz, “Get ready for a fight! As soon as you see us take cover start firing!” Sebz confermed his transmission and Dragoon just hoped he was ready…


Gomorag Compound
Seng Karash

Macrons sister, it still surprised her. Though nothing really about Macron and his history should surprise her, how was it possible?  She shook the thoughts and questions out of her mind, there would be a time and place for that, and she could only hope she was part of the historic kill.  It would be the perfect sibling rivalry, the one where they couldn’t turn the shuttle around if they didn’t get along.  Jade smirked, she could just picture that childhood.  His sister tossing some stuffed toy at him, and Macron, pulling her hair, promising to one day get even with more than just pillows.  She had no doubt Macron would be the victor in his promise.

Jade looked at Caelian, her Quaestor.  She hadn’t had the opportunity to fight with him before, but she could tell he was itching like a truth Sith to draw the blood of those who were threatening the House and Clan. A true mark of a good Quaestor.  She had no doubt he would do his best to destroy the Gomorag, after all, he wouldn’t risk ending up on Macrons bad side. She ignited her violet blade and gave the man a slight bow of her head, just as he yelled “ATTACK,” it was show time.

Caelian charged into the compound with a couple of his men,  Jade followed in tucked behind him. Though she was trusting him, she did have to be leery that he didn’t turn to stab her in the back when she least expected it.  And she was surprised he didn’t watch his back, but then again Macron had told him he sent her. Jade smirked. Of course, that never left out the possibility of the mad man using her as a hit man.  As they rushed in, Jade felt some of the troops stay by the entrance and move to possible entry ways, setting up shop to prevent any reinforcements from coming in, they had been well trained.  Caelian tucked low as a piece of debris flew at his head…there as a turn coat Dark Jedi nearby… he intended to find them.

Jade moved off to the Quaestor’s right side and swung her blade at someone running towards her, she just stopped in time as her would be attacker screamed and ducked to the ground. Her eyebrows furrowed as she looked down on the young woman, cowering in fear. Normally she would love this from her prey, but this was different.

“I mean you no harm, or disrespect! Please don’t kill me!” The woman begged, daring to look up at Jade then over her
shoulder as a small wave of about 5 others came running towards the assault group.  It was obvious the woman was
hoping both she and someone in the next wave would make it through the group of attackers.

Jade brought her blade up across her body, the hilt near her hip, the humming violet lighting up her face and chest a she looked on and stepped away from the lady. “Caelian!” She looked over her shoulder as he caused a head to roll of his own.  “The cowards are using the civilians as shields! They are sending them out in waves, hoping we kill them off.” She walked, side stepping towards the Quaestor.

“Bastards.  Not only do they turn against us, but forget how to actually fight!” He glared at the incoming wave of civilians. “Don’t kill the civilians!” He ordered to his men.

“They will likely send in a couple of their own when they realize we know what they are up to. Mix them in with the civilians. It’s going to be hard keeping the causality numbers low.”

“Macrons going to be pissed.” Caelian almost hissed it, but before he could say another word, Jade jumped up missing another piece of debris shot in their direction. Caelian tucked and rolled, landing on one knee as a group of scared civilians ran by him, practically praising the maker as they did.  “That’s it! I want to meet the pricks that are too scared to fight face to face!” As soon as he said it a blade came down at his neck. The force shimmered in him, bringing his hands up, blocking the attack with his own blade. Pushing up and out, killing his attacker quick as he stood up. “What the hell?!”

Jade watched as a small child ran screaming by her, rushing to the entrance where some of the troops were quickly ushering those civilians out that had managed to make it across the no mans’ land, his mother must have been one of the lucky ones, or at least she could hope that was the story any way.  She looked towards Caelian.  “Now that is at least a tactic.” She pointed the tip of her blade to the body at his feet. They weren’t just being cowards,  and using the civilians as shields, but they were also using them as a disguise.  Dressing and acting like the scared locals, until they reached their target. The Gomorag obviously knew they were coming.

“Why can’t we just feel the difference?” Caelian reached out with the force as another wave of locals run past towards
and past them, this time with no kamikaze running out.  They all felt the same, as if they were brain washed. But they clearly weren’t.  Each child was either crying or looked in shock as they tried to reach their family on the other side. Each teen and adult were about the same. And it wasn’t lost on him how their enemy never sent them out in family pairs.  Kids were always by themselves, women and men rarely ran in the same group.  Granted it probably gave them more motivation to keep running then to try and disobey their captors. Caelian still thought it a cowards way out.

“There!” Jade pointed to a darkened corner where a dark jedi was waiting in the shadows. Caelian took one look to where
she was pointing and was off like a shot, Jade could barely keep up.

“COWARD!” He yelled it as he came crashing down next to the so called Dark Jedi.

“Am I?” the dark sider reached out, pulling a nearby teenaged male towards him, pulling the kid in as his own shield. “I
think you are the coward, you wouldn’t even kill this local to end this entire battle.”

Jade came up behind the Quaestor, watching not too close, hoping she would get her hands on the one behind the shield, she could just imagine interrogating him now.

“I’m not the one hiding behind a civilian. I can fight my own battles.” The Dark Jedi hissed at Caelians comments.

“You’ll pay for that!” The saber in front of the teenager suddenly came up and hummed against the throat.  Jade watched as the kids eyes tried to look over his shoulder, not towards the deadly blade…something was not right here.

“Let the kid go and we will see who pays.” If he had to, Caelian would take the kid out, after all he had just let a bunch of
civilians escape, Macron wouldn’t be too upset if he killed just one…right?

The dark sider laughed and brought the blade up so that it now burned the outer layer of his shields’ skin.  The kid leaned in against the body behind him, again looking back towards the one holding him, as if he wasn’t too worried about the deadly blade, but more like he was being betrayed.  Jade thought back to the couple of hidden unfriendly civilians.  This kid wasn’t just a local…no there was more to it. He looked at the dark sider like a frightened apprentice. It only made sense that the gomorag allies would want apprentices, though she couldn’t be sure she was right.  Caelian took another step towards the pair, causing the blade to dig deeper into the kids neck. Jade knew it was only a matter of time. If the saber killed the kid on the Dark Jedi’s terms, then Caelian could be in for a bigger fight then he expected, or lead into a trap.  Taking a breath, and hoping she was right, she reached out with the force and flung her saber towards the pair. Caelians’ advancements were enough to distract the Dark Jedi, allowing Jades’ saber to bury deep into the chest of the kid and come out through the Dark Jedis’.

Caelian looked shocked, as the bodies crumpled to the ground, turning around to see Jade calling her saber back to her. “What the hell?!”

Jade looked at him, then over her shoulder as another wave of released locals started running towards them, in between the fighting of his men and the gomorag.  “Call it a hunch, but we’ll need a prisoner to see if I’m right.”

“You better have a good explanation!” Caelian moved back towards the battle. The next blood to be drawn was going to be by his hands.

Jade couldn’t resist. Smiling, all she said was, “maybe.”


Two hours before main sadowan attack
City center outside the local news station

It took him longer than expected to get where he needed to go, enemy patrols grew thicker as he went further into the city, but Mandalorian watched the patrols. And he had gathered more than enough information to give the Clan the edge they would need to take the city in a day, but it wasn’t enough. Once he linked his armor to the system in the news tower. He’d be able to see the entire city and tag every enemy on the streets, giving the clan an edge what would have the city conquored in hours. He looke around the building while he waited a few minutes for the shift change, seeing an open window, he then rushed toward the building and quickly climbed up a pipe on the side until he was able to duck into the window silently. He didn’t know his way around the building, but if it was like any other office building, each floor would have a directory of what and where something is.

An hour and a half before Sadowan attack
Waiting for the shift change worked perfectly, as the security inside the building was spread thin. He stayed crouched as he moved, so he’d be harder to spot and stay silent. He found the directory on the wall by the elevators. He eyed it and ran his index finger down the list until he saw ‘Production/AV Room’. It was luck that it was on this floor, so he quietly rushed to the room. When he entered he shut and blocked the door, it wouldn’t hold anyone out for long, but hopefully long enough to complete his mission. He found the main computer and keyed up the weather and traffic cameras positioned all over the city and connected his armor. Instantly any enemy he hadn’t already GPS tagged was marked.

“This is War…” He said into his comm “Lord Consul I have completed tagging the enemies in the city, and now I am going to EVAC the civilians.”

The Netti replied “You have very little time left. I fear you may fail to save the civilians as originally planned.”

Roxas sighed “Yeah, I had a feeling that might happen, so I have locked myself in the news tower and am going to warn the citizens.”

Malik laughed for a moment “That is a wonderous Idea, keep the link up. That way we can continue to use it to inform the people. They will truly believe us their saviors.”

“Understood.” The Mandalorian stated flatly.

Roxas began typing on the computer until he had opened the emergency broadcast system and then tranfered the new data to Malik. He then walked infront of a camera and turned it on to give his speech. Every holoscreen and datapad across the city played the emergency broadcast tone before Roxas began to speak. He spoke clearly and with purpose, his voice was firm yet gentle, so as to show he sincerely cared for the well-being of the people.

“Hello, people of Seng Karesh. My name is Roxas Buurenaar, and I am the Horseman of War for the Orion Assembly. As I speak our fleet and army are manuevering into position in order to liberate you from the vile scum that have taken over the city. I strongly urge all of you to evacuate the city immediately. We do not wish for any citizen to be harmed in the battle to come for your freedom. Again, I urge you to evacuate the city as soon as pos…”

Before he could continue, the door and small baracade blew apart and troops rushed into the room. Roxas moved from the camera and ducked for cover. They then began exchange blaster bolts and the transmission was cut short. Roxas felt a pulse in the Force and knew that a new Horseman had accepted his destiny. More troops filed into the room, they were attempting to over run the Mandalorian. Suddenly blaster bolts turned into stun rounds and Roxas had no where to go. He fell into the trap.


Gomorag Compound-Upper Level 3
Seng Karash

There were many floors to this compound, which was nothing short of small fortress. But its defenses were controlled by the city which belonged to Caelian. It seems his intelligence team hacked back into the systems to not recognize the Sadown Jedi as enemies. Cael led his pack of Dark Jedi to the third floor with killing the grunts sent to defend the bottom floors.

“It seems that we will be encountering real competition soon. Ready your weapons,” the Quaestor announced after sensing a very strong presence on this floor.

They rounded a large corridor that would lead to the main office of the building. However when they made their way down the corridor it was blocked by a metal door. In front of it a gang of Gomorag Jedi stood to oppose them. There were seven of them but they all seemed strong in the Force especially the one in the lead. The Sith Battlemaster held his hand up to halt his troops and Jedi. They outnumbered them 3 to 1.

“It seems your masters have abandoned you. They have sent you to die.”

“It will take much more than that to kill me you imbecile,” Chilok Simth barked.

“I doubt it,” the Daughter of Sadow replied with conviction and stepped forward.

Apparently he was one of the Gomorag leaders Chilok was strong in the Force, it could be felt before they entered the complex. Garbed in blue metallic battle armor he sported a heavy body set with a shaved head. He was pale with worry.

Before Chilok could whip up another report, Caelian Force leaped forward, his hands posed high. He let Dark Side flow through his body. It flowed through his entire being and he directed it through his palms towards the Gomorag. He sent a large telekinetic wave blasted through the area and rammed against the Gomorag Jedi.

Three of the Gomorag were blasted backwards by the attack. Hitting the giant metal door behind them with a crunch. Dazed and injured they struggled to get back up but the rest of them were unperturbed and had ignited their red and orange lightsabers.

“Try again,” Chilok roared as he charged forward leading the Gomorag elite against them.


Tent City
Outside Seng Karash

The tent was rapidly blown away by the massive Force energy being expelled by both combatants. It shredded in the winds that they generated as their lightsabers clashed. Though surprised, the arrogant Gomorag Dark Jedi recovered quickly and fought back with broad Shii-Cho strikes. One overhand strike with his scarlet blade arced in with the Force behind it, and he fully expected to see it cleave the Sith in half. Drayfus smirked in expectation of victory. This had to be Anaxela’s brother, and according to her he was not powerful.

Unfortunately, they were both wrong. Dead wrong, in fact. Macron was every bit of Drayfus’ equal in the Force and had much more experience in actual combat. Unlike the former Jedi, his life had been constant warfare for nearly the last twenty years. Jedi, Dark Jedi, other Darksiders, the Vong, Mandalorians, soldiers, aliens, monstrosities, cyborgs, he had beaten them all and lived. Macron’s twin blades slid the overhand attack off at an oblique angle as he sidestepped the attack gracefully and returned with his own one-two stabbing ripostes.

Skilled as he was, Drayfus struggled to keep up. Shii Cho was excellent for multiple opponents but against a seasoned duelist’s Makashi it was less useful. The Fallen Jedi growled and unleashed a torrent of blue lightning at his foe with an off hand. Perhaps the Force Lightning would stop this madman.

The Sith Elder laughed as he caught the blue arcs on both blades in an “x” shaped cross block. “Fat chance karker,” chortled the Alchemist. Behind him the massive duracrete cistern ripped loose from the ground and flew at the Fallen Jedi. Unlike lightning, something that massive could not be blocked by a lightsaber. It could only be stopped by the Force or dodged.

Drayfus flipped backwards and the huge cistern passed over him to crush a fruit-stand stall and it’s owner behind him. The former Jedi’s eyes cast about dartingly as he looked for a way out. Talented as he was, this monster in front of him was going to kill him if he didn’t get away. He had little time to consider his options as the raging armored Sith was on top of him again with impossible speed and a ferocious flurry of lightsaber blows.

  • Entry Point
  • Edge of the Resident District
  • Seng Karash

“We’re getting hammered out here! Where the hell are the reinforcements?” Arran said. The trooper struggled to be heard over the din of combat around him, despite talking into a comlink strapped to the side of his head. His squad had been stonewalled by an enemy formation that seemed to be pouring out of the structure the team had been trying to move toward.

“Foxxie’s don’t care about us,” another officer said, this one a veteran with a scar that bisected his face. It made his grim smile look unnatural. “No high profile targets, no reason to be here.”

Arran clenched his teeth. The man might have had a point, but still. They were soldiers of the Warhost, and the Assembly offered the Orian System a level of peace and stability it had not seen since Dlarit, before the Crusades they had all fought in.

“I don’t think anyone listened.”

“Maybe not,” Arran agreed.

Then a new voice sounded in his ear and everyone else’s, over the squad’s frequency. It was female, recorded - or perhaps a droid brain, but the words sounded sweet in the soldiers’ ears.

“Reinforcements have arrived.”

Arran turned back to see a LAAT dropship briefly hover over the broad square they had last cleared behind the group. A single figure dropped the few meters to the ground and landed in a crouch before the craft returned to the safety of the skies.

“One man?” the officer said, incredulity in his voice. “Maybe I was wrong.”

Even though the man was still several meters away, Arran could see him draw a blaster pistol from his belt and raise it, firing a steady stream of shots as he moved toward them, his battle suit becoming more clear in the process. Arran turned and followed the path of his shots then, watching as the majority of them struck enemy targets ahead of them, giving the enemy formation pause.

“That’s some damn good aim,” Arran’s officer muttered.

“Agreed,” the leader said.

As the enemy sent a flurry of return bolts, the figure rolled the last few feet to come up to a crouch at the barricade the soldiers were hiding behind.

“Hope you don’t mind if I join you,” the man said.

Arran recognized him, at least from holofeeds: Locke Sonjie. The former president of Dlarit, one of the few of their overlords who Arran had never heard of threatening any of his soldiers with instant death for failure or the like. Still, he wasn’t sure how to address the man, or what his title was now.

“My lord…” Arran began.

“Just Locke, Sir. No title necessary.”

“Very well, Locke-duck!” Arran brought his rifle around and fired several shots back the direction the Jedi had come, taking the lone gunman there in the chest.

Locke looked back for a moment without moving his body before looking back at Arran. “It looks like we’re even today.”

“Right,” Arran said. “We were beginning to think Command wouldn’t send any of you. I’m Arran, by the way.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say they really sent me.” Locke grinned. “But I’m here. What’s the mission?”

In fact, Locke did not have orders to be there. His orders had said to join the others pursuing some high value target. Kark that. Every blood-hungry, glory-seeking Dark Jedi in the Clan would be after those targets, but there was more to war than killing the leadership.

Arran laid out their objective pretty clearly. Several buildings ahead reportedly had civilians hiding in them, and their squad was going to evacuate them in the name of the Assembly, but a surprising amount of enemy resistance had gotten in the way, preventing them from even entering the first building.

“Great, maybe I can help. Got an extra rifle somewhere?”

“Here,” one of the soldiers tossed Locke an E11. “Got it off some damned dead rebel. See what you can do with it.”

Locke chuckled. “Do we call all our enemies ‘rebels’ now?”

“Only if they resist,” the man responded with a laugh.

“That’s great,” Locke answered, half seriously. “Let’s go.”

He stood up, aiming the rifle, allowing the Force to fill his body and steady his aim. Time seemed to slow as he took in every detail in a arc ahead, before it abruptly snapped back to normal. He identified his targets and took aim, firing repeatedly.

“Hey meatbags!” he shouted, hoping to draw attention to himself. “Look at me!”

As the enemy soldiers aimed at him, distracted by his shouting, a flurry of blaster bolts lanced into them as Locke’s allies fired. The group of enemy soldiers was down in moments. Locke only had to duck to avoid a couple of rounds.

“Guy’s got no karking fear,” someone muttered.

“Oh, I do,” Locke answered, “but I control it when needed.”

“Hah,” the man replied, thinking Locke must have been making a joke.

“Anyway, with your permission Arran, let’s-”

Suddenly, an explosion ripped through the area, the force of it throwing the group to the duracrete beneath their feet. Locke’s ears ringed as he came up to a crouch before any of the others. If he had not been holding the Force, he would not have been able to do so.

Someone cursed. Others groaned. They would live, but Locke’s stomach knotted as he looked at the burning husk towering ahead of them.

“Arran…you said there were civilians hiding in there?”

The man looked up beside Locke. “Emperor’s black bones, yes there were,” he whispered.

“Dammit,” Locke said. If that was at Macron’s orders, or one of his so-called Horsemen’s work…

A new voice came across Locke’s comlink then, but he knew it was on the squad’s frequency. It was the same one the automated reinforcements message had used earlier, when he had first joined their local battle net. This voice, however, was anything but smooth.

"Locke Sonjie, " it rasped. “You will come forward alone, or I will continue to detonate charges set in the residential district ahead of your group. This is your only warning. Comply, or face the consequences.”

Locke felt a ball of ice solidifying in his chest. He set his teeth grimly. For them to make that threat, they would have to know him pretty well. Most Dark Jedi would laugh and continue. Though, with the Assembly’s goals, that might not be a good idea, even for the hardest of them. Still, he had told only a few that he was coming here and had not drawn his lightsaber. This seemed like a planned trap.

There was only one logical explanation: there was a traitor in the assembly. And if there was one, there were probably others. Of course, the take over of the system had gone so well so far, but not all of those assimilated into the Assembly would really be for it.

“Bloody overconfidence,” Locke muttered, before keying his comlink to respond.

“Very well, I’ll come forward and meet you,” he said, trying to sound resigned.

Arran frowned. “It’s probably a trap.”

“Most certainly,” Locke said, nodding in agreement.

“They’ll continue to kill people.”

Locke thumbed his comlink to a different, private channel. “Probably, but I’m not going to just let that happen.” Sometimes, soldiers had to die. Occasionally, even civilians. Sacrifices had to be made, but on this scale…Locke couldn’t stomach it. Regardless. a voice in his head tried to say the death of the civilians here was a fair price to pay for liberating the city. He struggled to crush it.

As a stark recording answered Locke’s inquiry, he began to quietly speak a series of phonetic code words into it. It was time to see if the codes Methyas had given him would actually allow him to reach the other Jedi quickly…


Market Place
Residential District
Seng Kerash
Orian System

The battle ahead sounded fierce. Stray blaster rounds could be seen over the low lying building tops, smoke rising from an unknown source, and the sound of orders being barked echoed slightly over the raging battle. Daedric was watching the battle unfold on his wrist unit, and could see that they had already taken casualties.

“Sir,” Sergeant First Class Garret began, “We can’t just sit here and let this happen. Men are dying out there, they’re out numbered eight to one.” You could hear the anger in his voice. He wanted to join the battle. He was loosing troops and wasn’t a fan of it. The Protector studied the battle map even harder, beginning to formulate a strategy.

“Dragoon, Turelles, SITREP.” Daedric called out in an attempt to get a status of Dragoon’s battle.

“Turelles, Dragoon. sit…llow.” Dragoons voice returned over the comm link. The sound of blaster rounds surrounded him, along with screams of anger from the troopers under his command.

“We have Mark Two … roids…eight to one…retreated to…front…we need mo…flank…” The transmission was broken and nearly unreadable. Daedric understood what needed to be done. They must find a way to flank them Battle Droids in order to lift the heavy suppression off of the Dark Jedi Knight. The sound of repeated scout fire could be heard from Sebz and his squad on the rooftop.

“Sebz, Turelles.” Daedric called out to Sebz on the comm link.

“Go for Sebz.” The voice came back which clarity.

“My self and my squad are going to flank around to the west in an attempt to flank the enemy advancement. On my command, break contact and re-position on the eastern flank. How copy,” the Protector explained.

“Understood, out.”

Daedric looked back at Sergeant First Class Garret who was listening to the entire situation report. He had already started to order the troops into a tactical column. Moments later the soldiers that were under his command were prepared to move. Daedric gave them a quick overlook of the battle plan prior to moving.

“Dragoon, Turelles. Oscar Mike” Daedric stated, not to sure if Dragoon heard him. The group set out, moving swiftly through the streets in an attempt to out flank their opponent. In just mere minutes they had reached there objective. Set at the staging point, Daedric sent word to Dragoon that he had arrived on the western flank and would attack momentarily. Looking forward, Daedric and Sergeant First Class Garret could see the hail of blaster rounds being fired at Dragoons position, as well as the return volleys from Dragoons men. Daedric watched as the blue blade of Dragoon flew through the air, finding its mark on the chest of a battle droid, only to quickly return to its owners hand.

“Smoke 'em.” Daedric stated coldly as he ordered a volley of smoke grenades to cover their advancement. The medium marketplace filled with smoke as the Protector and his men advanced. Hail of red blaster rounds flew through the thick smoke, and was met with return fire. The troopers flipped thin duracrete tables and crouched behind them for cover as they returned fire.

“Dragoon,” Daedric called out.

“It’s about damn time you decided to join in! Why haven’t you answered hails from me?” Dragoon questioned as his troopers returned fire around him. The three directions of fire, including Sebz from the east, caught the droids off guard. The old mark two’s processor couldn’t processes the multiple directions of fire.

“You have to give me time, sir,” Daedric stated with a slight chuckle.

“Well then, you ready to get some grease on that pretty little virgin saber of yours?” Dragoon jested over the comm link. The sound of battle filling the air, smell of burning flesh, and exploded droids were filling the air.

“Absolutely” Daedric stated as crimson blade ignited. Through the clearing smoke he could see the bright blue blade of Dragoon. Daedric ran into the marketplace, leaving behind all cover. Deflecting an onslaught of blaster rounds from the droids the pair met up in the center. Flurry after flurry of attacks, the pair began to reduce their number. The more they destroyed the more would come to reinforce them.

“Frack!” Dragoon called out. “We can’t keep up like this!” He yelled as Daedric ducked and he rolled over, back to back, off of Daedric and slashed at an advancing droid. In the ducked position Daedric used the Force to hurl a droid back into a wall, breaking upon impact.

“Dragoon, Sebz” Sebz called out from the rooftop.


“I got a plan”


Tent City
Outside Seng Karash

As the Ring of Wrath and Orb of Power rode on top of his consciousness, Macron laughed hard as he hammered away at Drayfus’ blade. Each blow hit home like a jack-hammer, and the blade nearly dropped from the enemy Dark Jedi’s hand. The End would come soon, and the madman could hardly wait to analyze the fallen Jedi’s lightsaber. A spinning Dulon kick fueled by the Dark Side smashed into the Gomorag’s side to shatter ribs as the deft orange and red blades locked his own weapon in place.

Waves of fear and horror washed over the Gomorag leader, paralyzing his soul. His mind still held, but he could feel the Fear creeping in on him relentlessly. He was simply unprepared and it showed. His own Broken Gate punches were almost useless against the Juggernaut’s hardened flesh and armor- Drayfus’ left hand was ruined from one punch to Macron’s chest that had shattered the fine bones like twigs. The madman suddenly switched his blade off, Drayfus’ right hand rose to deflect an orange blade that was suddenly not there, and the shatterpoint was reached.

Macron knew it was time for Death to claim another of her own. Just as he was about to unleash the killing blow on the cowering, bloody Dark Jedi his helm com beeped. He grunted in annoyance and slowly fried the cowering Drayfus with a blast of Force Lightning instead of killing him outright. While the cockroach kicked in front of him, Macron watched the information scroll across his heads-up display and giggled quietly as he clipped his blades to his belt. With one hand deploying arcs of blue energy, the other reached down to scoop up his foe’s lightsaber.

Images from his several Dark Eye droids deployed across the battle areas passed by. Explosions taking the lives of civilians, and his forces meeting more resistance than anticipated. “We’re getting hammered out here! Where the hell are the reinforcements? Foxxie’s don’t care about us…” and then the image of Locke Sonjie came across the screen as that particular Dark Eye zoomed in. Macron keyed a stud on his vambrace that summoned a waiting speederbike.

“Sonjie…” growled the madman as he released Drayfus. The smoking Dark Jedi twitched on the ground. Macron keyed his comlink as he stomped on both of Drayfus’ legs with armored boots to break them in multiple places with sickening crunches and screams. “Macron… (stomp) here. I’m moving… (stomp) to support the troopers and civilians at the edge of the residential district. They are (stomp) taking fire and have a (stomp) situation on their hands. Deploy the reserve droids to support them. We cannot lose any more (stomp) resources. I’ll deal with it personally and inspire the troops. Have the Verpine take Drayfus to Cenota under sedation and hold him in a ray-cell until we can interrogate him.” A few more stomps and vicious kicks broke both of the fallen Dark Jedi’s arms, ruined his torso, and knocked him unconscious. The Sith Elder leaned over and injected the body of his foe with an unknown drug from a nasty-looking hypospray. “I’ll deal with you later, meatbag. Don’t think you’ll be playing piano anymore, eh? We’ll have a nice chat back on Gamuslag. Muah ha ha!” chuckled the madman as he leaped onto the remoted speeder bike that had approached and then zoomed away. One Dark Eye hovered silently nearby, keeping a hidden watch on the bloody wreck that had been Rex Drayfus.


Mission Control
SHADOW Installation “Horizon”, Nifokalija Continent
Aeotheran, Orian system

“Are you certain?” the Miraluka’s voice responded flatly, his tone a little more irritated than usual as he paced the room with a limp to his gait.

The various operatives were busy at their respective consoles along the desks as the former Consul was followed by his faithful deputy within their rogue agency. The Talortai eyed his mentor carefully, the man’s cybernetic leg was still greatly in need of maintenance and repair from the action of the Crusade and the recent battles in Orian. Taiki wasn’t the only one to notice though, the Miraluka was known to stubbornly press on with his duties and the dull whir of appendage’s components straining as he paced the chamber could be heard over the dull drone of the other electronics.

As the assembled agents glanced at each other, hoping one of them may have an answer for the unusually uneasy Miraluka, before one of the Agents spoke up with a confidence in his voice, “We’ve cross-referenced with the details of the Ekind Uprising. There’s not a whole lot of intelligence on any of the POI. Worse, it seems very few people actually were able to draw up a sketch of the spirit before she was sealed away. But, given the details we could get from Brotherhood Holonet channels and local databases, we’re fairly certain its her, sir.”

Methyas spun about to face the agent, his sightless gaze nearly piercing the man who spoke as he responded, “We need a confirmation, if Hafalia Chun has been resurrected, then it means that something has gone terribly wrong on Antei. If it’s not actually her, someone went through a lot of trouble to make us believe it is.”

Taiki’s feathers ruffled a bit as the Miraluka’s ire rose, as much as the man walked a grey path is was rare for his emotions to boil forth this much, “Mentor, if I may? Why does this concern you so much?”

The Miraluka’s stance shifted slightly and the general atmosphere of the room began to calm as Methyas centred himself once more, bringing himself to a calmed state before responding, “I was present during the Ekind Uprising, I saw our Grand Master dueling Hafalia and he had her on the ropes. During the battle, Trevarus intervened and sealed her spirit away. Once the deed was done, Lord Ashen took the stone in which she was sealed with him to Antei for safe keeping.”

Every member of the small gathering seemed to understand now why the man was so adamant about pursuing the true identity of this person of interest. A few cast sideways glances at each other before one of the women amongst them spoke up, her voice chiming in almost quietly, “We haven’t had any recent arrivals, Clan or otherwise, from Council space, sir. But right now, SHADOW doesn’t exactly have the resources to investigate further than a vessel’s last port of departure. They could literally have jumped to Coruscant, Korriban, or really anywhere else to ‘refuel’ before coming here.”

Methyas’ hand moved to his neck, rubbing at it slightly as he considered the options before him. Hafalia had been determined to destroy the Clan at all costs, gaining power from the Ekind around her to improve her power. A small chill ran down his spine as he considered the possibility of a restored Hafalia, though is rumours were true she hadn’t come into her own yet. Days before the Clan had decided to retake Aeotheran, Methyas had issued his “Backdraft” protocol to all agents within the Gomorag cell and Seng Karash. These few assembled here were among his more senior agents from Aeotheran and they had known the implications of the order. Gomorag would have no dossiers on these agents, even what remained of the Seng Karash government would have no intelligence on these few people.

At his waist, the case like object housing his personal droid intelligence vibrated before his headset started to chirp, chime, and whir in binary to speak with its master. Methyas paced a little as the droid disclosed the latest intelligence fit for the agency’s leader. With a sigh, Methyas moved to a nearby console and struck a few keys before he began to speak, “Attention all operatives, this is Librarian. As of Aurek-Five, I am initializing Frostbite protocol. All operatives are to follow the prescribed conditions, may the Force be with you.”

“Frostbite, sir?” Taiki spoke up, his feathers ruffling for a moment before he continued, “Isn’t that a little extreme?”

As Taiki spoke, Methyas had started towards an exit so that he could take a moment at the coastal lookout. He had heard his deputy clearly, though the Miraluka spoke clearly in response to the question, “As of now, we are removing our agents from the Assembly and its assets to focus on internal security and priority targets. You know the protocol, Taiki. Remove all assets and cut all ties from Sadowan operations. If their Ragnosians are as skilled as their leaders believe, they’ll be fine without us.”

“As you wish, Mentor. Access will be priority one, missions will be at your request. All SHADOW facilities are going dark and locations known to the Clan will be purged shortly,” came Taiki’s response as he started towards a nearby console.

As his agents went to work, Methyas limped through the undisclosed facility, different operatives greeted him as they passed on their way to engage Frostbite. The coastal outlook was a region Methyas visited often during his visits to the Horizon base, it was a place his family had once found him meditating and reaching out into the Force. As the Jedi entered the chamber, he moved to the middle of the room and carefully folded himself into a comfortable seated position before letting his mind escape into the Force as it always did.

Methyas let his mind search, reaching out, touching upon the cloud of the Nifokalija Mountains and their strange, clouded nexus before going beyond. The Jedi quickly found himself interrupted from his thoughts as his comlink vibrated at his side, one of a few unique channels he had given out. Methyas left his mind searching, expanded throughout the surrounding area before he keyed the communicator and spoke, “Locke, a pleasure my old friend. What do you need?”

The Jedi was certain that he’d be able to help his ally, one of the few among the Clan who didn’t truly abhor his nature and his dedication to the Light. As one of the only Grey Jedi who operated outside of House Odan-Urr, he knew those who would aid him were limited. Now, it was his intelligence and his network of agents that people would come to him for. That was the only thing keeping him safe, among a Clan devoted to the Sith Lord of Naga Sadow.


Gomorag compound level 3

Jade watched as Caelian stared the wana be down. He was powerful, that any force user worth their salt could feel, but she had no doubt they would win. They had to, failure here was simply not an option. Especially after what they just witnessed.

The blast Caelian sent rocking was a move Jade considered a kin to kicking a hornets nest. Though dazed, it was only monetarily. As the elite charged towards them Jade watched him grin then suddenly bow back and let his lackeys take point. He was powerful enough that he wanted to fight only when he thought worth it, though he would defend his life sure, why waste the energy on a pointless victim. Jade could understand it, Macron was the same, as was she getting to be. A battle or fight was only truly worth it, truly stimulating, if your opponent had skills that could match yours, or at least be close enough. This elite was the same. Though Jade suspected he also hung back to watch their fighting style as his “troops” took them on. Not a bad tactic, after all, he’d get a first hand show of any of their weaknesses and how they fought together.

Jade looked at Caelian, “show time.”


Gomorag Compound-Upper Level 3
Seng Karash

The Sadowan Jedi ignited their sabers and met the Gomorag elite Jedi with a atomic like force. However it was apparent that Chilok had picked out his prey amongst the Sadowans. Everything seemed to slow down as Caelian and Jade would face a foe much more powerful then them. It was now with the clashes of lightsabers around them how he radiated with the power of the Dark Side.

But that feeling was ecstatic to the Battlemaster. His red lightsaber hung down to his side in a stance Chilok could not recognize. He could not gauge what the Quaestor had in store with his lightsaber.

However he spread his feet so that they were squared, and turned his body so that his saber arm faced toward Jade and Caelian. His lightsaber was pointed slightly down. Dun Moch, lightsaber that heavily was enforced with the power of the Dark Side.

Jade’s hair brushed aside when she looked at him and said, “Show time.” Suddenly two Gomorag Jedi jumped in front to oppose them. Jade whipped forward and covered the ground between them with a single leap, her blade flashed upward as she parried and attacked both.

Caelian did not press the attack however concentrated on one of the attackers trying to flank Jade. He held his non-saber hand outstretched, the Force rippled the air slightly as he grabbed the Gomorag Elite with invisible hands. The man launched upwards at an alarming rate, the Force Push sent him rocketing into the ceiling.

Caelian held him constricted as Jade fought to the death with the other Jedi. There was a look of despair in the Battlemasters eyes, a look reflected from the Gomorag eyes. Cael snapped his hand down and use the Force to pull him back to the floor. He smashed head first against the floor and was knocked unconscious.

Also just as the Krath Epis flicked her blade across the open chest of the Gomorag elite, and he was also dispatched.

“Now for you,” she said turning her attention to Chilok. The fighting was intense around them but the trio focused only on one another.

“You cannot hope to compare to me. I will show you the folly of your insolence!”

Power was building inside the Gomorag General. Jade and Caelian sensed it simultaneously. Cael called to Jade through his mind. I’ll contain him.

The Sith Battlemaster roared at the top of his lungs as he allowed his body to be enveloped with the Force. He drew on the immense power of Chilok, it flowed through his mind and soul. Which allowed him to be so deadly in his chosen and most dangerous saber form, Vaapad. Amplified with the Dark Side of the Force, Caelian launched himself forward at Chilok sending a piercing strike at him.

Chilok twisted his blade upwards and blocked the attack. The red blades locked onto each other, their masters fighting to break them down. Jade like a shadow came from the side and was at his heels flashing her blade to cut him to pieces.

He pushed off Caelian and deflected her attack viciously, creating space between both of them. Then the Sadowan duo began to attack him at once and Chilok fended their attacks with splendid accuracy. Sithspit.


Vigrian Rainforest
1000 km wsw of The Bastion

Alex rechecked his gear before leaving the ship. As he walked down the ramp he activated the holo recorder on his helmet. As he looked at the digital copies of the journal entries he activated his comlink, “Zeefour, button up the ship I should not be long.”

Zeefour responded with a long low whistle.

The notes on the holopad were all the entries pertaining to Aeotheran. The notes for this area refer to trials like at The Bastion. There was nothing as to what the trials entail, just there are trials. There was a note that stated if you completed the trials at The Bastion, you will not be challenged here. Alex walked up to the doors at the entrance. He reached out with the force, trying to feel what was on the other side. As he stood there he felt as if there was something probing back. Almost as if the complex was gauging him. As he examined the door it was as if Alex could hear a low rumbling voice say “yeessss.” The door slowly slid open. The room was was about 4x4x4 meters. Recessed light cast shadows on all the walls. In the center of the room made from the same black marble was a wide staircase going down. Alex checked his Carbine on last time before going in. As he sliced the pie from right to left he checked the corners and found nothing. The walls looked as if they had been polished they were so smooth. There was nothing in the room to indicate what this complex purpose was. Alex approached the stairs, remembering from his training that stairwells are fatal funnels. He slowly descended into the lower levels. The stairs descended 10 meters and opened into a large open room. The room was 100 meters long and 30 meters wide. The first 30 meters was broken up with randomly placed waist high barricades. At the far end was a single dark figure. Suddenly two remote turrets activated. They quickly rose and fired. Alex dove for cover just seconds before they fired.He now knew what the barricades were for. Alex checked were the two turrets were. He pulled a frag grenade and tossed it at the furthest turret. As the grenade went off Alex was up and moving toward the closest turret firing. He hit the turret, and scanned for another turret. As two more turrets came up, Alex fired at one destroying it and found cover as the second fired. Alex popped up and fired three quick shots into the turret. Alex continued fire cover for the 30 meters to pass the barricades. As soon as Alex finished with the turrets, the dark figure at the end rose. Alex noticed that it was a large droid, and heard the familiar snap-hiss of a light saber being activated. The blade was blood red, and the droid stance was Shii-Cho. Alex fired and the droid easily deflect the shots. Alex pulled his saber and the Green blade came to life. As Alexed attacked with Shii-Cho and Djem So, the droid defended. Alex landed blow after blow, but the blows seemed to just bounce off the droid. Alex pressed the droid, using telekinesis to hit the droid. He force blow staggered the droid. As Alex continued his attack, he let his Rage fuel his attack. The droid staggering further back, and finally to the ground. Alex was not sure when the droid ceased to function, when the Rage cleared the droid was in multiple pieces. As Alex regained his senses, he noticed an open door close to were the droid was. Alex heard a single word in his mind, “STRENGTH.”


Unknown Location
Seng Karesh

THWAP! A fist slammed into the Mandalorian’s head.

“WAKE UP!” A voice shouted.

Roxas was hanging from a rafter by a chain, a black bag over his head to keep him from seeing. The bag flexed as he breathed and released a groan. His armor, weapons, and flightsuit had been removed; leaving him in his boxers.

“About damn time, it’s been like two hours.” A different voice quipped with an annoyed tone.

The first voice spoke again “It’s about time you talk ‘Horseman of War’ and I won’t be gentle.”

THWAP! SLAM! The man released a volley punches to Roxas’s ribs.

The Horseman laughed as his body swang from the rafter “Is that all you got? Little bitch, hehehe, go ahead tickle me some more.”

“Tickle huh? FINE.” The Mandalorian could here the man rustling with something and then prongs were jammed into his chest. He twitched and twinged as high voltage traveled through his body. He grit his teeth as his body tensed, but he didn’t scream or even grunt. The prongs were pulled away and the man continued.

“How many of your forces are comming here? We’ve already engaged them and they are losing, how many do you have?”

The Obelisk took some breaths and then replied “What was that? I don’t speak insect.”

The prongs arced as they were crammed against the Mandalorian again. This time the voltage was slightly higher and he had to grit his teeth to keep from biting his tongue. He twitched and twerked, but couldn’t get the prongs away. The chains rattled loudly as he shook in the air. The prongs were removed and the man questioned again.

"Now, who is leading the ground forces and the air assault? Tell me and I’ll stop."
Roxas weezed a quip “Is that all you pansies got? Why are you holding back? Afraid I’ll kill you any slower when I break these chains? Don’t fret, I’ll kill you all in due time and bring peace to the system.”

The captors laughed loudly “PEACE?! HAHAHAHA What a joke! A man named War talking about peace!”

Roxas focused the Force into his eyes, so he could see beyond the bag and into the surrounding room. He could see the two men, one a twi’lek the other a rodian. He looked to the chains to find a weakness and there wasn’t one, but the rafter was a differen’t story. He released his focus to save the rest of his energy for his escape.

“Well, electricity doesn’t seem to be doing the trick…” the Rodian said as he walked to the table “…maybe something more painful.”

“I agree, let’s play rough.” the twi’lek replied.

The Rodian grabbed a whip with blades on the end and walked behind the Horseman. He positioned himself and then swung and jerked away at the last second. The blades glided across the skin of the Mandalorian’s back sending small spurts of blood into the air. Roxas tensed his body and refused to scream, he took the pain and burried it deep.


Another crack of the whip to cleave deeper.


Yet another, carving at another angle and still he hadn’t screamed. They wouldn’t get such a reaction from him. It wasn’t the first time he had been tortured. Two more whacks at his flesh.

“Not even a scream…you sure he’s alive?” The Twi’lek pondered aloud.

The Rodian walked over and jerked the bag off of the Mandalorain’s head. Roxas’s alchemic crimson eyes glowed brightly, and he searched the room with his eyes to see if he had missed anything when searching it with the Force. He noticed his equipment laying on a table across the room and he smiled.

“Why are you smiling? The damage to your body is rather sever, but we aren’t done yet.”

Roxas said nothing, but instead looked the twi’lek dead in the eye and focused the Force into the man’s mind. The man saw the symbols in the Mandolrian’s right eye begin to move as if the shapes were flames and he was sucked in. He blinked and was in a world of crimson that was engulfed by black flames and a strange voice spoke without words your friend is betraying you…he is working for the Assembly and is feeding information to them. He intends to slaughter you like an animal.

As the twi’lek was sucked into the illusion Roxas had combined Force persuade to further affect the man’s mind. He didn’t say the words allowed, but had mouthed them silently. Suddenly the Twi’lek ran to the table and grabbed a blaster and began shooting at the Rodian. Roxas then flipped himself, so he could press his feet against the rafter. He pulled until the rafter snapped and let the chaine loose. He ran and grabbed his lightsaber. Fenrir howled to life and the Mandalorian charged the twi’lek as he realised he had been tricked.

“You made me kill him! I killed my friend!” were his last words as the lightsaber’s red blade removed his head from his neck.

Roxas fell over exhausted, he had lost alot of blood and his back was throbbing. He was out of the fight, but maybe he could signal for help. He crawled to his armor and keyed the technician and transmitted a distress signal that would repeat to lead his allies to his location. He sat on the floor with his back aching, he leaned against the table to try and ease his pain. He looked at his saber and then slid his blaster from the table and leveled it at the door so he could slow anyone that entered. Staying conscious wasn’t going to be easy though, he was losing blood fast.


Market Place
Residential District
Seng Kerash
Orian System

Dragoon was down to 4 men and himself. The Droids that had been re-programmed seemed to be endless. Thats when he felt it. The pain, the agony, the lost hope of a clansmen. Roxas was in trouble, but he couldn’t see where. He wasn’t strong enough in the force to see, but he could feel. And it was horrible. Dragoon stopped next to a duracrete blockade and took cover. The troopers seen him go down and the medic came running.

“STAY WHERE YOU—” was all he could say as another wave of pain and agony hit him. He looked up to see his medic shot in the head and he went down, not moving. ~Roxas—~ he thought, ~Where are you!?~ But there was no response. The droids were getting closer.

Sebz and Daedric both saw Dragoon hunch down… fearful that the Knight had went down. Sebz tried covering him from his spot with his last 2 snipers, but there were too many of them. Daedric and his troops were blocked by the few that had gotten threw Dragoon and his forces. Then a Corporal ran over to Dragoon.

“Sir, What do we do?! We are losing! We must retreat!” the trooper yelled, being the head trooper since the sergeants were all deceased in the squad. Dragoon glared and gritted his teeth and said, “NO. NO RETREAT!” Just then the trooper started to walk backwards as Dragoon slowly stood up and blue flashes were glowing all around Dragoon just as his eyes turned Black, so Black death started back with fury and the Lighting in his eyes where dark navy blue. Dragoon jumped the Duracast and took off in a dead sprint with his dark blue lightsaber ignited. He was moving with so much speed he was untouchable by the blaster bolts. He could feel the fury growing in him. He felt the force, the lightning, the pain, and the fear of not being able to help his Clansmen, his brother, the Horseman of war.

Dragoon took little to no time attacking the droids. With the power of the fury behind him he made quick work of them. Then all of a sudden he was surrounded. Dragoon hunkered down and let the force grow as much as he could and in one fatal movement he ether decapitated the droids or split them in half horizontally. There were a handful of them left but Sebz and the troopers made short work of them.

Daedric however watched in awe as the Dark blow of the force surrounded Dragoon. Dragoon was in a Knelling position. He stood up slowly and the troopers started to rally and regain some motivation. Thats all it took. The droids were done for before too long. Dragoon picked up his comm link, “Macron, This is Dragoon. War’s in trouble i can feel it but don’t know where, Please help.”

Then he looked to Sebz and said, “By the way what was the plan?”…


Outside Seng Karash
Leaving Tent City

“Negative. Your assistance will only cause civilian casualties,” came the reply across Macron’s comlink. He nodded thoughtfully as he turned his speederbike. That was a situation to be avoided. “Copy. I’m directing medics to help the troopers, and extra ordnance and supplies to them as needed. Saving the civilians is vital- we need them. Macron out.”

Another transmission came across the link. “Macron, This is Dragoon. War’s in trouble I can feel it but don’t know where, Please help."

“Copy that, Knight. You and Sebaz must hold out on your own. I’ve sent a YVH Mechu-Deru droid to reinforce you, along with a few Clone troopers, a few Sith Hounds, and some heavy weapons operators. Brace yourselves up- you can handle this. You are Dark Jedi.” Macron closed his eyes as the speederbike idled. He felt within the Force for Roxas’ position. It was difficult to sense… the Gomorag must have him hidden. “Roxas is on his own,” commented the Sith as the Elder restarted the bike. “The Mandalorian is most capable. And thoroughly vicious. Dragoon, once you have gained control of your situation you might wish to find Roxas and help him.”

The Adept’s speederbike roared as he spun towards the horizon. “Macron here. VSD Covenant, vector me a transport. I’m heading for Nifokalija to join Kalon. The city is under control, and our forces will have it contained soon. I have full faith in them, and Quaestor Caelian and our troops and Dark Jedi. Hold off on air support for now, we want to minimize damage to the city and civilians. Continue the food, water, and medicine drops.”


1 hour before the main force
The Greasy Hydrospanner
Seng Karash

Getting to this place had been tricky, not counting the fact that obtaining the information the I needed to gain entry into here took longer than he thought it should have taken. The place gave me an uneasy feeling the moment the I stepped foot into the cantina. It felt as though every blaster had instantly trained on me as I made my way to the bar.

“Whatcha want?” Asked the bartender as he made his way over to Armad.

“A strong ale,” Armad asked. He wasn’t going to get drunk at this time, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t partake in some of the local ales.

“There,” the bartender said as he slid a tall glass of of something very dark towards Armad, “anything else I can be you?” He inquired as he waited for me to take my first drink.

As I was raising the glass to take that first pull, “Yeah, I’m looking for Analexa.” I stated as I took my first drink. “That is really good.” I said pointing to my drink. “Look, I know me asking to see her would be out of the question, so I’m willing to meet with anyone from the Gomorag group who will deliver a message for me.” I said in a matter of fact way, and loud enough for most of the bar to hear me. I heard at least three blasters clear holsters, and a few beings whispering. Those near me at the bar started sliding away from me, expecting someone to start shooting. Looking at the bartender who was just standing there cleaning another dirty glass with a smirk on his face, I asked, “Gomorag?” He nodded in the affirmative, putting down the glass and moved dark the other side of the bar. “Well, that didn’t take long.” I mused to myself.

Opening himself to the force, he felt those around him, feeling for those that would be attacking him. Feeling several beings nearby, he only felt that about 10 of them would be trying to kill him. Probing further he felt that one was fairly weak and he was ever so slightly shaking from fear of who is was pointing his blaster towards. Feeling the situation was about to set off, Armad push the muzzle of the weak ones blaster towards one of his other would be attackers. The slight push spooked the guy enough that he fired, taking the attacker in the back, killing him. That was enough that is startled the rest some of them turned their blasters towards the weak one, giving me the opening that I needed to diffuse my predicament quickly. Force Pushing the weak one back, intent on coming back to him later, I quickly spin in a circle, pulling out my Fire Whip, depressing the activation button to turn in on, heating it up. Directing it to come in contact with the closest three thugs catching them on their arms to cause just enough pain that they dropped their blasters. Dropping to one knee while continuing my spin, I lash out at those three’s legs, catching them each on the side of their knees, making them drop in agony. Spinning back around to face the remaining five thugs, I pull my armory lightsaber out, igniting it and catching several blaster bolts directed at me, even managed to knock one back at my attackers killing one of them. With the next series of shots directed at me, I was able to direct more back towards them, making three of the four cluster closer together and directing one bolt back towards the fourths blaster destroying it. I Force Pulled the cluster of three’s blasters from their hands towards myself, where I sliced them in half with the lightsaber, then Forced Pushed them into the wall behind them.

Looking around myself, I counted one still standing in front of me holding his blaster hand in pain, looking at me with fear across his face. “Don’t kill me!” he screamed as he stood there. His eyes flicked to his right, where I had knocked the weak one down at the start of the fight. I felt him advancing towards my left flank thinking that mayber he wasn’t so weak after all when he decided to charge a Dark Jedi with only a vibroblade. Just as he was lunging to strike, I spun to my left, flipping my lightsaber to a reverse hold, stabbed him in the back as he went by. As I finished my spin, I flicked my Fire Whip out, wrapping it around the undamaged arm of the last guys standing, depressed the activation button and watched as he fell to the floor writhing in pain as the whip burned into his arm.

After about of minute of him screaming in pain, I deactivated the Fire Whip, flicking it so it wasn’t attached to his arm anymore, and listened to him whimper for a moment. “What do you want?” He cried, barely able to keep fear from consuming him. I turned, picking up my drink off the bar, taking another swig of it, then looked him in the eyes, applying very little Manipulation, as he was very pliable, “I want you to deliver a message for me,” I said leaning down where I was directly in front of his face. “Tell Analexa that her brother’s newest apprentice is looking to make a change to the stronger sibling.” I states to him, adding a stronger push of Manipulation to make sure he believe what I was telling him was true, even when it was an outright lie. “Now go!”

He slowly got to his feet and started making his way to one of the doors at the back of the cantina. Feeling a little annoyed with how long he was taking to get to the door, I leveled my hand out towards him, shouting “Quickly, I don’t have all day!” Releasing a small bit if Force Lightning into his backside. He jumped and all but sprinted through the door. I turned back to my drink on the counter, finished it off and asked for another, and started to think on my plan to get information out of whoever they sent to try and kill me.


On top of some building
Market Place
Residential District
Seng Karash

By the way what was the plan???” asked Dragoon over comlink as Sebz stared in disbelief. He saw everything from his sniper position. Dragoon turned into a fury of Force lighting and destroyed most, if not all of the droids.

“Uh…… Never mind on the plan. It involved explosions… and stuff… what did you just? What?” said Sebz in disbelief of what he had just witnessed in front of his eyes.

“That young acolyte is why I’m called the Horseman of Fury. Staff sergeant, how many troops did we lose?” said Dragoon as he walked around the wreckage. Droid limbs and head still smoked from the after math. Sebz could smell it all the way from his perch.

“Too many sir. I’m afraid if were ambushed again, were toast.” Said the Staff Sergeant as he helped treat a couple of injured troops on the side. “Sir, we can’t go out like this. We have more injured than available troopers. Sir. We must pull back now.”

“No. Not now. Call an evac ship for the injured and dead. We must not surrender yet. We must defeat these Gamorag scums.” Dragoon went on with his rant. We must set up an outpost and take the residential district. Deadric, do you have any available coordinates for an Outpost.


“Deadric, are you here?” asked Dragoon as he looked around for Deadric. Any available troops began their search of the general vicinity.

“Deadric? Deadric you here buddy?” asked Sebz as he swept the area with his scope looking for his new ally. “Where is he?”

“Sir, we found a note.” Said a trooper near Dragoon. “We believe it to be Deadric. We’re not sure yet.”
Dragoon picked up the note and read what it contained. Sebz saw Dragoon was not pleased when he crumbled it up and threw it on the ground.

“Force gods. What has he done? He’s going after a Gamorag after himself.” Said Dragoon with anger in his face as Sebz saw him enter codes to call in an evac ship.

“What? Why would he do that?” asked Sebz still looking through his scope.

“He’s going solo. It can be a good tactic if used well, but he’s still too young. He’s going to get destroyed. We have to go after him.” Said Dragoon as he finished entering the key codes and kicked a couple droid heads out the way. “Staff sergeant, get your men out of here. You’ve lost enough. Don’t lose anymore. As for you Sebz, were going after him. You in or not?”

“Let’s go.” Said Sebz as he rushed to meet up Dragoon in order to find the young Guardian.


67 min ago…

Government District
Seng Karash, Aeorheran

Orian System

Master Sergeant Kitt led half of the twelve man Emergency Response Team thru the streets of the Entertainment District. The latest reports confirmed a group of Gomorag Soldiers had control of the District Center and were holding a few workers and patrons hostage. The ERT Commander and his six teammates entered the abandon police headquarters and took up a position on it’s roof. At street level, Jeric and the other six members of the ERT moved from ally to ally avoiding the spot lights and snipers lining the makeshift wall surrounding the District Center.

“Shadow Actual to ERT1,” Jeric said into his internal comlink.

“ERT1, we are in position and ready to clear a path Shadow Actual,” Kitt responded to the Sith Battlelord as he positioned his sharpshooters.

“Roger ERT1, go for lights out we’re oscar mike.”

As Jeric and his contingent moved out of the dark ally towards the wall the four spot lights illuminating the area shattered simultaneous. The shots were barely heard being fired on the roof out of the teams silenced E-11s rifles. Jeric and the team made their way thru the darkness to the wall which only stood about 7 meters high. With a quick amplification Jeric was able to jump onto the walkway of the wall landing between two Gomorag Soldiers. With two punch daggers securely in his hand, Jeric quickly eliminated the two soldiers without a sound. Sprinting over the to the control tower the Sith Assassin again delivered quick strikes to the neck of three other soldiers.

“ERT1 this is Shadow Actual, your team is clear to exfil from your position, regroup on the auxiliary gate,” Jeric communicated to Master Sergeant Kitt as he hit the controls to open the gate.

All twelve members of the Emergency Response Team formed up and entered the provisional Gomorag compound. To Jeric’s surprise there was only about three dozen soldiers inside, but they weren’t alone, they had a Dark Jedi with them. A weak one in brotherhood standards, comparable to that of a Jedi Hunter. Upon seeing the Sith Battlelord the young Dark Jedi retreated into the City hall.

“Are you scared young one?” Jeric said out loud as he entered the city hall. “You know you can’t win, this city is ours whether you or your cult like it.”

From the tier above the dark jedi leapt into action, quick to attack the Sith. Jeric easily avoided the attack and used the force to hurdle a nearby piece of metal right at the dark jedi. But he was able to react raising his yellow bladed lightsaber, slashing the metal in half. However, he was caught off guard as Jeric quickly closed the gap and unleashed a violent Vapaad combination. The young Gomorag could barely defend himself and after a few minutes Jeric delivered a paralyzing move severing the dark jedi’s legs from left thigh to his right shin. The Sith stared at his helpless victim for a few seconds before delivering the final blow. Within an hours time the team had eliminated their enemies and regained control of the district center, thus restoring order to the Government District of Seng Karash.

Thru his mask’s internal comlink, Jeric opened a external channel to his new apprentice Sebaz. As the transmission connected Jeric could hear a lot of blaster fire and even more yelling.

“Yes my lord,” his apprentice finally spoke over the ambient noise of battle.

“What is your location young one? I’ll send assistance.”

“Thank you my master, I will transmit our coordinates now.”

“Stay alert, stay alive my apprentice. Jeric out.” The Sith ended the call and signaled for Master Sergeant Kitt. Jeric gave orders for the ERT to finished securing the District Center and then provided the coordinates for his apprentice. He told Master Sergeant Kitt to assist the Acolyte with his mission. The former Noble of Tapani Society told Kitt he would protect the Center until Authority Police showed up to take control.


Residential District
Seng Karash, Aeotheran
Orian System

Daedric had slowed to a small trout as he approached the intersection in the northern part of the Residential District. Slightly out of breath, he took up a defensive posture next to a building in the intersection. He could hear the slow dull clank of battle droids in the distant.

“Daedric, Sebz, where the hell did you go?” The voice came through crackling due to interference. Daedric looked behind him and noticed that Sergeant First Class Garret wasn’t with him. He cursed his name as he told the Sergeant to stay with him as they went north.

“Sebz, Daedric. I went north after Dragoon finished the droids. I felt something up here, a disturbance if you will. Where is Garret?”

“I’m here, sir.” Garret’s voice came through his ear piece.

“I though I told you to stay by my side?” Daedric scolded

“Sir I didn’t -” he started

“Save it, I’ll deal with later. What’s your current position?”

“We are back at the market place still sir. LAATs are landing now to MEDEVAC the wounded. They should be clear the LZ in five mikes sir. What are you orders?” Daedric thought for a moment before replying back to Garret. He knew that his men needed the medical attention, but he needed assistance. The disturbance that he was feeling couldn’t be passed, and he had to do something about it. Shit Daedric cursed to himself.

“I’m going to return, Garret I need you to be prepared for my arrival. As soon as I get back you’re going to come with me. We need to investigate up north.” Daedric stated as he ducked into a small out cropping in the wall. A patrol of battle droids passed by him, the distinct clank clank of the battle droids were evident in the air.

“Understood sir.” Garret replied.

“Sebz,” Daedric started, “I need you to come along too. I’m on my way back now. ETA thirty mikes to your location.”

“'l’ll come, but Master Cyrin gave me orders to stay put until ERT is on site. I cannot disobey his orders.” Sebz replied.

“I’m not asking you to, my friend. ERT will be there prior to my arrival. Daedric out.” Daedric stated as he turned off his communication link and began his return trip back to the marketplace

Thirty Minutes Later

Daedric slowed to yet another trot as he entered the market place. As he slowed to a walk, he looked around and saw nothing but carnage. Destroyed Battle Droids laid everywhere in a smoking heap, sparks arcing from them as circuits shorted out inside their neural networks. Daedric couldn’t help but chuckle as he thought about the events that transpired here more than an hour ago.

“Sir” Sergeant First Class Garret stated approaching Daedric rendering a salute.

“As you were Sergeant.” Daedric replied, adding, “Where is Sebz?”

“He is over there next to the LAAT. Talking to some Master Sergeant.” Sergeant First Class Garret stated as he was pointing to his left. Daedric looked over and saw approximately twelve heavily armored soldiers, standing in a two column formation. He could see the Master Sergeant standing in front of the formation talking to Sebz. As Daedric approached them he could see that they had already seen battle, but were thirsting for more.

“Ah Daedric, I was just talking about you. This is Master Sergeant Kitt.” Sebz stated holding his hand out in the direction of the Master Sergeant.

“Hate to be rude but we need to get moving, Master Sergeant we require your LAAT. I take that will not be an issue?” Daedric stated as he looked at the Master Sergeant.

“Not at all sir, my orders are to stay with you and Acolyte Sebz at all cost by the orders of Lord Cyrin himself.” Master Sergeant Kitt recited his orders.

“Outstanding. Lets go. I’ll explain everything on the way.”

Northern Residential District
Seng Karash, Aeotheran
Orian System

As the hum of the LAAT hovered over a building, Daedric stood watch as the troopers of Lord Cyrin’s Emergency Response Team repelled down on to the roof top. As the first troopers boots touched the building, Daedric could hear the Master Sergeant already barking orders. They began to fan out, moving to the edges to secure the makeshift landing zone. They moved swiftly and with purpose and they took their posts. Daedric and Sebz were the last to repeal down. As soon as they were on the ground the LAAT powered up and returned to an orbital position of the northern sector.

“Move” Daedric stated to Kitt, he nodded as he signled for the team to begin their decent through the building and on to the streets. He left two scouts on the roof who would move rooftop to rooftop for suppression.

It only took fifteen minuets for them to reach the street level, and another ten to make contact with the assault droids. Master Sergeant Kitt’s command ability was vastly different than any Daedric has ever seen before. The Emergency Response Team make quick work of the patrol that they had ran into.

“Daedric, ERT1” Daedric stated,

“ERT1, go”

“Daedric, ERT1, we are approaching the compound. We must take this compound, it’ll be used as an Outpost for future incursions to the north of Seng Karash.” Daedric stated as he looked at the compound. It was about two blocks in width and three blocks in length and approximately three stories tall. You could see the command tower, that sat in the middle of the compound, along with the sentry droids on the out walls of the compound.

“ERT1, Daedric” he stated, “This is going to be fun” Daedric chuckled as the raspy sound of the Master Sergeant came through. The Protector looked over at the Acolyte crouched beside him, Sebz looked anxious to take part in the upcoming battle.

“Ready?” Daedric questioned Sebz

“Hell yeah.” Sebz stated with a sinister grin


Gomorag compound level 3

Jade held her breath as she parried and ducked low, Caelian jumping over her and swinging his blade as he did, coming down on Chilok. Chilok looked at the Quaestor as though it were child’s play. He blocked Caelians red blade with his own and kicked out, hitting him square in the chest, knocking the man back a few feet. Jade swung her blade low, aiming for Chiloks feet. The elite jumped her violet blade as though it were a simple kids toy, but it gave her time to use the force and push her up so she was standing again. She turned and brought her blade up high as Chilok took one look at Caelian and headed for his female adversary.

Chilok moved at her like a child with a long awaited toy…a toy he was not going to leave in the mint condition. He struck first, lunging on his one foot and extending his blade. He plunged for her stomach and then rotated his wrist. Jade quickly turned on the balls of her feet, she could feel the heat of his saber as she narrowly missed the tip of his blade. As she spun around and twirled her saber over her head and down in a swift striking J stroke, she realized Chiloks blade had cut away the bottom of her uniform.

Caelian righted himself and snarled at the man. Now he wasn’t going to play nice. He watched as Jade danced around the elite like a nimble sprite of tribal legends. But her stroke just missed the elite as Chilok swung the leg he had extended out back, around his body, using the momentum to push himself up and bring his red blade crashing into her violet one with an evil hiss. As he ran towards them, wanting blood spilled, he caught the glow of Chiloks red saber glint off and highlight a star like scar on Jades abdomen. He wondered where that could have come from, why an injury like that wouldn’t have been completely, or near completely, healed on Jade. He shook the thought as he came up behind Chilok, hoping to trap him between the two Sadowians. Caelian looked at Jade. ‘Strike on my mark.’ He sent it through the force, jade kept her eyes on Chilok hoping not to give away the Quaestors position, but it was a foolish hope, the elite was powerful and strong in the force and sensed the threat behind him. Jade didn’t have any change to warn Caelian as Chilok slammed Jade with a sudden force push and brought his saber up and around, striking Caelian deep in his left hip area.

Jade listened to Caelian scream as the heated blade slid through his body. Chilok looked at the Quaestor and grinned. Jade didn’t have enough time to cover the distance to the elite and Caelian. Looking around she saw about a 20 pound piece of debris from the fighting around them. Using the force she picked it up and hurtled it at the force user, it slammed into him between the shoulder blades. She knew it wouldn’t knock him down but she hoped it would be a good enough distraction to give Caelian some time to escape. It worked, though not necessarily in Jades favour…

As Chilok turned around and glared at her she could swear she just poked an ant hill. Jade crouched low and glanced at Caelian as he looked at her, his hand covering the wound the saber had started creating, as he backed away, just incase the elite turned around to finish him off. Jade snarled, like a lioness about to attack. ‘May the force be with you.’ She sent the message to Caelian and pushed up with the force and summer sailed over Chiloks shoulder. Landing she took off down a corridor, feeling Chilok hot on her trail as she lead him away.

Caelian watched as the Daughter of Sadow took off from the main battle, leading Chilok away from him. “Damn!” ‘Don’t get yourself killed.’ He wasn’t sure if his message got to Jade, but he knew Macron would not be happy if his former student died on his watch. Taking a breath he summoned the force and started to heal his wounds. It didn’t have to be perfect, or completely healed, the medical team could worry about that later. For now he just needed to be able to fight, he was not going to let Jade fight on her own, especially after she just sacrificed herself to give him a chance.


Unknown Location outside Seng Karesh
Roxas sat with his back against the table, in a pool of his own crimson. He struggled to heal the wounds with the Force, but it was taking time. The gashes were deep and there was a lot of muscle damage. Not only was he severally injured, but he was completely on his own. His skills and determination were the only things that would save him now. It took time, but the wound was finally closed, there was still pain and some damage, but only a doctor could fix those problems, blood loss was all he could handle on his own. As for the damage to his back, he had developed his armor as a giant crusgaunt and that would make getting around easier.

He looked over his gear and got angry. The armor was now useless, it seemed they took a torch to it, but luckily the grusgaunt flightsuit was still in working order. His weapons were fine, which was good news. He put what was useable on and powered it up. He was able to stand with the help of his gear, but hopefully he wouldn’t have to fight. He had to get out as quickly and quietly as possible. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“Hey, you guys get anything out of him yet? Let me see if I can get his lightsaber to work, I heard that Joranna couldn’t get it to turn on…Hello?”

Roxas moved behind the door, just before it opened. The man entered slowly and before he was able to speak or even get a good look into the room the Mandalorian’s bowie knife slid across his throat leaving a gash that sprayed a ruby mist into the air before the body hit the floor. He checked the man for keys or something that he could use to help him get around without getting caught. He didn’t find anything usefull, so he dragged the body away from the door and exited, as he did so, he used the Force to pull the heavy table in the room against the door to slow anyone trying to get in. Hoping this idea would help hide the three bodies he just killed. He snuck down the hallway, looking for an exit of any kind. If he could get outside the building then he could figure out where he is and possibly form an escape route. He could hear a group coming down the corridor ahead of him, so he stopped and started looking for somewhere to hide. The only place was an air duct that was open, it was against his better judgment, but he had no choice. He climbed in just far enough to not be seen because he didn’t want to go so far as to get stuck.


Northern Residential District
Seng Karash

“You ready?” asked Deadric to the anxious Sebz.

“Hell yeah!” stated Sebz. “ERT 1, I’ll go with you and half of your squad. Deadric, you and Garett take the other half and go south west of the facility. My half will go north east. Mark targets and execute on my command,” he said as troopers shuffled around him getting together. “Mark.”

At the point of command troops ran outside and got to viable cover. Sebz turned on a HUD eye piece and instantly saw hostiles being marked.

“All on my side.” Said Deadric over comm as Sebz troopers finished getting the last ones on a lookout tower.

SFC Kitt gave an all go signal.

“All teams, execute!” said Sebz. In the next couple of seconds, markers were disappearing as the kills had come in confirmed.

“Sebz, Deadric.”

“Deadric, Sebz, go ahead.”

We’re taking heavy fire from the fortress. We can’t keep up much longer.” Sebz heard heavy blaster fire from the transmission, and knew that his friend and squad would not last long.

“SFC Kitt, how much more?”

“Two more sir. Wait, never mind that all of them. Would you like us to assist the south west squad?”

“Affirmative.” Said Sebz as he pulled his comm up. “Deadric, Sebz. We’re on our way buddy hang in there.”

“Sebz, Deadric. Hurry up. This cover won’t last forever.”

“You heard the man. Move!” said the Master Sergeant. The troopers sprinted to their right and soon were on the west side of the fortress. “Snipers, your shop set up here.”

At once two snipers went into prone mode and pulled out their rifles. Shots rang out Sebz and the rest of the squad went to cover fire for Deadric.

“Kitt!” yelled Sebz as he held his hand out. “Do you have a present for our new friends?”

“Why yes I do sir.” Said the SFC as he pulled out a heavy hand grenade and tossed it to Sebz. He caught it and ducked under cover. “All friendlies, prepare for a heavy explosion in 3, 2, 1.” He said the next lines of comm.

“See yah later suckers!” as he pulled the pin and chucked the grenade to where a good majority of the droids where firing from. The grenade bounced off a couple of them and exploded, sending droid head and parts everywhere. Deadric’s squad instantly exited out of cover and returned fire as the droids panicked of the current situation.

Deadric rushed over. “Thank you my friend. Now let’s get this fortress for Naga Sadow. Shall we?”

“It would be my pleasure.” Sebz raised a blaster rifle and fired off a couple shots. He took down a couple
droids while the ERT units made short work of what was left.

“All hostiles are clear sir. The roof jumpers report no other hostiles on the rooftop.” Said a fellow ERT unit man who was on comm talking to the roof troopers.

"Kitt, get some lines up there. Set up a perimeter up there and get everyone up. Roof jumpers, do the same thing you were already doing. After everyone is on, sweep the building for anyone and anything. This is going to be a new outpost for our allies.” Said the young protector as he had a worried look on his eyes.

“What is it?” asked Sebz as Deadric returned back to his comm.

“All units, possible hostile Force user may be inside. Sebz and I will go first. Everyone else can have whoever is inside there.” HE turned to face the young acolyte. “Someone is in there. I don’t know who or what, but we have to be careful. Here.” He pulled out an armory saber and gave it to Sebz. "You may or may not know how to use this, but incase this Force user is hostile, use it.”

“Copy that.” Said the acolyte as he turned to the fortress. H did feel a presence, but not one of a hostile, but of someone he knew.

My master is here. What a surprise.

“Alright Deadric, let’s get up there.” As both of them made way to the ropes that had already been attached to the fortress. They made their way up the side of the fortress. Kitt was already waiting for them.

“Sir, from here we set up a thermal imaging scanner. We couldn’t get deep into it but there is someone in the-…“ He was cut off as he was flung across to a door on the roof top. Once he made it there, a red blade activated and stabbed Kitt in the heart, rendering him dead.

“Oh Kitt. How long has it been? 5, 6 years? Oh this revenge feels sweet.” Said a mysterious dark voice from the door way. Kitt’s body fell to the floor and the mysterious voice was replaced by a mysterious hooded man.

“My name is Eric Snowburn, what’s yours?” said the not so mystery man as he activated another lightsaber, this time a blue color.

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding.” Said Deadric as both him and Sebz activated their own sabers and prepared the oncoming attack of Eric Snowburn.


Main Office
Gomorag Compound-Upper Level 3
Seng Karash

Jade advanced further down the corridor with Chilok jogging behind her. Blue light illuminated the hall that led to a grand opening. There were decorations of steel sculptures crafted all around of abstract figures, the slick mind of a sick artist. It filled the main office area, but its splendor was lost on the powerful beings that now occupied it. Chilok came to a stop when he saw that the Krath Epis had also stopped with her back turned to him.

“Have you stopped running from your demise,” the Gomorag Dark Jedi muttered.

Jade turned around with her violet blade ignited and her eyes bore deep into his. “I am a Daughter of Sadow. We do not run.”

“Whatever you want to call yourself, it will not save you. Not from me.”

Caelian could feel his power working on accelerating his healing process. The lightsaber had burned him badly but it was a pain the could be numbed with the help of his Force. He stumbled slightly before regaining strength in his body, Jade had drawn him further away so that he could recover from his attack.

He had recovered quickly. The Battlemaster took a look back at the fighting progressing and it seemed as if the Sadowan Jedi were winning and were eliminating the Gomorag. But something nagged at him, where were the rest of the troops if this was there main base. Something wasn’t right…

Cael took a look forward and could see that Jade was about duel Chilok himself further down. He must get to her in time. He took off sprinting to catch up with them. There was a call coming in at that moment. It was Macron.

The Madmen would have to wait. His Apprentice was in for a dangerous bout.

A normal human could never have move with as much haste the way Caelian tore after the two. That was when he could see Chilok unleash a barrage of blows against Jade’s lightsaber. In a single sequence he had already broken her guard to the side and raised his blade high for the kill.

The Battlemaster would not make it in time even with Force moving his feet. He pulled back his saber hand and threw the lightsaber at Chilok the blade sailed with amazing speed and whipped through the air like a red blazing halo.

Chilok struck down right when Cael’s blade ricocheted off of his. The deflection knocked him off balance which gave Jade enough time to back-flip a few feet away from him. Caelian called his blade back to him and he was now within range inside the main office.

“The other has come to meet his doom.”

“The Horseman of Famine is doom.”

“Titles! They mean nothing to me!” Chilok said angrily lashed out with the Force at both of them. Both arms reached for the Sadowans, all of a sudden the air was cut from both of their throats. The Gomorag’s powerful Force choke picked both of them off of their feet and held stasis in mid-air.

The oxygen escaped Cael as his vision blurred instantly with his esophagus crushing in on him. His head rolled to the side as he struggled to look past Chilok to the Daughter of Sadow. She too was struggling to breath but she was fighting reaching her hands to Chilok. She was preparing one last ditch strike.

Caelian willed himself to focus even a little bit on the Force. He too raised a weakened hand to the Gomorag. Not able to send a message to his comrade. Only thing he could do was…wink.

Jade saw it and released a blast of telekinetic power simultaneously with Caelian’s blast. Though weakened it was enough to rip past them and pick Chilok off his feet and send him sailing backwards. He flew into a steel sculpture and crashed the whole display, Jade and Cael hit the floor hard as they struggled to breath again.

They could hear Chilok grunt in anger as he knocked the pieces of broken display off him and got on his feet. Jade got up first followed by Caelian, without a word to each other they began walking towards him.

“Now its time for you to die. AAHHH!” Cael charged forward with Jade darting forward beside him.

Chilok frowned as he struck his hands out again, on both sides two steel sculptures were picked up. The Sith Battlemaster braced for the oncoming attack and cut it in two with a swipe of Varinx, and the pieces split past him. Jade did a similar move and deflected the attack with her lightsaber as well.

This seemed to alarm Chilok as he stepped back and resumed his Dun Moch style. They came jumping in, lightsabers dancing in perfect execution. All blows aimed to kill. Cael laid unto Chilok with the mighty powerful blows with his lightsaber. Chilok tried to parry the attacks but was forced to block with Jade stabbing at him constantly.

They fought longer than they thought, as the Gomorag leader’s defense was indeed intense but neither could breach the others. However Jade moved in for the kill pushing her offense against him. It turned out this was all that they could do. He saw himself being pushed into a corner and gave himself into a deep Rage, not dying without a fight.

His blows connected with pinpoint accuracy and he swung once and batted her lightsaber aside completely breaking her momentum. Cael also close by began to sense an inevitable danger. It seemed in single slashing strike Chilok would cleave both of them in two.

Tired and but still able to move he attempted to block the attack, but suddenly Jade resumed her assault only feigning her vulnerability. With an unpredictable movement she actually dashed forward and grappled Chilok around the waste from the back. Picked him up high in the air and bent backwards slamming him into the floor.

The blow made him drop his lightsaber and Jade quickly rolled away as Caelian jumped up and sent his saber burning into his chest. “Aahhh!” Was his last cry as the life instantly drained away from his eyes. The killing blow.

Breathing heavily as the fighting took almost everything he had to stay alive. He looked up to Jade who was deactivating her lightsaber. “Good fight Caelian.”

“Yes and to you too Jade. A very surprising move, I think I’ve learned a few things from you today.”

“Like how to conquer a planet?” Jade replied folding her arms.

“That, and also there’s a story behind that scar,” Caelian gestured to her stomach where Chiloks blade had cut by. She did not answer but shook her head. He retrieved his comlink and made a call to the Proconsul. “Famine here. Jade and I have killed the Gomorag General leading the forces here in Seng Karash. What are your orders?”


Residential District
Seng Karash, Aeotheran

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.” Daedric stated as the clear sound of the two sabers ignited.

“Who the hell is this Erik Snowburn?” Daedric questioned Sergeant First Class Garret. Garret looked surprised as if he just saw a ghost of his past. His face turned a slight shade of pale and fear and panic began to set in.

“Garret!” Daedric yelled, attempting to get the attention of Garret. It worked as Garret looked into his eyes.

“Sir, Erik Snowburn used to be a trooper in the Sadowan Army back when I was a Private. I don’t know all the details but he was found to be force sensitive, failed out of the academy and was sentenced to death. I didn’t know he survived the attack.” Garret explained as he searching for something on his holo-pad. He found what he was looking for, the file of Erik Snowburn.

Daedric and Sebz quickly scanned through the file, there wasn’t much there to begin with so it didn’t take long. After reading it, he knew that the fight wasn’t going to be easy. Erik had years of combat experience, albeit it wasn’t Force combat but combat nonetheless. Daedric and Sebz continued to scale the side of the building, Garret directly behind them. When the made it to the rooftop, Master Sergeant Kitt and his team member laid lifeless on the rooftop. The mysterious Erik was no where to be found, but Daedric knew he was watching. They walked over to the lifeless body of Kitt,

“Master Cryin isn’t going to be happy about this.” Sebz stated with a slight chuckle. No more than the a second later, the sound of two blades ignited from behind them. Daedric and Sebz spun around, simultaneously ignited their blades. There he stood, in all black, both a red and blue saber gleaming. The slight hue of red and blue on the ground beside him. Fury hit Daedric and he darted forward, attempting to close the gap between his opponent. Sebz followed the same movement. Daedric swung his blade overhead attempting to come down on top of Erik. Erik blocked it as he took a step forward, swinging his blade around, Daedric broke contact with Erik’s blades and blocked his retaliatory attack.

Sebz joined the fight as he lunged forward, swinging wide at the Gomorag Seeker. Erik only smiled as he blocked the attack with such force that it took Sebz by surprise. He took that split moment and launched Sebz backwards with a powerful Force Push. Sebz flew through the air crashing down hard near the edge of the roof. While he was distracted with Sebz, Daedric launched a series of volleys at his opponent, each were met with the red and blue blades of Erik.

Volley after volley the two exchanged on the roof, Daedric and Sebz teaming up attempting to get the upper hand on their enemy. Daedric summoned the Force within him, pushing his opponent back slightly but just enough to where he lost his footing. Erik feel about ten feet to the ground in the middle of the court yard, landing on his back.

“I had no idea they trained their people this good.” Daedric stated to Sebz. Both appeared to be slightly out of breath.

“Yeah no kidding. We have to come up with something to get the upper hand. We wont last like this,” Sebz stated as he rushed over to Daedric’s side. They both looked down at Erik.

“This is how the Brotherhood trains their Jedi now?” Erik taunted as he stood brushing himself off. “Pathetic.”

Daedric and Sebz leaped over the edge of the roof, both of their blades over head. As they landed, they were met with Erik’s blades. Blocking both of the attacks knocked Erik stumbling backwards, but as he did so he put both of his hands out, Force pushing Sebz and Daedric into the wall behind them. Erik landed on his back but continued to roll backwards and landed on his feet in a fighting position.

“Get up.” Erik stated coldly, taunting the two young Dark Jedi. Anger swelled in both of them as they launched themselves upwards and towards the Gomorag. With his left hand forward, Erik swept it left, lifting Sebz off his feet and flying back into the wall, of which he just got up from. Daedric lunged forward, slightly missing Erik as he stepped to the side, but managed to cut a piece of his cloak off. As he was stretched out beside Erik, Daedric could tell he was off balance. A knee came up from his right, and slammed into his chest, knocking the air out of him. As the knee retracted, he felt a sharp pain in the middle of his back as Erik slammed his elbow with the power of the Force into him, throwing Daedric to duracrete flooring.

Daedric rolled to his back just in time for him to miss the bright blue blade of the Gomorag. Laying on his back, Daedric blocked several attempts from the Gomorag to end his life. As Erik and Daedric’s blades were locked in a struggle for supremacy, Sebz launched forward with his right foot extended, landing a blow to the of Erik’s head, knocking him forward and to the ground. Daedric quickly rose to his feet to regain his composure.

“Dammit man,” Daedric stated out of aggravation. “We have to figure out something”

“We have to work more as a team, Daedric” Sebz replied “He’s to powerful for either one of us alone to take 'em.” Sebz continued as he kept an eye on Erik as he returned to his feet.

“So this is what the might Clan of Naga Sadow has to offer?” Erik began, “You two are a pathetic waste of space. You do not know power, you do not know the meaning of discipline!” He spat blood from his mouth “Oh, look you made me bleed a little, you’ll pay for that, worm.”

“Did he just call us, worms?” Sebz chuckled as he asked Daedric

“Um, I think he did.”

“That’s new.” Sebz stated attempting to hold on to his composure.

“Erik, are we just going to stand here and talk about your feelings or are we going to finish this?” Daedric taunted.

“Yeah, I’ll finish it!” Erik stated as he launched him self through the air forwards. Daedric and Sebz sprinted forwards, and took to a knee sliding under the flying Seeker. As they returned to their feet, and faced the now landing opponent.

Sebz looked at Daedric. “Let us dance shall we?”

“Yes, yes we shall. Lets show him, the Worm” Daedric chuckled as he rushed forwards. Sebz only shook his head with a smile and followed Daedric.


Seng Karash

Sebz followed Deadric. They both raised their lightsabers to meet up with Eric’s, only to be parried and Force pushed back. Both eventually met the wall and oozed down slowly down as fatigue began to wear on them.

Hey Deadric, you here?

Yah in pain, but still going. Please tell me you have an idea we can finally execute.

Yah, and were going to drive this Snowman burning. You in?

Let’s go.

Sebz relayed all of his info as both him and Deadric got you slowly.

“Weak, impudent, Worms!” yelled the Snowman as he hit his lightsaber onto the floor, leaving burn marks and creating dents everywhere.

“Hey now Snowman, your ruining the place. Now how are we going to sell it?” asked the young acolyte as he drew the attention of the Snowman. “Seriously, the realtor is going to come in and say what these shit holes are. I mean, we can split the earning 50/50, but you just gottta stop doing this man.” Deadric quietly slipped away as Sebz continued to draw the burn making Snowman toward him.

“Like, this place has so much potential and you’re just going to do that? Come on have you never bought a place before. In my home world of Naboo, the landlord would freak for a small water stain.” Sebz continued to draw the attention of Mr. Burning Snowman. He was getting close and felt Deadric set up behind Snowman.


An armory saber came flying toward Snowman’s head. He barely managed to dodge it while the activated saber landed perfectly in his hand.

“Hey Worm, you dropped something. Catch!” said Sebz as he threw his own armory saber and targeted for Snowman’s head. He dodged it easily, once again, but this time Snowman was infuriated.

“No, the other Worm. Not this Worm!” said Snowman, clearly infuriated as he pointed to Deadric’s position. “This Worm, not the other one.”

“You ok Snowman? Hey Worm, catch!” said Deadric as he once again repeated the throw. Snowman was once again infuriated.

“This Worm, not the other one!” said Snowman as he pouted and jumped like a little kid who didn’t get his Bio-Apple juice box. “I’m talking about this Worm, not the other one!” said the Burning Snowman as he still pointed in the direction of Deadric.

“Hey Worm, catch!” said Sebz, but this time he took a massive step in the direction of Snowman, closing the gap.

“Stop dropping stuff Worm. Catch!” said Deadric, this time also taking a massive step towards Snowman’s position.

Snowman continued his pout. “This Worm, not the other one.” He said as he looked up at roof somewhere in the distance. “You’re not getting what I’m trying to say. This Worm. Not this Worm.” As he continued pointing to Deadric.

Sebz repeated the same thing. “Hey Worm catch!” He closed the gap even more.

Deadric repeated the same work ethic. “Hey Worm, catch!”

“Hey Worm, catch!”

“Hey Worm, catch!”

“Hey Worm, catch!”

“The other Worm, not this one”

“Hey Worm, catch!”

“Hey Worm, catch!”

“Hey Worm, catch!”

“THIS WORM!!!” he said as he looked infuriated into a distant rooftop. “YOU’RE A USELESS SNIPER I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT!!”

Sebz and Daedric were about 10 feet away each from the pouting Snowman. Deadric gave Sebz a small nod to signify that he was ready at any moment’s notice. Sebz returned the nod, and in the next phrase, the unexpected happened.

“Hey Snowman, catch.” They both said it in unison as each of them targeted the blades to Snowman’s chest. He was caught unaware of the phrase and timing of the blades, and barely managed to deflect them. He was caught off balance and was caught leaning over toward Sebz. He used the Force and tackled him.

When finally on the ground, Sebz full guarded him while Snowman was on his knees. He threw a couple hammer punches in there, but it didn’t prove, much as the now bloody Snowman shook Sebz off and stood up. Daedric tried to stab Snowman with his red lightsaber, but easily dodged that and Force threw Daedric into a cement wall.

So close, yet so far.

“As for you.” Said the Snowman with an evil grin on his face. He reached his hand out and began to choke Sebz using the Force. Air rushed out of his lung and he felt his wind pipe being crushed. Black spots started to appear as Sebz heard a familiar voice.

“Put the acolyte down!”

Snowman immediately let go of Sebz once he heard the words. Sebz grinned widely as he passed out.


Seng Karash

Dragoon stepped out of the shadows with two heavy troopers and 2 Snipers. One of the troopers was a Master Chief Warrant Officer Jack KinCado. Unlike the The rest of the troopers he was a sniper but also held the Markings of a Specialty unit. The Man who had attacked the two Dark Jedi turned and chuckled as the Master Chief removed his helmet.

“Ah Jack, i see you have made it up in the world.” Snowburn said. The Master Chief spook up, “Eric, what have you done!?” Dragoon looked at the Master Chief, “I will handle this Master Chief. Take your men and re-enforce the current team. And take the rest of those men with you.” The Master Chief nodded and said, “Yes sir. Eric, I’ll see you in hell.” Then he turned and all the troopers left.

Dragoon started to move forward toward the man with two sabers. Snowburn/ Snowman, who ever he was started twirling the sabers in circles. Dragoon smiled and removed his hood and cape. He used Telekinesis to toss it in the corner of the room as he unclipped his saber. “You know, going up against two young Dark Jedi is cake walk. More so when they are using armory sabers and its still 2 sabers verus 1. Thats not a fair fight.” Eric was about to say something when Dragoon used force speed, ignited his saber, and slashed down upon impact and knocking the Blue saber out of Erics hand. He then used Force push that landed Eric against the wall knocking the wind out of him and also breaking a couple of ribs.

Dragoon walked over to the un-ignited saber on the ground and picked it up. He had previously found another saber he was going to use for parts. Instead he looked at the two young ones. “Here, catch.” He tossed the two real sabers to them. “These will work better. Finish him and find Jeric.” He then turned to leave. Daedric caught the sabers and looked at Sebz, then ignited his new saber and continued the fight.

As Dragoon was leaving he called the Proconsul. “Master, its Dragoon. Update, the Forward command post in the market place is being relocated to the Fortress, from what i can tell its 60% taken by Sadow. I will be Joining the Sadow Commandos and Master Chief Kincado on flushing out any remaining enemy forces. Also be advised i do believe all the battle droids they had are destroyed or inoperable. Any word on War?”…


Transport Nachzerer
Approaching Nifokalija

The transmissions were beginning to break up, but the first one was clear. “Famine here. Jade and I have killed the Gomorag General leading the forces here in Seng Karash. What are your orders?"

“Copy that, Quaestor. Well done. Teamwork won the day. Your forces have done an excellent job and have avoided wholesale destruction for once. Secure Seng Karash fully so the output from the mines can resume directing credits to the Clan’s coffers per the Consul. The ‘relief’ effort will begin immediately, as the Covenant can now safely unload supplies, techs, med gear, and food. Have Commander Cyrin’s Orian Authority regular forces assume control and police the city- and keep it calm. Once you have the city under full control and the relief effort is fully underway, bring the Dark Jedi to regroup and then join us over in Nifokalija. Quaestor Kaelon has already scouted some rather interesting ruins, and I believe our foes have already headed in that direction. Alchemist Out.”

The madman turned his attention to another comchannel. This one was less clear due to his own approach to Nifokalija. The continent seems to distort com signals unless they were high-powered. “Master, its Dragoon. Update, the (krssh) command post in the (zzzt) is being relocated to the Fortress, from what I can tell its 60% taken (krssh). I will be (fffssshhz) the Sadow Commandos and Master Chief Kincado on (zzzt) any remaining enemy (ssshhhss). Also be advised (krrsh) the battle droids they had are (hssssss). Any word on War?”

Macron closed his eyes and felt for Roxas’ imprint within the Force. At this distance it was difficult, but his experiment still lived. And had taken a life, it seemed as the lost life energy flickered and faded out around him. The Sith Elder keyed the com relay to send a signal bouncing and amplified by the Victory Class Star Destroyer Covenant orbiting high above. “Copy that, my Apprentice. Well done. Roxas yet lives, and it seems he is still fighting and taking lives somewhere close outside Seng Karash. The Mandalorian is injured but has a fierce will to live, and a thirst for combat. That is all I know. It is beyond my ability to tell you more at this point. Carry on!”

The Sith steepled his fingers as the coastline of Nifokalija appeared on the horizon. “Excellent. Our system is nearly fully under control after years of loose living. Drayfus went down entirely too easily. He couldn’t even resist the Sith poison- or tap the Dark Side enough to roll with it. A crude clone or disguise, no doubt and the real thing remains with you in the mountains,” giggled the madman as he talked to Maelous, the Dark Eye droids, a hapless astromech and one remaining Super Battle droid. “What interesting games you weave, sister. You have been a thorn in the side of our Clan and the Brotherhood at large long enough. I cannot wait to end you and tie up that loose end once and for all.”

“I’m interested to meet her,” commented Maelous. “She sounds like a challenge- and a real bitch.” The Jensaari grinned as he jacked his lightsaber out from a charge port on the console of the ship. “Does she share your passion for alchemy?”

“No,” replied Macron. “Only my passion for evil. That will be her downfall. I imagine her body is failing by now. It seems whoever… designed us did not account for heavy Force usage at an Elder level. My own organs must be replaced periodically, and I am sure she does not have the skills or resources to grow her own. I imagine her sojourn on Kangaras was most unpleasant,” chuckled the Proconsul. “Hehe. I’d bet credits she’s here on Nifokalija seeking some sort of cure- or a new body. The Kwa were masterful scientists.”


The Mountains of Mist
Nifokalija Continent

The ruined remains of an ancient pyramid stared down from the mountain wall at the witch. The years had been no kinder to the temple than they had to Anaxela herself. Built into the side of the mountain, the Kwa temple had been hidden by the thick jungle growth that had built up over it, and she could only make out its triangular outline because she already knew what it was meant to be.

Up ahead, one of the Gomorag who had accompanied Anaxela into the mountains raised a hand to signal it was safe and waved for the witch to follow. “The path is clear, Mistress,” the Togruta called.

Anaxela squashed another beetle underneath her foot as she made her way toward the entrance.

A fork of lightning shot down through the treetops and struck the roof of the pyramid. A few more bricks broke off, and tumbled into the nearby courtyard. The faces of the statuaries had long since worn away, and they could just as easily have once represented Hutts as they could have Wookiees.

But Anaxela already knew what they had been.

She stepped over one of the blue beasts that her band had encountered roaming the ruins on the way up the mountain. Large and muscular, the creatures had been tough, and had taken a beating to bring down, but where they were strong, the dinosaur-like beasts had lacked wisdom.

While the other Gomorag cultists were scouting the walkways outside for more threats, the Togruta was waiting near the main entrance— and the other member of their group was already with her. A woman of near-human appearance, albeit her skin was slightly scaled, the female with the Togruta had her hands on the doorway already, running her webbed fingers over the ancient runes and sigils.

Anaxela smirked slightly, watching the near-human try to make sense of their locale.

“Hafa,” Anaxela said, and softly laid a hand on the near-human woman’s shoulder.

The near-human glanced back at the Sith witch, still with the ghostly stare on her face that Anaxela had by now become accustomed to. Hafalia Chunasca—or Hafa Chun, as Anaxela called her—was dead of course. The near-human princess of the extinct race that had originally inhabited the Orian System had been slain on Tarthos several years earlier when the last of the Ekind tribes was purged.

But here the dead princess was—or in a way, at least—looking back at Anaxela.

“Will I… find the answers inside?” Hafa said quietly.

Anaxela smiled a little, but did not answer immediately. The witch had promised the clone of the Ekind princess that she would recover her past, and get her memories back, if followed Anaxela out here deep into the lost mountains on Aeotheran, where Anaxela had claimed Hafa’s past would reveal itself. It had been a lie, of course, but “Hafa Chun” did not need to know that.

“Of course,” Anaxela replied finally, chuckling a little. “The answers, hehe, are in the temple.”

That much was not untrue—there were many secrets on Aeotheran that had remained hidden inside the forgotten Kwa ruins, but not the answers Anaxela had said to Hafalia’s clone. No, Anaxela had learned of this site back on Kangaras, when she had come across the tomb of the real Hafa Chun, who had died during the Sith Civil War five millennia ago when the Sith Lord Okemi had challenged Marka Ragnos and waged a war against the Jedi-halfbreeds to restore the rule of the true Red Sith.

As one of the slave races, the Ekind had joined Okemi… but like Okemi, the Ekind had paid the price too, and Hafa Chun had fallen in battle, her body being interned by her disciples on Kangaras.

Not that any of this mattered to Anaxela—the past was the past, and even if she had managed to find a sample from which to clone the original Hafalia Chunasca, it did not make the clone her, and there would be no spirit to transfer or true memories to restore. No, Anaxela had wanted Hafa for one reason and one reason alone:

Anaxela took hold of Hafa’s hand. “You already have we you need,” the witch said. “In your veins, runs the blood of royalty, the blood of a queen!” Inside, Anaxela was rolling her eyes at how easy it had been to convince “Hafa” to do as she said, but then, Anaxela herself had known first-hand how easy it was for someone to develop an… attachment to their creator, almost parent-to-child.

And, indeed, “Hafa” was like a child, brimming with Force potential, but untrained… and naïve.

“A queen…?”

Anaxela smirked. “Yes. Queen of all of this.” As Anaxela spread her arms, gesturing for Hafa to take in the entirety of the pyramid built into the side of the mountain, already the sigils on the surface were starting to react, the faintest of glows starting to radiate from inside the stone itself.

“Hafa” must have noticed too, as she turned away from Anaxela to look at the door again.

“What is happening…?” Hafa said, sounding worried.

“The temple is reacting,” Anaxela said. She had already begun to laugh. Her laughter looked as though it had unsettled the clone girl, but Anaxela paid no attention. “To you, Queen Hafa.”


“Welcoming its mistress back—”

And as Anaxela spoke, the ancient stone door began to unseal for the first time in generations.


Roxas crawled out of the air duct after the small number of troops had passed. He began to hurry to nearest exit, but made sure he moved as silent as a ghost. He hugged the wall at every corner and would peer around using his perefrial vision to view ahead for soldiers, droids, and security recorders. He had to avoid a fight at all costs, as he may not yet be able to hold his own against a Force user or a large group of foes. He ahd a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach as he moved. This stronghold wasn’t being patroled as it should be for it’s size, as if he was expected to escape. He took extra care and listened to his gut feeling. There was a trap and he would do his upmost to not spring it until absolutely necessary. The loss of his armor combined with his injuries didn’t make him completely useless, but his will could only push his body so far even with the aid of the Force.

Not every hallway was clear, but it slowly became obvious that a trap had been set. The Horseman of War would have grown angry, but he knew that it would keep him of thinking clearly and put it aside for any battle that may come in the near future. He came to a door and it was clear that the outside world was just beyond it, but there was no guard, no security recorder. The entire escape attempt was strange to him, as if he was lead directly to this door. Not only did he feel as if he was lead to that very spot, but he hadn’t seen a single window. What kind of sadist builds a place without one window? He knew he wasn’t underground because he had heard ships moving outside, wherever that really was.

To hell with it! he though to himself I’m going through the door and killing whatever comes at me. I’m tired of games

He had the Force flow more healing energy through him hoping to help until he could find his allies and a good medic. To many times had a field medic give me a botched stitch job or emergency surgery. He would hold out for a bacta tank and a real doctor. He opened the door and stepped through to a bright shining sun and a large landing dock. Seven Gomorag ignited their lightsabers, the trap was unavoidable.



Transport Nachzerer

Maelous stood at the foot of the ramp that led into the Nachzerer watching the flashes of light from the dark clouds hovering over the mountain range. Macron moved down the ramp and walked past, with a host of droids, and headed into the dense jungle.

The Exile caught up with the Elder as they past the treeline, “She is close,” the madman whispered as he shot the Sith Warrior a side long glance full of malice. His tone was unlike anything Maelous had ever heard before and he wondered if the Adept would be affected by sororicide the same way he had been.

Cordova had been drastically different from Maelous. She wrapped herself in the light and had been taught to never question the Saarai-kaar, but the Exile had been shown a different path. The former Jensaarai was constantly in conflict with his sister and had even been pushed to fight her numerous times. The thought of her death at his hands had crossed his mind more than once before the night he shoved his saber blade through her eye socket, though he never thought he would actually carry it out.

“Are you well, Jensaarai?” the madman cooed as the Sith Warrior shook the thought from his head. His mind had been drifting a little too far as of late. Macron was different than he was though. He had fallen further into insanity than Maelous was at currently, there was no way the murder of Anaxela would cause him grief.

“Of course, Alchemist. Are others meeting us at the temple?”

The Elder laughed, “I assume that she will have a fairly decent sized force to protect her. Several force sensitives, Some droids. Oh! Maybe a Mandalorian or two. This fight will be something worth mentioning in our histories. So I hope they will all come.”

Maelous nodded as he allowed the dark side to roll over him like a tidal wave, the blood in his veins beginning to boil. He reached out with the Force probing for a potential threat, a life he could end.

The madman laughed again, “It is good to see that Death has finally joined the party!”


Gomorag compound

Jade rolled her eyes as Caelian finished his message to Macron, mumbling, “great, now we get to hang curtains and pick out throw pillows!”

Caelian smirked at the Dark Krath, “well you have to admit.” He looked around and kicked a piece of rubble in front of him. “The place could use some fixing up.”

“I wonder if the locals will remember how we didn’t actually kill them as they ran by, or if they’ll tell the story of how they narrowly escaped the shadowed fingers of demise.”

The Quaster nodded, looking around. “Guess we will find out eventually.” He looked at Jade. “And speaking of finding out…what’s the story on the scar?”

Jade looked down at her abdomen and held the pieces of her tunic. “Damn it! Now I need to get a new look.”

“Naw, keep the torn look.” He laughed as Jade glared at him. He motioned with his hand to their surroundings, “it’s the look that’s in right now…besides, you could have invented the new camouflage.”

“I’m putting this on your tab Quaestor.” Jade smirked allowing her fangs to just show.

“Seriously though, I have heard stories, but I don’t think I’ve heard how you got that mark.”

Jade ran her fingers over the scar. It meant a lot to her, but she hasn’t actually thought of the moment it happened in a long time. Then again, she’d been busy on mission after mission, one she swore she picked up a new shadow that whispered to her…either that or she was becoming like her master Macron. Jade dropped her hand and shrugged. “Happened during the vong war. I was fighting one and didn’t sense the other coming up behind him. The vong I faced off with turned on the balls of its feet and as I turned to strike, I felt the sting of a vibro blade go through my abdomen.” Jade looked off into the distance for a moment, she thought she felt the brush of someone familiar…her first guess was Macron, but the power behind it was weaker, like a first touch. Jade shook the feeling and looked at Caelian, wondering if he would take her story or see through it.

Caelian wasn’t sure why Jade was testing him, but he knew she wasn’t telling the truth.

“Speaking of injuries…” Jade nodded towards his side. “How are you holding up? Should we get you to the medics right away?”


30 minutes after the main force attacks
The Greasy Hydrospanner
Seng Karash

Sitting at the bar, nursing his second really good drink, Armad felt the presence of the group that was coming for him. I could tell by their Force imprints that there were 2 Force-users, one felt to be on a level with myself and the other felt strong, but weaker than his partner, probably the ones apprentice. Could also feel what I think is 4 others walking with the fallen Jedi. The group walked in one of the rear doors of the cantina, as I turned to face this group, the Gomorag soldiers spread out surrounding me, I could tell that they were soldiers by the way they carried themselves and the precision with which they did things.

“Welcome friends! Would you like a drink, this ale is quite good.” I bellowed when they started making their way towards me. When the lead Gomorag Jedi just shook his head ‘no’, and pulled his lightsaber off his belt, I knew that they were looking to either kill me or take me captive. Looking from the one to his apprentice I saw that he was not holding his lightsaber until he looked at his master then hurriedly grabbed it. “So I take it that’s a no, shame, it was really good ale.”

The apprentice Jedi, probably looking to gain favor with his master, rushed forward in a two handed above head strike meant to cleave me in two, I pulled my lightsaber to initially block the strike when I heard his master shout, “I want him alive you fool!” I knew that I needed to change my tactics for this fight, as I knew that they had probably captured another Sadowan earlier as we had not heard from Roxas since his broadcast was cut short earlier. The apprentice continued with his attack and instead of blocking the attack, I pivoted out of the way at the last second, his saber narrowly missing me, I snap kick the apprentice in the ribs, sending him sliding to the ground about 5 feet away. Deflect two blaster bolts back towards the soldiers then force ran towards the main Dark Jedi just as stun bolts slice through the air where I was just at. Abruptly stopping ten feet from my opponent, I unleash a blast of Force Shock towards him hoping to get him before he has a chance to ignite his lightsaber. I was a split second behind, as he caught my lightning on his lightsaber. Thinking that I was probably a ranged type fighter, he started to rush me as I gathered the Force to create a Force blast meant to know him down so I could get my Fire Whip around him somehow. Yet again I was too slow, and he was upon me before I could unleash my Force blast, I did manage to raise my lightsaber to block his initial attack, but lightning fast series of stabs proved too much for me as he scored a strike on my left leg, causing me to drop to the ground in pain.

I felt a wave of triumph exude from the Gomorag as he smiled like he had just captured another Sadowan. Keeping up the pretense that I was too injured to continue fighting, and throwing up a slight bit of Illusion into his mind, making it appear that he had injured me more than what he actually had. “You, soldiers, pick him and throw him in the speeder, we’ll put him with the other one.” Letting them drag me to their speeder, I spend the time playing the part of injured captive, letting the slight pain wash over me, feeding me with more dark side energy. The ride was a short one as we arrive at a large windowless warehouse, complete with a landing pad adjacent to the building. They lead me inside, passing a couple of small patrols randomly throughout the building, until we come to a door just like any of the others that we’ve passed. One of the soldiers tries to open the door, it only opens about an inch or so then stops. “What the……,” as he puts his shoulder into the door and forces his way into the room, followed by two of the other soldiers with him. I hear, “Clear”, and I’m pushed roughly into the room, where I see that a table had been pushed up to the door, and three dead bodies that the soldiers were checking. I also see on one side of the room, a small pool of blood by the door,and a badly damaged and discarded set of Mandalorian Armor, instantly recognize it as OP Roxas’.

Picking up the table by the door, I fling it as hard as I can towards the apprentice Gomorag and two of the soldiers, catching them completely unawares, knocking those three out. The other two soldiers turned and started firing at me, which I deflected into the light panels in the ceiling, plunging the room into darkness, the only light coming from the now slightly open door. Two more shots from the soldiers, directed back at them, took them out of the fight. Using the Force, I held my lightsaber in place in the air, minimized my presence in the Force, and took a couple of steps to my right. I unraveled my Fire Whip from my waist, and using my Umbaran night sight, lashed out towards his main hand, and was rewarded with a cry of pain. Smirking, I lashed out again, this time at his legs and was rewarded again with another cry of anguish as he dropped to one knee. Wanting to relish some more in his anguish, I lashed out again as I took a step forward, this time wrapping it around his neck. Turning the Fire Whip on, I was delighted to hear a small scream as he tried to pull the whip from his neck. Pulsing the whip a couple of more times for the joy of it, I leaned in close to him, “You’re lucky, if there wasn’t a fellow Sadowan in need of assistance, I would soooo enjoy this for a while.” Standing back up, I call my lightsaber to me, “Instead, you get this!” I slice horizontally, decapitating him, watching as his head and body fall to the floor, then walk over to the unconscious apprentice, and stab him through the heart. Wrapping my Fire Whip back around my waist, I rush out into the facility in search of Roxas, to see if he dead or in need of assistance.


Outpost Dakhan (Fortress)
Northern Residential District
Seng Karash

Daedric stood as he caught the saber that was thrown at him and ignited it. As he stood there examining the blade he looked back at Sebz, who still remained unconscious laying on the ground. I’ll get this bastard for you… Daedric thought to him self.

Armed with with an additional blade didn’t make Daedric any more powerful than we was before. The blade felt foreign to him, didn’t quite feel at home in his hands. He looked over at Snowburn, who was just now getting up from his previous beating from Dragoon. As he stood he wiped the blood from his mouth,

“You think that just because you have one of my sabers that you’ll be able to beat me?” Erik mused as he pointed at Daedric.

“No, actually I don’t.” Daedric replied as anger filled inside of him. He pictured the man in front of him, chocking his new found friend almost to death. The thought of it filled him, strengthened him. Daedric launched forward, using the Force to close the fifty meter gap between them. As he approached his battered opponent he ignited his newly found blade and swung upwards. Meeting the blade Snowburn took a step back. He could sense the anger in Daedric and it surprised him, but only for a moment.

The two traded attacks for what seemed forever, volley after volley and parry after parry the twos sabers sparked and connected time and time again. The two came into a deadlock ‘X’ stance. Daedric was having a difficult time maintaining the deadlock as Erik was obviously stronger than him. Daedric reached into himself searching for more anger to swell his power, but his lack of training proved otherwise. As the deadlock continued Daedric was forced to a knee as his back arched over,

“Your death will bring me joy.” Erik stated as he pressed his blade further and harder downwards. Daedric caught a glimpse of Sebz out of his eye, slightly moving as his consciousness returned to him. This was just enough of a distraction to him. He lost focus and the blade of Erik slipped closer to him, forcing Daedric onto his back, and Erik moved over him, straddling him.

“Accept it, you will die by my hand!” Erik roared as he pressed hard downwards, using his body weight to assist him.

“Fu - aahhhhh!” Daedric screamed as his own blade was forced into contact with his left cheek and the bridge of his nose. He could feel his own skin burning away, as the smell of burning flesh filled the air. It felt like eternity but in reality it was only a few moments, the now conscious Sebz summoned all of the strength he had and and launched a desperate telekinesis push towards Erik.

The telekinetic push hit the right side of Erik’s body, lifting him up and throwing him approximately ten feet away. Daedric laid there, his face smoking and in severe pain. No blood was coming from him as the heat of the blade caricatured all bleeding before it started. With his left hand covering the left side of his face and still laying on his back, Daedric looked over to Sebz, who was still laying on his chest looking at Daedric.

“Finish thi-” Sebz started, but was unable to finish as he drifted back to unconsciousness. The now scarred and battered Daedric stood, his left eye was closed, not due to being injured but due to the pain that was emanating from his face. He looked at Erik who was standing back up himself, Daedric screamed with anger and he rushed forward yet another time. This time he anger of a Sith fueled him. The volleys came quicker and quicker towards Erik who was now scrambling to defend himself. Daedric used the Force to pull Erik to him, as he did so he stepped aside allowing Erik’s red blade to slide past him, slightly burning his arm. Pulling him close to him, Daedric used his blades to cut off the hands of Erik. Snowburn screamed in pain, and both of his hands fell to the floor, disconnected from his body, his right hand still clinched the ignited saber.

“Your death will be at my hands, Gomorag!” Daedric stated as Erik fell to his knees in sheer pain. Daedric took the glowing blue saber that once belonged to Erik, and slowly inserted the blade into the chest of his enemy. Slowly inching it forward, Daedric wanted to make sure that he felt every inch of his inside melting and burning away. Erik was screaming from the pain and agony that he was being put through, whilst Daedric on gave a sinister grin. As the hilt of his saber reached the now smoking chest of Snowburn, he leaned forward, his lips only centimeters from his ears.

“Told you.” He whispered as he took a half step back and pulled his blade upwards, splitting Erik in half, ending his life. Daedric looked down at the lifeless body and a sense of pride came over him. He reached down at the still activated red saber in the hands of his now dead opponent and deactivated it and clipped it to his belt.

Daedric ran over to Sebz, who was beginning to come back around but was still extremely injured.

“Sebz, we did it man. I’ll get you out of here, just stay with me.” Daedric stated as he called up Sith Battlemaster Caelian. The image of his Master appeared.

“My Master,” Daedric started. “Outpost Dakhan has been established in the north. Compound secure. I’m requesting a MedEvac for Sebz.”

“MedEvac is on its way my Apprentice. Looks like you need one yourself.”

“I’m okay, Master. You should see the other guy.” Daedric stated with a sinister chuckle as his eyes glanced back over to where Erik laid lifeless.

“I’ll take your word on it. MedEvac is three minutes out. See that Sebz gets on it. You’ll stay there until further orders from me.” Caelian stated.

“As you command, my Master.” Daedric stated as he disconnected the call. He looked back at Sebz,

“Help is on the way my friend, help is on the way.”


Roxas charged with his saber ignited and at the ready. If he had to fall into a trap he was going to spring it his way. He cut down the first one with ease thanks to the element of surprise, the man must have been prepared to give a monologue and didn’t expect an immediate assault. Roxas then turned toward disarming another as the rest ignited their lightsabers. The two blades met with an electronic clang and arcs flew for a moment. The remaining six Gomorag surrounded the Mandalorian and unleashed a volley of attacks, all of which where blocked or Roxas truck into their attack to send them off balance. They were attacking fast enough that when he sent one off balance there was another in his place. Roxas gave wide seemingly random arcs in three hundred and sixty degrees around his body, cutting down another.

The Gomorag replied by using the Force to enhance their abilities. Roxas was spent with his Force energy for the time being, so instead he went closer to the edge and made his attacks more random and wild. He looked like a beast to them, but he was able to keep up. Two moved to his rear, so he unleashed the “sarlacc sweep” and spun his entire body. His blade glowed brightly as he moved and cut the two men in twain at the waist. One of them gathered the Force and sent a telekinetic blast at Roxas forcing him to slide back a couple meters. The last three Gomorag regrouped and tried to discuss what to do.

“He’s already killed four of us! What do we do?!”

“We can’t stop now…” Another replied while picking up a dead comrade’s lightsaber and igniting it in his off hand. “We have to kill him.”

Roxas had regained a small amount of his Force energy and was trying to decide what to do with it while his foes were chatting it up. I can’t use the demon, my horseman abilities are strained…speed…that’s what I’ll do.

He gathered from the living Force to ensure he had enough energy to channel it through his body. The three turned to him, feeling his power and quickly charged him in hopes they will win. Roxas moved and to them it was as if he was barely a blur.


Another fell and the other two were on the Mandalorian, but what they hadn’t seen was that he had picked up one of the dead foe’s lightsabers. He blocked both men, a saber in each hand. He was very good with two sabers, he truly hadn’t had any training in it. He was cumbersome with his off hand, but with luck he could block a few attacks. He put his back into a swing, disarming one of the Gomorag and then ran him through. It was now one on one, he would now have to be careful because his form didn’t shine in that type of fight. He needed a distraction and he was holding it in his off hand. The last Gomorag unleashed a string of blows, but they were all blocked until Roxas was able to knock him off balance. and then he attacked with his off hand. The Gomorag fell for it and swatted the weapon away leaving himself open. The Horseman of War stabbed with his main hand. His lightsaber’s crimson blade petruded from the man’s back.

“How…How did we fail? We…”

Roxas cut him off “You underestimated me. You did have a good chance to kill me, but you fools all charged to your collective demise at once. One on one, you stood a good chance.”

“War…” Was the man’s last word as Fenrir was removed from him.

Roxas walked a few steps and then hit his knees exhausted. He sent another message stating where he was and then heard the door behind him open, he quickly rolled for cover and drew his flechette pistol.

“I can’t believe there are so many bodies…” The young man said as he stepped onto the landing pad “Commander Buurenaar? Are you here? My name is Armad, I’ve been sent to help.”

Roxas didn’t recognize the voice, but the name he had seen in troop reports. He hulstered his pistol and raised an arm and called out “Over here vod.”

Armad rushed over and when he saw the Prmarch all he could say was “Damn, they roughed you up.”

Roxas retorted “The advantage of strong chains and blasters set to stun. Hope you brought some medics, I don’t need to be walking for awhile.”


Roof top Outside Gomorag Outpost in courtyard
make shift Dark Jedi Forces Command Post
Near supply Drop

The Radin and human snipers were setting up shop on the roof top with the modified Sniper rifle they had received from their queen. The Radin pulled out a spotters scope and asked again “Which target again?” The Human pulled out a small holo emiter that showed the photo of one John “Dragoon” Witwalker. The Radin looked out and found him.

“1500 yards, next to that transport near the dark colored trooper.” Referring to the special commando, “wind plus 2-4 from north north west. Clear for shot.”

The Human looked through his scope and centered right on Dragoon’s chest. The Dark Jedi was in a relaxed position, not knowing a force user was about to strike. The human took aim and just before he pulled the trigger thought to him self, ~This is for my master…~

Supply Drop
Dark Jedi Compound

Dragoon was discussing the final troop movements before he was to join his master on the mountain side to help in the final battle when the shot rang out. The Bolt struck true as it hit Dragoon square in the chest. Dragoon was momentarily stung and shocked as he slowly moved his right hand to his chest. As he removed it from his armor he noticed dark red blood, and lots of it.

“SIR!! MEDIC!!! GET-” the Chief warrant officers cry was his last as another bolt took him down as well. The man was dead. Dragoon slowly fell to the ground as the Medics and Support troopers rushed to his aid. He wasn’t dead, but he was dying for sure. The Bolt had gone through his heart piercing it just right for a slow death. Dragoon laid on the ground bleeding blood coming from the hole in his back and from the hole in the front. The last thing he could do before passing out was reach out with the force and signal the only two people he trusted to save him in this condition. ~SISTER… MASTER… HELP!"

Dragoon was flown to the Covenent in hopes someone soon or something would save him.

Roof top

The Human and Radin crawled away fast. He had taken two shots and both had been perfect. He Hoped his master’s master would be happy. As they exfoliated off the roof top to the speeder bikes that would take them back to their shuttle the man smiled. ~A Student for a Student.~


Beach Landing
Nifokalija Continent
Orian System

“I see,” commented Macron. “Anything else Kalon?” The Sith Elder held his chin thoughtfully, helm off. “I’m interested in your thoughts about the situation.”

“They entered some sort of ruin in the interior. It seemed vaguely pyramidal.” The Quaestor held up a transmitter disc that showed a colored hologram. “I couldn’t make out the writing. They left no guards outside, and that is unusual. Once they entered the heavy door was closed, and I could not trigger it. I also encountered blue-skinned reptilians that appear to be Kwi.”

“Truly,” replied the Adept as Maelous studied the images along with him. “This is beyond my experience personally. I can say this appears to be a Kwa ruin, but I cannot read their writing unfortunately. There is some similarity to the Rakata architecture I have seen but there are… differences. Maelous, have you heard of this in your Jensaari lore? You have seen things that I have not.”

“There were ghostly mentions of the Kwa and Rakata, but nothing concrete. I’m surprised you do not know more,” smiled the Exile. “You Elders seem to know everything, or at least claim to.”

“Don’t be,” chuckled the madman. “No one knows everything- and if they tell you they do, they are a liar,” the Sith giggled. “I look at it as an opportunity to learn. When you think you have nothing to learn, you will die. It is a truth many Sith fail to heed in their arrogance.”

Kalon spoke up again. “I tracked them cold to the temple. Just a few went in. If that’s the last of the Gomorag, we’ve taken out most of their forces it seems. Even so they felt powerful.”

“I imagine so,” commented Macron. “They are the worst of the lot. Their ‘leader’ Drafyfus was but a pathetic clone and his real persona may be in there yet. We need to find a way to open that temple. It will be impervious to other attempts- the Kwa were skillful, and even the Rakata learned from them. Of course both lived in fear of the Celestials but that is another matter entirely. I must consult my old Sith Master on this.”

Just then a med-droid com alarm flared. it was weak, but the Covenant’s boosters increased the gain enough for the Nachzehrer’s boosters to relay it. “Dragoon critical, evacuated to Covenant. Request immediate Alchemist.”

“Sonofabitch,” growled Macron. “Gentlemen, this will have to wait. I imagine they won’t be coming out of their hidey-hole soon. What do you want….sister,” snarled the Sith. “Besides Death.”

“I can deploy recon scouts to keep an eye on the jungle,” replied Kalon. “Recon droids would be useful as well.”

“I recommend we move out quickly. The situation in Seng Karash is under control, and we need information. I’m curious myself,” said Maelous. “This seems a deeper lore and I’m very interested in investigating it.”

Both Kalon and Macron nodded in silent agreement as they boarded the Nachzerer. Several Dark Eye droids returned to the ship’s hold as it began to lift off. “Covenant, this is Marshal Commander Macron Sadow. Notify Consul Malik that our mission on Aeotheran is complete, with a holdout on Nifokalija. Have Priestess Jade meet me in your hold. Stabilize Knight Dragoon in a medical stasis-pod. We will be leaving for Gamuslag immediately thereafter. I request an escort and fully expedited clearance. Macron Out.”

“Wouldn’t the Orbital Platform Onyx Two be a better venue?” asked Maelous. The Sith’s eyebrows lifted. “They have state-of-the-art facilities.” The Warrior seemed to be gaining familiarity with the Nachzerer’s holographic controls.

“They do,” replied Macron coldly. “Since the Miner’s Brother was destroyed, my remaining personal laboratories are on Gamuslag. Dragoon will die if left to traditional med-droids. Even the Verpine cannot save him. Human genomics is not their forte.”

Kalon spoke up. “Will you give him cybernetics? A new heart? I’ve heard it can be done.”

“No, not cybernetics. Any artificial or mechanical parts detracts from one’s ability to use the Force, as Lord Vader found out I hear.” giggled the Proconsul. “No… Jade and I will install a prototype heart with Maelous’ help. I grew it as an experiment from genetic material stolen during my time at Codei prison during the Horizons outbreak. It’s a human heart, but with Massassi structures. Hehe. I wonder if he will die in agony,” snickered the madman. “It’s an opportunity to learn either way.”


Residential District
Seng Karash, Aeorheran
Orian System

With the last hours of twilight beginning to fade from the northern hemisphere of Aeorheran, Jeric moved quietly under the cover of darkness. Not even the specially trained members of the Emergency Response Team nor the two young dark jedi knew the Sith Assassin was present in the area. Jeric watched on as his apprentice and Guardian Turelles made easy work of the enemy forces surrounding the Fortress.

“Someone is in there. I don’t know who or what, but we have to be careful,” Jeric could overhear Daedric saying to Sebaz as the Guardian pull out an armory saber and handed it to the young Acolyte. "You may or may not know how to use this, but incase this Force user is hostile, use it.”

Jeric smirk as he watched his apprentice examine the saber hilt. This is going to be interesting, I wonder how they are going to fair again a Gomorag Seeker. Daedric should be able to hold his own but my apprentice may be in trouble if he goes one on one. Jeric thought as he too could sense the dark jedi. Jeric looked on as Sebaz quickly scanned the area, he could feel the Acolyte reaching out with the force. Jeric slowly began to conceal his presence in the force, if his apprentice could sense him the certainly the Seeker would eventually feel Jeric’s presence. The Sith wanted his apprentice to get a taste of battle and not have the Seeker run. For a second Jeric watched as Sebaz looked straight in the Battlelord’s direction before turning to Daedric. The two made their way onto a balcony of the fortress where Master Sergeant Kitt and a few members of the ERT were waiting. The ERT Commander began briefing the two, but before he could let them know there was a heat signature inside the fortress Kitt was pulled towards the doorway stoping short with a red blade piercing his heart.

“Well that’s a waste.” Jeric said as the owner of the red blade identified himself. The Sith moved to a better vantage point on a nearby rooftop as the two Sadowan’s activated their sabers. The Seeker disappeared into the fortress quickly followed by Daedric and Sebaz. The Sith Assassin began leaping from roof to roof before taking one last amplified jump into a open window of the fortress. From the dark rafters above the main foyer Jeric looked on as his apprentice and Daedric dueled the Gomorag Seeker but there was a fourth person in the room. Dragoon what are you doing here? Jeric thought sensing the Knights presence. The former noble turned assassin watched as his apprentice and the Seeker grappled on the ground both throwing punches and elbows. The Seeker was able to shake Sebaz off and managed to dodge an attack by Daedric before throwing him against a wall. The Seeker stretched out one of his arms and began to constrict the neck of Sebaz.

The sith watched as his apprentice struggled and began to shake his head. Finally Dragoon stepped out of the shadows and confronted the Seeker. Jeric’s attention was diverted to his datapad which had just receive a coded transmission from Quaestor Caelian. The Gomorag General had been killed and the city is ready to be secured. The Proconsul has gave orders to start the relief effort and have the police revert to normal operations and assume full control of the city. Jeric opened a transmission to Major Basik.

“My Lord, the city’s perimeter has been secured and we have detained a number of Gomorag Operatives as they attempted to pass thru our check points,” The acting Superintendent of Aeotheran paused for a second. “I have also gotten reports that Authority Agents have been performing a number of public services to the people still left in the city. We are getting a
positive reception from the citizens.”

“Great work Major, thats what we want to hear. The Gomorag should be all but eliminated or detained the Assembly is going to begin relief efforts. You can remove the perimeter checkpoints but maintain a high patrol on the city’s outer edge. Resume normal law enforcement operations.”

“Understood my lord.” Major Basik stated before the transmission cut out. As the sith placed his datapad in its pouch he turned and focus on the fight below. To Jeric’s surprise it wasn’t much of a fight anymore as he watched Daedric split the Seeker in half and walked away from his lifeless body.

The young Sadowan walked over to Jeric’s apprentice who was just regaining consciousness. Sebaz was in bad shape and Jeric could over hear Daedric calling for a Medevac for the protector. The Sith Assassin had other plans for his apprentice though.

“Help is on the way my friend, help is on the way.” Daedric said to Sebaz as he laid on the ground still struggling to get air into his lungs.

Jeric dropped down from the rafters above landing just a few feet from the two. “Not for him it wont.” Jeric’s muffled voice said as he stood up from a kneeling position.


Outpost Dahkan
Residential District
Seng Karash

“Not for him it won’t.” said his master as he raised himself from a kneeling position. Sebz could barely manage to sustain his breath as Daedric helped him to stand up.

He looked up and saw his master unclip his lightsaber from his belt. He couldn’t see his masters face under his mask, but he knew that underneath it he was furious for having just seen his apprentice get his ass whooped by a Gamorag scum.

“Move.” Said his master to the young Protector. He gently helped Sebz into a kneel position. Daedric then hurriedly got up and moved 15 feet away from Sebz and his master’s position, standing at a military parade rest, facing Jeric. The Sith Battlelord as he ignited his lightsaber and put it by Sebz’s head, close to his right ear.

“Look at you. Weak, useless, Worm!” he said, staring at Daedric when saying the last word. “Not only did you fail, but you got the punishment you deserved.” He said that in a harsh tone, clearly unpleased with Daedric and his work they had just done at the Fortress. “All my life, I’ve never seen this happen. Prepare yourself apprentice.”

Jeric raised his hand as he augmented the Force, preparing for a powerful blast on his apprentice. Sebz bowed his head, accepting his failure, and knowing that this would be his demise, at the hands of his master.


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