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Jedi Academy Duel Music


For those who solely partake in FFA, there’s a thing some of us bored adults do sometimes called ‘duel’. We take a few sips of beer or our selected poison, we drop our character infront of our foe, and we… wait for it… Lots of suspense. Hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the on ‘K’ key on the keyboard lightly. At that point, some fancy magic happens… our bodies become momentarily covered in a blue glow. To the outside eye, this glow stays until one of us runs away like a frightened child who just met an old cook with an alcohol addiction so bad he (or her in some cases) distinctly reminds them of Palpatine, or somehow the saber connects, the mouse clicks in the right spot or something, and one of us dies… Faint clapping can be heard for about 5 mins… Anyway. Alongside ‘duel mode’ or whatever it is called which faintly resembles the blue hysteria to the drug induced onlooker, there’s melody in the background for both players. That melody may be loved and adored by many a Jedi, gray Jedi, or whatever ye non dark Sithly, Krathys and Obies call yourselves these days, but some of us don’t love it. A faint whimpering is heard. The good news is that there’s a way to change it:

  1. Create a new .pk3. Ensure that it is named something that will come after the assets pk3s alphabetically.
  2. Create a new folder within the .pk3 named “music”
  3. In this “music” folder, create another named “mp”
  4. Rename your desired mp3 track to “Duel.mp3” and place it inside the “mp” folder.
  5. Save your .pk3 and place it in your Base folder in the JKA directory.

*Your mp3 should be: 44100Hz, Stereo, and 129kbps

Props to the folks over at jkhub for the deets…

Anyhow… I do have a question… and thanks for your patience in reading all the 99% garbage above, and the 1% solid advice provided from our friends over at jkhub…

How the darn do ye get an .mp3 file converted to 129kbps bitrate?

And what here program out there does the deed?

Tried Lame, FFMPEG, Audacity, Amok MP3 encoder, and a couple of the online converters but not a one converts mp3 to a 129kbps bitrate. The closest is 128kpbs but apparently JA only takes 129kpbs + ‘any other criteria noted above’.

Pat on the back on me for anyone who figures this out.