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Juliane Kelrun: Find and Retrieve


When K’tana abandoned the Brotherhood, taking nothing but the clothes on her back, she truly believed that no one would notice her departure. Timeros would be distracted by Maenaki, worming her way into the Arconan ranks, and Marick would be far too busy being a traitor to everything they once stood for. But she had not taken into account that both Arconae held tight to those they believed belonged to the First Clan.The Twi’lek never believed she was worthy, or deserving, of their attention and felt as though they would let her go without a fight. For the most part, she was correct.

Instead, they found a perfect tail. Juliane Kelrune, one of the few remaining Echani, had been passed from Master to Mistress and found herself alone and forsaken. Of course, none of this bothered her, but when both Elders contacted her with a mission briefing, she was glad for the task.

“Seer K’tana has disappeared from Arcona space. It is up to you to find and retrieve her. Preferably alive. She is a dangerous friend and foe alike, I would not suggest facing her head on. The coordinates of her last sighting have been sent to your datapad. Good luck, Arcona Invicta.”

The holo-recording of Marick Tyris flickered out and Juliane was left alone in her modest quarters. She gave a slight sigh, clipping her lightsaber to her hip as she made her way into the hotel’s large foyer. The Acolyte of Arcona was sure that the Twi’lek was somewhere in the city and would not be coming back empty handed.