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[Invite-Only] Masks off


Restricted to:
A’lora Kituri
Lu’aisha Gresee
Mar Sûl
Shiran Kastav

Setting: Research facility Iota

Standard Run on rules apply.

*Camp Dall’ra is a soon-to-be main military base of the K.U.D.F.

Facility Iota
Camp Dall’ra *
New Tython

Doctor Arriana Axios, lead researcher on Project Dejarik and head of Facility Iota, walked through the heavily lit hallways. The stylus between her fingers seemed to move at unbelievable speeds, checking report after report her subordinates regularly left for her.

“Psych eval. Check. Medical exam. check. Blood scan. Check. Cybernetics…” she stopped dead in her tracks. “Where are my cybernetics?!” she asked the thin air and grumbled under her breath, speeding with intent towards the main lab.

Lu’aisha Gresee, Knight of the Order and doctor by trade, turned around as the sound of the doors startled her from her trance. Her position in the facility was one of an advisory capacity, though her duties were tied to Echo-1 and his developing skills in the Force. She observed the same reports as the doctor had, and seemed to notice the same issue.

“We seem to be missing the cyber…” she didn’t even finish when Arriana took the comm from the table and nearly screamed into it.

“Damn it, Kyran!” in the next room a young Mon Calamari, covered head to toe in a lab coat, suddenly looked their way with a confused expression on his face - or what seemed to be one.

“I told you to submit your cybernetic scans before the rest. How am I supposed to know why they have blood poisoning unless I have all the results?” The young Mon Cal’s expression changed to shock as he furiously searched his own console for the results.

“I don’t see mention of blood poisoning.” Lu’aisha exclaimed, confused.

“There is none. He’ll be doing that for another ten minutes.” Arriana replied, an annoyed but harmless look on her face. “How’re they doing?” she asked, focusing finally on her work.

“Well, I should say. Very well.” Lu’aisha smiled as both of them observed the individual behind the glass wall. He towered over the research team working around him - most barely reached the top of his chest. With arms extended and connector spikes protruding from his extremities and back, Echo-1 - also known as Kintan Strider - remained stoic as ever. This was part of the daily routine until the researchers discovered the secrets his body-modifications still held. Most of the data was already researched well enough to sign him off for normal duty, but every-so-often he had to return to the lab for a regular check-up. As the three or four scientists in his room scurried away, their job finished, Echo-1 observed the tinted glass in front of him become fully transparent, revealing the two doctors behind it.

“Doctor Axios, Master Gresee. Good morning.” he said immediately without a trickle of emotion. It was a reflex he had developed over the years, more than anything else. He looked straight ahead, as if he stood at attention, though the connector spikes didn’t allow for any movement. An aura of discipline and military stoicism surrounded him.

“At ease, Kintan.” Arriana said and he finally looked at them, easing his stern glare. Lu’aisha noticed the absolute obedience he seemed to show the doctor - a sort of bond seemed to develop between them.

Finally the spikes disconnected and released Echo-1 from his restraints. “Feeling well?” Arriana asked, not even looking at the subject, but observing some medical read-outs on her console.

“As ever, ma’am.” he replied with an even voice, standing “at ease” until dismissed.

“Excellent. Get dressed and meet us in my office.” Arriana said with a smile, finally looking him in the eye “You seem to have some guests on the way.”

“Yes, ma’am.” he saluted both women before dressing himself and leaving the cramped lab. Outside the door, Jedi Knight and medical specialist Lu’aisha Gresee waited for him, medical datapad in hand. He paused.

“Master Gresee? Were you waiting for me?” he asked, almost managing a smile, just barely visible under his gruff visage.

“I am neither a Master of the Order, nor your Master, so you don’t have to call me that.” she replied, as she always did when he called her by that honorific. They started walking towards the office, on the other side of the facility.

“That may be so, but you are still my superior in the Order. It is my duty to show you respect.” he replied, as if addressing a superior officer rather than a fellow Jedi.

“Yes well, I don’t know about that, but we are Jedi first and soldiers second.” she answered, looking at his reaction the whole time. He seemed to flinch. The usual, she noted. The rest of the short walk continued is silence. Before long they were at the door of the doctor’s office, and as always Echo-1 gave right of way to Lu’aisha. As they both entered the cramped room - full of research notes, datapads and half-eaten sandwiches - they noticed two more individuals inside. A tall man with slightly pale skin and shoulder-length light brown hair. He sported a full beard, neatly trimmed and combed. The other was a Togruta female, purple of skin, with white highlights. They both wore the robes of the Order, and bowed slightly as Lu’aisha and Echo entered the room.

“Kintan, this is Master A’lora Kituri and Master Mar Sûl. They have come to inspect our facility and talk to you.” Arriana said with a slight tip of annoyance, barely registered by anyone except Echo, who knew the doctor all too well.

“Masters. I know of you, but I haven’t had the pleasure.” he saluted with a swift motion, staying at ease in front of them.

“Echo-1. May I call you by your given name?” A’lora asked politely.

“I have none.” a short, simple and even reply followed. The two Masters looked at each other in confusion.

“What then may we call you?” Mar asked, curiously.

“They call me…Kintan.”


Sector 8 Common Room - Magnus’ Estate
Fort Maximus
Planet O’reen - Unknown Regions

Adjusting his tunic slightly, Shiran Kastav stood in the Common Room by a large plasteel window overlooking Fort Maximus. He gazed out at the sprawling military city before him, how the plateau on which the city stood was dotted by buildings in the center, with large fields providing some of the city’s food around it. Beyond that, the ground dropped sharply into the mist-filled valleys below; it seemed almost as if someone could fall off the edge of the world from there.
Shiran smiled wryly. He knew all too well what was in the mist - more than a decade ago he crashlanded there, and spent the better part of a week trying to find a way off the planet, O’reen’s well-trained security forces hot on his heels. His Jedi training had come in handy against both the security forces and the local fauna - mostly carnivorous animals using the mist for stealth- and helped him to stay one step ahead. He was eventually captured, but he’d made them work for it.

He turned and walked further into the room, his polished boots almost squeaking on the meticulately cleaned floor of the Common Room. Beyond a set of double-doors were the Briefing Rooms. He had been summoned at the behest of the Magnus, O’reen’s leader, by one of his many assistants earlier that morning. The summons was for the Magnus’ very Estate! In addition to providing a home for the leader of O’reen, it was also where major operations were planned; no one receives a summons from there without a good reason.

The double doors opened, revealing a man wearing a O’reenian Navy uniform. Neatly pressed, the decorations and insignias on it told Shiran that he was an Admiral. After Shiran saluted him, the Admiral beckoned him to follow into the briefing room. “Something very valuable to us was taken some time ago,” The Admiral began, “But we have recieved reports from our spies that it has been found.”

“What is it?” Shiran asked, keeping step with the Admiral as he walked. “What are they, you mean.” Came the reply as the Admiral walked into the briefing room and turned on a holoprojector in the center of the room. Various holographic screens showing text reports sparked into existence, all linked to three dossiers.

“Shiran, you are still only a citizen,” The Admiral said, looking sternly at Shiran, “But your unique background as a Jedi makes you the most suited to accompany this mission. Let me be clear: if you compromise this mission I will see you demoted to a slave for the rest of your life.”

The Admiral paused, letting his words sink in before motioning to the three dossiers on the projector. Waving a hand, the dossiers opened, revealing photographs of the targets. “These are what we have lost. They are code-named Echo 1, 2, and 3, and have been spotted on New Tython. The world is rumored to have Jedi on it, this is why we want you to go.”

“I cannot go, Sir,” the Miraluka replied, “The Magnus has ordered that I may not leave the planet.”

“That will be overlooked for the purposes of the mission,” The Admiral brooked no argument with a dismissive hand wave, “We have very little intelligence of the facility where Team Echo is being held. You will have the support of two squadrons of forward scouts. You are to disable the facility, free Team Echo, and return without raising suspicions it was us. Report to the docking bay, you leave immediately.”

Shiran nodded, saluting the Admiral as he turned and walked towards the elevator that led to the docking bay. After a short ride down, Shiran arrived at the docking bay to see one of the Navy’s stealth craft, loading bay doors opened while people milled about it like ants, seeing to the final preparations. Shiran walked over to the squads who would be working with him. 12 strong, and all individuals versed in all aspects of covert warfare. Some were clearly specialists; Shiran noticed some checking slicing equipment, explosives, and sniper rifles. But in terms of special forces, this was one of the better units, and certainly enough to get in and get out with Team Echo intact.

Changing into combat gear, the Miraluka turned his head away from the others as he removed his ceremonial blindfold in order to replace it with an eyeless plasteel mask. Making sure that the lightsaber he had carried with him since his Academy days was securely clipped to his belt, he and his team entered the sleek craft and took off. Minutes later they made the jump to lightspeed, aiming to arrive in the outskirts of the Tython System so they could approach the planet stealthily…


Facility Iota
Camp Dall’ra
New Tython

As they waited in the Doctors Office, Mar took the time to study his surroundings. Whilst sizeable and relatively tidy, the Office still felt cramped, he’d noticed a few personal belongings sitting around – Dr. Axios must treat this place like a second home he thought. The female Togruta’s purple eyes had been locked on Mar in a curious fashion the moment he had started to look around; They had only ever shared a few words in the past, but neither of them had shared a single word with one another since their return to New Tython. Mar adjusted his robe, it had felt much lighter ever since he had donned battle armour and fought within the ruins of Korriban – during that time the Human had been able to reflect on himself and the ways of the Jedi.

A’lora opened her mouth to speak moments before the office door opened, before them stood Dr. Axios, who regarded both Jedi Masters with faux interest, Lu’aisha Gresee, a fellow Jedi who Mar shared a courteous nod with upon their entry and Echo-1, who stood over half a foot taller than Mar. After a short introduction, A’lora stepped closer to Echo asking politely “Echo-1. May I call you by your given name?”

“I have none” Both Jedi looked at one another quizzically. Calmly Mar rubbed his beard before asking further “What then, may we call you?”

“They call me…Kintan.”

There was no response, instead Mar circled Echo inspecting the soldiers face, Pale from many years of cryo-freeze, moving on to trace the nearly invisible scarring that spanned across his whole body, all with neat, surgical precision. “Fascinating” Mar whispered under his breath, if Echo had heard him, he displayed no reaction and remained static.

“You’re a soldier, Kintan?” he asked

“Yes, Sir.”

“and a Jedi, I hear, for about a year now?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Unsure if Echo was only responding with what he thought Mar wanted to hear, he pressed his questions further, “and which takes priority?” Echo flinched and did not answer immediately, as he had done before. Mar interjected; “Conflicted?”

“No, Sir. My answer is somewhat complex.” The Jedi’s mouth curled into a faint smile “Another time then. I will, however, require an answer when I next ask .”

A’lora turned to Dr. Axios, who had spent the past moments reading the information on her datapad, the Togruta smiled at her and asked “Would you care to show us the rest of the facility, Dr. Axios?”

All the while, the Doctor had kept her composure, a discipline reflecting her military training. She returned eye contact and nodded to both visiting Jedi. “Yes, let’s start, shall we.” she said flatly, guiding everyone out of the office “after you.” Mar rested his arms behind his back almost emulating Echo’s ‘at ease’ stance. “I wonder, are the other members of the Echo family currently within the facility?” Mar asked inquisitively, “If so, I would very much like to meet them. Although I am here to conduct some business with Kintan, I cannot pass up the opportunity to meet them all.”

Dr. Axios adopted a louder, lecturing voice and spoke with a matter-of-fact tone, “Both Echo-2 and 3 are in the facility at the moment, however they are not actually related. Interestingly, due to the genetic engineering they all have similar physical dimensions. Our current theory on the matter is that they have been calculated to achieve a near-perfect height-weight ratio whilst also in accordance with specific muscle strengths. That being said, they are not exactly the same.”

The group were guided across the simple, open space of one of the common rooms, they turned into the bar which had a design that felt out of place with the rest of the facility, the walls were decorated with a smooth red colour mimicking many of the bars within Menat Oombo, there was a distinct homely warmth that emanated from the room, to nobodies surprise it was quite full. “This, unsurprisingly, is the favourite place for our off-duty staff to go. As does Echo-2.”

Across the room there was a small group of off-duty security staff sat around another male who towered above all the others, Echo-2 was resting his head on his hand, almost hiding his fingers amongst his thick black hair, he appeared to be telling a story to the crowd around him and laughing whilst doing so

“…and he used my shoulder to elevate his jump higher than normal, and whilst in mid-air took three shots, two head-shots and a body-shot whilst falling. Bet you’ve never seen the like.” he grinned cheekily before noticing the Jedi and Echo approach, he bolted up standing straight. “We were just talking about you, Brother.”

Mar noticed that Echo-2s clothing was similar to that of Kintan’s, a uniform, neatly pressed, snugly fit but evidently free enough for physical activities, however he appeared to be slightly broader than his ‘brother’. A’lora watched as most of the staff vacated the area, undoubtedly not wishing to take part in professional activities whilst not on the job. Seemingly out of nowhere, Echo-3 appeared and stood next to Echo-2 nodding at Kintan “I heard someone ask to see us, Sir. So I figured it would be best for me to go where Echo-2 would be, as he is so predictable.” she joked, winking in the general direction of Mar, who shifted uncomfortably under the gaze of the red-haired giantess who rivalled her fellow Echoes in height.

Lu’aisha Gresee suggested, before anyone else could speak, “Perhaps we should go somewhere more suitable, rather than standing in the Bar. Might I recommend either the Medical or the Cyberware labs?”

“I concur. Lead the way, Master.” Dr. Axios said whilst nodding in agreement. Lu’aisha smiled kindly and began to lead the group, Echo-1, 2 and 3 fell in behind the group with 2 and 3 standing together behind their leader, as if in their own formation. The halls in-between Labs were thin, as if to discourage loitering within them, the journey to the Medical labs was relatively short and there had been little time for conversation during.


New Tython
Two days ago

The Severence, an O’reenian stealthship, held high orbit around New Tython for well over 48 hours now. Their plan, Shiran recalled, was divided into phases - monitor and evaluate, strike, retreat. They were still monitoring and evaluating the enemy forces. Decrypting enemy transmissions was simple enough to do, however, the sheer amount of troops in space put the operation on hold. Two star destroyers, two Assassin-class corvettes and a large space station all held the same orbit, on stand-by, but still ready to act should anyone be foolish enough to attack the planet.

The K.U.D.F. was almost always on alert for enemy movement, for such was their position in the Brotherhood. Alone and overpowered. Still, this was the best time to strike. The K.U.D.F. had lost much of it’s strength during the Civil War and they were stretched thin. Soon, the massive warships would leave on patrol, and then the O’reenians would strike, SHiran knew. He had prepared for that moment, mentally and physically. He had to, for it would be an ordeal he hadn’t faced for well over a decade.


The Miraluka was firmly asleep when his comm beeped. Groggily he picked it up, answering the call, “Corporal Kastav. You are requested on the bridge.” it cut off imediately. No-nonesense. How O’reenian. He thought. Minutes later he was standing at attention on the bridge in front of the ship’s Captain, Harrad Zuthran, a decorated special operations officer who seemed not to approve of Kastav being on his ship.

“Corporal Kastav reporting, sir.” Shiran said in an even tone, fully prepared for another bout of the Captain’s usual insults and claims of incompetence due to ancestry. He was a pure-blooded O’reenian supremacist, and he liked his officers the same way.

“At ease.” the Captain replied, not even giving Shiran a second look, and pointed out the viewport, “Look at them go.” Shiran saw the Nebula and the Victory Star destroyers depart into hyperspace with the Assassin’s following suit. “Patrol duty. They’ll be gone for some time.” Shiran concluded.

“Now would be the time, Corporal.” Zuthran motioned at the large holotable in the center of the bridge displaying tactical readouts of a K.U.D.F. base on the surface. The company commander, Alekk Unthessi - another supremacist and sociopath if his file was anything to go by - who would lead the mission was already there. “We have good reason to believe that this building,” he emphasized by zooming in on one of the structures in the base, “is in fact the laboratory where the subjects are being held. This is a very simple operation. We will drop in during nightfall for better cover, infiltrate the lab, incapacitate the subjects, destroy any data the enemy may have and extract.”

“How are we to transport the subjects?” Shiran asked.

“Repulsorlift stretchers.” Unthessi replied, his tone betraying annoyance, “Extraction will be done through skyhook, with the whole team extracting at once, including the subjects. By the time their ships return from patrol, we’ll be cloaked and long gone from here. Understood?”

“Understood, sir.”

“Questions.” the Captain asked. When no one relied he continued, “Good. Gear up. You drop in one hour.”


Dr. Arriana Axios unlocked the semi-translucent doors of the medical lab – one of two state-of-the-art facilities within the laboratory. Green lights blinked atop the door’s tall frame when the doctor swiped a datacard through the reader. Without warning, the door disappeared into the walls as if it had never existed. Every concept in the facilities’ layout was designed to be efficient in space and function; even the doors were are indication of the meticulous attention to detail in the design of the facility.

Lu’aisha Gresee gave a curt nod as the doors slid open, “Follow me, if you will.” She beckoned, taking the lead. Mar Sùl was the first to enter the room, keeping his attentions focused on the grand tour. Allowing the doctor to gain entry, A’lora waited beside the door’s frame before falling in behind the project leader. It was a subtle change in position, but the Togruta felt suspicion from the head researcher. It felt safer knowing that the examiner’s gaze wasn’t focused on her, giving her the freedom to investigate on her own.

Thin vials and medical readouts adorned every square inch of the working surfaces within the medical labs. All, save for one of the cramped desks were bereft of personal effects. While the group gathered on the far corner of the room, A’lora moved closer to examine the desk of Arriana Axios.

“…And this is where we monitor the medical conditions for Project Dejarik. As the data in this room suggests, we are constantly aware of the physical and mental conditions of the Echoes. As we already know, they have all undergone extensive conditioning and enhancements to accommodate for cybernetic modifications.” Dr. Axios explained, with Gresee taking notes at her side. Mar Sùl, Echo-1 and Echo-3 seemed to listen with interest at the lecture.

Genuinely interested in the complex methods used to perform these observations, Mar Sùl was drawn into the conversation, “How long are these patients kept under observation?” He asked, fingers brushing against a closely-trimmed beard.

Dr. Axios hadn’t been one to keep personal effects in a place of research. However, the faint hologram barely visible in the stark lighting of the sterile space indicated some personal importance to the project leader. Dressed in the same attire suitable for a laboratory, Dr. Axios stood beside another person in the hologram.

In truth, Echo-2 wasn’t much of a listener when it boiled down to the repetitive ramblings of the head examiner. Feigning interest in the introductions to the various research facilities, the unfamiliar company being led through the complex piqued his curiosities. He noticed the apparent disappearance of the Jedi wandering through the rows of workstations lined up against the walls. For a moment, he caught the gaze of the Togruta, raising a brow in concern. The Togruta felt her muscles coil under her skin – a momentary instinct before the giant offered a smirk in place of the stare.

“…That concludes our tour of the medical labs. Please let me know if there are more questions before we move on to the cyberware labs.” Dr. Axios offered, in the most reserved tone she could muster.

Gesturing to the desk behind her, A’lora turned to the examiner, “Who is that person in the hologram?”

“A colleague.” The Doctor answered offhandedly, answering the question with no more than two words. “I suggest we move on with the rest of the introductions.”


Stealth Ship Severance
Entering New Tython’s atmosphere

Shiran adjusted his mask as he fell in line with his fellow soldiers, about to disembark near the facility they were to raid as the stealth ship dropped from atmospheric to very low-level flight, plunging through the
air like a knife through a breeze. Now that the planet’s escort had gone, the window on their operation had started to close.

Shiran was worried, though he doubted his superiors would listen. If Echo Team were in the hands
of Jedi there was a chance that they would have woken the subjects. Perhaps they had been convinced that the Jedi were their masters, or worse… they might have elected to stay voluntarily. Regardless, if Echo Team proved unwilling to leave with the O’reenians, they would be forced. What worried Shiran was that the blame for any delay or mistake would be laid at his feet.

He enjoyed the O’reenians, most of the time. He even grew to love some of them, but they were a terse lot, very high and mighty – as you would expect from an advanced society that developed in isolation. Shiran was a favorite target; he had landed illegally on O’reen all those years ago, had injured security forces as they attempted to apprehend him, and resisted arrest by taking those same teams on a wild chase through the mists between the city-plateaus for almost a week before he was captured.

This mission had to run smoothly. Shiran could not afford to become a slave again.

The bumps the craft was experiencing as it descended subsided, and Shiran could hear the air outside whistling past as the craft approached its destination.

“Prepare for drop.” Came the voice of the pilot over the intercom, his voice tense. Then the sound of the loading doors activating and slowly opening, revealing the planet’s landscapes moving below them. Plenty of forest around the facility meant that the extraction team would be able to lose pursuers if needed, but the secondary landing zone had purposely been designated several clicks away from
the facility.

Alekk Unthessi, Shiran’s company commander stood up as the loading door opened downwards, to guide his men through and down to the ground to begin the mission. He clicked on the communicator in his helmet as he spoke.

“Mission is simple, men. We infiltrate the facility, cut power to the building housing the targets. Once we enter the facility, we grab Echo Team, incapacitate them in necessary, and exfiltrate via skyhook. Questions?” He commander finished, making a show of looking towards Shiran, who ignored the Commander’s obvious jab.

The men shook their heads; they were ready.

Camp Dall’ra

Outside Research Facility Iota – Nighttime

The extraction team was divided into 2 sections. The main group, consisting of 10 of the 13
soldiers on the mission, including Shiran, would infiltrate the building and
come out with Echo Team. The others would be outside, on the roof of the building to cut the power couplings on the roof and to provide overwatch as the other team begin their assault.

The stealth ship dropped down low enough to allow the soldiers to disembark by rappelling. One by one they went down, and as Shiran took his turn in line he got a good look at the facility. It was massive by all accounts, stretching as far as the eye could see. The complex
only had about 4 or 5 major structures. One of them housed a laboratory, where Echo team was held. Other buildings included medical, administrative and housing sections, each large enough to provide beds for a large army’s worth of soldiers.

What was truly impressive of the facility were the training areas. Each was a square several hectares wide and long, with a variety of landscapes put on them to provide the most realistic training environments possible. Everything from mountains to cliffsides, jungle to urban to desert environments – if you needed to fight somewhere, this would be the place to train for it. Some of these areas were next to each other, and could be used together to provide even larger areas for training with both infantry and vehicles.
Shiran thought that he saw a large building that looked like a vehicle bay while on the way down.

It was truly an impressive facility. Shiran only hoped he wouldn’t have to fight everyone in it in order to complete his mission.

Scouting the area was simple. Most of the staff had gone to bed for the night, and only a few patrols made their way languidly along their routes. They were easily avoided as the teams made their way to the side of the building they needed to be. Using grappling hooks, the overwatch team made their way to the roof of the building, setting up sniper rifles loaded with tranq darts – there was to be no evidence of their involvement – and preparing to cut power to the building.

Shiran and his team stood ready at the entrance. It was quiet outside, and this building was
clearly not occupied during the night except for the staff needed to run it. Shiran’s team would meet minimal resistance inside. He unfastened his lightsaber – it would come in handy.

Alekk stood, eyeing his team for readiness before he activated his communicator again. “Overwatch team, cut the power and watch our backs.” He said curtly, waiting for the telltale hum of the power shutting down before opening the door to the inside of the facility, weapon in hand and ready to fight at the slightest sign of resistance. As the door opened fully, Alekk saw no one in the darkened hallway. Backup power would soon be restored, every second counted now.

“Extraction team, go!” Came Alekk’s command as the team fell in line and entered the building. Shiran
followed, running through the halls with his fellow soldiers, making their way to the lab where Echo team was being held.

As he turned a corner Shiran came across the first sign of resistance. A soldier had started walking to the exit to find out why the power was out when he ran into Shiran. He managed to get off a cry of
alarm as Shiran whipped the case of the lightsaber around to connect with his temple, knocking the soldier out cold.

The fight had begun…